SBIP: Chapter 53

The press conference to announce things had finished. Gu Yanzheng nodded toward Chen Shu before pulling Chi Jun up to leave the scene. The reporters at the venue watched the backs of the two men who disappeared with dismay. No…

Master Chi, did you forget something? Shouldn’t a press conference have time for reporters’ questions? How could the two people leave?

The reporters stared behind the venue and wanted to catch up to ask! However, they discovered that the people who maintained the venue didn’t look like ordinary security personnel. The look in their eyes seemed very heroic even when they were wearing the clothes of ordinary security personnel. Either the guards of Major General Yan or soldiers…

The reporters couldn’t see it from their location but Chi Jun and Gu Yanzheng had just walked through the curtain to see Old Iron holding their son full of tears. Almost instantaneously, Chi Jun was in pain. The sadness and affection he suppressed in the meeting room exploded in an instant.

Gu Yanzheng reached out and reached into Chi Jun’s fallen clothes. He soon pulled out the little lion with his fur standing up. The little lion was held by his soft belly and stretched out small paws, placing them on Little LIngqi’s head. “Little child, don’t cry. We won’t let go of anyone who bullied you!”

Little Lingyu nodded silently. His head gently rubbed against the soft meat pad of the little lion.

At this time, Chen Shu watching the two men leave, “……”

He wanted to wail! Even though he had been told in advance that Chi Jun could become a little lion… Nevertheless, to witness this scene… he couldn’t recover!

It was hard to imagine how shocked the empire would’ve been if this happened in front of the curtain, under the eyes of a crowd of reporters and a live camera. Today’s illegal cloning experiment was thrilling enough. If you added another…

His heart was going to stop!

It wasn’t just Chen Shu who saw this scene. There was also the group of security guards personally arranged by Master General Yan to keep the venue in order. They were soldiers who had gone through interstellar wars and all of them were sharp in hearing and vision. At this moment, they almost thought they were blind…

How could a man become a beast? They saw their master skillfully and naturally holding the lion. Then the soldiers soon settled down. Their leader could accept it, how could it be unacceptable to them?

Chen Shu’s shock softened and he turned to speak to the reporters in the venue, “About the remaining video recordings of the cloning experiment…”

The reporters immediately gathered their minds and stared at Chen Shu with burning eyes.

“I’m sorry, we can’t until to publish the case until the trial is completed. Please forgive me!”

The reporters, “……”

They might not be able to block the major general and Master Chi but they could block him! As a result, the reporters in the meeting room left their seats and flocked to Chen Shu. Due to the guards, a bit of distance remained.

“Where is the relationship between Mr Chen, Master Chi and the royal family?”

“In what capacity is Master Chi suing the emperor and the prince?”

“When did Mr Chen, Master Chi and Major General Yan meet?”

“What role did the prince play between the two men?”

Chen Shu looked back calmly. “I’m sorry, I have nothing to say.”

“Then Mr Chen, can you say something about the progress of Master Chi’s new patent?”

Chen Shu responded, “At this time, Chi Jun has applied for nine more patents. As he previously told me, he will optimize all the high-grade beast patterns of the empire at the fastest speed.”

“Does Master Chi mean to simplify and enhance all the high-grade beast patterns?”

Chen Shu nodded. “Yes.”

For a moment, all the reporters and people watching the video roared. The two previous beast pattern patents already gave the empire so much more power. If Master Chi could optimize all the high-grade beast patterns, how would the future power of the empire change?

This news was super exciting for the people of the empire! There was no one who didn’t want their country to be strong! Such a master was willing to enhance their country’s fighting power, everyone wanted to live up to his expectations!

Of course, even if it wasn’t for Master Chi, there should be justice for the innocent cloned children who died from the illegal genetic drug! Therefore, while they were shocked by Master Chi’s powerful talent, people also discussed the case of Master Chi’s lawsuit.

“The thousands of video files that remain without being played will certainly reveal more of the truth.”

“Such a major vicious event, the public has the right to know the truth. We strongly demand a public hearing of the case!”

“The case involves the privileged royal family. The trial process should be fair and just!”

“A public trial can avoid that misjudgment caused by privileges!”

“Seconded. Asking the Supreme Court for a public trial of those involved!”


At the same time, the asteroid belt’s law enforcement team also took the Royal Guards to military court.

The military court was asked to hear about the data of the military budget that belonged to the law enforcement team and the Royal Guards’ secret delivery of the beast cards Chi Jun repaired to the star thieves. Among the evidence submitted by the asteroid belt’s law enforcement team was a clear military recourse process.

For a decade, 80% of the budget allocated to the law enforcement team by the military department was secretly moved and finally ended up in a secret account. This account was involved in the illegal cloning experiments!

The hundreds of staff of the military department, “…”

Chi Jun quietly caused such a big thing!

The Star Network was boiling over when the military court and the Supreme Court issued a notice at the same time.

Since the asteroid belt military corruption case and the imperial family’s illegal cloning experiment had a high degree of overlap, the Military Court and Supreme Court had decided on a consolidated trial through a joint discussion. At the same time, the identity of the people involved was special so the trial would be broadcasted live on the Star Network.

Countless people wanted to know what the emperor and the prince thought. If it wasn’t for the empire having strict protection around the royal palace and private residences, it was estimated that the royal palace would be crowded with reporters.

The prince, who had just returned to the royal family, was staring at the emperor with a look of horror. “Father, what should we do? Will the Military Court and the Supreme Court decide to impeach you?”

The emperor watched the looping video and stared at the person in the video. It wasn’t the video recordings Chi Jun used to accuse him. His videos of the experiment were more complete than Chi Jun’s videos. Even if Chi Jun didn’t admit his identity of a clone, the emperor could use these videos to turn things over!

The emperor stared at his panicked son in front of him. “There is still a chance. In court, no matter what the presiding judge asks, pretend that you don’t know, okay?”

The prince nodded hard. If he was extremely stubborn, perhaps he could rise cleanly from it. Still, what future would he have if the emperor was impeached?

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