SBIP: Chapter 40

There was a significant difference between the stores on the asteroid belt and the stores Chi Jun saw on the capital star. There was an entire street full of beast cards and alloy cards but the doors looked like they hadn’t been opened for years.

Chi Jun raised a hand to the bonsai on his shoulder and pushed open the door of the first alloy card store.

The layout inside was very consistent with the high-tech features of the interstellar era. The furnishings were very simple and there were a variety of large and small pieces of metal. They were messily stacked in the corner and looked a bit dusty. It was messy but the metal here gave him feedback, making his metal ability restless and subconsciously scatter.

Chi Jun finally got a definite understanding of the scarce metal resources of the asteroid belt. Most of the metals stacked in this store contained metal elements that Chi Jun had never touched in his last world.

Chi Jun could feel it. These metals just needed a bit of nudging from his metal ability and they would let out a very powerful force. Blowing up the surrounding street wasn’t a problem.

Chi Jun, “……”

He carefully took back his ability and turned to look at Bonsai Gu on his shoulder. Bonsai Gu stretched out branches to caress his ears. Even if Chi Jun accidentally detonated all the energy in the metals of the store, Bonsai Gu could protect everyone here.

Chi Jun smiled, exposing his white teeth before reaching out to poke the small trunk of his family’s bonsai. Bonsai Gu stood firmly on the shoulder and didn’t fall from the poke. Of course, Chi Jun also didn’t expect his one finger to be able to push his family’s bonsai backwards.

At this point, someone finally came out from the back of the store. A tall man spoke loudly, “What do you want to buy?”

He wasn’t gentle and smiling. There wasn’t the general astuteness of a businessman. Chi Jun took a few steps forward. “Do you have any blank alloy cards?”

He only saw the messes of metal blocks and no cards.

The man stared at him. “Come with me.”

Metal wasn’t rare on the resource star and there were very few people who bought finished alloy cards. After all, the asteroid belt security wasn’t good. Those with a bit of ability to make cards or experienced card makers could leave here. The rest didn’t have enough money to leave.

Chi Jun followed the man to the back. Behind the chaotic front room was a very neat studio with several cabinets, a pile of alloy cards neatly placed on them. In the middle was a workbench with instruments on it. Under the instrument was a thin alloy card that didn’t seem to have been completed.

The man casually pointed in the direction of the cabinets. “There are various types of low-end blank alloy cards. They are cheap and cost two star coins. The middle cabinet has intermediate level alloy cards that cost 10,000 star coins. If you want higher-grade alloy cards, there are some ready made ones in that cabinet for 50,000 star coins. If you want to customize it then the fee is 100,000 star coins.”

Chi Jun gazed at the alloy cards.

Overall, the price was cheaper than the capital star and the quality looked better. There was a higher metal ratio. It was the same even with the most common low-grade alloy cards. The subtle difference wasn’t obvious on the low-grade alloy beast cards that he had previously imprinted.

However, the activated mechanical beast could be controlled more smoothly and there was less mental power consumed. The weapon’s power was estimated to be slightly different. The difference was more obvious with the intermediate and high-grade alloy cards. The imprinted mechanical beasts would be easier to control and manipulate. Of course, the price would be higher.

In addition, the owner sold it at a very cheap price.

The shopkeeper waited for a while and didn’t see the guest speaking. He sat directly in front of the instrument and continued to work on his alloy card. Subconsciously, he didn’t think this teenager would buy so many alloy cards.

Chi Jun looked at the variety of alloy cards. Other people probably needed equipment to help identify these alloy cards but his metal ability could investigate. He determined that the alloy cards here were excellent and well-made. He liked them very much.

At the same time, the owner finished making the alloy card and he casually placed it in the intermediate alloy card cabinet. Seeing the customer stand in front of the cabinet without an instrument to investigate, only staring at the alloy cards with his own eyes, he didn’t think this person would buy a lot of cards. The storekeeper sat down and started making the next card.

Chi Jun, “……”

As a guest buying something, did he have no sense of existence?

