SBIP: Chapter 44

The moment that Chi Jun felt guilt, dull and sad emotions uncontrollably swelled up. Guilt and sadness weren’t enough to describe Chi Jun’s mood at this time. This guilt accompanied the pain in the depths of Gu Yanzheng’s eyes but there was also some hidden pain.

Fortunately, at this time, Gu Yanzheng’s actions were relatively fast. He quickly grabbed Chi Jun’s shoulders, gingko branches holding up the clothes while his tall body blocked most of Chi Jun’s body.

At the same time, Gu Yanzheng coldly ordered Shen Cong standing in front of them, “Pile that up.”

He wasn’t fond of these energy-rich high-grade alloy cards but…

His lion liked them. He couldn’t just throw them out.

Shen Cong was at a loss. Pile it? Pile it where? The starship’s door? Still, seeing the tall imperial fighting god taking the great Master Chi away, Shen Cong grabbed his hair and looked back at the law enforcement team members.

“Well, don’t just stare. Why is your chin so low? Do you see the commander of the Third Army as a joke?”

The law enforcement members finally retracted their eyes from the two men who disappeared and stared angrily at their captain. Who was to blame?

Shen Cong chuckled. He almost lay on the ground at that time. How could he let these kids get off cheap? Naturally, he had to let these younger brothers also feel humiliation. Shen Cong cleared his throat and pointed near the door. “Pile all the alloy cards over there.”

He didn’t know why Major General Yan showed such a casual attitude to these expensive alloy cards but since Master Chi didn’t refuse them, Shen Cong sighed with relief. Once all the alloy cards were moved from the suspension trolley and neatly arranged at the starship’s door, Shen Cong didn’t dare go in to report in case he disturbed the harmony of the two people inside. The combination of the two men was great.

Thus, Shen Cong directly sent a message to Chi Jun’s quantum message. Then Shen Cong manually closed the door of the lion starship and left with his men.


At this time, on a star slightly distant from the XX Resource Star, the little emperor Su Chimo’s face was blue, black and purple and his intestines green with regret.

Half an hour ago, a hole was finally blown in the central planet’s defense shield. Countless mechanical beasts belonging to the star thieves entered through this hole.

This time, the star thieves didn’t plunder the most prosperous central planet of the asteroid belt. They went straight to the Royal Guards’ station. The star thieves, who had been secretly checking the news for a long time, controlled the mechanical beasts and rushed straight to the little prince’s hiding place.

The Royal Guards couldn’t resist the fierce attacks of the mechanical beasts and retreated. There wasn’t much resistance and the star thieves attacked the place, blowing up the gates of the Royal Guards’ residence. Then the mechanical beasts aimed at the little prince, who was being escorted by the standard mechanical beasts of the imperial bodyguards.

The panicked little prince hurriedly activated his own mechanical beast. The prince’s beast card had been imprinted by more than a dozen beast imprinters. The top beast cards of the military’s front-line soldiers weren’t a match.

For a time, dozens of bright silver mechanical pythons emerged, showing a sense of existence. It had nothing to do with the simplified body pattern. The prince’s beast card used an excellent quality high-grade blank alloy card. Therefore, it could carry enough beast patterns with multiple overlapping points. The body beast pattern was also normal.

However, the leader of the star thieves stood up and counterattacked the dozens of silver pythons. The truth could only be revealed in times of crisis! The person protected by so many Royal Guards and mechanical beasts must be their target!

As a result, the leaders of several groups of star thieves immediately gave an order. Grab this person who controlled a dozen pythons!

The mechanical beasts of the star thieves started to focus on these pythons. The A-grade mental power of the little prince wasn’t enough to control such a high level beast card, not to mention the many mechanical beast copies that had appeared.

In just a few minutes, the little prince couldn’t bear it anymore and the mechanical beasts started to integrate back with him. There was soon only one python mechanical beast left and it was suppressed to death by a group of mechanical beasts.

The prince suffered a mental shock and he was completely fainted out of fright. Once he woke up, he was locked in the starship’s water prison with numerous ion guns aimed at him. At first, the prince thought the star thieves kidnapped him to obtain a ransom from the empire.

He didn’t expect that the first words asked by the star thieves were actually, “What’s your name?”

The little prince gritted his teeth. The star thieves used so much effort to capture him but they didn’t know who he was? Then he was caught by mistake? Weren’t these star thieves on the Star Network? Shouldn’t they know the heir to the imperial royal family?

The little prince was angry but there was no time to respond. Electricity passed through the water and directly struck the prince non-stop. It was like his body was being pierced by thousands of needles.

The leaders of the star thieves had discussed what to do after capturing this person. After exchanging opinions, the leaders had agreed. If they wanted ‘Chi Jun’ to obediently serve them, they had to use violence before diplomacy. It was good to scare people into things.

