SBIP: Chapter 45

For Gu Yanzheng and Chi Jun, Old Iron’s message was just a piece of news.

Due to what the little lion clone had experienced, both of them felt little affection for the imperial royal family. In addition, the rescue of the little prince captured by the star thieves was naturally a matter for the Royal Guards.

They would continue to search for the remaining banned genetic drugs used by the royal family on the clones. Therefore, the two of them stayed on the XX Resource Star for half a day.

Early the next morning, they didn’t say goodbye to Shen Cong and the lion-shaped starship directly left. Shen Cong wasn’t on duty today. He might’ve been psychologically prepared but there was still a sense of loss when he saw the big lion starship leaving. It was because he didn’t know when he would meet Master Chi and Major General Yan again.

Shen Cong took a deep breath as he stood there watching the big lion starship with a serious expression, his hand raised in a standard military salute. He was in the downtown area and such a move naturally attracted the attention of many people. He was well-known in the public for his previous smashing of the star thieves.

The people subconsciously looked up at the distant sky along with them. Everyone was curious about and respected the big lion starship but they didn’t dare to approach and disturb it. The lion starship left their resource star terminal with no obstructions and flew towards the outer star.

For a time, the people of XX Resource Star stood still and watched the powerful beast imprinter of the empire leave. They weren’t alarmed by the departure of Master Chi. Master Chi had strengthened the law enforcement team, making them able to fight the star thieves. They would always remember Master Chi who helped them clean up the star route.

At this time, the emperor’s palace.

The emperor looked at the Royal Guard’s emergency report and nearly threw the video board in his hand. He knew exactly what the situation of the asteroid belt was like. After all, the Royal Guards stationed in the asteroid belt were under the direct control of the imperial family, although the military department had provided military spending over the years.

However, when doing cloning experiments, it cost a lot to buy all the illegal genetic drugs as well as the equipment and various personnel. Putting aside the royal dignity and bearing, the royal family couldn’t afford all of this.

Therefore, part of the military expenditure was misappropriated by him.

Still, the Royal Guards’ combat power couldn’t be reduced so most of the military budget was deducted from the law enforcement team maintaining the safety of the route. That’s why over the past 10 years, the weapons configuration of the law enforcement team couldn’t keep up, leading to the star thieves running rampant.

In the beginning, his son had been determined to go to the asteroid belt to grab Yanzheng and use Yanzheng’s power to find out Chi Jun’s whereabouts. The emperor had worried about his safety and opposed it.

Nevertheless, the emperor was well aware of how much he could gain with Yanzheng and Chi Jun’s power. In the past few years, if he hadn’t cut the Royal Guards’ military spending then it wouldn’t be difficult to deal with some star thieves, let alone allow the star thieves to be brave enough to capture the heir to the imperial throne.

He had let his son go. Now the star thieves had kidnapped the empire’s noble prince! The emperor was so angry that he almost coughed up blood.

After calming down, the emperor gave several orders in succession.

The first one was to the military department, asking for military assistance in rescuing the prince from the star thieves.

The second was to the Royal Guards, telling them to arrest all law enforcement officers in the asteroid belt to hold them accountable for disobeying orders when the asteroid belt’s central planet was attacked by the star thieves.

The third order was given to the royal spokesman, telling the royal spokesman to publish an article on the website naming Yanzheng as the future emperor’s first husband.

The military department received the order and naturally cooperated. They immediately mobilized the soldiers of the Second Army to the rescue since they were closest to the asteroid belt.

The Royal Guards received the order and rushed to carry it out since they found someone else to shift the blame to.

The royal spokesman received the order from the emperor but didn’t carry it out immediately. After, this was the marriage of the royal heir and needed rigorous checks. During the preparation of the article, the military department received the news. For a moment, the general staff of the military department were furious.

‘Your little prince is tied up so you want to take our child’s fiance to deter the star thieves? Why didn’t you act when the asteroid belt was such a mess? If Yanzheng became the imperial prince’s first husband, what would Little Chi do?’

The big staff members of the military department laughed. They were very glad that Yanzheng had asked for approval of his military marriage application. There was nothing more persuasive than the military marriage application submitted by Yanzheng.

Therefore, military news that didn’t seem very eye-catching appeared on the Star Network. The contents were very simple. A few words summed up the upcoming marriage of the Third Army’s Major General Yan and attached his marriage application. It was modest but it still made the Star Network focus on it.

“My powerful male god, Major General Yan is getting married. In addition, the marriage partner is young… hahahah, it isn’t happening!”

“Wasn’t there a rumour that Major General Yan might be the prince’s first husband?”

“Then Major General Yan is clearly telling others that he doesn’t want to be an imperial husband?”

“My god, haven’t you found it yet? Major General Yan and Chi Jun? Is it that Chi Jun?”

“How can it be Master Chi? Don’t you see his age? 18 years old, Major General Yan’s marriage partner is 18 years old. How can Master Beast Imprinter Chi be only 18? It is just the same name!”

“There are so many people called Chi Jun lately!”

“Ah, I hope Major General Yan and Master Chi respond to this matter. Maybe Master Chi is a teenage genius?”

“You are dreaming…”

The Star Network’s focus on Major General Yan was already enormous. Now the marriage information made countless people gossip about him.

This meant that when the royal spokesman hurriedly drew up an article and was ready to make a public announcement, he found that things had gone in a completely different direction. The news of Major General Yan’s was almost universally known. This was the emperor’s command but nothing could be sent out. Thus, the royal spokesman urgently contacted the emperor.

…Another person grabbing the imperial prince’s husband, the royal family probably couldn’t afford this shame.

