SBIP: Chapter 51

The Second Army arrived at the central planet’s terminal with the prince and the remaining captured star thieves. Their next task was to escort the prince back to the capital. Before leaving the captain of the Second Army’s rescue team said goodbye to Commander Yan.

The big lion leaned against Gu Yanzheng’s leg and opened his mouth in a yawn. Previously, he had publicly transformed into a big lion. So at this time, Chi Jun was psychologically unburdened.

What’s more, his family’s big ginkgo had spoken to him on the way back. Now that their evidence was in place, he had already taken those involved in the genetic cloning and illicit drug testing to court. So what if he changed into a lion? He could be fully casual and exposing it to people didn’t matter.

The rescue team’s captain saluted Commander Yan while Master Chi opened his mouth like a ferocious beast after prey.

The captain, “……”

It was only a yawn but it inexplicably made him feel that Master Chi’s momentum was 2.8 metres high! The captain subconsciously put his feet together, stood up straight and also saluted the lion. “Master Chi.”

Lion Chi nodded and the beast glanced at the prince surrounded by soldiers. Tossing his family’s little Lingqi and now wanting to snare his family’s big ginkgo…

He could finally stick it to this prince!

Gu Yanzheng stroked the fur of his big lion. Then his cold and unforgiving gaze swept over the prince as well. Once the prince had digested everything that happened, many things came out. There was ecstasy and the ambition to rise from this.

At this time, he couldn’t help shivering at the sight of the 200 kg lion and Yanzheng’s cold eyes but he raised his chin and turned away arrogantly. This wasn’t anything special in the eyes of the soldiers. He was fortunate enough to be rescued by Commander Yan yet had this attitude of making everyone kneel and lick…

Finally, the soldiers of the Second Army left with the prince. Gu Yanzheng crouched down and looked at his sleepy lion. “Should I carry you to go back?”

Lion Chi’s mouth was opened in a yawn when he suddenly choked. His beast eyes filled with suspicious traces of water. Carry… to go back? He was a 200kg oversized male lion, probably larger than the fiercest lion on the prairie.

This man should he would carry Chi Jun back! Could this be seen?

The big lion rubbed at his eyes, roared at his big ginkgo and moved forward. Gu Yanzheng raised an eyebrow. It was just being held. Why was his lion reacting like this? Thus, the lion had just taken two steps when his big gingko grabbed his waist and lightly lifted his body. It was almost like a princess!

Chi Jun’s beast eyes stared at his big ginkgo. “…Believe it or not, I will claw at  you!”

Fortunately, this action lasted less than a minute as Gu Yanzheng stuffed the lion back into the suspension car. Gu Yanzheng rubbed the lion’s fur. “It is a bit crowded, bear with it.”

Lion Chi crouched in his seat, head not too far from the roof of the suspension vehicle. He suddenly understood why they took the Second Army’s warship when coming back. Gu Yanzheng was afraid he would feel oppressed. The space of the suspension car was big but the lion wouldn’t be able to run…

The big lion raised his paw and pressed it on Gu Yanzheng’s shoulder. His furry head moved and rubbed against Gu Yanzheng’s neck. Gu Yanzheng laughed and rubbed the lion’s fur hard. Gu Yanzheng sat back and started the suspension car. “Baby, contact Chen Shu so he can hold a press conference.”

Lion Chi, who was called Baby, was stunned for a moment and turned to look at Gu Yanzheng. The big lion paws pointed to himself. “Are you sure you want me to use this form?”

Gu Yanzheng nodded and reached out to grab a handful of lion fur.

The lion’s mouth closed and he suddenly understood. “Brother Chen will be scared to death.”

Gu Yanzheng touched the lion’s fur and laughed. Thus, Chi Jun turned over, opened his quantum computer and connected to Chen Shu.

Song Bohao, who was on vacation with his Chen Shu, was enjoying the scandal and gossip about the royal family. They even discussed if the throne would be vacant once the two royal family members were finished.

Chen Shu was surprised to see that Chi Jun, the beast imprinting master, wanted to sue the royal family. He was wondering if this was nonsense or if there really was something. He was just going to ask Chi Jun when a video call request came.

