SBIP: Chapter 49

Shen Cong and his brothers of the law enforcement team were separated and imprisoned. Each one of them received a veiled warning from the Royal Guards.

If they didn’t give any information on the whereabouts and identity of Chi Jun, the evidence was basically conclusive. All of them, including the unreleased law enforcement teams on dozens of other routes would be tried and charged with treason.

Therefore, it was best to tell them and continue to be law enforcement soldiers in a safe way. Or would they be able to raise their heads at being the cause of why dozens of law enforcement team members bearing the charge of treason?

Shen Cong heard the warning and simply wanted to laugh! Shen Cong might have a careless personality but his head was clear if he could become the captain of a law enforcement team. The general actions of the Royal Guards made him come up with some thoughts.

What was the identity of the man captured by the star thieves that could make the Royal Guards so alarmed? In addition, the panicked Royal Guards weren’t busy bringing people back and were instead searching for Chi Jun’s whereabouts. What did losing the person they protected have to do with Master Chi? Could he guess that the star thieves were trying to exchange hostages? They would exchange Master Chi, who was talented in beast imprinting, for the important man captured by the star thieves.

Shen Cong came up with this and simply wanted to spray their faces! These bast*rds, they were dreaming! They would never get information about Master Chi from him!

Shen Cong could think of this but he was worried that his brothers wouldn’t be able to think of it. Some brothers might be worried about their colleagues in the other law enforcement team. It would be a big problem if they gave Master Chi up.

As it turned out, Shen Cong was thinking too much…

The Royal Guards’ secret warning was nothing to the members of the 7th law enforcement team. They didn’t trust the Royal Guards. On one side were Master Chi and the major general. The other side was the Royal Guards who pretended to be powerful to the outside world. They couldn’t believe the latter. It was absolutely impossible for them to give up Master Chi and Major General Yan to protect themselves.

In addition, if they were brought to the military court then Major General Yan would surely know. Then who knew who the treason charge would end up being laid on…

Therefore, the group of law enforcement brothers ate and drank in the custody of the Royal Guards. They weren’t intimidated at all by the Royal Guards’ secret warning. This made the Royal Guards feel helpless.

Treason was said to be a lifelong and shameful crime yet it couldn’t make these people compromise. What else could they do? Now there were many people outside on the merchant ships and they couldn’t use torture to extract confessions. Under such circumstances, the Royal Guards could only obey the emperor’s orders and prepare some weapons first.

After they contacted the star thieves, the star thieves specified that they wanted the batch of beast cards repaired by Master Chi and given to the seventh team. To be honest, the commander of the Royal Guards was really reluctant to do this. He had seen the combat power of these beast cards from the live broadcast and also desired it. It was just that the current situation was too bad and the Royal Guards had to suffer.

Thus, the commander of the Royal Guards could only send a small team to give the 7th law enforcement team’s beast cards to the star thieves to temporarily ensure the prince’s safety. Not long after the Royal Guard’s small team left…

Gu Yanzheng took his big lion and flew away from the central planet. Gu Yanzheng’s suspension car had the ginkgo leaf representing his identity. Therefore, once he reached the defense shield of the central planet that had just been restored, no one dared to stop him.

The moment Gu Yanzheng left the central planet, the commander of the Royal Guards received this news. The commander of the Royal Guards was stunned for a moment before smiling like a flower blossomed. He wanted to clap his hands to celebrate.

Major General Yan left this time. He must be going to rescue the prince! In addition to the beast cards, Major General Yan had started acting. The treatment of the prince by the star thieves was bound to not be too bad. As long as Major General Yan could bring back the prince, this matter would probably slowly subside. Most of the blame would be placed on the law enforcement team and the Royal Guards wouldn’t be in danger!

Therefore, the commander of the Royal Guards couldn’t help humming a song. The law enforcement team was less enthusiastic.

However, the Royal Guards didn’t know that Gu Yanzheng had already obtained a copy of the star map that the star thieves provided to the Royal Guards thanks to Old Iron copying it.

The asteroid belt’s meteorite swarm was complex. The star thieves had lived in it for many years and found many relatively safe routes. They provided one of these routes to the Royal Guard team sending the beast cards.

At this point, Gu Yanzheng was driving the suspension vehicle. Chi Jun held his chin and watched the meteorites in front of them.

From far away, a large number of stones filled the place. The distance was still far but Chi Jun could vaguely sense some metal forces he had never touched before. The stupid energy core that loved to explode was ready to move.

