SBIP: Chapter 39

Therefore, it was useless for others to covet him. He had established his territory with his big ginkgo 20 years earlier. Anyone else could just go drool.

Chi Jun was in a happy mood and sauntered to change clothes. It was just that…

The central control system was destroyed by him and everything in the starship could only be done manually. Chi Jun reached out to open the hatch while using his quantum computer to return a message to the unknown contact.

-No matter who you are, I think you’re right. As a noble beast imprinter, you can’t soul your body and soul even penniless. However, I recently received 30 billion star coins and I feel nervous and excited. I am unable to stop and don’t want to get out. Perhaps in the future, I can get better benefits.

Chi Jun had obtained 30 billion star coins from the eight armies. It naturally didn’t come from selling himself to Gu Yanzheng. The meaning of the second half of his message was that Chi Jun wanted to continue with the beast imprinting aspect. He wasn’t ready to stop.

However, these words intentionally or unintentionally revealed a different type of ambiguity, misleading the other person. The little prince, who was eating, was shocked to see this response. He was caught off guard and couldn’t maintain his proud royal identity. He spat out a mouthful of soup and his eyes stared at the number.

30 billion star coins…

The little prince looked back and forth three times to make sure he wasn’t seeing things. It was 30 billion, not three million. The little prince’s heart seemed to be pulled out and severely scraped with 300 knives, causing him to bleed.

Yanzheng actually had so much money! Yanzheng even gave so much money to a five star imprinter from the wild star with nothing to offer? This was just… just…

It was like thinking of the deserts he failed to get. The little prince almost coughed up a mouth of blood. He couldn’t control his inner fire as he kicked the table. However, the tables of the imperial palace had been replaced with high-density metal alloys. The little prince’s physique might be A-grade but his feet still felt pain.

The little prince’s face twisted. His heart was further annoyed. This was 30 billion star coins, it was three years worth of expenses for the royal guards. In addition, this person seemed to want to get more benefits from Yanzheng based on the tone. He never thought that Yanzheng’s assets would be scooped out by others. It was unknown how the teenager spent it…

The little prince’s food was caught in his throat and he couldn’t eat. It was as if this was supposed to be his money. However, what could he do? He couldn’t even touch the shadows of the two people right now!


At this point, the interstellar law enforcement team belonging to the nearby asteroid belt route finally arrived at the scene.

The group of law enforcement officers watched in shock as three warships were destroyed. They had hurried over when they received the alarm and thought they would see a destroyed civilian starship as usual. They could only feel grief while hating their incompetence and the brutality of the star pirates.

This time, they saw a completely different ending. The three starships star thieves group, known as Demon, who was on the bounty list, scattered into space.

Meanwhile, the civilian starship that sent the alarm was parked quietly on the side.

The law enforcement team were tired from chasing the star thieves everywhere but due to their lacking weapons and equipment, they often weren’t enough and saw many civilian starships hijacked by the star thieves. This time, the interstellar law enforcement team couldn’t help clapping.

The star thieves of the three warships were almost all destroyed. Only a few stray members remained in the cabin shivering, full of horror and hating this life.

The interstellar law enforcement team imprisoned the remaining thieves and disposed of the starship remnants and scattered bodies. Then the captain of the law enforcement team tried to contact the lion-shaped starship quietly parked.

He tried hard for a while but the starship was electromagnetically silent. It couldn’t be contacted at all. The captain of the law enforcement team activated his beast card with a bit of awe and gratitude. He directly drove the mechanical beast to knock on the door of the lion starship.

The rest of the law enforcement team, “……”

What was the feeling of the captain going to the door?

Then the door of the starship really opened. It just opened in a strange manner. It wasn’t an automatic door but was manually open.

Gu Yanzheng stood at the hatch and watched the mechanical beast with the law enforcement team’s logo. The law enforcement team’s captain then drove the mechanical beast into the hatch. The moment he put away the mechanical beast, he turned around and saw Gu Yanzheng lifting the hatch again.