Chen Shu connected to the video. The sight of the beast caused Chen Shu to be stunned for a moment. Was Chi Jun going to show him the wild animal pet he adopted in the asteroid belt? Before Chen Shu could speak, the lion opened his mouth and an incredibly familiar voice came out. “Brother Chen, Brother Song.”

He had just finished speaking when there was a clang. Next to him, Song Bohao had accidentally kicked the table. He stared with wide eyes at the 3D video that appeared on the quantum computer.

Chen Shu tapped the corner of his mouth. Song Bohao, this fool, surely he didn’t really think the beast was talking?

…Don’t say it, this beast really seemed to be talking.

Chen Shu cleared his throat. “Chi Jun, I think…”

Before he could finish, the beast opposite him raised the paws and pointed at himself. “This isn’t a joke and this isn’t a pet. It is me. I’m the lion, I’m Chi Jun.”

Gu Yanzheng, “……”

The big lion was cut, rub him.

Chen Shu, “……”

He probably received a fake call!

Song Bohao, “……”

This world was mysterious!

Lion Chi grinned, exposing his sharp teeth. “I will be back with Gu Yanzheng in a few days. After I go back, arrange a press conference for me.”

Chen Shu struggled to say, “Chi Jun, the contents and purpose of the press conference?”

The big lion shook his fur. “I will announce my true identity as well as the reasons why I want to sue the royal family and the evidence I have.”

Chen Shu, “………”

It was a fake video call! He must’ve been too naughty with Song Bohao yesterday and was dreaming. Therefore, Chen Shu kicked the stupified Song Bohao before snapping off the call. The big lion looked at the video that suddenly disappeared and turned to look at his big ginkgo.

Gu Yanzheng rubbed his head and pacified him. “Give him some time.”

Less than two minutes later, there was a video call request from Chen Shu. Chen Shu looked at the beast that emerged again and thought about it. The person who had always been calm when talking to the commanders of the Eight Armies became crazy because of Chi Jun.

“Chi Jun, tell me what is going on? How did you become a lion? Were you eaten or possessed by a lion? Where is Major General Yan? Why didn’t Major General Yan look after you…”

The worried tone came to an abrupt end.

It was because Major General Yan’s cold face appeared next to the lion.

Chen Shu immediately sat straight and solemnly said, “Major General Yan, when should the press conference be scheduled after you come back? What will be put in first? Will you be involved at the time?”

Song Bohao next to him, “……”

HIs Chen Shu’s ability to change his expression in seconds was really good. He so simply accepted a human becoming a lion? Shouldn’t he be doubting life?

In the end, the press conference was scheduled in five days. At the same time, Chi Jun had Chen Shu release a statement that Chi Jun would appear and personally explain why he was suing the emperor and prince.

After turning off the video call, the always gentle Chen Shu let out crude remarks. “What f*king thing is this royal family?!”

Song Bohao patted him on the back. “The evidence is conclusive and they can’t run.”

Chen Shu looked at him. “The royal family has been established for nearly a thousand years and has all types of privileges. Can they be affected by the law?”

“Thus, you should understand why Chi Jun is now suing the royal family.”

Chen Shu leaned against his shoulder. “In addition to the evidence, it is probably because of the recent scandal… Currently, the prestige of Master Chi and Major General Yan is very strong.”

Song Bohao held his hand. “You see, it will be a certain victory. There is no way for the royal family to turn it around.”

Just as the two of them were talking, Chi Jun passed something onto Chen Shu. Chen Shu opened the file to look at it and suddenly laughed.

Song Bohao came closer. “Why are you laughing?”

Chen Shu stood up and walked in the direction of the study. “Chi Jun intends to apply for a few more simplified beast pattern patents before the press conference.”

Song Bohao, “……”

Master Chi was truly extraordinary! With this ability, everyone would have to listen to him!

Meanwhile, the prince escorted by the Second Army was on the way back to the capital and he hurriedly sent a message to the emperor. Once the video request appeared, the emperor suddenly recovered his senses and turned it off. If the secret calls between him and his son could be hijacked then the public network calls were even less secure.

