SBIP: Chapter 43

In fact, the star thieves were also on the Internet…

The first two times, the large and small groups of star thieves didn’t get enough news. Therefore, the live broadcast of the seventh ranked Ghost Star Thieves’ destruction suddenly gave the star thieves a lot of news.

Even if the people of the asteroid belt didn’t say anything, the star thieves could still make a guess. The best beast imprinter of the empire who developed two super patents, Chi Jun. This person was in the asteroid belt!

It was shocking and joyful news.

The strength of Chi Jun’s beast patents had been fully displayed during the live broadcast! It was enough to drive the star thieves crazy! Grasping this Chi Jun was like grasping the lifeblood of the entire empire. They would never need to worry again as long as they got the secrets of the two patents from Chi Jun.

At that time, the reinforcements sent by the empire wouldn’t be able to resist them. The asteroid belt would be the world of the star thieves and they could even roam the entire empire! This was definitely a once in a century or even a millennium opportunity!

The star thieves were mostly outlaws and the existence of Chi Jun enticed them to take risks.

As for Chi Jun’s location…

The star thieves targeted the centre of the asteroid belt. Chi Jun was on XX Resource Star with no escort and only a lion-shaped starship. Chi Jun was a national treasure protected by the empire’s forces. How could he be alone? In addition, no one else used the enhanced beast cards. Only the law enforcement team of XX Resource Star used these beast cards. It was like telling everyone that Chi Jun was on XX Resource Star.

Wasn’t this a trap?

Meanwhile, the enhanced beast cards hadn’t appeared on the central planet surrounded by Royal Guards. It was too suspicious.

As a result, the star thieves of the asteroid belt united like never before. In just half a day, the star thieves roaming other routes disappeared. They were no longer interested in the commercial ships. The central planet was their common goal.

Once Shen Cong figured out that the battlefield was broadcasted live, his entire body trembled. He stood outside Chi Jun’s starship and wished he could hide the entire starship. He requested to enter but the lion starship didn’t allow him in.

Shen Cong was ashen-faced. If the star thieves really captured Chi Jun…

Just as Shen Cong was about to die from his doubts, the hatch of the lion starship finally opened. Young Master Chi appeared in a hat. Shen Cong stared at Chi Jun’s bulging hat for a few seconds. This was a bit strange.

Then he said, “Master, let our law enforcement team escort you back to the Capital Star. Or I can contact the military department and have them send…”

He couldn’t finish the second half of his sentence because he saw the person who came out behind Chi Jun. The tall and expressionless Major General Yan stared coldly, making Shen Cong feel cool.

Shen Cong stood upright, his eyeballs popping out. He must be seeing an illusion! His male god had appeared before him! Shen Cong’s knees were soft and he almost went down on one knee.

Chi Jun held the brim of his hat and watched Shen Cong. “Is there something?”

Shen Cong had lost his mind. His head moved from Gu Yanzheng’s face to Chi Jun’s face, staring at Chi Jun in a daze.

Chi Jun, “……”

He asked again.

Shen Cong shook his head. He guessed that their law enforcement team escort wasn’t needed. The military department didn’t even have to send troops to pick up this person.

Chi Jun told him, “My starship has been repaired and we’re leaving early tomorrow morning. If there are any beast cards to repair then please bring them this afternoon.”

Shen Cong heard this and was shocked. His senses immediately returned and he asked hurriedly, “You are leaving?”

Chi Jun nodded. Shen Cong wanted to talk about safety issues but then he glanced at the people standing behind Chi Jun. He couldn’t say anything about safety in front of Major General Yan unless he was ill.

Shen Cong straightened his expression and said, “We have many beast cards. I will send them over. Please wait a moment.”

Chi Jun nodded and didn’t feel that Shen Cong wanted too much. His interest in beast cards was high, not to mention the cards he repaired were used to resist the star thieves. It was beneficial to the people and himself.

Shen Cong said goodbye before turning to run. However, his head was excited by seeing his male god and his footsteps were super messy. He just ran out a few steps before falling to the ground.

Chi Jun, “……”

He silently looked back at the man behind him. Shen Cong couldn’t be overwhelmed by his hat. Then it must be that his family’s big ginkgo was recognized without the facial disguise.

Gu Yanzheng reached out to touch the lion ears beneath the hat that hadn’t disappeared. He was so excited by his lion’s eyes that he couldn’t help kissing the lion for a while…

By the way, he kissed his lion to the point where the lion’s suspicion was thrown somewhere unknown. Chi Jun looked at the many cargo ships that were present in the terminal. He also read the online news.