The mouth of the law enforcement team’s captain twitched. He never knew the hatch could be closed like this…

Wasn’t it the starship’s control system? In addition, this man’s strong physique wasn’t affected by the environmental impact of outer space.

After being in a daze for a moment, the captain of the law enforcement team looked at the man in front of him. “Hello, I am the captain of the Seventh Interstellar Law Enforcement Team, Shen Cong. I appreciate your help in taking care of this group of star thieves. According to the asteroid belt bounty system, you can directly get a reward after signing it.”

At this point, the dressed Chi Jun came over holding a water cup. “Bounty?”

Inside the water cup was a dizzy little lion seedling. He lay softly on the edge of the water cup, green eyes staring outside.

The law enforcement team’s captain, Shen Cong looked over at the young man. This young man had a sunny and active atmosphere. The haze caused by the star thieves seemed to be dispelled.

Shen Cong subconsciously smiled and handed over the image board. “This group of star thieves is ranked 10th on the asteroid’s bounty list. According to the asteroid belt’s regulations, those who assist the Interstellar Law Enforcement Team can receive the bounty.”

Chi Jun glanced at it. The bounty reward wasn’t high and it was a fraction compared to his current wealth. It was just that in addition to the bounty, it gave the asteroid belt’s exclusive reward points. This gave some privileges in the asteroid belt. One of them was that when buying a private planet, a high-scoring person had the preference to choose!

This was good. Chi Jun still dreamt of buying a planet.

He handed the water cup to Gu Yanzheng standing beside him. Inside, the little lion seedling moved in a circle and quietly stretched out his branches to his tree father’s fingers. He might prefer his lion father but the breath of his tree father made him feel very comfortable. Gu Yanzheng looked down and sent over a lot of his wooden ability. The little lion seedling quietly swung his ginkgo leaf tail and closed his eyes.

Chi Jun took the image board, glanced at it and signed his own name. The law enforcement captain squinted and subconsciously glanced at the tall man standing beside him. Seeing that this man didn’t react, he suddenly understood. Then this young man was the owner of the starship?

Chi Jun signed it and returned the image board. The law enforcement team’s recovered the image board and smiled. “Thank you for your contribution to the safety of the asteroid belt. If there’s nothing else, I’ll quit.”

Chi Jun instantly pointed in the direction of the starship’s console. “I have something to say. Our starship’s control system seems to be broken. Can you have someone repair it?”

The law enforcement captain looked down. The original location of the starship console contained various broken parts.

The law enforcement team’s captain, “……”

He had been on this route for so long yet he had never seen anything like this. The outside of the starship was intact while the console inside was damaged. It was no wonder the starship was stationary here. How else can it be broken like this? It was better to reinstall it.

As a result, the law enforcement team’s captain shook his head. “Sorry, we can’t repair it.”

Chi Jun’s chest felt stuffy. He had just bought the starship and made a speed jump, when it was already broken. The partial changes he made were also estimated to be beyond the scope of the warranty.

Chi Jun glanced at Gu Yanzheng. It was a pity that this starship wasn’t alive and didn’t have any life or wood properties, meaning it wasn’t in the healing range of his big ginkgo. If he still had some of his metal ability energy left then he could barely struggle.

The captain of the law enforcement team, Shen Cong was powerful and he was fond of the two people who just annihilated the star thieves. He seriously suggested, “We can drag your starship back. There is a resource star near this route that can repair your starship.”

Chi Jun nodded. There was no console, his ability had been consumed in the fight and now his starship was dead. Chi Jun felt like someone who just bought a new car and hadn’t driven it far when the car was hit or he hit a roadblock himself. Then he had to allow the traffic police to helplessly drag the car back.

The law enforcement team were used to towing starships and quickly grabbed Chi Jun’s starship. Then they also took the three destroyed starship to the resource star near the route.

The entire resource star was shocked when the law enforcement team towed back three destroyed warships and a gorgeous lion-shaped starship. The three warships were broken like this but they were still recognizable to some people.

