SBIP: Chapter 48

The beast imprinting academy of the asteroid belt was different from other places.

Other educational institutes would have students do an assessment test and there would be a standard curriculum. There was a rigorous testing system and students were required to follow a code of conduct, etc.

However, the school on the central planet of the asteroid belt was completely free of these things. The admission conditions were simple and there was no age limit. Anyone who paid the entrance fee could become a student of the university.

There were no school years and no assessments in the school system. Of course, the courses taught by beast imprinters at the university were clearly priced. The low and high-grade beast pattern books were also borrowed with a time-based fee. The university designed like this was too utilitarian.

Nevertheless, this was a private school and the pursuit of interests was natural. The charging method led to the entire university’s excellent learning style. The students’ learning efficiency was super high.

There was no other way. The chargers were too high. Not learning was wasting money! The students who went to school were all in a hurry. They either went straight to the classroom or to the beast pattern library. They were extremely concentrated in their learning state.

After seeing the introduction of the school, Chi Jun instantly decided to go to this school. There, he had no need to worry that his sudden change in size would scare the students.

Gu Yanzheng put on a disguise and drove the suspension car Old Iron prepared to the university. It was only after arriving that Chi Jun knew this school was really black! The admission fee was really outrageous. It was actually a million stars…

After Chi Jun paid the entrance fee and was planning to go in with Gu Yanzheng, he discovered the university had a rule that non-students couldn’t enter. If he wanted Gu Yanzheng to accompany him then Gu Yanzheng also had to pay the entrance fee and become a student of the school. It was just that as a wood and healing system, Gu Yanzheng had no gift for imprinting beast cards.

Therefore, Chi Jun dragged Gu Yanzheng to the car, grabbed the bonsai from the car seat and patted Gu Yanzheng on the shoulder. “Okay, you go home.”

Gu Yanzheng, “……”

He saw his big lion turn and enter the university gates.

Gu Yanzheng shook his head with a smile. He didn’t follow or leave. He instead drove the suspension car to a parking space outside the school and leaned against the driver’s seat with his eyes closed. At the same time, his entire brain was focused on the ginkgo bonsai.

Meanwhile, Chi Jun held Bonsai Gu and walked with the guide robot inside. He wasn’t reluctant to spend money. He just felt that if Gu Yanzheng followed him… his learning would be delayed!

Holding a bonsai wasn’t the same thing. He wouldn’t be distracted. A green plant on the table of the beast pattern library was very pleasing to the eye.


The so-called trump up fake charges.

The Royal Guards didn’t want to bear the responsibility of the prince’s capture and put all the blame on the law enforcement team, not to mention the order from the emperor. If the law enforcement team didn’t reveal the whereabouts of master Chi, it would be regarded as treason.

As a result, the Royal Guards confidently placed their tacit agreement of non-aggression with the star thieves onto the law enforcement team.

According to the Royal Guards, if there wasn’t a link then why was it that every time the law enforcement team appeared to rescue the merchant ships attacked by star thieves, there would be a fight on the surface but the law enforcement team was never wiped out.

This was enough to prove that there was a scheme between the law enforcement team and the star thieves!

This suspicion and speculation became an excuse for the Royal Guards to stop the merchant ships and people of the central planet. This method of shifting their own sinister deeds onto someone else was simply the same as the royal family.

Then Chi Jun, who had been studying various beast patterns at the university, vaguely heard the gossip of other students.

“The Royal Guards claimed that it was the law enforcement team who colluded with the Star Thieves, leading the star thieves to run rampant in the asteroid belt and allowing the star thieves to capture the important person. I don’t know if it is true or false.”

“Whether it is true or false, the law enforcement team is expected to go to the military court. If this bad reputation is attached to them, I’m afraid the law enforcement team will be sentenced.”

“I heard that it is treason.”


The students of the university might’ve paid great money to study the beast patterns but the power of gossip was everywhere…

Chi Jun heard these words while reading a beast pattern book and slightly frowned. He opened his quantum computer and a random search found the Royal Guards’ response to the merchant ships and people surrounding the central planet.

In short, the law enforcement team was suspected of colluding with the star thieves and had been temporarily detained for a trial. Evidence would be presented so the people of the asteroid belt should stand down and don’t be impatient. After the trial, everything would be clear.

Chi Jun looked at the video of the spokesman of the Royal Guards.

If it wasn’t for his brain being full of high-grade beast patterns and his desire to laugh at the Royal Guards greater than his anger, he would’ve probably directly transformed into a big lion in the university’s library.

Chi Jun turned to look at the bonsai that he placed on the library desk. He reached out and poked it. Bonsai Gu raised his crown and with one look, clearly knew what his big lion was thinking. He calmly shook the crown of the tree.

Chi Jun, “……”

He didn’t say anything but the bonsai knew? Chi Jun pulled at two ginkgo leaves but he couldn’t count on Bonsai Gu to communicate with him. Thus, he connected to Gu Yanzheng’s quantum computer.

On the other side of the quantum computer, Gu Yanzheng opened his eyes and said, “The Ministry of Military Affairs has arranged for soldiers of the Second Army to go and rescue the prince.”

Chi Jun gently pulled the leaves. “I heard that most of the meteorites in the asteroid belt have high-energy metals and can’t be attacked. The Second Army is trapped in the meteorites.”

Gu Yanzheng nodded. “Temporarily.”

Chi Jun, “……”

Then Bonsai Gu moved over and raised a ginkgo branch to pat his back. On the opposite screen, Gu Yanzheng said, “Keep reading.”

Chi Jun, “……”

How could he read when his mind was elsewhere!

Gu Yanzheng raised an eyebrow. Who would’ve thought that Chi Jun could be distracted from a good read?

Chi Jun pulled at the bonsai’s leaves. “You don’t have any other ideas?”

The person opposite continued to lean against his seat, his eyes closed. It was a look of completely no interest.

Chi Jun stared at the man who had his eyes closed. ‘You don’t love me…’

Of course not. He knew exactly what his big ginkgo meant. Chi Jun gritted his teeth and pulled back the hand holding the ginkgo leaves. “When the time comes, I shouldn’t do anything?”

“Is that okay?”

Chi Jun nodded. “Yes.”

Bonsai Gu climbed onto Chi Jun’s shoulder while the opposite Gu Yanzheng said, “Come out, I’m waiting for you outside.”

Before closing the call, Chi Jun faintly saw Gu Yanzheng’s mouth curving. Chi Jun reached out to the bonsai on his shoulder and poked the canopy viciously.

“Tell me honestly, are you planning to go?”

Bonsai Gu stood upright like nothing much was happening. Chi Jun hummed two times and didn’t say anything. He knew that Gu Yanzheng feared for him. In the case where there was no core, it was safest if Chi Jun didn’t use his energy core.

Chi Jun left the beast imprinting school and found Gu Yanzheng standing outside the suspension car. Chi Jun quietly walked past and got into the car. Once he saw Gu Yanzheng drive the suspension car straight outside the planet, Chi Jun turned to him. “We aren’t going on the starship?”

The person manually driving the suspension car shook his head. “No, we’ll be back in a bit.”

Chi Jun, “……”

‘Yes, I will listen to you.’

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