Thus, the emperor directly sent a text message to his son. “Come back and tell me.”

The tone was straightforward and indifferent, like there was no concern at all about whether the prince had suffered while being captured by the star thieves. The prince was incomparably aggrieved.

At this time, he didn’t know all the things that had exploded on the Star Network. The prince edited the text message to his father. “Father, Chi Jun can become a lion! He is definitely the experimental material that ran away from the imp palace.”

There weren’t any words that could damage the royal family’s reputation again but the emperor wasn’t pleased by the meaning contained in the words. Chi Jun had filed a lawsuit against the royal family. As the person involved, he couldn’t know the contents of the lawsuit, even if he was the emperor.

Originally, he thought Chi Jun was suing due to the kidnapping of the prince and the royal family trying to replace him as a hostage. It might not be appropriate but it would be fine if he publicly apologized to Chi Jun. He just needed to show the heart and love of a father and things would be over.

At most, it would be giving some compensation to Chi Jun. After all, the replacement of the hostage and the capture of Chi Jun was just an attempt. The matter of the Royal Guards embezzling the money of the law enforcement team was even simpler. He just had to shift the blame onto the commander of the Royal Guards and it would have nothing to do with the royal family.

At most, he was working hard as the emperor and this led to lax administration. He would apologize to the public and the asteroid belt that had been hijacked by the star thieves. He might temporarily lose control of the asteroid belt. Still, once it was over, the Royal Guards could be reformed.

However, the message he received from the prince made the emperor fall into an ice cave. If Chi Jun was the last cloning material that escaped, was his lawsuit against the royal family related to the cloning experiment? If Chi Jun was the escaped experimental material and his genetic information matched with the prince then this was conclusive evidence. There would be absolutely no chance of denying it!

The ultimate destination of the military funds was the cloning experiment and it was over if Chi Jun knew this. Then it would be hard for the royal family to pull out of the mess of the asteroid belt. The fact that the Royal Guards’ embezzled money was used to do cloning experiments would be firmly established.

It would be difficult to appease the public’s anger, even if the emperor apologized in public. The emperor was pale and almost collapsed. It was definitely something he didn’t expect. How could he save this situation?

For a time, countless thoughts passed through the emperor’s head. He finally focused on the sentence sent by the prince.

Chi Jun…

Talented beast imprinter Chi Jun…

Did his talent for beast imprinting come from the countless illegal genetic drugs injected during the experiment? Then things might be different. It was a cloning experiment with illegal drug testing but if it could create a power capable of strengthening the entire empire, couldn’t it be forgiven?

How could the deaths of thousands of experimental cloning materials compare to the interests of the empire?! As the initiator of the experiment, could he stand up and say that cloning experiments should be legalized in the future for the benefit of the empire?

The more the emperor thought about it, the more he settled down and he even felt faint excitement. He even imagined that if the public recognized that Chi Jun had become so gifted because he was injected with a large number of illegal drugs, all the faults of the royal family would become a sacrifice for the interests of the empire…

The emperor was currently standing on the cusp of the storm and should be cautious with his words. It would have to be planned out slowly…


Meanwhile, the central planet of the asteroid belt. The central planet was currently in chaos due to the news that Old Iron exploded on the Star Network. All the law enforcement officers previously detained by the Royal Guards were released. All the Royal Guards were suspended from their duties, pending an investigation by the military department.

The Second Army, which was closest to the asteroid belt, entered the asteroid belt and temporarily took off the military affairs of the military belt. Therefore, the chaos of the central planet gradually settled down. The commercial ships squatting outside the terminal also dispersed as the law enforcement team was released and the star thieves deep in the meteorite field were destroyed.

The most important thing at this time was shipping! Apart from shipping, the people of the asteroid belt were still lamenting.

The Royal Guards were such scum. The law enforcement team could compete with the star thieves with proper weapons while the regular army destroyed the star thieves in minutes. Had the Royal Guards been just eating and waiting for death for more than 10 years?

Of course, there was also…

“Did you see that route through the meteorites? I heard the Second Army opened it!”

