SBIP: Chapter 47

The small Lingqi, who suddenly had matters arranged for him, raised his head. His clear green eyes looked at Old Iron before he suddenly took a step back.

Old Iron, “……”

It was okay, he had a hard core and his data couldn’t be hurt.

Little Lingqi’s eyes immediately turned back to his two fathers. Then he looked down at his video board again because his two fathers had already entered another room. The door closed.

Old Iron gave him an extremely gentle smile and guided him to another room. Little Lingqi blinked but he was a good child and listened to his father’s words. In the end, he followed slowly.

Meanwhile, Gu Yanzheng entered another room with the little lion and didn’t have to question Old Iron. He had sent Old Iron to the central planet early to collect the remaining illegal drugs. Gu Yanzheng rubbed the little lion’s fur, placed the small bonsai on the table and said, “Are you tired? Do you want to rest?”

The little lion shook his head. He lay on Gu Yanzheng’s knees and watched as his big ginkgo took out test tube-like things of all sizes from a metal sealed container. Gu Yanzheng’s movements were very careful. Many of these illegal genetic drugs were no longer produced and Old Iron had gone to a lot of trouble to obtain them. Some of the drugs had poor quantities.

The little lion flipped over and lay on the man’s lap, looking up at Gu Yanzheng’s chin.

Simply put, the wood ability and healing ability were the powers of life. Any drug couldn’t be complicated in front of Gu Yanzheng. He could create any type of drug in minutes. Therefore, there might be a lot of these illegal genetic drugs but analyzing them wasn’t a time-consuming thing for Gu Yanzheng.

The little lion looked up at Gu Yanzheng’s chin quietly for half an hour. This lasted until someone’s jaw suddenly tightened. The little lion opened his paws and held his big ginkgo’s arm, looking up at Gu Yanzheng’s face. “Yan Zhengzheng, don’t worry and don’t rush.”

Gu Yanzheng bowed his head and met the amber beast eyes of the little lion, clear eyes reflecting his figure. He took a breath and rubbed the little lion’s soft belly. “I’ll analyze it again.”

The little lion nodded but his paws didn’t let go of Gu Yanzheng’s arm.

He couldn’t not know the big ginkgo’s level. Analyzing it again was just a form of self-comfort. The after-effects were due to the ancestral beast genes. He was afraid that if this was the reason, he wouldn’t be able to find a cure.

This time, Gu Yanzheng analyzed the drugs faster. A few minutes later, Gu Yanzheng raised his hand and his dual abilities directly destroyed all the illegal genetic drugs.

The little lion watched the situation and the hairs on his body slightly stood up. Before he could say anything, he was scooped up by his big ginkgo and pressed against this person’s chest.

Through the clothes, the little lion could hear his big ginkgo’s anxiously beating heart. The small claws retracted and pressed against the buttons. His head arched up towards Gu Yanzheng’s big palm. Half of his head was exposed through the gaps in the big ginkgo’s hand as he comforted this person.

“It doesn’t matter. If there is no other way then just take out the energy core. I can adapt. At best, it is just a bit troublesome to shift between a little lion and big lion.”

Gu Yanzheng rubbed the little lion’s head without speaking.

The little lion then continued. “Before that, you should take me to the university that you said is very strong in beast patterns. I want to look at all the beast patterns.”

Before losing his power, he should obtain all the beast patterns that could be simplified and enhanced. In the future, he could only rely on selling patents. The little lion thought up to her and suddenly grinned. He paws lightly pushed at the big ginkgo’s chin.

“Tell me, if I could simplify and enhance all the beast patterns and sell them to the military, will the military pay for it from the budget?”

Gu Yanzheng held the little paws and nodded. “Yes.”

“Then you see, there is nothing to worry about. If I become the empire’s richest man then it doesn’t matter if I don’t have my metal ability. Even without you around me, it is estimated that the entire military will treat me as a national treasure. There will always be someone around me to protect me if you go to war and you can also put the ginkgo tree or ginkgo bonsai beside me.”

Gu Yanzheng looked into his baby lion’s ears. “Even if I go to war, I will take you with me.”

The little lion patted him on the arm. “You’re right. The safest place is around you, even if it is the battlefield.”

Gu Yanzheng rubbed the fur at the back of the lion’s neck. The little lion saw Gu Yanzheng’s deep eyes and leaned toward Gu Yanzheng’s neck, speaking vaguely while biting his collar. “Seriously, even if you can fight for 300 rounds, this energy core can’t be kept, awu!”

The person he loved was in front of his eyes yet they also couldn’t do it. He was also very troubled. This succeeded in making Gu Yanzheng bow his head to kiss the little lion’s head.

The little lion and human were acting sticky together when Chi Jun’s quantum computer flashed twice. Someone had sent him a message. The little lion didn’t have many contacts so he looked down and opened the message with his paws.

It was a video message from Shen Cong. In the video, Shen Cong looked anxious and panicked as he said, “Master Chi, I just got the news that the Royal Guards are charging the law enforcement team with the crime of dereliction of duty. I don’t know what it is but all of the law enforcement team’s beast cards have been banned. Moreover, I heard they are going to investigate you for the unauthorized repair of the beast cards of derelict soldiers.”

The little lion turned to look at Gu Yanzheng. Gu Yanzheng sneered. “The Royal Guards want to push the capture of the little prince onto the law enforcement team.”

Lion Chi, “………”

Shen Cong’s law enforcement team had been a long distance from the central planet where the prince was captured! The star thieves took the prince from the hands of the Royal Guards. What did this have to do with the law enforcement team?

