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SBIP: Chapter 41

The little lion in the weightlessness state played for a while. He didn’t wait for Shen Cong to come back to find them and let Bonsai Gu drive the small aircraft directly to their own starship. There was no way. Gu Yanzheng wasn’t here and his lion state couldn’t be seen by others…

The man on the starship repairing the control panel hadn’t left yet. Lion Chi directly opened a hole in the underside of the starship with his metal ability and entered the small aircraft. Then he plugged in the hole.

Then with his family ‘s bonsai on his head, Lion Chi avoided all the starship maintenance people, rushed to his room and pounced on the soft quilt. The little lion lay on the quilt and stared at his paws. His agitated mood was gone but he still couldn’t change into a person. He didn’t know how long this uncontrolled state would last.

At this time, Gu Yanzheng on the other side of the resource star was reminded of something. He was afraid that his little lion might become confused and cry…

Thus, Bonsai Gu stretched out his branches and used his wood ability to roll a box of desserts over. Hearing the movements, the little lion’s line of sight moved from his paws to the dessert box held by the bonsai.

Lion Chi turned over, his head against the guilt as he waved his paws and refused. “I don’t want dessert. I ate so much that day that I’m a bit tired of it. I want to drink beer.”

Bonsai Gu, “……”

His Chi baby was now a small lion and wasn’t much bigger than a cat. This little lion wanted to drink beer…

Lion Chi stared at the still bonsai and slammed his paws against the quilt. His beast eyes widened. “You and I were born at the same time!”

This was rounded up to the nearest integer.

Bonsai Gu, “……”

However, it wasn’t true. It wasn’t true even in their past life. It was because their birthday was on the same day but he was a year older than Chi Jun. Once upon a time, there was a small boy called Junjun who chased behind his ass and called him Brother for many years.

In the end, Brother Gu brought in two bottles of beer that tasted similar to wine. In the last world, this thing was too scarce and no one had the opportunity to drink it. Now his family’s lion wanted to drink. Bonsai Gu also brought over a lot of Chi Jun’s packaged food along with the wine.

The little lion moved from the bed to the table. He crouched in his seat as his paws held the bottle and touched it against the bottle in front of the bonsai. The transparent bottles made of special material made a clear noise.

Then the little lion picked up a bottle and took a sip. Bubbles burst in his mouth and the taste was excellent. Once the bubbles were gone, Lion Chi opened his mouth. “Awu!”

This was a completely different atmosphere than the last time when the big ginkgo couldn’t speak or give a reaction. No, a cry wasn’t enough to express his happy mood at this time. It was just that he didn’t see any change in the bottle in front of Bonsai Gu.

Lion Chi squinted and pressed his paws against the table. He turned to look at the bonsai and demanded, “It’s your turn.”

Gu Yanzheng, who was on the way back, laughed. The bonsai’s roots moved slightly and half of the liquid in the bottle was gone in a flash. The bonsai’s ginkgo leaves didn’t change at all. Lion Chu held the bottle and stared at the bonsai’s almost empty bottle.

Drinking like this was soulless…

The little lion didn’t try to persuade him. He ate something while from time to time, touching his bottle against the bonsai’s bottle. Therefore, once Gu Yanzheng came back, the little lion crouching on the seat was a bit confused. He held the bottle in his paws and stared at Gu Yanzheng, speaking in a dull and slow voice. “Did you come back?”

Gu Yanzheng, “……”

He had clearly been here the whole time. The little lion smiled, pushed the bottle onto the table and opened his paws. It was clearly a posture to be held.

Gu Yanzheng put down the genetic drugs he bought and reached for the little lion’s paws. The little lion stepped on Gu Yanzheng’s arm and reached for the face of the man in front of him. There was something on the big ginkgo’s face! Take it off!

Gu Yanzheng raised a hand to place the lion on his shoulder while his other hand removed the disguise on his face. Lion Chi was smothered in his collar. Gu Yanzheng held his little lion, rubbing his head and using his dual abilities to appease the lion. In the end, he didn’t clear up the drunkenness but the little lion’s head wouldn’t hurt later.

This lion was drunk.

The little lion stepped on the clothes covering the human chest, stretched out his paws and stretched them again. After stepping for a long time, he slightly straightened his back, retracted his claws and bowed his head seriously.

Gu Yanzheng didn’t know what the lion was looking at and followed his line of sight to the lion’s paws. The baby lion’s paws were thick and had the same meat pads as a cat.

Gu Yanzheng reached out and pinched. The little lion’s paw pads were soft and moderately hard. They felt good. The little lion held up his paws and let Gu Yanzheng squeeze them. Then suddenly, he looked up in a shocked manner, as if something big had happened.

“Yan Zhengzheng… did I become a cat?”

Wasn’t he a big lion? His big lion’s paws were sharp and not like this! How could a big lion have soft cat paw pads?

Gu Yanzheng, “……”

Yes, his family was drunk. The little lion was still caught in his shock as he stared down at his paws. Gu Yanzheng looked at the hairy round head and the two soft ears moving. Then the staring little lion face planted, his head burying itself in his lion paws. There was now a slight snoring sound.

Gu Yanzheng laughed and tightly hugged the little lion. At the same time, he gave the lion a drink and let him sleep well.