Chi Jun had to clear his throat. “Boss, do you deliver?”

He had gone out with a smart backpack and didn’t carry the universal hoverboard that he brought from his home and put inside the starship. The storekeeper silently stared at Chi Jun.

This person might not be considered as strong but he wasn’t too weak to stand up to the wind. The storekeeper was baffled for a moment. Why did this customer need delivery for a few alloy cards?

The owner’s line of sight was too straightforward and Chi Jun’s mouth twitched. Of course, he could move it. He could move it even if he bought all the alloy cards! However, why did he need to move it when he could borrow auxiliary equipment?

Therefore, Chi Jun spoke seriously, “If not, do you have a suspension trolley for me to borrow?”

The shopkeeper, “………”

He silently brought out the suspension trolley he used to carry all types of metals. Unlike Chi Jun’s hoverboard, it was a bit large and rough. If Chi Jun’s hoverboard was a small suitcase, this was probably an oversized pickup truck. Still, the roughness didn’t hinder its suspension function. It saved him effort and worry.

Chi Jun raised a hand and carried the medium and high-grade alloy cards down from the cabinet towards the suspension trolley. Chi Jun realized after meeting such a dull store owner…

The Chen Shu he met was a wise storekeeper and knew how to do business.

Seeing the customer act by himself, the owner finally reacted. “Do you want to buy all the intermediate and high-grade alloy cards?”

Chi Jun glanced at him. “Otherwise? The cards have all been moved down.”

He didn’t come to rob the store. The surprise came too suddenly and the owner didn’t know how to react. He watched Chi Jun continue to move the alloy cards and suddenly roared, “You slow down!”

The sound was too big and too sudden that Chi Jun was stunned and stopped moving. Telling him to slow down, did this person not intend to sell?

A large smile appeared on the owner’s face as all anger disappeared from his voice. “Let me do it!”

Chi Jun, “……”

He silently let go. As a result, the alloy cards were quickly moved by the store owner onto the suspension trolley according to different order rules. This person might seem very casual about raw materials but he showed a deep love for the alloy cards. It was an obsessive compulsive disorder.

Chi Jun opened his quantum computer and transferred a large amount of star coins to the owner. The owner was still a bit stunned from such a large business transaction and Chi Jun went straight to the door, carefully closing it.

Once outside the door, Chi Jun heard laughter from inside. The laughter accompanied the words, “Chi Jun, Chi Jun, you are really the blessing of our planet!”

The store owner attributed such a large business transaction due to Chi Jun, who destroyed the nearby star thieves. After all, his business could be so red-hot because there were no star thefts nearby!

Chi Jun outside the door, “……”

He hadn’t told the shopkeeper his name. The quantum computer transfer protected personal information! Then what was this?

The bonsai on his shoulder shook the ginkgo leaves and the branches touched Chi Jun’s hair. Chi Jun’s mouth grabbed a leaf as he pushed the suspension trolley and returned to the hotel.

After pulling out a pile of blank alloy cards from the trolley, Chi Jun sat cross-legged on the sofa and took out Shen Cong’s damaged beast card. Shen Cong’s alloy card was a high-grade seven star combat card. Unlike Song Bohao’s combat card, this should be according to the military’s standards and was engraved with a beast body pattern.

Before his simplification, the beast pattern was too complex and imprinting it onto a card took up a lot of space, affecting the fighting power of a single mechanical beast to some extent. Therefore, this beast pattern wasn’t suitable for many applications but it was very suitable for group combat in the military.

Chi Jun touched the beast card twice before putting it to one side. He might’ve bought many finished alloy cards but none of them met the metal ratio in Shen Cong’s beast card. Therefore, in order to repair Shen Cong’s combat card, Chi Jun took out dozens of intermediate and high-grade alloy cards.

This was the reason for buying alloy cards instead of metal. The cards covered a wide variety of metals and the content was second. He couldn’t use a pile of metal blocks every time he repaired a beast card. The alloy cards he selected were constantly separated and then combined using his metal ability.