“What nonsense are you saying? The Second Army wandered among the meteorites for several days. It was Major General Yan who mixed in with the Second Army and activated his beast cards, controlling the mechanical beasts to move the meteorites!”

“Medium-sized commercial ships can pass and all the surrounding meteorites are safe. Major General Yan is really powerful.”

“In fact, if carefully tested, some resources of the meteorites should be able to be developed…”



“Hold the grass! A business opportunity!”

Thus, the asteroid belt resource developers were busy applying for the development rights of the meteorite field. However, when they went to the central planet to apply, they found that the development rights of the meteorite field had been bought…a

Someone with the instincts of a businessman had moved faster! The asteroid belt developers weren’t convinced but then they saw that the name of the owner of the meteorite development rights was Chi Jun.

“Is there such a rich Chi Jun in the empire apart from Master Chi Jun?”

“If someone once again says that this Chi Jun isn’t Master Chi Jun then I will punch them in the face!”

At this point, Chi Jun looked at his empty account and sighed. “Too expensive!”

Sixty billion…

The development rights to the meteorites cost 60 billion! His savings weren’t enough so Gu Yanzheng had to pay a portion to buy the development rights.

Gu Yanzheng comforted him. “It will soon be earned back.”

Chi Jun nodded. “Yes, I’ve already asked Chen Shu to apply for patents for these new simplified beast patterns. I’ll sell them to the Eight Armies and will have money again.”

Gu Yanzheng laughed. “Why did you buy the meteorites?”

Chi Jun closed his quantum computer and naturally said, “To plant trees. I want to make the meteorites into a sightseeing area.”

He originally planned to buy a planet but now he bought an entire meteorite field. The number had doubled countless times!

Gu Yanzheng, “……”

Fine, as long as his family’s lion was happy.

Before leaving, Chi Jun was still reluctant to part with the beast pattern books at the central planet’s academy. However, there was no money. Not only did he have no money, Gu Yanzheng’s money was hollowed out by him…

Old Iron was following Lingqi who was studying the image board. He heard Master Lion’s mutter and suddenly said, “Master, I have money.”

He was a professional housekeeper and had the skills to manage finances. In recent years, he used the money Master Major General gave him on the mansion and invested the remaining amount. Over the years, it wasn’t a small sum.

The penniless Chi Jun emptied out Old Iron’s assets and held the bonsai to go to the school. This time, it wasn’t because he refused to be distracted by Gu Yanzheng. But…

To save money. The entrance fee was enough for him to look at a few beast imprinting books.

Two days later, Chi Jun’s head was full of beast patterns as he was led by Gu Yanzheng to return to the capital. It eased the dullness of the return journey on the starship.


The moment that Chen Shu released news about Chi Jun’s press conference, countless reporters presented business cards. It wasn’t just because it involved the scandal of the imperial family. In addition… Master Chi was coming out!

They were more curious about this. This person could get two beast pattern patents in one go and have the patent rights directly bought by the Eight Armies. Such a gifted master, the entire empire was wondering about what type of person he was. Why would he sue the emperor and prince and what type of entanglement did he have with the royal family? This was news that the entire empire was crazy about.

On the day of the press conference, a large number of reporters poured into the meeting room. Countless people were looking forward to it online, waiting to see the live broadcast.

At the meeting, Chen Shu solemnly demanded that the reporters should maintain order. Then he turned his head and nodded behind the scenes. Under everyone’s watchful eyes, someone slowly walked from the back. For a time, the people watching it live and on the Star Network were stupefied.

They saw their empire’s war god, Major General Yan, hold a man’s hand and appear at the press conference. The two men holding hands sat together in the middle. In the process, the cold Major General Yan they were familiar with slightly bowed his head and whispered to the teenager. His voice and attitude were gentle and incomparably doting!

The entire venue was silent as countless people stared at the two men in the middle with shock and madness. Then all the rumours with the name Chi Jun were put together. The empire’s best beast imprinter master, Major General Yan’s legal fiance, the 18 year old… Chi Jun!

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1 year ago

200 kg should be about an average sized male African Lion. The ‘average’ range goes up to 250 kg, and I’m sure there are rare individuals that are even bigger.