This was the damn Demon star thieves group that had been active in the nearby route and had never been caught! The people on this resource star had long been plagued by this group of star thieves and many people’s lives were put into the hands of this group. It was a joy to see the destroyed warships.

In addition, it wasn’t the credit of the law enforcement team. The law enforcement team was affiliated with the royal guards but their weapon configuration was worse than the star thieves. When they received an alarm, the best they could do was catch the tail of the star thieves. The destruction of three warships in one fell sweep was something that couldn’t be done with the weapons configuration of the law enforcement team. It was simply a miracle of heaven.

Therefore, there was a crowd on the resource star that watched the law enforcement team drag back the luxurious lion-shaped starship with a relatively large weapons configuration.

Meanwhile, the 10th ranked Demon star thieves were destroyed and their names erased. The star thieves behind them took 10th place.

In addition, a new name appeared on the reward points list. The number of points happened to coincide with the bounty reward of the 10th ranked star thieves. Everyone else was a mercenary group while this person was a personal name.

Chi Jun. Once this name emerged, it wasn’t just the people on the resource star but everyone in the asteroid belt who exploded.

“I bet 100 bananas, this Chi Jun is the Chi Jun who just declared two patents! The eight armies, come and recognize the person quickly! if you are late then he will be taken by the star thieves!”

“Then you would lose. That Chi Jun is a master-level beast imprinter that probably the entire empire wants to obtain. How can he run to the chaotic asteroid belt?”

“No, even a master would be interested in the rare metals needed for a variety of blank alloy cards that can be found in the asteroid belt.”

“Then it is fine to place an order directly. There is no need to run there.”

“This name is really the same name as the empire’s best beast imprinter!”

“Inexplicably, a type of combat force can be felt from the name!”

“Mama, I’m going to change my name!”

“Don’t be slow and only focus on the name. Don’t you think that a person who can wipe out the 10th ranked star thieves in one fell swoop has a strength that can’t be underestimated?”

“Why am I still here gossiping? The annihilation of the star thieves is the focus. I can finally ship out the goods I have been storing for several years!”

“Boss, ship it. There are no star thieves near the XX resource star!”



Therefore, immediately after the bounty was cleared, the route nearby was filled with countless merchant ships. The focus was to get there first before other star thieves arrived! In addition to the people of the asteroid belt, the reward was also seen by the little prince.

This was purely by chance. After all, the guards of the asteroid belt were affiliated with the royal guards and it was normal for the prince to receive the report. It was just that…

The little prince gritted his teeth. There were many people who were called Chi Jun lately. This made him so angry and violent that he was completely unable to maintain his image. He would go to the asteroid belt himself!

In addition, this bounty reward caught the attention of the military department.

After the national treasure-class figure went to the asteroid belt, the military department assigned a special mission to the Special Intelligence Service, setting up an intelligence team responsible for collecting information about Chi Jun in the asteroid belt. It was just gathering information and not interfering with Chi Jun’s behaviour, so this wasn’t a breach of contract.

Shortly after the bounty reward was posted on the asteroid belt, they received information about the national treasure beast imprinter. Seeing Chi Jun’s name, the group of officers turned green and their heartbeats shot up to 160 beats per minute.

Wasn’t he just looking for a rare alloy card? How could he fight with the star thieves?

The group of staff members suddenly felt some regrets. They had forgotten something. The national treasure was only 18 years old this year…

It was an inflammable and explosive age. Why did they sign the license for 180 weapons? Did it embolden the young beast imprinter master to face the star thieves?

Of course, he was also great to be able to wipe out the 10th ranked star thieves group in the asteroid belt. It wasn’t something that ordinary people could do with these weapons alone. However, even if the annihilation of the star thieves was useful, it was better to cover up with a fake name. It was even okay to use the cover of a mercenary group. Why use his real name to appear on the reward points list?