Eventually, Shen Cong’s combat card was covered by something like flowing liquid and the damaged parts were filled in little by little. The combat card with countless scratches gradually became clean as new.

At the same time, Chi Jun’s metal ability seeped layer by layer into the combat card. Chi Jun probed and found that the military standard beast card had a surprising amount of interference patterns. The high-grade beast patterns he previously saw in the library were almost completely useless.

Chi Jun could only slowly act, repeatedly imprinting and removing before imprinting again. There were countless repetitions before the interference patterns were finally cleared the damaged lines restored. Chi Jun looked at the repaired combat card and then the metal powder scattered on the ground. It was a pity that this metal could no longer be used after experiencing the imprinting removal. It was a bit of a waste…

Still, there was no other way. The interference patterns were used to prevent the beast card from being copied by others. He couldn’t hope that it didn’t exist. He couldn’t improve efficiency unless he knew more about the beast patterns.

Chi Jun held the repaired beast card and wanted to see how this combat card worked. He looked around. The hotel wasn’t small but the roof probably couldn’t endure it.

This caused Chi Jun to glance at the bonsai on his shoulder. “Shall we go out for a trip?”

At this time, Gu Yanzheng had run to the other side of the planet…

He found most of the banned genetic drugs sold at the planet’s black market but one or two more drugs would take time. Gu Yanzheng could only sigh silently when he heard his lion’s fierce words and couldn’t wait to rush back. He couldn’t say anything since it meant restricting his lion’s movements. He could only divide most of his mind into the little ginkgo bonsai.

Chi Jun saw the little ginkgo nod his crown and reached for the bonsai. He walked out while saying, “We will try this card and then come back.”

Bonsai Gu, “…”

What else could he do apart from indulge this person?

Chi Jun left the hotel and sent a message to Shen Cong, who was on duty. “The beast card is repaired. Do you want to come and get it or should I send it to you?”

Shen Cong, who was on patrol, had his hands shake when he received this message. Less than half a day had passed and it was… fixed?! Shen Cong was suddenly convinced of his guess. Then he was really the first one to discover such a national treasure?

Shen Cong couldn’t help looking around. This was despite knowing the quantum computer had an anti-voyeurism function and the information wasn’t visible.

Shen Cong re-read the message sent to him by Chi Jun. Then he sighed with relief. How could he let the master personally send him the card?

Shen Cong said goodbye to his law enforcement team, left the warship on a small aircraft and rushed back to the resource star. Approximately 20 minutes after Chi Jun sent the message, Shen Cong landed the aircraft in front of him.

Chi Jun handed over the beast card. Shen Cong was almost in tears when he saw his intact old comrade-in-arms.

Previously, he tried to get his beast card repaired but his superiors talked about a lack of resources, lack of beast card repairmen and even the lack of military expenditure. IN short, his damaged beast card was returned several times.

He couldn’t even apply for a powerful substitute card. The combat cards distributed to them were mediocre and simply couldn’t be compared to the star pirates. They might have the lofty name of the Royal Guards but in fact, there was no support at all.

Chi Jun saw Shen Cong’s excited face and said with a smile. “This card is for you. Can I go on patrol with you to see the effect?”

Shen Cong, whose spirit was uplifted, almost fell flat when he heard Chi Jun’s words. What did Master Chi say? Follow to see the results? Didn’t he know how dangerous it was to leave the resource star? Wasn’t he aware that he was now a national treasure?

Shen Cong’s expression twisted and he was about to cry. He didn’t know how to refuse. The master had just repaired the beast card that had long been damaged and that the law enforcement team’s beast card repairer couldn’t fix. It was also without any payment…

That’s right, the pay! Shen Cong’s face brightened and he immediately changed the topic. “Mr Chi, I have to first settle the payment. I don’t know…”

Chi Jun interrupted before he could finish. “The fee is waived. You don’t have to spend any star coins if you let me see the effect.”