At this time, on the law enforcement team’s warship, the team members surrounded their captain. They wanted to ask but didn’t dare ask. They stared a the captain and hated that their captain couldn’t also give them beast cards.

However, what could Shen Cong say? It was Chi Jun who gave him the beast card, the person the empire’s residents recognized as the best beast imprinter. Could he expose this person?

What would the consequences be if news that Master Chi Jun had come to the asteroid belt was leaked? He had experienced first-hand what it meant to increase the power of the combat cards by several times. The star thieves would become heated up!

Therefore, Shen Cong said nothing. He was experiencing a huge psychological pressure so he hoped that Chi Jun would hastily leave the asteroid belt, yet he also hoped that Chi Jun could bring a different weather to the asteroid belt.


There were three categories of people who generally travelled to and from the asteroid belt. One was a merchant who came to the asteroid belt to profit from the abundant rare metals. Another was a strong mercenary, either hired by the merchants or after the asteroid belt’s bounty list. The last type was like Chi Jun and Gu Yanzheng. They came to buy the illegal genetic drugs.

Meanwhile, the little prince didn’t belong to any of the three categories. His purpose in going to the asteroid belt was for the sake of Yanzheng. The emperor had refused once the little prince decided to go to the asteroid belt.

The security of the asteroid belt might be under the name of the royal family but the emperor was very clear about the situation. The asteroid belt was a chaotic mess due to various factors. How could the only heir to the throne go to such a dangerous place?

However, the little prince insisted. Not being able to use Yanzheng and losing him to an unknown teenager from a wild star made him feel unwilling. This would be the best chance to increase the imperial family’s power.

In his view, the crisis of the asteroid belt was just the star thieves running amok. He could mobilize all the royal guards to go to the asteroid belt to protect him. At the insistence of the little prince, he was given permission by the emperor and could mobilize the Royal Guards stationed in the asteroid belt.

Then the little prince directly ordered the guards of the asteroid belt to escort him there. The commander of the Royal Guards received the little prince’s command. He was at a loss and immediately responded to the little prince.

He claimed that the asteroid belt was a mess and he needed time to prepare. The little prince Su Chimo might be very anxious but he was still concerned about his safety. Just wait slowly.

Thus, it was unknown where they came from but countless warships with the logo of the Royal Guards poured into the star route that had just recently been cleared of star thieves. They forced all transport ships to a stop. The transport ships were unable to leave and could only star in the vicinity of the star route.

Then the Royal Guards created a smooth and unimpeded route between the main star region of the empire and the Royal Guard’s station in the asteroid belt.

At first, they saw the Royal Guards and the people of the asteroid belt thought that the law enforcement team had finally given up and the Royal Guards would join the campaign against the star thieves.

Everyone was full of hope. However, the people of the asteroid belt waited for two days and didn’t see the Royal Guards do anything like surrounding the star thieves. They just cleaned up the star route. The people of the asteroid belt continued to wait patiently for the Royal Guards’ combat plan.

Then as time passed, the traffic kept being controlled and there was no news of the star thieves being destroyed.

At this time, Shen Cong, who had long seen through the true nature of the Royal Guards, was in front of Chi Jun and trying to persuade Chi Jun to accept the star coins collected from all the members of the law enforcement team.

They might’ve pooled their money together but it probably wouldn’t be enough to pay for even the beast card that Chi Jun restored. Still, they didn’t know what to give to the master apart from this.

These days, the law enforcement team was on holiday since the Royal Guards didn’t need them to do anything. To some extent, they were seen as having no combat power due to being ground down by the star thieves.

Shen Cong didn’t disclose any information about Chi Jun. Rather, Chi Jun asked Shen Cong to send all the damaged cards of the law enforcement team to him. Chi Jun settled in his lion starship and focused on repairing the beast cards.

A few days later. In the end, in the face of the people’s expectations…

There was finally movement on the other side of the star route. A royal starship appeared with escorts. Once the royal starship arrived at the planet where the Royal Guards were stationed, all the Royal Guards retreated from the controlled route.

Navigation resumed and the law enforcement forces resumed patrols. The Royal Guards surrounding and exterminating the star thieves was just a ghost.

The people of the asteroid belt, “……”

They were looking forward to it yet they were only going to be shown this? The Royal Guards had so many warships. Why not go and wipe out the star thieves? The Royal Guards’ actions were so powerful just because a member of the royal family wanted to travel?

However, the Royal Guards hadn’t done anything in many years so a type of pattern had formed in the hearts of the people. They could only give up despite being filled with resentment.

Who let them be placed directly under the supreme power of the Royal Guards? The ordinary people didn’t have any light.

At this time, there was a disguised high-configuration auxiliary robot in the little prince’s starship, silently carrying out the orders that Master Major General gave him. He stretched out his data to the central control system of the little prince’s starship and the countless escort ships. Quietly, in many directions and without any dead ends, the scene of the little prince’s arrival in the asteroid belt was recorded.

Finally, Old Iron completed his task and extracted information about the royal cloning experiment. He was busy trying to become the fifth member of the happy family.


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2 years ago

I adore that Old Iron is confused constantly but still wants to be adopted by this (seemingly) ever-expanding family.

1 year ago

Little Iron is real MVP and he’s already apart of the family~

5 months ago

People of the asteroid belt: My pants are off and you leave me like this?!