SBIP: Chapter 54

Three days later, the public trial jointly conducted by the Supreme Court and the Military Court began. The trial would last a long time due to the large number of people involved. Even so, the people of the empire gathered on the Star Network to watch this shocking incident.

The first was the trial for the corruption case of the Royal Guards of the asteroid belt and their collusion with the star thieves.

During the trial, representatives of the law enforcement team provided reports on the rampage of the star thieves in the asteroid belt for several years, including reports on the hijacking of merchant ships and killing of ordinary people.

There were the military accounts of the law enforcement teams for several years, the weapons and equipment configuration, the repair records and records of military spending. The Second Army provided the law enforcement team’s beast cards repaired by Chi Jun that had been stolen by the Royal Guards and recovered when rescuing the prince.

All types of evidence were placed in front of them and were verified to be true. There was no repudiation. The commander of the Royal Guards faced the judge’s majestic and indifferent face and confessed.

At this point, the public watching the joint trial online simply gritted their teeth.

“If it wasn’t for this scum, how could the asteroid belt be so messy!”

“In these years, the law enforcement team’s military budget is simply dreadful. They couldn’t even repair their beast cards. Their budget was embezzled by the Royal Guards. Then they were pushed out by the Royal Guards and framed. The brothers of the law enforcement team were really wronged!”

“These scum, dying isn’t enough to appease civilian indignation!”


In the end, the presiding judge made a ruling. The Royal Guards had been provided a total of 37.2 billion star coins to the law enforcement team. All military officers in the Royal Guards were involved and were directly responsible for the thieves running rampant in the asteroid belt.

The Royal Guards of the asteroid belt were convicted on three counts of treason, colluding with the enemy and misappropriation of military funds. The commander of the Royal Guards would be removed from all duties and sentenced to death. All the other people involved were sentenced to 10 to 20 years in prison.

The former commander of the Royal Guards wasn’t taken away from the scene. He stayed as a witness for the second case. Out of the Royal Guards’ 37.2 billion military budget, more than 80% were transferred and ended up in a secret account as money to support the royal family’s experiment in illegal cloning and illegal genetic drugs.

The second trial began.

Chi Jun was the plaintiff while the emperor and prince were the defendants. They were all brought to the scene of the trial. The trial process of this case took much longer than the previous case.

During the cross-examination period, the experimental videos provided by the plaintiff Chi Jun needed to be played in court. Thousands of videos were played for a full three days. In the process, the people who came to the court or watched the public trial on the Star Network almost couldn’t bear it.

It was a relatively peaceful time and most people hadn’t faced so much death. The brutal experiments in the videos were hard to watch. Of course, even those who lived through the battlefield could hardly accept this cruelty that was almost like a massacre.

“The royal family embezzled the military funds to be used in this place. They ignored the safety of the people in the asteroid belt while using the money to do this type of slaughter-like experiment!”

“It is a living life! Every clone was a lovely child with self-consciousness. How could these people do that?!”

“The people who do these types of experiments are even worse than scum!”

“This is stinkier than the Royal Guards! Dying is simply insufficient!”

“This is the noblest emperor and prince of our empire?”

“I have to wonder, when the prince injected the precise genetic drugs every year, did he think of how many children died behind the scenes?”

Chi Jun sat silently in the plaintiff’s seat and suppressed his anger. The images he inherited from Lingqi’s memories were rather blurred. Now that the contents were clearly broadcasted, he also felt a shock that wasn’t small.

At this time, he couldn’t wait to tear up the emperor and prince sitting there. In order to avoid a big lion appearing at the trial scene, Gu Yanzheng had guided Chi Jun’s mind for a long time while also locking Chi Jun’s energy core tightly like never before.

This was a big challenge. Chi Jun had never been so angry. Gu Yanzheng’s palm pressed against his shoulder from behind and the dual abilities rushed into his body.

At this point, Gu Yanzheng was even more nervous than him. He wasn’t worried about Chi Jun publicly transforming into a big lion, he was worried about his partner’s uncontrolled energy core! If this happened then he must take his lion away!

After the videos, which were the main piece of evidence, finished playing, Mr Chi’s lawyers provided additional evidence of the royal family’s illegal experiments over the year. It was time for the cross-examination of the emperor and prince.

In the face of such crimes, they thought the emperor would’ve defended himself. However, the emperor was quite calm and confessed to all the crimes. By his side, the prince looked dazed and frightened. He kept strongly shaking his head and tearfully said he knew nothing!

For a while, the empire roared.

“I always feel that the emperor is taking all the blame for the little prince.”

“Still, there is no actual evidence that the prince was involved.”

“Perhaps the prince really didn’t know. No matter what, I want to know how the noble emperor could do such inhumane things?”

Once the emperor acknowledged all the charges, he gazed at the opposite plaintiff. “Under imperial law, cloning experiments are indeed illegal. So are experiments on illegal genetic drugs. However, what if I ordered the experiments on behalf of the empire?”

