SBIP: Chapter 42

At first, the asteroid belt’s star thieves saw the Royal Guards deploying their troops and thought the same as the people. For a time, they thought it was dangerous and hid tightly. Then after a few days, there were no movements.

Not only weren’t they surrounded, all the guards protecting the route for a few days also withdrew to the centre of the asteroid belt. They only guarded the central planet. No other arrangements on the route were made.

Thus, all the star thieves once again became restless. This was a great opportunity! This behaviour of the Royal Guards clearly demonstrated a significant fact. The central planet must have an important person who needed full protection. Then the Royal Guards definitely had no time to care about what was happening on the star route. What’s more, the Royal Guards wouldn’t waste their strength surrounding the thieves.

A big idea once again spread through the hearts of the star thieves. Naturally, the goal was the continuously surging flow of traffic on the route near the XX Resource Star. They couldn’t help feeling sorry if they didn’t obtain such a large sum of money.

At the same time, today’s Shen Cong was also spirited. The beast cards of the hundreds of team members under him had been repaired! The combat power was returned to its peak state. No, it could be said to be several times their peak state. Therefore, he had full confidence to resist any star thieves.

Once the Royal Guards withdrew, Shen Cong led the law enforcement team and the repaired and strengthened beast cards to patrol around the route. On the first day of resumed patrols, the star thieves were still watching because of the remnants of the Royal Guards. There were no star thieves on the route and it was calm. The transport flow was unprecedented.

The next day, no star thieves were seen and the ships continued to come. After all, no one was sure how long this calm would last. It wasn’t until the third day that the warships of the star thieves suddenly emerged on the left side of the route.

It was huge. There were eight starships! On Shen Cong’s patrol route, the alarm was sounded, warning the merchant ships to avoid it. Shen Cong opened the law enforcement team’s public channel and spoke in a passionate voice. “Brothers, today let’s enlighten the brutal criminals so they don’t return!”

Uh… the words mobilized were very brief and not official. Nevertheless, the law enforcement team members were passionate and roared boldly. The star thieves were trying to bombard a merchant ship when they saw the pitiful little warship of the law enforcement team rush out to try and block their starships.

The scene made the star thieves laugh crazily. Such a small warship wanted to resist their eight combat warships? Not to mention, they still had many mechanical beasts…

At the same time, they were secretly pleased by this opportunity! Once they got rid of the law enforcement team patrolling the route, how many merchant ships could they plunder? They were the seventh highest group on the asteroid belt’s bounty list, the Ghost Star Thieves!

Their crazy laughs and snickers didn’t last long. The scene that occurred caused them to be dumbfounded. A large number of mechanical beasts suddenly appeared from the law enforcement team’s small warships. The number of mechanical beasts increased rapidly in a flash.

The hundreds of law enforcement offices controlled thousands of mechanical beasts and stormed the warships. The shocked star thieves fought back.

For a time, the combat on the route was fierce.

The law enforcement team had been suppressed for a long time. They let out a sudden outburst of power and swept like a tornado through the seventh ranked star thieves. The law enforcement team was best at group combat and the eight warships were literally demolished to pieces. The star thieves rushed to activate their beasts cards but they were besieged.

The battle was fierce and swift. Everyone on the merchant ship hadn’t yet returned after being intercepted. The people of the merchant ship hurriedly recorded the combat situation and broadcasted it live on the Star Network. As a result, the disappointed people of the asteroid belt were filled with great enthusiasm.

“My god, the law enforcement team is so strong. I love them!”

“What is this combat power? This is the rhythms of killing all the star thieves in minutes!”

“I never knew the rhino mechanical beast of the law enforcement team was so cute!”

“Thousands of mechanical beasts, how many people did the law enforcement team dispatch at one time?”

“In other words, today’s seventh law enforcement team had more than 200 people on duty.”

If there were over 200 people then the control of the mechanical beasts was a bit much.

Didn’t the standard law enforcement team’s combat cards only able to split into a maximum of four bodies? The number was suddenly doubled…

That person called Chi Jun, it seemed he hadn’t left the XX Resource Star yet. The amount of information was a bit large and the excited people of the asteroid belt suddenly calmed down.

“My god, I suddenly realized a secret but I dare not say it!”

“Don’t say it! Don’t you dare try to say it!”


At the same time, a special team in the Ministry of Military Affairs focused on obtaining intelligence about Chi Jun, were busy reporting the live broadcast of the fierce battle between the star thieves and law enforcement team to the senior members of the military department.

A large group of military officers were idle because there was no war. They were leisurely drinking tea and watching the achievements of the beast cards made by the military’s beast imprinter division after using Chi Jun’s patents. They were also discussing the future situation with the beast empire and the zergs.

This changed the moment they saw the live broadcast. Their calm collapsed as they sprayed their tea all over the ground.

The large group of staff members, “……”

What about being low-key? Chi Jun, do you want all the star thieves in the asteroid belt to know your name? The staff members were worried that Chi Jun would be kidnapped by the star thieves and immediately sent a message to Gu Yanzheng. Previously, Gu Yanzheng ignored their follow-up military order so all the staff members sent personal messages to Gu Yanzheng.

“Yanzheng, did you find the person?”

