SBIP: Chapter 50

The Second Army’s rescue team consisted of a dozen small ships. The arrival of allied forces to clear the way made it much more convenient to move through the meteorites. Shortly after entering deeper into the meteorite field, the warships of the Second Army discovered traces of star thieves in a direction that was diverted from the cleared route. Thus, after saying hello to the friendly army in front of them, the Second Army’s warship turned its course and carefully shuttled past that position.

The bored Chi Jun suddenly sat up and looked at Gu Yanzheng., “Shall we also go to see?”

Gu Yanzheng looked at the fierce person and laughed. “We will wait here.”

Chi Jun stared at him. Wasn’t this to make him feel antsy? Gu Yanzheng reached out to comfort him by patting him on the head. “They will be back soon.”

“Isn’t it the star thieves’ nest over there?”

Gu Yanzheng shook his head. “No.”

Chi Jun then sat back again in his seat, fiddling with the bonsai in a bored manner by counting the leaves.

Gu Yanzheng, “……”

The feeling of being touched all over his body was enough to make his heart itch. It wasn’t long before the Second Army came back, dragging the starships they had captured. In addition to the warships that were very much in line with the characteristics of the star thieves, there was also a commercial ship.

Chi Jun, “……”

So they just caught a group of star thieves going out to steal? However, what commercial ship would run to the dangerous meteorite field where star thieves were hiding?

At this point, the soldiers of the Second Army were simply laughing. They had been angry when they knew that the asteroid belt was running rampant with star thieves. Still, there was no way. This area belonged to the Royal Guards and they couldn’t do anything.

Now they could finally do something. They didn’t expect the first ones to be caught when personally stealing. They thought this commercial ship was really hijacked by the star thieves. They didn’t expect that behind the commercial ship’s outer skin, the people inside were wearing the uniform of the Royal Guards and they were also bringing equipment over for the star thieves!

Giving the star thieves the law enforcement team’s rhino cards, this was simply…

Was it setting a trap or were they really giving equipment to the star thieves? What was this thing?! The soldiers of the Second Army tried to kill the rotten Royal Guards.

Once the soldiers calmed down, they followed the allied forces ahead of them. This sense of dividing labor and cooperation was really great! The route was long and the soldiers wanted to talk to the friends who had controlled the mechanical beasts.

Thus, two soldiers activated their beast cards and slipped out with the captain’s permission. They approached the friendly ship and the two soldiers found that…

All allied mechanical beasts within range weren’t controlled by any humans. It was frightening…

It was said that only a mental strength of SSS could activate dozens of beast cards at the same time. Was there a person who could control such a large group of mechanical beasts without difficulty? This wasn’t the enemy. They couldn’t simply hit in front of them.

Therefore, the two soldiers had to return. They described the situation and their captain stared at the large group of mechanical beasts opening the way in a strange manner. If he wasn’t mistaken, this…

Nevertheless, hadn’t the military department broken the news that Commander Yan’s marriage partner was an 18 year old also called Chi Jun? What did Commander Yan mean by coming out to rescue the prince? In any case, Commander Yan was several levels above him, both in rank and strength. This person was recognized and there was no way not to greet him.

The rescue team’s leader had an edge expression as he straightened his appearance before ordering the soldiers to contact the allied army again. At this time, Major General Yan’s face appeared. The captain’s solemn voice was heard. “Reporting to Commander Yan, the rescue team’s leader Wei Pengliang is calling you. Please give instructions!”

In addition to the captain, the soldiers of the Second Army bent their legs and almost knelt down! Fortunately, the one who called was the captain and they didn’t appear on the other side of  Major General Yan’s communication device. It was no wonder why the captain suddenly tidied up his uniform. It might not be face-to-face but this was a direct exchange with their idol.

Gu Yanzheng nodded. “Continue with the mission.”

“Yes, Commander! “

He turned off the communicator and the captain rubbed his face. “F*k, I was nervous to death.”

The other soldiers, “……”

Captain, you just spoke to Commander Yan!


After all, the star thieves also used starships. It might be hard to locate their hiding location among the vast number of meteorites but with the continuous deepening advance of the army, some passable paths were discovered.