In the end, this person who was a national treasure didn’t know how to keep a low profile. In case there were star thieves who wanted revenge…

The staff didn’t dare think about it!

The military ownership of the asteroid belt was in the hands of the imperial royal family and they couldn’t insert their hands. Otherwise, they just needed to station a few elite teams there and the asteroid belt would absolutely be cleaned up, all star thieves destroyed.

The staff members were sad. They were normally used to making big decisions. This relationship with a small but important person felt very difficult.

Of course, it was because at this time, the insects and beasts were in hibernation and the imperial border area was relatively peaceful and stable. The staff members had nothing to do for a while and were bored!

A high-ranked staff member said, “This child’s momentum reminds me a bit of that Yanzheng kid.”

The other 99 staff members nodded silently. Unexpectedly, an idea popped up.

“Yanzheng is on vacation and during the vacation, he can do one or two additional tasks along the way.”

“Yanzheng’s strength alone makes it possible to eliminate all the thieves in the asteroid belt. It shouldn’t be difficult for him to protect Chi Jun.”

“Yanzheng is an army commander and has the rank of major general. Won’t he feel it is overkill to protect a beast imprinter?”

“Don’t say that. After all, this is involving the military force of the entire empire.”

“If Yanzheng protects Chi Jun in the name of an individual, this shouldn’t be considered a breach of contract.”

This idea was suggested and the staff members immediately decided to find Yanzheng. Thus, a secret military order was sent to Major General Yan who was on leave.

Meanwhile, Gu Yanzheng and Chi Jun were using the law enforcement captain’s advice to find someone to repair the starship. Gu Yanzheng frowned undetectably once he heard the specific chime for a military secret order.

He was on vacation. There wasn’t a war happening. In addition, he was going to buy the banned genetic drugs to study ways to treat his lion’s side-effects. He wasn’t free!

Gu Yanzheng had an impulse to directly delete this order. However, the general staff of the military department wouldn’t send such an urgent military order if there wasn’t something desperate.

Gu Yanzheng frowned and in the end, he opened the secret order. The order was simple. It was a message accompanied by a 3D photo.

-Yanzheng boy, you aren’t young and should start a family. Do you want to take advantage of your vacation time to go on a blind date?

The words exuded a type of message between the lines. Gu Yanzheng had never seen the general staff of the military department issue instructions before in such an affectionately humorous tone. Gu Yanzheng’s footsteps pause and the corners of his mouth slightly twitched. There was no war so was the staff members idle enough to grow mushrooms? The eight armies had so many single soldiers. Did they plan to help everyone?

Gu Yanzheng was about to turn off this secret order when the photo attached emerged. The image of the teenager that appeared in front of him couldn’t help being familiar. It was taken from his quantum computer.

His big lion…

Gu Yanzheng smoothly decided to execute the command. Then new contents emerged on the order. It was a dense group of words and the tone was cautious.

Gu Yanzheng glanced over it.

In short, the staff members told him that the man in the photo was called Chi Jun and he was very important to the empire. He might double the national power of the empire in the next few years and was a national treasure. He was currently working in the asteroid belt and they wanted Yanzheng to protect him as a private citizen. It was best not to expose his military status or to limit Chi Jun’s personal freedom.

They understood the requirements of this request and gave Gu Yanzheng an offering.

At the end of the text, they also made it clear. This was only a private request. If Gu Yanzheng wasn’t willing to accept then he could refuse. Regardless of whether he accepted or not, it should be treated as the highest military secret.

Gu Yanzheng squinted. If he refused, would they find ways for someone else to come? The condition to not limit Chi Jun’s personal freedom in the original contract was to prevent the military from excessively interfering in Chi Jun’s life. Obviously, he can block the military the moment he agreed.

Gu Yanzheng gave the military department a definite answer. He signed the application with his name and added the Third Army commander’s seal.

The staff members patiently waiting saw Gu Yanzheng’s reply and were relieved. They were comforted that the national treasure was safe. Then they saw another file that Gu Yanzheng sent along with it. The contents of the document solemnly stated that Yanzheng didn’t need a disguise to do this task.