Previously on the capital star, he had been very curious to see how strong Song Bohao’s combat card was. Unfortunately, the environment at that time didn’t allow it. Song Bohao couldn’t show all the strength of his mechanical cat in the beast card demonstration hall. Now that he finally had the opportunity, he couldn’t miss it.

The topic wasn’t shifted. Shen Cong stared at the young, talented and amazing beast imprinter with a complicated expression.

Chi Jun robbed the bonsai. “Is it difficult for you?”

Shen Cong subconsciously gulped. “No! How about I show you inside your lion starship?”

Chi Jun said, “The starship hasn’t been repaired and I want to see the effect of the beast card in space combat.”

What was the difference between inside a ship’s cabin and the beast card demonstration hall?

Shen Cong saw Chi Jun’s insistence and carefully suggested, “Can you try it near the planet’s orbit?”

Chi Jun, “……”

Shen Cong struggled before pointing to his aircraft. “Then please enter.”

It was a respectful tone full of struggle. He could use the law enforcement team’s rules to refuse but he couldn’t say no when facing this young master. He had previously asked for help with patrolling…

Shen Cong could now only pray that they didn’t encounter any star thieves, never encounter any star thieves! Otherwise, he would die if this man was touched. Of course, he was willing to sacrifice his life to protect the master’s safety.

Chi Jun had no scruples. His big ginkgo might not be present but there was the bonsai split body. It was the same. Chi Jun held his family’s big ginkgo and boarded Shen Cong’s aircraft while Shen Cong navigated the route.

There was a variety of meteorites in the asteroid belt and many meteorites contained a high amount of energy that could create a large-scale explosion. That’s why travel in the asteroid belt was along a fixed path where meteorites were extremely rare.

The law enforcement teams were patrolling this route, although they weren’t strong enough to counter the star thieves. It was just that when patrolling, they could give the cargo starships an early warning and let the starships take refuge at the nearby resource star. Fortunately, most of the resource stars had a defense system that was harder to break than cargo starships. The star thieves didn’t make great efforts to attack the resource stars.

He had just arrived near the patrol position of the law enforcement team when Shen Cong, who was seriously piloting the small aircraft, saw the warning lights turn on and suddenly became stunned silly.

An attack from star pirates! Shen Cong’s first reaction was to run back and hastily send this person back to the resource star.

Chi Jun saw Shen Cong suddenly turn the starship around and then squinted at the warning lights of the small aircraft. Among the distant stars, there were many cargo starships turning around.

Chi Jun’s mouth twitched and he kicked Shen Cong’s seat. “How dare you try to run?”

He repaired the beast card and now there was an encounter with star thieves but this person actually wanted to turn around and run! Chi Jun was violent and almost transformed into a big lion! Fortunately, he recovered. Otherwise, he would scare the law enforcement team’s captain to death.

Shen Cong wanted to cry and his hands were shaking. “Master, I have to send you back first!”

It didn’t matter if he died. How could he risk a national treasure like Chi Jun? He had a crow’s mouth… what encounter with the star thieves?

Chi Jun hadn’t intended to hide his identity after leaving the capital star so he wasn’t surprised to hear Shen Cong’s words. He just exclaimed, “I’m not afraid!”

Shen Cong gritted his teeth. “Master Chi, I have nothing to fear. I have been waiting my entire life to tear up the star thieves. However, you aren’t the same. You are a national treasure! How can you be hurt?”

Chi Jun’s mouth twitched. When did he become a national treasure? Naturally, he wasn’t terrified even if he was a national treasure. Did this man forget that he already killed a group ranked 10th on the rewards list?

Bonsai Gu reached out a branch and wrote on Chi Jun’s hands, “Baby, don’t be angry.”

Then Bonsai Gu suddenly flew up and opened the aircraft door with his wooden ability. At the same time, a root pulled at Shen Cong’s shoulder and directly threw this person out.

Chi Jun, “……!!!”