Thus, the little prince was electrocuted several times. His mouth was shaking so much he couldn’t speak and the blood had drained from his face, making it colourless. He wished he had never gone to the asteroid belt.

The prince resented even more that the security of the asteroid belt was so poor! Why didn’t the law enforcement team come in time to protect him?

He was completely unaware that it was because the Royal Guards had been inactive in order to preserve their strength. They had maintained a mutual understanding and coexistence with the star thieves, allowing the star thieves to run rampant in the asteroid belt for many years. The imperial royal family naturally wasn’t concerned about this.

It was only after the prince was captured and the star thieves retreated that the commander of the Royal Guards reported to the emperor about the capture of the prince. The emperor wept and complained about the law enforcement teams.

At the same time, a camouflaged auxiliary robot quietly sent his two masters a voice message.


At this point, inside the lion starship in a place that Shen Cong couldn’t see.

The little lion lay in Gu Yanzheng’s arms and his eyes were on the ginkgo man Gu Yanzheng had made. The moment Gu Yanzheng turned him away, Chi Jun had been fished out of his clothes while the ginkgo branches filled his clothing and hat, perfectly concealing his process of becoming a little lion. It was also thanks to everyone staring at his big ginkgo that this transformation wasn’t noticed.

The little lion raised his head and stared at his big ginkgo, raising his paws and patting Gu Yanzheng’s arm in comfort. The amber beast eyes were wet and very capable of expressing emotions.

Gu Yanzheng sucked in a breath, withdraw the ginkgo branches pretending to be Chi Jun and his clothes fell to the ground with a slight noise. Gu Yanzheng held his soft little lion and spoke in a low and hoarse voice, “Don’t cry.”

The little lion blinked his watery beast eyes and watched his big ginkgo’s gentle and profound mood. Then he pounced on Gu Yanzheng’s shoulders. The little lion stepped on the man’s eyes and clung to his collar while shedding tears.

At this moment, he felt resentment towards his energy core. What was this thing?! Always wanting to blow itself up!

The little lion covered his eyes with his paws and said, “You can just take out my energy core.”

Gu Yanzheng stroked his hand down the furry back. He had thought of this idea…

However, the removal of the energy core meant Chi Jun would become an ordinary person. His family’s lion had an unbridled nature. How could he bear it? Besides, there was one last chance.

Lion Chi didn’t get a response from his family’s big ginkgo and his lion paws wiped the wet fur of his face. He straightened, head touching Gu Yanzheng’s forehead and he rubbed his face against the big ginkgo. “In any case, I have you by my side.”

Gu Yanzheng kneaded the little lion’s soft ears and he rubbed his forehead against the little lion. “Don’t think about it and wait a few more days.”

The little lion thought Gu Yanzheng was talking about going to the central planet of the asteroid belt to find the illegal genetic drugs. He stretched out a paw to hold Gu Yanzheng’s head and nodded. “Yes.”

At this time, Shen Cong finished stacking with the law enforcement team and sent the message to Chi Jun’s quantum computer. Therefore, the man and the lion turned to the cabin door of the starship. Before going, Gu Yanzheng tied up his lion’s energy core in order to not allow the slightest possibility of blowing up.

The two people looked at the neatly stacked high-grade alloy cards.

Gu Yanzheng, “……”

These high-grade alloy cards were estimated to be several years worth of reserve stock on the asteroid belt.

The little lion raised a paw to touch his nose, the formidable energy making his two eyes shine. Even if he didn’t use them to imprint beast patterns, he could easily throw them out and blow up a fleet of starships.

Gu Yanzheng looked down at his family’s little lion and raised his hand. A large number of ginkgo branches firmly bundled up these alloy cards and carried them into the starship. He was packing up these alloy cards when Gu Yanzheng’s quantum computer suddenly flashed.

A message containing Old Iron’s highest authority was delivered. Gu Yanzheng held the little lion on his shoulder and opened the message. The voice message sent by Old Iron jumped out.

After Old Iron was upgraded, his voice didn’t have a mechanical sense of violation. It was difficult to tell if he was a human or a machine. This meant there was disguised fear and tension in the message full of emotions. There was also a sense of inexplicable joy. The two people could understand this feeling of joy.

The little lion’s paws were soft and his ears pricked as he froze in a stunned manner. Then he fell down from Gu Yanzheng’s shoulder, lying flat on his back as he laughed. The lingering depressed mood completely disappeared.

The big ginkgo raised the little lion to his chest and stared fixedly…

Old Iron’s voice message was played again. The little lion smiled and rubbed his face with his paws. There was a sense of rejoicing in other people’s misfortune because Old Iron said, “Master Major General! Master Lion! It isn’t good, his royal highness has been captured by star thieves!”

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2 months ago

Old Iron, dont say its ‘not good’ while sounding so happy! XD