The emperor stared at the news sent by the military department. Then grabbing Yanzheng to achieve the goal of royal centralization was a failure? If there wasn’t Major General Yan to deter the star thieves, how could his only son survive?

The emperor couldn’t breathe and directly fainted.


At this point, the big lion starship.

Once Gu Yanzheng set the destination of the starship, he took out the little lion seedling sleeping in a corner of the flower pot while holding his own little lion who hadn’t changed back with one hand.

The awakened little lion seedling yawned lazily and looked up at his tree father and lion father. The listless leaves expressed the meaning… too sleepy.

Gu Yanzheng reached out and placed the little lion seedling on the table. Lion Chi pawed at Gu Yanzheng’s arm, glanced at the little lion seedling inside the flower pot and then glanced at his big ginkgo. “Are you sure you shouldn’t plant him.”

Gu Yanzheng had just told him that the little lion seedling could grow up. Gu Yanzheng pinched the lion’s moderately hard claws and said, “His soul has already been nourished. Now being confined to such a small ginkgo seedling won’t be conducive for his growth.”

Lion Chi looked at the little lion seedling thoughtfully. No wonder why the seedling had been constantly sleeping these days. The little lion seedling clung to the edge of the flower pot and blinked large green eyes as he stared blankly at his two fathers.

The little lion came down from Gu Yanzheng’s arm and crouched in front of the flower pot. He reached out his paws to pat the little lion’s small head. “Be good. Don’t be polite and eat well.”

The little lion seedling’s eyes were even more bewildered. What?

At this time, Gu Yanzheng spread open his hands and the power of his wood ability constantly gathered, forming a dense green cloud. The little lion seedling’s spirit woke up. He hurriedly stood up and almost fell off the edge of the flower pot, his ginkgo leaf tail waving as he stared at his tree father’s hands in a salivating manner. This was more comfortable than the shining sun!

Seeing the little lion seedling half-out of the flower pot, mouth drooling but not absorbing the power of the wood system made Chi Jun pat the flower pot. “Eat it quickly!”

The little lion seedling cocked his head, the small ginkgo leaves following his movements. Then his small paws turned into roots that arched into the flower pot and firmly grasped the soil of the flower pot.

The big gingko father, “…”

Little lion Chi, “…”

This was pitiful. It was to eat the wood ability, not the soil.

Lion Chi pushed the almost solid wood ability in Gu Yanzheng’s hands in front of the little lion seedling. The little lion seedling raised his head to look at his lion father and then his tree father. Then under the eyes of his two fathers, he pounced on the solid wood ability.

Little Lion Chi crouched there and watched. The little lion seedling ate the green and translucent wood ability like he was eating cotton candy. Somehow, Lion Chi’s curiosity was aroused. He really didn’t know what the wood ability would taste like.

He turned his head and looked at the palm of his big ginkgo. Gu Yanzheng understood and held out his hand, creating a piece of solid wood ability and handing it over. Lion Chi raised his paws to Gu Yanzheng’s wrist and bowed his head to grab the power.

The smell of grass… it was light, like the tip of the grass after early morning rain.

Gu Yanzheng reached out to scratch the furry chin. The little lion let Gu Yanzheng scratch his head, paws still holding onto this person’s wrist as he turned to watch the lion seedling. The dense ginkgo leaves were in front of him. After swallowing the wood power, the little lion seedling started growing like the plants in the imperial palace.

Gu Yanzheng fished up the little lion and took a step back.

On the table, the little lion seedling didn’t forget to hold the flower pot he had been sleeping in for a long time. The ginkgo tail continuously received strength and branches kept stretching out as his entire body constantly became bigger.

The branches spread out through the roof of the cabin and continued to stretch. The little lion raised his paws, adjusted the shape of the lion starship and made the roof of the cabin high. It was fortunate that the starship’s volume was large enough. From the outside, it looked like there was a small bag on its back.

Once all the wood ability had finished being eaten, the little lion seedling stopped growing. The green eyes blinked as he tried to transform like his tree father.

Gu Yanzheng’s calm hands covered his partner’s eyes. However, Gu Yanzheng’s hand was slightly larger and little lion Chi’s face was slightly smaller. This meant the hand almost blocked the lion’s entire face.

The trapped Lion Chi, “……”

His paws grabbed onto Gu Yanzheng’s wrist and his mouth opened, sharp teeth biting the palm of this human hand. Then a pair of metal glasses appeared in thin air. They precisely landed on Gu Yanzheng’s nose and also blocked Gu Yanzheng’s line of sight.

Thus, the transformation of the little lion seedling finished without any witnesses.

Two minutes later, a young voice was heard. “Lion father, Tree father.”

The little lion heard the sound and immediately pulled down Gu Yanzheng’s palm to look at his cheap son. A tall child was standing at the table. He had a small and delicate white face, a straight nose and green eyes that were as clear as jade, clearly showing kindness and love. Except for…

The child was still holding the flower pot in his hand and wore cloves woven from green leaves in the ancient style.

The little lion opened his paws and blurted out, “Come over here for a hug.”

Gu Yanzheng looked down at his little lion. “Are you sure you don’t want the child to hold you?”

The little lion gazed at the tall child, silently retracted his paws, turned and bit at Gu Yanzheng’s collar. Gu Yanzheng’s mouth curved as he held his family’s lion in one hand and stroked the fur of his back with the other hand.

The child looked at the scene and inexplicably felt like something was spilling out of his heart. This feeling prompted him to drop the flower pot and walk forward. He opened his arms and threw himself at his tree father holding his lion father, shouting, “Dad Dad…”

The little lion released his mouth and turned back. He looked down at the child’s head and patted it with his paws. The child was touched on the head and his eyes curved in a little moon.

Gu Yanzheng, “……”

What was the feeling of having two kids?

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