Bonsai Gu, this was outer space. He was going to die! Chi Jun felt fear and shock. His mood already wasn’t stable so once he saw this person was thrown up, he directly turned into a little lion. The little lion struggled out of the pile of clothes, revealing a pair of worried amber beast eyes. Then he could finally see the person outside the cabin door. The door wasn’t closed but there didn’t seem to be a pressure leak.

Meanwhile, the kicked out Shen Cong was wrapped in Gu Yanzheng’s dual abilities and stared blankly at the aircraft from space. The little lion’s paws clung to the armrest of the seat and turned to see the bonsai floating in mid-air. Then the power of his big ginkgo had reached this level?

Bonsai Gu looked at his family’s little lion. The little lion released his paws and slowly and leisurely turned in a circle in the air, head down. For a time, the small bonsai and fluffy lion stared at each other upside down. It was probably that a button on the aircraft was hit, causing the gravity system to shut down.

“Awu!” Lion Chi cried out, breaking the silence as he stretched out his paws to the small bonsai. He tried to turn over and swam like a fish towards the bonsai.

Bonsai Gu stared at the soft little lion in mid-air, soft paws waving…

Lion Chi struggled for a long time because his body couldn’t grasp the state of weightlessness. The distance he moved was very limited.

Bonsai Gu, “…”

Lovely, too cute. He glanced at the open hatch, turned in the air and moved his ginkgo branches to slam it shut.

As a result, Shen Cong outside was even more bewildered. He didn’t know how he suddenly flew out of the spacecraft and how he survived in space. Then after a moment of blankness, Shen Cong activated his battle card.

His worry about Chi Jun settled down as he saw the small aircraft’s closed door. In this case, it was impossible even if he wanted to send back Master Chi. Then he woke up and remembered that Chi Jun had also annihilated a group of star thieves?

Shen Cong waved the mechanical rhino’s hooves in the direction of the small aircraft before rushing in the direction of the alarm. The little lion looked at the bonsai. Bonsai Gu operated the small aircraft far away.

This was a small group of star thieves. This was probably testing the waters so there were no large warships, only a few small warships. Meanwhile, the law enforcement team rushed over with a dozen mechanical beasts and carried out a battle.

Shen Cong felt a burst of anger and unhappiness in his heart. Throughout the years, he had seen many people killed by the star thieves. Now that his beast card was repaired, Shen Cong wanted to tear them apart. The oversized mechanical rhinoceros, which had just been repaired by Chi Jun, ran over.

For a while, the law enforcement team was shocked. Two years ago, their seventh team had been the most powerful against the star thieves until their captain’s beast card was destroyed. The later replacement cards were limited.

Now their captain suddenly appeared with a mechanical rhinoceros! It was so exciting! They were just feeling excited when they saw their captain’s rhino turned into two, two into four and it continued to double until there were 16 mechanical rhinos collided with the star thieves’ ion guns.

The law enforcement officers, “……”

They seemed to be hallucinating! Wasn’t their captain’s rhinoceros only able to make a maximum of four copies? How did it suddenly become 16?

In the end, it was a military standard combat card. The 16 rhinoceros might only have one way to attack but they had numbers. The one dozen star thieves had no way to escape. There was a back and forth bombardment and over half of the star thieves’ mechanical beasts were destroyed.

The star thieves who intended to come and find out some information were stunned silly. Before they knew it, half of them had died! It was too late to escape. The remaining half of the star thieves hurriedly started to withdraw.

They didn’t expect these 16 rhinos to be very familiar with their escape route. After all, Shen Cong had been chasing the star thieves for more than two years and was familiar with their routine. In one fell swoop, he blocked the rear and cut off the path to life. The star thieves, who spent years roaming the asteroid belt, finally hit a hard nail. The chance to escape directly collapsed…

The star thieves could no longer get involved in the star routes near XX resource star!

The rest of the law enforcement officers were encouraged and immediately rushed up. They might not have enough strength but they were inspired and showed even stronger fighting power. Finally, Shen Cong’s seventh law enforcement team killed 24 star thieves and captured nine.