The chief staff members soon understood. Eh? No! They didn’t want him to really go on a blind date! As a commander, shouldn’t he be able to tell that the blind date was a cover? Even if he had this matter, the person hadn’t agreed. Where did he have to confidence to submit a military marriage application?

‘We don’t approve, don’t make us approve!’

Then they sent a secret order asking him to maintain a certain distance from Chi Jun but it was useless. They didn’t receive a single response.

“Becoming a wild horse on vacation!”

“Disregarding the military’s orders must be punished!”

“That’s right!”

Thus, according to military rules, the military department punished Yanzheng with tens of millions of military achievement medals. Anyone else would fall straight from the top. However, this was the major general with a trillion. This penalty wasn’t even one hair on a cow.

The staff turned to look at the 3D photo of the young man. He was handsome and looked like he had an active spirit. There was a feeling of willfully flying to the sun and the staff thought of him as really young.

They thought of Yanzheng and then this child’s temperament. A 28 year old mature man with no expression and very cold eyes that forced the hot-blooded soldiers to be frozen. Once he raised a hand, he ejected a cold power that rejected people thousands of miles away.

He might be a giant among men but… the age difference was 10 years! Yanzheng dared to act in front of such a small green onion! The staff members inexplicably wanted to pull out their knives.

Chi Jun didn’t know that his big ginkgo had already entered a military marriage application. He said farewell to Shen Cong and turned back to see his big ginkgo standing in place. Gu Yanzheng’s face might be obscured by the disguise but Chi Jun could see that Gu Yanzheng absent-minded.

In addition, it was serious. Serious enough to… grow grass at his feet!

The big lion quietly walked back and moved around Gu Yanzheng. He looked at the grass under Gu Yanzheng’s feet. The grass was green and particularly vigorous. There was a feeling it would continue to grow. What was he thinking about that so much grass emerged?

Gu Yanzheng’s senses returned and watched his big lion spinning around him. He reached out to fix the black hair on the other person’s forehead. “Are you hungry? Get something to eat.”

Chi Jun raised his head, black eyes looking at Gu Yanzheng. “What are you thinking about?”

Gu Yanzheng’s hand paused and he glanced at his big lion’s clear eyes, open mouth and beautiful lips. Gu Yanzheng’s heart beat wildly and his throat moved up and down. He wanted to look away but couldn’t bear it. They might’ve enjoyed the privilege to act freely during the apocalypse and everyone knew about their relationship but they couldn’t have a formal wedding.

Chi Jun looked at the grass growing on the ground and his mouth curved. He grabbed Gu Yanzheng’s big hands and pressed them against his head. Shen Cong might’ve left and there was no one nearby but he felt some shame at his lion ears emerging in daylight due to this type of thing.

Well… fortunately, it wasn’t a lion’s tail or Gu Yanzheng’s hand couldn’t cover it.

Then Chi Jun left go of the big palms, reached for his ginkgo’s neck and leaned up for a kiss. No tiptoes…

It was because he stepped directly on Gu Yanzheng’s feet…

18 was an impulsive age. In addition, Chi Jun had been a mature man who had tasted it. Therefore…

Gu Yanzheng kissed the man in his arms vigorously while his palms covered someone’s ears. The soft and hot lion ears were like velvet in his hand and tickled his heart.

After a long time, the two people slightly separated. Chi Jun was still staring at Gu Yanzheng’s mouth. However, the strange feeling of the lion ears on his head reminded him that he couldn’t allow the blowing himself up to happen twice.

Gu Yanzheng’s hands covered the slowly fading lion ears before touching Chi Jun’s face with one hand.

Chi Jun cocked his head against the palm. He waited for the ears on top of his head to fade down before moving. He moved behind Gu Yanzheng and lay on Gu Yanzheng’s back, lying on it. “I am tired from before and have no strength. You carry me.”