“Yanzheng, you have to do your best to protect the safety of the national treasure.”

“Yanzheng, the national treasure is 18 years old and he might have an aggressive personality. You must follow him closely!”

The condition of the contract might they couldn’t restrict Chi Jun’s actions but they could follow him.

There was no other way for the staff members. Thus, Gu Yanzheng’s quantum computer was filled with messages from the military department. Gu Yanzheng looked at the man who had repaired more than 200 beast cards in one breath and spent several days immersed in the beast patterns.

His lips slightly curved as he selected one message to reply to. “I want to ask, is my application approved?”

The staff member, “………”

A life was at stake but he was still thinking of the military marriage application? No approval! Who would give approval? The staff member passed on the news to the other officers.

Two minutes later…

The application for a military marriage was personally approved by the big leader and this was returned to Gu Yanzheng’s quantum computer. It was just that additional conditions were added to the application.

The application was on the premise that Chi Jun voluntarily established a marriage relationship with Yanzheng. Gu Yanzheng raised an eyebrow and put away the military marriage application. Then he was in a good mood as he sent a photo to a staff officer.

In this photo, Chi Jun was sitting on the couch and intently repairing the beast cards. The 18 year old teenager looked particularly well-behaved in the eyes of the staff members. There were no signs at all of the wild actions he committed since entering the asteroid belt. However, the background seemed to be…

The bedroom? That bed seemed like… Two pillows?

The hundreds of staff members, “……”

Yanzheng, his bast*rd, he really acted against the young onion in his teens? Where was the knife?

These days, Chi Jun was focused on repairing the beast cards. The patterns of the rhino beast cards were basically the same. There might be some difference in the interference patterns but the impact wasn’t too great. The damage of these beast cards was relatively serious.

The high grade alloy cards purchased by Chi Jun still had some remaining but the intermediate alloy cards were almost all consumed.

Chi Jun pondered on his experience of repairing the beast cards and considered buying more intermediate grade blank alloy cards. Then he turned to see his big ginkgo staring at him with an extremely deep gaze.

Chi Jun suddenly stood up and stretched lazily. Then he turned and pounced on his big ginkgo. “Yan Zhengzheng, I’ve finally finished. I can accompany you to do whatever you like.”

Gu Yanzheng held his big lion’s waist and buried his head in this teenager’s shoulder. He took a deep breath and held his lion baby more tightly.

…He couldn’t do the thing he wanted to do most.

Chi Jun shrank his neck, his chin resting on the other person’s shoulder. He patted Gu Yanzheng’s back and comforted this person. He had been focused for two days and his big ginkgo might’ve felt left out.

However, that wasn’t the case. Gu Yanzheng didn’t feel bored even when watching his lion imprint the beast cards all day. This was regardless of whether it was the soft lion focusing or the human Chi Jun. He rubbed his hand over Chi Jun’s rough hair and said, “Do you want to go to school?”

Chi Jun, “……”

How did this topic come out?! He couldn’t control himself from shifting between his big lion, little lion and human form… Go to school, he was afraid he would scare the children!

Chi Jun raised his head and inexplicably looked at Gu Yanzheng.

Gu Yanzheng said, “If you have more beast patterns then the efficiency could be improved tenfold.”

Chi Jun, “……”

He knew that Gu Yanzheng was referring to the time he spent repairing his first beast card. But…

He worked hard for a few days to repair 200 beast cards. Shouldn’t he be praised? Did he want to hit people like this?

Gu Yanzheng’s chin rubbed against the other person’s hair and continued, “The largest beast imprinting university is on the capital star but the asteroid belt has the best beast imprinting school.”

Chi Jun understood this. After all, the quality of the blank alloy card made by the boss of a random alloy store card was much better than the capital. The asteroid belt might be dangerous but the businessmen thought it was worth it due to the rare metals, the high quality alloy cards and the beast imprinting school.

Chi Jun’s heartbeat increased. But…

Chi Jun pulled his collar. “Yan Zhengzheng, look at me.”

Gu Yanzheng looked down into Chi Jun’s eyes and spoke calmly, “Old Iron has obtained the full record of the cloning experiences and all the genetic drugs have been clearly listed. Most of the banned drugs are located on the asteroid belt’s central planet.”

Chi Jun held his collar and continued to stare at Gu Yanzheng suspiciously.

Gu Yanzheng, “……”

He can deal with anyone without changing his face. Was he so partial to his lion baby’s eyes that he was bad at disguising himself?

During the days when his lion had been busy repairing the beast card, he analyzed all the illegal genetic drugs that he collected from this resource star. Even so, he didn’t find a reason for Chi Jun’s instability. His family’s lion didn’t seem to care too much about repeatedly turning into a lion.

However, Gu Yanzheng didn’t give up easily. He absolutely couldn’t ignore the situation of his family’s lion baby. He might be able to lock Chi Jun’s energy core but this situation could blow up at any time. It was Gu Yanzheng’s deep pain so he couldn’t tolerate this risk.

If all the banned genetic drugs were analyzed and no treatment found then he only had one last hope. Therefore, before taking his lion baby out on this long journey, some things had to be dealt with first.

Old Iron had collected enough evidence and the small ginkgo seedling could directly grow up…

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