Chi Jun frowned at the emperor who seemed to have no fear.

The emperor’s calm and majestic voice continued. “This contribution can spare the empire from thousands of years of Zerg attacks, so that the imperial people will no longer suffer from the disaster of the Zerg tide. It should be clear how many people died in the empire for thousands and millions of years, even planets directly wiped out.”

“What if the decade of experiments and the deaths of more than 2,000 conscious clones result in the future imperial people not being attacked by the Zerg tide?”

The public listened to the emperor’s words and couldn’t help looking at Chi Jun sitting at the plaintiff’s table. This contribution didn’t seem to belong to the emperor. Wasn’t this what Master Chi might achieve for the empire in the future?

It was just that the words the emperor used to describe the cloned humans really caused discomfort. There was no fear for his life, no compassion…

The emperor’s voice continued. “Two thousand experimental materials with unclear consciousness in exchange for the future peace and tranquility of the empire is very cost-effective. So why am I wrong? Isn’t my contribution to the empire enough to offset this small mistake?”

Opposite him, Chi Jun looked at him like he was garbage. “Your Majesty, please tell me where is your contribution?”

The emperor suddenly gazed at him lovingly. The emotions in his eyes seemed like he was looking at the prince. Chi Jun frowned with disgust. He hid behind Gu Yanzheng like he was directly rejecting the emperor. The cold eyes made the emperor’s brow twitch and he subconsciously turned his gaze away.

Still, his words didn’t stop. “Chi Jun, even if you have made surgical modifications to your face, I believe that the people of the empire can see that your looks have subtle similarities to the prince.”

Hearing this, everyone’s eyes shifted from the trial scene to the prince.

Everyone on the Star Network, “………”

‘Your Majesty, we suspect that not only do you have a problem with your mind, there is also a problem with your eyes!’

Where the hell was he looking? This type of similarity, tens of thousands of them could be found in the empire!

The emperor saw the suspicious eyes of the people present and the corner of his mouth twitched. “Even if you don’t want to admit it, you can’t change the fact that you’re a clone!”

Everyone on the Star Network, “………”

“Are the emperor’s words true?”

“Master Chi is a clone of the prince?”

“Master Chi sued His Majesty because he is one of the tortured clones?”

“Ah, my hands hurt. I just unknowingly put my hands in my mouth!”

The emperor suddenly laughed but it was a bit sinister. He laughed for a while before saying, “My experiment had the deaths of more than 2,000 clones in exchange for your genius. You can make the power of the military ascend by dozens of times!”

“From the first time I saw you, I felt you were familiar, as if you were my own son. If you like, you can have the same status as Little Mo.”

“Before I went to court, I wrote a royal decree. All of Little Mo’s clones will have the same identity and inheritance rights as him.”

The moment these words were spoken, the prince sitting in his seat was stunned silly. He looked at his father with disbelief. He really thought his father was going to bring him out of this and his father’s love had moved him. Now his father, the emperor, was saying that Chi Jun had the same succession rights as Su Chimo and that he had already made a decree before the trial?

The succession of the throne clearly belonged to him. Why did others come to rob it? Chi Jun’s current popularity was so high. What if he grabbed the prince’s future? Was this to turn the trial upside down to sacrifice him?

Anger and hatred filled the pale prince as he desperately hated Chi Jun. “I should’ve killed you! When you became a beast, I should’ve ordered your execution! You were a failed product after the genetic drug injection! You should’ve been executed by me, just like the other failed products! You are just a piece of dead skin cut from me. You don’t deserve it!”

At these words, all the people at the trial and on the Star Network were silenced.

Dead skin…

Then after seeing the cruel experiments with his own eyes, the prince thought the clones weren’t worthy of humanity? They were just pieces of dead skin? What did he mean by ‘ordered your execution?’ Didn’t the prince just deny that he had anything to do with the cloning experiments? Didn’t he just say he knew nothing about them? Did the prince treat the entire empire as idiots?

The emperor’s face was ugly as he looked at his already mad son. He didn’t expect his son to do such a thing.

However, things would be over with his next words. As long as this matter was settled, he could be exonerated.

The guards at the trial site controlled the prince while the emperor continued, “In fact, the laws of the empire should be changed. If the cloning experiment is legalized, the empire will find more talented people like Chi Jun. Chi Jun’s research significance alone is very great! In the future, he can ascend the throne and stand in my position, making more talents by himself!”

The emperor finished and firmly sat there. This was his plan for what to say to the public. In this way, everyone in the empire knew the meaning of Chi Jun. The emperor might ultimately be sentenced for a crime but Chi Jun would inevitably suffer a harsher second half of his life!

The entire courtroom was silent as everyone watched the emperor in the middle. This person was probably crazy…

The trial had been going on for several days. Didn’t the emperor look at the proceedings filed by Chi Jun?

At the same time, some of the kind people on the Star Network looked at the emperor like he was a madman. Then for the sake of interests, this person didn’t care about the minimum standards of honour and decency?