Gu Yanzheng laughed and grabbed the man behind him. He had even held the big lion on his back previously so it was easy to carry a man. The two people moved forward. Chi Jun looked at the green grass behind him before burying his head in Gu Yanzheng’s neck, muttering loudly but not saying anything.

Bobbing up and down, Chi Jun, who had originally been thinking of eating, slowly fell asleep. He still hadn’t woken up when they arrived back at the hotel. Gu Yanzheng didn’t wake this person up and carried him all the way back to the room, placing him on the bed and wrapping him in a quilt. Then he sat silently by the bed, watching Chi Jun lying there.

Gu Yanzheng couldn’t resist reaching out and slightly covering Chi Jun’s nose. The peaceful and warm breathing showed that this was real. His baby was just sleeping. Then the quietly sleeping man suddenly opened his eyes. There was no focus in Chi Jun’s eyes as he vaguely muttered, “Yan Zhengzheng, don’t be afraid… I’m here…”

Gu Yanzheng’s eyes became deep as he reached for this person’s hair. Chi Jun smiled. This sleepy smile was a bit shy. Then he rolled in the quilt, wriggling to let it open a bit. The bed beside him was empty and the meaning of the invitation was clear.

Someone who wasn’t sleepy lay next to the man in the quilt. Chi Jun leaned towards his ear and spoke in a confused manner, “D-Don’t call me by that name later…”

“Okay.” Gu Yanzheng tightened his arms.

The next morning, Chi Jun held Bonsai Gu and was very puzzled when he saw how lively the small planet had become. Yesterday when they came, the planet had seemed flat and quiet. The stations orbiting it were also sporadic and there were few starships, so it could be seen as cold. Now at the terminal, they could see a large number of starships docked. There were countless small transport ships flowing around and it seemed lively.

Gu Yanzheng had put on a disguise and gone out with the lion seedling to buy the illegal genetic drugs. The little lion cub could help identify the drugs. For safety reasons, Chi Jun had to walk around with the bonsai.

Bonsai Gu was held in the palm of his hand and not long after, the law enforcement captain Shen Cong, who towed the starship back yesterday, drove a suspension police car and appeared in the vicinity. He jumped down from the car and moved in front of Chi Jun.

Chi Jun raised his head to say hello to him.

Shen Cong nodded with a smile before saying, “Mr Chi, I was looking for you. I don’t know if you have any interest in taking on a task?”

Chi Jun, who was covered in ginkgo leaves, asked, “What is the mission?”

“Due to the annihilation of the star thieves on the nearby star route, there are suddenly many cargo starships. I was worried and would like to ask you for help with the patrol.”

These merchants knew about the destruction of the Demon star thieves by Chi and rather than leave this resource star, they eagerly arranged for many cargo starships to come. Such a huge freight queue…

Shen Cong couldn’t understand it. Weren’t these people afraid of the attention of other star thieves being captured and then running over to steal?

Chi Jun was surprised. “The law enforcement team can’t fight the star thieves?”

This was a peaceful time. How could the police not beat the thieves? Shen Cong was slightly embarrassed. “The law enforcement team’s weapons and equipment can’t keep up. Our warships are old and everyone’s beast cards are also damaged so….”

Chi Jun looked down at the ginkgo branches that were silently wrapped around his fingers. Apparently, his family was afraid of him running off alone. The current Chi Jun had no intention of running out. He thought slightly before shaking his head in a refusal. “I don’t want to pick up this task.”

It was one thing to fight with star thieves, it was another thing to go on patrol. Shen Cong smiled bitterly. He could understand, after all, this type of mission didn’t give high rewards and the points exchanged were limited. Unless they encountered star thieves since killing star thieves gave a higher bounty and points but… who could guarantee it? The star thieves might be extremely ferocious and unable to be fought.

Shen Cong was regrettably about to leave when he heard Chi Jun say, “I can help you repair your beast card.”

