SBIP: Chapter 46

The star thieves repeatedly tormented ‘Chi Jun and finally, one or two star thieves noticed something a bit strange. A small star thief took an image board to the leader of the star thieves and spoke in a slightly hesitant tone, “Leader, this Chi Jun seems to look a bit like the prince of the empire.”

This sentence made the leaders of the star thieves turn from the water prison to stare closely at the 3D image of the prince projected on the image board.

This was more than ‘a bit like’. Wasn’t it the same person?

The leaders of several major star thief groups, “……”

The legs of the star thief holding the image board weakened and he gulped, not daring to say a word. Then they worked so hard only to catch the wrong person? After a brief silence, the leaders glanced at each other. One of the leaders waved and spoke in a rude and angry voice, “Hey, aren’t you thinking too much? Maybe it is very simple. Isn’t Chi Jun the name of the disguised prince, Su Chimo?”

Two star thief leaders agreed with his conjecture while several other leaders were skeptical. Was the little prince really the master beast imprinter? If the prince had such talent, the imperial family would’ve made it well-known. How could it be hidden to the present? Most importantly, if the little prince wasn’t the master beast imprinter they wanted, how would they end up?

Several of the leaders of the star thieves were clear on this point and became a bit grumpy. For the empire’s number one beast imprinted, the star thieves could go out and catch people. However, if it was the empire’s prince then it wasn’t worth it, whether it was for money or equipment. The star thief leader continued speaking. “What is so hard? We will continue to interrogate and use all types of torture tools to make him tell us the truth.”

Inside the water prison, the little prince who woke up had suffered pain that he never experienced before. It was so painful that he was going crazy. Just as the prince’s consciousness was about to collapse, he finally heard another question from the star thieves. “Tell me, is Chi Jun your pseudonym?”

The little prince heard this and he was roaring in his head. This time, he really wanted to cough up blood. Was he really caught because the star thieves got the wrong person? The pain he endured was because he was mistaken for Chi Jun by these murderous star thieves?

Chi Jun… Chi Jun…

The little prince hated this name so much that he wanted to tear the person into a million pieces! This hatred far outweighed the star thieves who captured and tortured him. The groggy prince watched the leaders and emphasized every syllable. “You… can… swap me for Chi Jun.”

Thus, the day after the little prince was caught. The emperor woke up from his faint and found a cry for help from the little prince sent through an encrypted contact channel to his personal quantum computer.

It was a video letter. In the letter, the prince described the star thieves’ treatment of him and he cried about their ferocity. Then it shifted to how he was wrongly captured.

The little prince’s eyes were filled with hatred as he demanded that his father send Chi Jun to exchange for him, indicating that he had made a deal with the star thieves. As long as he gave Chi Jun to the star thieves, they would guarantee his safety and never touch him again.

The prince wept while complaining bitterly. If there wasn’t Chi Jun then he wouldn’t be suffering this pain. Everything was Chi Jun’s fault. The consequences should also be borne by Chi Jun. Why should he suffer for others?

The proud and tall prince didn’t seem unaware of it. If it wasn’t for the royal family’s greed, the law enforcement team’s weapons wouldn’t be so weak and the star thieves wouldn’t exist in the asteroid belt. If the star thieves didn’t exist, naturally no one would be kidnapped in the last decade and the merchant ships wouldn’t be hijacked. So many ordinary people in the asteroid belt wouldn’t have died. What’s more, if the little prince hadn’t created such a large fuss in the asteroid belt that the star thieves wouldn’t have misidentified him.

Always pushing the blame to others was probably the general disease of the imperial royal family. The emperor received this letter for help and felt distressed when he saw his carefully raised heir was subjected to such torture.

Thus, the emperor’s resentment was easily transferred to Chi Jun. Since Yanzheng and Chi Jun couldn’t be used for the royal family, they should be destroyed directly. Didn’t Chi Jun give a batch of beast cards to the law enforcement team of the asteroid belt?

The law enforcement team must know the whereabouts of Chi Jun! The emperor immediately issued a secret order to the Royal Guards of the asteroid belt. They must seize the genius beast imprinted Chi Jun at all costs!

However, the emperor didn’t know one thing. Before he received the distress video, it had long been intercepted by Old Iron waiting on the central planet of the asteroid belt.