After searching several paths, the soldiers locked onto the location of the star thieves’ hideout. The report was given to Commander Yan before the soldiers activated their combat cards and moved like ghosts. The invasion of the star thieves wasn’t difficult for the soldiers of the Second Army.

How many more brutal battles against the Zerg had they experienced? The star thieves who only knew how to deal with the civilians of the commercial ships weren’t a match for their army. The battle was without any suspense.

Chi Jun didn’t look at the fighting of the other side. He just held his knees in a bored manner and spat out bubbles. Then on one of the star thieves’ warships, the soldiers finally saw the empire’s prince. It was just that…

The prince was currently talking and laughing with the leaders of the star thieves. He didn’t even maintain his usual noble image as he flirted with the leaders! Didn’t the prince know that these star thieves had the blood of many innocent people on their hands?

As they got closer, the soldiers clearly heard the conversation between the prince and the leaders of the star thieves. The soldiers couldn’t help frowning for a moment.

What did he mean by the weapons his father provided would soon be here? What? His father the emperor promised that Beast Imprinter Chi Jun would be sent to them. Once they let him leave, Chi Jun would be at their disposal?

‘Little prince, you might be lying to the star thieves but aren’t your words too inappropriate?’

Putting aside the words of the prince, the soldiers suddenly appeared in front of the leaders and quickly cleaned up most of the leaders of the star thieves.

A star thief leader beside the prince saw the soldiers who suddenly broke into the warship and seized the prince beside him, placing the muzzle of his gun against the prince’s chin. He stared at the soldiers surrounding him with gloomy eyes. “If you dare to move forward then I’ll kill him!”

The frightened prince didn’t dare to move at all. He quivered as he shouted, “Where is Chi Jun? Aren’t you meant to exchange Chi Jun for me? They are willing to let me go as long as they get the beast imprinter!”

Who in the Eight Armies didn’t know about the genius of Chi Jun’s beast patterns?

Therefore, at this time, the soldiers were heartless and didn’t think much. Before the star thief holding the prince could move, an experienced soldier of the Second Army directly fired his powerful ion gun, turning the poor and evil star thief into ashes. The entire process took only half a second and the prince was confused.

In fact, the star thieves could roam the asteroid belt due to the dangerous meteorites and the fact that they had more powerful weapons than the law enforcement team. The elite rescue team of the Second Army, regardless of their weapons configuration or their skill, were far beyond the reach of the star thieves. In this rescue operation, the interstellar battle hadn’t even started when the soldiers invaded and handled everything.

Anger slowly filled the prince’s face. “What if you hurt me by mistake? There was clearly the safest way. Why have a face-to-face confrontation with the star thieves? What would you do if they killed me?”

However, the soldiers of the Second Army only slightly squinted their eyes as they ignored the prince.

The words that the prince had spoken since their meeting were thought-provoking. The safest way? Oh yes~

Master Chi, who made significant contributions to the military power of the empire, would be handed over to the star thieves as a hostage exchange? Then the star thieves would increase their combat ability and become even more unscrupulous?

‘Little prince, you are once again speaking nonsense?’

The prince saw these soldiers clean up the battlefield and ignore him and became furious. “Do you know that the star thieves wanted to capture Chi Jun? I wasn’t their target at all. It is reasonable to exchange Chi Jun for me!”

The soldiers ignored the prince and cleaned up and captured the remaining star thieves.

Then a cold voice was heard after the prince spoke. “You can exchange with me. I came.”

The soldiers’ movements suddenly stalled and they turned slowly to see the strict commander and the person who entered the cabin with him.

Almost instantaneously, a guess filled the heads of the soldiers. This boy was Chi Jun? It was true that he was a young genius!

Wait, no, it was wrong… they made a big profit on this mission! Don’t mention Commander Yan, they even saw the legendary Master Chi?

However, the prince didn’t understand the meaning of Chi Jun’s words. His eyes were on the tall and handsome Commander Yan. His eyes were full of joy as he walked towards Gu Yanzheng, tone relaxed and pleasant. “Yanzheng, I knew you would come to save me!”