It wasn’t considered a major battle. It was just a small group of star thieves who came to explore the situation. Still, it had been so long since victory that the law enforcement team couldn’t help shedding tears! They had long experienced chasing powerlessly after the star thieves’ buttocks and had been in pain. The law enforcement team were also soldiers and had the ambition to protect the safety of the public.

Meanwhile, Shen Cong cried straight at the mechanical beast that had returned to its rhinoceros state. He hadn’t experienced such a battle in a long time. Under his mental control, his mechanical rhinoceros stimulated the beast patterns and suddenly became 16 mechanical rhinos. His heart almost burst.

Chi Jun was truly the master who could enhance the combat power of the entire empire by several times! He could save the entire asteroid belt!

Shen Cong controlled his emotions and gave orders to everyone on the law enforcement team. Everything that happened in this battle needed to be kept secret. They couldn’t disclose any information apart from the final outcome. Otherwise, they would bury an opportunity to restore calm to the entire asteroid belt.

The law enforcement team had long abhorred the star thieves. They didn’t know what their captain was hiding but they weren’t willing to give up such an opportunity. They naturally agreed to the captain’s command.

Therefore, Shen Cong sent a report to the XX Resource Star. The alarm was lifted, the star thieves annihilated and the navigation restored. The nearby cargo starships who were turning around couldn’t believe it. Once the law enforcement team destroyed the star thieves and there was the announcement about their arrest, the cargo ship’s businessmen eagerly continued their journey.

Meanwhile, the asteroid belt’s Star Network once again exploded.

“Today on the route near XX Resource Star, a small group of star thieves was wiped out!”

“I seem to see the dawn of the asteroid belt. The asteroid belt is about to usher in a tomorrow with no star thieves!”

“This time it might be due to the law enforcement team but I inexplicably feel that Chi Jun is a blessing of the stars!”

“The name Chi Jun really carries power!”


The star thieves were feeling differently compared to the euphoria of the people of the asteroid belt. The small group sent out to find information was destroyed. Then what happened on the route near XX Resource Star? Some people were eager to try and some people were thoughtful. There was a large surge of cargo starships near the XX Resource Star and the star thieves’ eyes were hot as they wondered if they should take this chance.

Meanwhile, Lion Chi inside the small aircraft was satisfied to see his repaired and strengthened mechanical beasts. He turned to look at the bonsai in front of the driver’s seat and raised his chin slightly. “Isn’t it very strong?”

Bonsai Gu nodded while operating the aircraft. Lion Chi jumped to the window of the aircraft, his tail waving.

However, Gu Yanzheng wasn’t very happy at this time. His little lion had transformed into a lion because he was worried about the law enforcement captain…

Lion Chi watched the gingko leaves operating the aircraft and raised his paws to rub his nose, mouth inexplicably widening. He let out a slightly funny and adorable lion laugh.

Bonsai Gu was stunned and stretched out his ginkgo branches, only to stop moving. He wanted to become a big ginkgo and pick up the little lion. It was just that the current environment didn’t allow it. It would be troublesome to destroy the aircraft.

As Bonsai Gu was stiff and hesitant, Lion Chi jumped forward in the weightless environment and hugged Bonsai Gu. He turned around in the air and rubbed the lush crown vigorously with his paws.

Then Chi Jun laughed as he exclaimed, “Yan Zhengzheng, you are jealous!”

They had been together for so long yet this was the first time he had seen his family’s big ginkgo show anger towards someone.

The rubbed Bonsai Gu, “…….”

No, he wasn’t! As an army commander, he couldn’t stand a deserter! Military law was strict and this type of person would be directly kicked out! In addition, it was with the excuse of protecting Chi Jun!

Lion Chi laughed and held the bonsai as he lay on his back in the weightlessness of the aircraft, leisurely flicking his tail.

At the same time, on the other side of the planet, Gu Yanzheng looked up at the sky. He wanted to rub his weightless little lion.

The little lion seedling on his shoulder looked up at the sky. The sun papa was asleep and the moon mama was out. There wasn’t anything good to look at? Slightly dazed…

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