After Shen Cong’s victory with the seventh law enforcement team, it was estimated that there would be no star thieves attack in a short amount of time. Before he left, he had to stock up on some blank alloy cards.


At the same time, the Royal Guards on the central planet of the asteroid belt were a mess.

Who could tell them why the star thieves, who they had a certain tacit understanding and had lived together peacefully for several years, suddenly attacked the central planet? Even if they closed off the airspace of the planet or infiltrated the planet, how could they attack the protected residence of the little prince?

Although the Royal Guards hadn’t clashed with the star thieves in years, they had always maintained their strength. Yet compared to the ferocious star thieves, the morale of the Royal Guards couldn’t be sustained at all. Look at the ion cannons that were constantly bombarding the planet’s defense shield.

The Royal Guards hurried to ask the nearby law enforcement team to come and help. However, the law enforcement team stated that their old warships were really old. The Royal Guards had to hold on until the law enforcement team arrived.

At this time, the little prince watched the station of the Royal Guards being destroyed after two blasts and fireworks emerging from time to time at the planet’s defense shield and regretted it until his intestines were blue.

The power of their Royal Guards was simply a straw bag! Why did he hastily run to the asteroid belt? Don’t talk about obtaining Yanzheng, it was unknown if the little prince could survive to return to the Capital Star…

On the other side, Chi Jun hadn’t gone out to buy the blank alloy cards yet when Shen Cong returned. He wasn’t alone and was followed by many law enforcement members. Everyone was holding two tall suspension trolleys.

Chi Jun came out of the starship and blinked. These were all damaged beast cards? However, he could slowly figure out the beast card matter. Why were these people looking at him like this?

At this time, Gu Yanzheng raised a hand to Chi Jun’s shoulder and showed a strong presence. Thus, after Shen Cong, the group of law enforcement members stumbled. If it wasn’t for the fact that they were holding the trolleys, they would’ve fallen directly on the terminal.

The two most famous people of the empire suddenly appeared in front of their eyes at the same time. No wonder why the captain’s face was strange when he returned. They wanted to hammer this dog captain’s head! If they had known earlier that their male god was here, they would’ve been psychologically prepared or changed clothes!

Then Shen Cong said, “Master Chi… Major General Yan…”

Major General Yan’s eyes looked like he was here to kill people.

Chi Jun, “……”

The adoring eyes weren’t looking at him. Why were they staring at his big ginkgo for a full two minutes? Chi Jun turned and stood in front of Gu Yanzheng. He blocked this person… well, blocked up to the nose.

Gu Yanzheng’s eyes instantly shifted from Shen Cong to his big lion in a hat. He gently looked at the part of the hat that no longer bulged and his hands rested on his big lion’s shoulders.

Shen Cong sighed. He finally wasn’t being stared at by the strict general’s cold gaze and felt much more comfortable… not! He suddenly realized another secret! Shen Cong silently looked at Major General Yan’s hands. This attitude was absolutely impossible if there wasn’t a relationship!

The rumours that Shen Cong previously heard popped into his head. If Major General Yan was tall and mighty in the hearts of those who served in the asteroid belt, there was a minor drawback of Major General Yan in their hearts. It was the rumour that Major General Yan might become the prince’s first husband or something…

They were very clear about the reason why the once calm asteroid belt had become chaotic a decade ago. Thus, they didn’t have many good things to say about the imperial family.

At this time, the atmosphere between the two people in front of them was so good that it tore down the rumours. Shen Cong felt there was no better news. The royals who sat far above didn’t deserve the major general. The pure and kind Master Chi was in harmony with Major General Yanzheng! The prince’s husband or whatever could go to hell!

Shen Cong’s mood finally stabilized and he no longer stammered his words. He said, “Master Chi, we got the bounty for wiping out the seventh ranked star thieves and used it to buy you alloy cards. It wasn’t stated but the businessmen on this planet are well aware of you, so the price is quite cheap. That’s why we bought you a bit more…”

What was a bit more…

Basically all the high-grade alloy cards on the planet were here. It even included those previously hoarded by merchants.

Chi Jun’s metal power swept over them. Then he quickly retracted it. The suspension trolleys were full of blank high-grade alloy cards. The energy contained in the rare metals was larger than when Chi Jun exploded himself at his peak.

Gu Yanzheng’s eyebrows moved slightly and his dual abilities subconsciously jumped towards this person’s energy core to bundle it up tightly.

Self-explosion addict…

Chi Jun turned to look at his big ginkgo. He saw the pain in Gu Yanzheng’s and subconsciously touched his nose with a bit of guilt. However, the movement of the energy in his core was beyond his control.

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