After Old Iron reached the central planet, Master Major General had given him an order to keep an eye on all the actions of the little prince, even after the prince was captured. Old Iron copied the prince’s distress video before sending it to the emperor.

In addition, he copied and pasted it to his master. Old Iron completed these tasks perfectly. He waited for the family of four to reach the central planet while making himself the fifth person.

For the identity of the fifth person, Old Iron diligently collected information on the planets of the asteroid belt for Master Lion. Once Master Lion came, he could directly choose a favourite planet to buy.

Old Iron was full of expectations as he mixed in with the royal guards as an auxiliary robot. He was waiting for his master’s starship to appear. By this time, the Royal Guards had received a series of orders from the emperor and blocked the route to the central planet.

One reason was to arrest all of the law enforcement team while the other reason was to look for the beast imprinter master on the central planet. It was just that the people of the XX Resource Star were clever after constantly being attacked by star thieves.

No one revealed the appearance and model of Master Chi’s starship. Some people guessed that Chi Jun was in the asteroid belt at this time but no one actually knew the starship. In addition, the face of the empire’s number one beast imprinter, Chi Jun hadn’t been revealed yet.

At noon, a striking lion shaped starship appeared in the low earth orbit of the central planet. It showed the license of a private starship and requested to enter the terminal. However, the moment the lion starship landed at the terminal, it was surrounded by Royal guards who demanded a full search of the starship.

Gu Yanzheng had just watched the prince’s distress video. Now he saw the Royal Guards and his mouth curved mockingly. He reached for the little lion and stepped out of the starship without any disguise over his face.

The Royal Guards who intercepted the starship felt foolish. They were stunned by the tall man coming out of the starship. This cold man wasn’t wearing a military weapon or carrying any weapons. He was dressed casually and holding a soft animal in one hand.

Yet no one could misidentify him. The commander of the Third Army who fought against the Zerg swarm alone was someone the entire empire recognized, not to mention the Royal Guards who were also soldiers.

They wanted to ask, who would dare to search Major General Yan’s starship? Who would dare to block a man with this status?

Therefore, the Royal Guards gathered around the lion starship retreated and gave a military salute. They immediately informed their commander that the leader of the Third Army, Major General Yan had personally come to the central planet.

After the Royal Guards backed off, a young man holding a video board and muttering something walked out of the starship. Little lion Chi was holding onto Bonsai Gu with one paw while the other paw was holding his head as he watched the young man slowly following them. “Little Lingqi has become an Internet addict…”

Originally, he said the name he had been called for a long time was 0007. The little lion immediately waved his paws and decided on the name Lingqi! Chi Lingqi, Gu Lingqi or perhaps Yan Lingqi, it could be chosen casually. In the end, the lion seedling chose Chi Lingqi.

Gu Yanzheng looked back. The child was watching carefully with his head lowered and he didn’t even blink. However, the video board in the child’s hands wasn’t playing any game. It was a few knowledge courses that Gu Yanzheng chose for Lingqi.

Meanwhile, Old Iron watching for the appearance of the lion starship disappeared from the auxiliary robots and rushed toward his two masters. Old Iron hadn’t neared and was still far away when he discovered…

Something was wrong! Old Iron’s sophisticated mechanical eyes looked at the person behind his two masters. Tall, white face and clear and lovely eyes. According to human aesthetics, he was a very good-looking teenager.

Old Iron’s data suddenly fluctuated and collapsed. For a time, his data stream scattered and caused the busy auxiliary robots nearby to shut down. Old Iron’s data was very hurt. He was late, the spot of the fifth person had been taken…

He had only been separated from his two masters for a few days but a fierce enemy emerged! This fierce enemy was incomparable to the little prince he met before. Old Iron quietly greeted his two masters and retracted his scattered stream of data. He silently removed the data chain of being the fifth person.

He was an honest and conscientious butler…

The dutiful Old Iron silently guided his two masters and the fifth unknown person through the buildings being repaired on the central planet, stopping at a house he had chosen long ago. Gu Yanzheng entered the house with his lion and turned to look at Old Iron. “Lingqi’s studies will be handed over to you. In the future, you will take care of him.”

Old Iron was dazed. Lingqi? Who?

The little lion stretched out a paw and pointed to the child watching the video board. “The little lion seedling.”

Old Iron, “……”

This amount of information was a bit large, causing his data to slow down. However, deep in his data, Old Iron restored the data chain of the fifth person he had just attempted to delete!

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