Suddenly, Chi Jun smiled. “Your Majesty, you haven’t understood anything.”

The emperor continued looking at Chi Jun with a loving gaze.

Chi Jun smiled sarcastically. “Don’t look at me with your disgusting eyes!”

“Your Majesty, the statement on the lawsuit is clear. I am the guardian of the plaintiff and I am suing you on his behalf.”

The meaning of this sentence was wonderful…

Everyone on the Star Network was frozen for a while.

A guardian? Who was Master Chi a guardian of? Why would Master Chi sue the emperor and prince on behalf of him?

…Unless this person was the victim!

Many people at the trial site figured it out but the emperor didn’t understand it.

“Six months ago, Major General Yan and I picked up a child outside the door of our home. His breath was weak and Major General Yan looked  after him for a long time before he was well.”

In turn, Chi Jun looked at the joint presiding judges. “Presiding judge, I would like to invite our witnesses out.”

Permission was given and Old Iron showed up at the door with the child. The child who entered really looked exactly the same as the prince apart from his body being smaller. Once the child approached, it was found that in addition to his body, the child had a pair of pure green eyes. This could be regarded as a mutation caused by the genetic drugs.

Lingqi stood in the witness box. “Hello Judge, I am Clone 0007.”

His voice was clear and clean, like the tinkling sound of a spring.

The emperor cried out, “Impossible!”

Chi Jun looked back calmly.

“The last surviving clone is clearly you. Are you saying you can’t become a lion?”

Chi Jun was surprised. “Yes, I can really change into a lion. When Major General Yan I and rescued the prince, I changed in public. The Second Army’s rescue team can testify to this. So what? What is wrong with me turning into a lion? Can the prince also become a lion?”

Everyone was stunned by this. What was changing into a lion? Was the big lion a magic trick?

The emperor gritted his teeth and hurriedly opened his quantum computer. He tried to play a record of one clone activating the ancestral beast gene after the injection of genetic drugs in one experiment.


Old Iron acted! The major general said that if he could do this, he would get a simulation body!

Just as the emperor opened his quantum computer, Old Iron’s data overflowed. He easily invaded this computer and deleted the video recording of the clone turning into a lion. Therefore, the emperor just played the same experimental record as the videos previously provided by Chi Jun!

The emperor was a bit flustered…

How could this be? If he couldn’t prove that Chi Jun was a clone then the legality of his cloning experiment wouldn’t make sense! Of course, he didn’t realize that even if Chi Jun was a clone, the cruel human experimentation wouldn’t be legalized!

Chi Jun’s mouth twitched as he patted the big hand on his shoulder before speaking to the presiding judge. “Judge, I want to apply for a genetic comparison between our witness and the defendant. Of course, in order to prove my identity, I can be included in this.”

His life force was grasped by Gu Yanzheng and there was nothing to worry about regarding this test. Thus, in the eyes of the public, the genetic information of the three people were extracted for testing.

After a few minutes, the comparison results came out. The genetic information of the prince and witness were exactly a match while Chi Jun wasn’t related at all!

The emperor slumped in his chair while looking in Chi Jun’s direction. “I don’t know how you did it but how can you explain to people about becoming a beast?”

At this point, Gu Yanzheng sitting next to Chi Jun finally opened his mouth. “It is because he is a beastman.”

The presiding judges and everyone present and absent, “……”

What did Major Genreal Yan say?

Chi Jun who turned to look at his family’s big ginkgo, “……”

Why didn’t he know that he was a beastman?

Gu Yanzheng stared deeply at Chi Jun before turning on his quantum computer, showing the recent news released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As a result, they saw headlines that the foreign ministry released about the peaceful establishment of diplomatic relations with the Beastmen Democratic Republic.

Everyone on the Star Network, “………”

They had all been concerned about Master Chi’s case against the royal family. Who had the mind to watch the news from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs!

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs briefly introduced the Beastmen Democratic Republic. One of the most obvious features of the beastman civilization was that they could turn into various beasts such as wolves, leopards, lions, foxes, etc.

After reading the news, everyone’s eyes were on Master Chi.

“Then Master Chi is a beastman?”

“It’s over, Master Chi isn’t one of us!”

“What if he wants to go back to the beastmen world one day…”

For a moment, everyone’s burning eyes were directed to Major General Yan.

“I want to say, as Master Chi’s legal fiance, Major General Yanzheng should work hard. This marriage between civilization and civilization depends on Major General Yan!”

Chi Jun who just saw the news from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “…….”

The big ginkgo hadn’t talked to him about this at all. He felt a bit of panic at his race suddenly changing. Gu Yanzheng focused on preventing Chi Jun’s energy core from exploding because of anger. He didn’t think that Chi Jun would become panicked instead of angry…

Thus, in full view of the public, Master Chi disappeared. Master Chi became a lion! Everyone in the empire looked at the soft, furry little lion fished out by Major General Yan and almost sprang up!

So what if civilizations were connected by marriage? Master Chi was so cute, they wanted to touch!

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