Chi Jun, “……”

‘You dare to covet my family’s big ginkgo? Believe me, I will beat you to death with my big claws!’

Before the little prince could get close, Chi Jun transformed into a big lion and roared as he blocked the front of Gu Yanzheng. The ferocious and cruel look could swallow a person. The frightened prince took a step back and nearly rolled on the ground.

He stared at the lion that had just been a man. Gu Yanzheng reached out to touch his big lion’s mane, cold eyes focused on the prince. “Your Highness, Chi Jun is my legal fiance.”

At this time, not only the prince but the other soldiers were also shocked. This was just a person. How could he suddenly transform into a lion? Still, Master Chi was talented. It was understandable to have such extraordinary characteristics. Therefore, the group of soldiers acted like nothing happened and continued to clean up the battlefield, ready to return with the prince.

The little prince was completely stunned. His brain was full of the words ‘legal fiance’ and the somewhat familiar face that he saw before this person turned into a lion.

Meanwhile, the Second Army brought back the stolen goods and the Royal Guards who were caught being in contact with the star thieves. The shocked prince returning didn’t know there was a big event still waiting for him.

Under the orders of Master Major General, Old Iron sent something directly to the Star Network.

First, there was the distress video the prince sent to the emperor after being captured by the star thieves. In the video, the kind and tough prince asked his father to find Chi Jun and give Chi Jun to the star thieves in exchange for him.

This was regardless of the fact that an exchange of hostages was likely to let the star thieves directly double their power. The prince’s words obviously regarded other people’s life and death as nothing, exposing his selfishness. He knew the consequences but abandoned the safety of the entire empire. Even if the prince was afraid and in a crisis situation, could he still be the heir to the imperial throne after this performance?

The second was the emperor’s response after receiving the prince’s distress video. Despite the Second Army being sent out for rescue, the emperor didn’t insist on not cooperating with evil forces. Instead, he ordered the capture of Chi Jun, the beast imprinter. What’s more, in order to obtain Chi Jun’s whereabouts, the Royal Guards were ordered to threaten and vilify the hard-working law enforcement team! Even if the emperor loved his son, could he afford to act like this as the ruler of the empire?

Third, there was the truth about the alleged treason of the law enforcement team. The Royal Guards arrested the law enforcement team with great fanfare and arrested them in the name of treason. During this time, they even claimed that the evidence was conclusive! Yet the evidence was that the Royal Guard disguised as a merchant ship to give weapons to the star thieves! It was even the beast cards that the law enforcement team used to compete with the star thieves after receiving Chi Jun’s help. The Royal Guards even had the star map the star thieves gave them, showing a safe route through the meteorites!

All types of facts were presented in front of them. It was well-documented and couldn’t be repudiated. Such a scandal alarmed the royal family and they desperately attempted to purge all relevant content from the Star Network.

However, Old Iron advanced rapidly. It didn’t matter how many smart devices were deleted, they absolutely couldn’t act faster than him. In just half an hour, these three scandals became common knowledge in the empire. The prestige of the imperial royal family plummeted. Not only that, more inside information was revealed…

In particular, the reason for the poor weapons configuration of the asteroid belt’s law enforcement team. For more than a decade, the law enforcement team received a meagre number of replacement weapons. Every year, the military department paid the Royal Guards a considerable sum of money for military expenditure and this should go to the law enforcement team as well. Then where was the money that should’ve been spent on establishing and arming the law enforcement teams?

As countless people on the Star Network, especially those in the asteroid belt who had suffered from the star thieves, were feeling suspicious and asked for the release of the accounts of the Royal Guards and law enforcement teams, heavy news exploded on the Star Network.

The empire’s number one beast imprinter, Chi Jun was taking the emperor and the prince to court…

According to reports, the cause of the lawsuit was the real whereabouts of the military expenditure!

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1 year ago

I love that there’s no misunderstanding between GYZ, CJ, and SC~ SC was never in GYZ’s eyes and would never have even caught his interest if it weren’t for the physical similarities with CJ