Gu Yanzheng and his little lion had a sense of affection for the people of the XX Resource Star and Shen Cong’s law enforcement team. It wasn’t just because high-grade alloy cards were received from them. It was because while their starship was docked on the XX Resource Star, they were never disturbed by anyone and even their whereabouts weren’t revealed. They were a group of lovely and simple people.

Gu Yanzheng rubbed the head of the little lion to comfort him. “The Royal Guards might want to shift the blame but it depends if the people of the asteroid belt are willing.”

He carefully spoke to avoid the little lion from feeling worried about this. Gu Yanzheng immediately gave Old Iron an order to guide public opinion online. The thing that made the big ginkgo feel surprised was…

His lion wasn’t worried but his temper was provoked. Therefore, he turned back and saw a big lion roaring, the pressure very overwhelming.

Lion Chi, “…”

Gu Yanzheng laughed and reached out to touch the big lion’s mane. “Good, don’t worry.”

The big lion put his big paws on the person’s shoulder. “Yan Zhengzheng, did you find out? This is the first time I went straight from a little lion to a big lion!”

Gu Yanzheng, “……”

Was this something to be proud of? His lion became a big lion because of someone else…

The big lion was very happy. His energy core wasn’t rioting and the big lion state was much more powerful than the little lion. He stretched out his big paws and opened his quantum computer.

Thus, the big lion lay there and used his quantum computer to see how Old Iron guided public opinion. The big ginkgo, who was suppressing himself, reached out and slowly groomed the lion. In fact, Old Iron didn’t need to do much to guide public opinion.

After being attacked by the star thieves, now the Royal Guards took away the law enforcement team.

“I wonder why the law enforcement team that destroyed the star thieves are being taken away by the Royal Guards. Was there a big mistake?”

“I heard that an important person protected by the Royal Guards was captured on the central planet. The law enforcement team is being held responsible for their failure to rescue on time and even for the inaction of the law enforcement team.”

“Was the important person captured the one who blocked the entire route a few days ago to make way for him?”

“F*k, the man was snatched away by the star thieves under the eyes of the Royal Guards. Why blame the law enforcement team?”

“There is deep suspicion of dealings between the Royal Guards and the star thieves. Perhaps the important person went to the star thieves of his own volition to dump the blame on the law enforcement team!”

“The Royal Guards didn’t do anything against the star thieves yet they are blaming the law enforcement team for not acting? Do they mean to let the star thieves continue running rampant through the asteroid belt?”

“Without the star enforcement team, what will we do when the star thieves attack the merchant ships in the future again? Will the Royal Guards stand up to the star thieves?”

“This dark asteroid belt, does it still allow people to live…”


The uproar on the Star Network was fairly light.

Some of the merchant ships of the resource stars directly gathered together. They placed their goods on the nearest planet and chased after the Royal Guards who were taking away the law enforcement team. They encircled the central planet and jointly asked the Royal Guards to release the law enforcement team.

The commander of the Royal Guards looked at the commercial ships surrounding the planet and was a mess. Despite knowing that the commander of the Third Army had appeared in his territory, he had no time to visit. There was news from the emperor’s side that Yanzheng had a lover and clearly refused to be the prince’s husband.

However, the commander of the Royal Guards felt deep down that Major General Yan had come for the little prince. As long as the prince returned, everything could be recovered. Things wouldn’t become too big.

At the same time, the commander became anxious that the interrogation of the 7th law enforcement team would be more difficult than he imagined. The Royal Guards had arrested them and on the way to the central planet, they had isolated the law enforcement members for interrogation.

However, Shen Cong and the law enforcement team members had tight mouths. They didn’t give any information about Master Chi. The Royal Guards didn’t know that it wasn’t just about Master Chi, it was also about Major General Yan.

Two super secrets overlapped and the law enforcement members weren’t willing to open up, regardless of torture or a military court sentencing. They wouldn’t disclose any information about the two people to the Royal Guards!

These two were the great people they revered!


At the same time, the Second Army assigned by the military to rescue the little prince was encountering difficulties.

The star thieves caught the prince and moved through the chaotic meteorites of the asteroid belt they were familiar with to hide in the depths of the asteroid field. The Second Army sergeants were powerful enough to cross these meteorites but it would take a bit longer.

Thus, the Royal Guards couldn’t find Chi Jun and the Second Army’s rescue team couldn’t break through the meteorites for a short time. These two messages were sent to the emperor and the emperor was going crazy from sleepless nights. He hastily gave an order to the Royal Guards to warn the law enforcement team that they would be charged with treason if they didn’t reveal Chi Jun’s whereabouts.

Meanwhile, the emperor quietly replied to his son. He assured the star thieves that he would bring Chi Jun for an exchange and to please wait patiently. He was willing to provide armament materials as compensation as long as the safety of the little prince was maintained.

Of course, this message was also intercepted by Old Iron. He copied it to his archive and sent it to Major General Yan before sending it to the star thieves.

Old Iron finished acting as a deliveryman and turned to the order Master Major General just sent him. It was about the little lion seedling…

No, it was the instructions about Lingqi’s academics. Old Iron glanced at the small boy sitting at the desk, waiting for him to give a school assignment.

The young boy occasionally looked at him with the same wariness as the little lion seedling. He might no longer be the little lion who stretched out roots to stop Old Iron from getting closer but in this meeting, he quietly kept his distance. If it was the past then Old Iron’s data would probably be quite volatile.

However, after collecting all the documentary videos of the imperial family’s cloning experiment, he understood why the teenager had such a reaction. Anyone who had been locked up for several years to do experiments and injected with various drugs by robots and mechanical arms would have a psychological shadow! Of course, this teenager could slowly emerge from the psychological shadow.

The point was that Master Major General had given him a task. Old Iron was confused.

Road of a king? This person of noble character clearly wasn’t a king…

Why did this child have to study this?

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