Chi Jun, “……”

If something happened, he must not blow up a hole in the universe!

At this point, Gu Yanzheng reached out and held his hand tightly. Chi Jun turned his head and Gu Yanzheng bowed his head to kiss this person’s mouth. In the blink of an eye, he severely confined the other person’s energy core and cut off the sense of metals contained in various stones in the distance.

Chi Jun licked the corner of his mouth and sat cross-legged on his seat. “Rest assured, I will never use my ability.”

Gu Yanzheng touched Chi Jun’s head and didn’t speak, deep eyes staring at the distant stones. Chi Jun was waiting to see his big ginkgo show off space driving skills to shuttle through the meteorites.

Then he suddenly felt a powerful force radiating around Gu Yanzheng’s body, stronger than before Chi Jun blew himself up. Then Chi Jun heard the sound of a hoverboard from the rear of the suspension vehicle. He turned back to see a large number of beast cards activated behind the suspension vehicle. They continued to be activated as countless military-style mechanical beasts surged out.

Chi Jun, “……”

Chi Jun turned his head and looked at the expressionless big ginkgo.

Gu Yanzheng rubbed Chi Jun’s head. “Do you remember the core of Li Ming, the eight-grade mental system zombie?”

Chi Jun, “……”

They had consumed a lot of strength to destroy that eight-grade mental power zombie. This zombie had controlled a fairly large group of zombies. Once the beast cards were finished being imprinted, they were completely driven by mental power. It wasn’t difficult to control these mechanical beasts by harnessing the power of the eighth level mental system.

However, Gu Yanzheng had no mental ability. He could only borrow and long-term control of these beast cards wasn’t possible.

Chi Jun took a closer look at the mechanical beast nearest to the suspension car. On the head of the mechanical beast, a fan-shaped ginkgo leaf flashed. Chi Jun instantly understood that this was the method Gu Yanzheng used to hide his dual wood and healing abilities. These mechanical beasts were just a surface decoration. He was really controlling these ginkgo leaves…

Then the large group of mechanical beasts directly entered the meteorites storm. It was easy to cause a chain explosion among the meteorites. The ginkgo leaves exerted strength and easily opened a path by pushing them away without causing an explosion.

The originally complicated meteorite route had no gaps. Now Gu Yanzheng opened a path smooth enough for a medium-sized starship to travel through. The meteorites, called dangerous by the entire empire, were no challenge in front of his big ginkgo…

The convinced Chi Jun planted his head on Gu Yanzheng’s thigh, lay down and closed his eyes. It was just that from his hair, two lion ears slowly emerged. He wanted to hide it but couldn’t. The fur highlighted its presence.

Chi Jun covered his furry ears with his hands and cried out, “I absolutely don’t think that you are handsome!”

Gu Yanzheng laughed but he couldn’t help his mouth twitching. His lion baby was so cute that he wanted… no, he had to hold back!

At the same time, the Second Army responsible for the rescue of the prince were struggling to find their way among the meteorites as they looked around for the whereabouts of the star thieves. However, the star thieves had been living among the meteorites for many years and found several hidden channels. The soldiers of the Second Army simply couldn’t lock onto the location of the star thieves for a short time.

Just as the soldiers of the Second Army were going to once again be reprimanded by the emperor, a group of elite soldiers suddenly some strangeness on their path. The trained group of soldiers immediately hid. Until the familiar mechanical beasts of the Third Army appeared…

The mechanical beasts were clearing up meteorites in their way, directly creating a navigation route that a warship could smoothly travel through. At the two ends of the channel, the star stones were obedient and stable.

The soldiers of the Second Army were suddenly defeated.

The Ministry of Military Affairs compiled combat data monthly. They stated that the strength of the Third Army was far greater than that of the other seven armies. They had been unconvinced at the time.

At this moment, a group of soldiers suddenly realized the gap. The brothers of the allied Third Army, how precise was their control that they could push away the explosive stones while ensuring that they didn’t collide with each other.

A few minutes later, the mechanical beasts of the Third Army progressed forward. The soldiers of the Second Army were ordered by the military department to secretly destroy the star thieves and rescue the prince. Therefore, it wasn’t convenient for them to directly appear. They could only shrink back and wait for the Third Army friends to greet them when they were discovered. Perhaps their task was the same.

However, the Third Army friends cleared a smooth passage and then silently passed by them.


The Second Army soldiers, “……”

Don’t think we don’t know that you have found us! Don’t think we can’t thank you even if you help without giving a name!

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