Shen Cong laughed. This person looked so young and was 18 or 19 years old at most. Even if his talent was outstanding, he could only be a low levelled beast imprinter. How could he repair Shen Cong’s beast card? Unless this person was the beast imprinter master who suddenly rose to fame… Chi Jun…

Shen Cong was stunned for a moment. An idea popped up as he remembered the message he had seen on the Star Network. Someone had bet a hundred bananas…

This Chi Jun shouldn’t be that Chi Jun? This world-shocking news caused Shen Cong to be in a trance. He gulped and eventually pressed down his suspicions. He must be wrong about this type of thing! How could the national treasure-level beast imprinter be so young?

Shen Cong endured his excitement and inquired, “Mr Chi, can you really do it?”

Chi Jun nodded. Shen Cong steadied his mind. Regardless of whether this Chi Jun was the famous Chi Jun, a doctor was treating a dead horse as an alive horse! He pulled out his long-damaged beast card in a hurry.

This beast card was powerful and he had used it to annihilate several groups of star thieves, but after a strong confrontation, the damage was so severe it could no longer be used. It was only after knowing that his beast card was damaged and the mechanical beast couldn’t be activated that the nearby Demon star thieves became so unbridled. If the law enforcement team’s beast cards could be repaired…

Shen Cong was suddenly very excited. Chi Jun reached for it and looked down.

Shen Cong stared for a long time and couldn’t see anything from Chi Jun’s expression. He hesitated before asking, “Can you fix it?”

His tone sounded just like yesterday’s Chi Jun asking about the broken starship control system.

Shen Cong, “…”

He was afraid to hear the same thing from Chi Jun’s mouth. This card was so broken that it could probably only be replaced by a new one.

At this time, Chi Jun looked up and replied, “Where do they sell blank alloy cards? It is better if it is an intermediate or advanced blank alloy card.”

Shen Cong pointed to another street at the intersection. “They sell alloy cards over there.”

The resource star might be lacking but the thing they were least lacking was alloy cards. Chi Jun nodded and asked for Shen Cong’s quantum computer’s contact code. “Then go to work. I will fix it and contact you.”

Then he held his bonsai and turned away from Shen Cong. Shen Cong’s heart was itchy and he wanted to follow this boy, but he still had a task to do. Their law enforcement team might be weak but they still needed to guard their post.

He could only watch the teenager who seemed to love greenery leaves. Once the teenager’s back disappeared around the corner, Shen Cong suddenly had a thought. A well-known beast imprinter like Chi Jun, wouldn’t he be in danger alone? He couldn’t allow such a national treasure to be hurt in front of his eyes!

Shen Cong rushed forward, throwing aside his duties. Then he turned the corner to see two people unconscious on the ground. Their broken beast cards were on the ground and Chi Jun stood there holding the pot of green plant with clear eyes.

Shen Cong, “………”

He might not be responsible for safety on the ground and was only responsible for the star routes but he still blushed with shame. The chaos of this asteroid belt was known to the entire empire but this young man’s experience inexplicably made Shen Cong a bit bewildered. The law enforcement team belonged to the royal guards and their name sounded noble, unlike the eight armies.

However, only the front-line law enforcement teams knew how hard their days were. Their weapons couldn’t keep up with the weapons of the star thieves. The star thieves would deliberately kill the public but not the law enforcement team as a taunt. Maintaining the security of the asteroid belt was just a fantasy. If there wasn’t the rewards list and bounty that were created jointly by the asteroid belt’s resources stars, it was unknown what a mess the asteroid belt would look like. There was a robbery attempt only a few steps away from the main road.

Meanwhile, Chi Jun was happy. His family’s bonsai had just resolved the problem when he heard movements behind him and saw the captain’s chagrined and worried expression. The man tried to follow but Chi Jun waved at him and walked in the direction of a store.

It wasn’t just his lion who had a sense of territory. His family’s big ginkgo was the same. Just look at the bonsai. The bonsai had jumped up and dealt with the two passersby with his small frame.

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