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SBIP: Chapter 37

After dinner, Gu Yanzheng rubbed the soft fur of the little lion and connected to Song Bohao’s quantum computer.

This time, it was the leader of the Third Army speaking to the leader of the Brilliant Splendor Mercenary Group. Song Bohao, who had reported to the Third Army along with the Brilliant Splendor Mercenary Group, was dressed in a lieutenant’s uniform at this time.

The ranks and positions in the Third Army were mostly based on military merits. Song Bohao could directly become a lieutenant thanks to his years of pursuing star thieves in the asteroid belt.

Song Bohao was currently very nervous.

Previously, he was only aware of the Third Army’s rank-up system and didn’t really understand it. It was only after Brilliant Splendor was recruited that he realized the Star Network’s summary of the major general wasn’t accurate.

How extraordinary was Major General Yan who became a major general in a few short years! The Third Army had a list of all the soldier’s military achievements and Major General Yan was firmly at the top of the list. Dozens of trillions of military achievements…

Meanwhile, the second place and current second in command of the Third Army, Xu Chu… wasn’t much, only a few units of measurement. It was a mystery that Major General Yan’s rank was only major general, not lieutenant general or general. It was probably age-related.

Meanwhile, Song Bohao had smashed many star thieves in the asteroid belt but it was only a few hundred thousand compared to Major General Yan…

This was the male god he was used to looking up to and worship, not to compare.

In the quantum computer, Song Bohao’s image appeared as he made a salute. “Sir!”

Then he was shaken by the sight of the Major General Yan sat on the sofa opposite the video with a fluffy animal. What did military achievements mean? Killing! One person had wiped out an insect wave.

But not now! Compared to the previous time in Chen Shu’s store, the current major general was as warm as the autumn sun!

Song Bohao subconsciously looked around Major General Yan. Apart from the soft animal lying on his lap and licking its hind paws, Song Bohao didn’t see Chi Jun. Then he heard the opposite major general tell him, “Make a report about the general situation of the asteroid belt over the years.”

Song Bohao responded immediately. “Yes, Sir!”

The call ended and Song Bohao immediately started to organize the information on the asteroid belt. There was so much information that he wasn’t very systematic.

Due to the special position of the asteroid belt on the star map, it wasn’t affiliated with any race. In particular, the biggest threat to the Star Empire, the zerg didn’t have a connection with the star field so the asteroid belt was on the boundary of the eight armies.

On the other hand, the asteroid belt was filled with various scarce resources, especially the metals for the production of blank alloy cards, so the Royal Army was stationed there. However, the Royal Army’s combat power… don’t mention it. This was why various forces filled the asteroid belt and all types of star thieves were running rampant.

Song Bohao finished sorting the information and suddenly had a thought. After entering the Third Army, he knew that Major General Yan of the Third Army was on leave. Then why did Major General Yan want this information? Was the asteroid belt a destination for the major general’s vacation?

Song Bohao, “……”

The asteroid belt filled with star thieves would probably change in a short amount of time.

Meanwhile, Gu Yanzheng turned off his computer and Lion Chi sat up on his lap, raising a paw to this person’s clothes. “Do you want to go to the asteroid belt?”

“It is us.”

Lion Chi nodded. “What are we going to do in the asteroid belt?”

Gu Yanzheng rubbed the little lion’s back. “There are some illegal genetic drugs only sold in the asteroid belt.”

Lion Chi’s eyes lit up. When buying medicine, they would definitely get into a fight. Gu Yanzheng was well aware of his big lion’s personality and raised the front paws to his shoulders. Then he patted the little lion’s ass.

Wash up and sleep.

Lion Chi lay on this person’s shoulder and flicked his tail while thinking. He was now super rich. He could buy a huge starship, stock up on some food, assemble weapons and then go to fight the star thieves alone! In the process, Gu Yanzheng would drink all types of tea.

Gu Yanzheng touched the switch of the smart bathtub and placed the little lion inside. The little lion did two laps in the water before sitting inside with wet paws to let Gu Yanzheng wash him.

That evening, the little lion had a wonderful dream. In the dream, he killed all the way through the asteroid belt. Then he was able to overwhelm his powerful ginkgo in a military uniform and successfully fought 800 rounds in the various ways he had experienced.

In fact…

Gu Yanzheng held Chi Jun’s human form and tightened the quilt around this person. His dual abilities plunged into Chi Jun’s body without hesitation as he tightly tied up the energy core. Chi Jun, who still had lion ears on his head, spoke ambiguously while sleeping “Yan Zhengzheng, do you have pain in your back? I’ll do it softly.”

This way of speaking struck him. Gu Yanzheng who wasn’t feeling back pain but another type of pain, “……”

Chi Jun attacked inside the quit, repeatedly arching. Gu Yanzheng sighed deeply and the ginkgo branches moved to soothe this person while he bit down on his lips. If it wasn’t for the limitations of the gene side-effects, he would’ve done it with his lion hundreds of times.

Chi Jun gradually settled down, his open mouth letting out small sounds.

The next morning, Chi Jun didn’t see Gu Yanzheng and saw a bed of ginkgo branches instead. Chi Jun yawned, grabbed a few clothes from under the bed and stood up, walking barefoot on the floor.

Outside the bedroom, he saw Gu Yanzheng sitting on the sofa of the living room and drinking tea. Tea in the early morning…

Chi Jun’s footsteps paused as yesterday’s bitter taste suppressed by the desserts nearly came up again. Gu Yanzheng looked up and raised a transparent teacup. “White Hair Silver Needle.” (White tea produced in China. One of China’s top 10 famous teas.)

Chi Jun was startled.

Gu Yanzheng continued. “Mellow and rich with a sweet aftertaste.”

Chi Jun took a few steps and sat down next to this person. If it was sweet and not too bitter then the big ginkgo could drink it. Of course, he wouldn’t touch it.

Gu Yanzheng raised a hand to this person, pressed it against Chi Jun’s chest and kissed his head. Chi Jun leaned against Gu Yanzheng, yawning and shaking his head.

Then Old Iron, who had a smooth, human-shaped figure perfectly covered with metallic gloss, silently walked in. “Master, the empire’s little prince has sent you an invitation.”

Chi Jun raised his eyes. “What does that basta*d little prince want to do?”

Old Iron cocked his head and thought about it. “The imperial palace is occupied by plants and the royal family has temporarily relocated. They are holding a banquet, probably to… warm the room?”

Gu Yanzheng, “……”

Chi Jun laughed directly. Where did Old Iron come from? Did the interstellar age have warming rooms rather than celebrating the joy of moving? However, the saying seemed a bit unworthy of the royal family’s lofty status.

Gu Yanzheng rubbed the other person’s fluffy hair. “Would you like to go?”

Chi Jun shook his head. The court banquet sounded curious but he didn’t want to see the royalty who were willing to trample on all life. Gu Yanzheng directly rejected the little prince and pulled up his family’s lion to wash up and eat.

The little prince had just personally sent out the invitation to Major General Yan in a room that was a few times smaller than his room in the imperial palace. Then he received a polite rejection from the strict robot housekeeper.

The little prince kicked out his inelegantly against a metal alloy stool. Since the crazy plant event in the imperial palace, the current royal palace had no furniture related to wood. The cold metal furniture made the little prince feel annoyed.

In addition, he thought he cock his finger to make Major General Yan come to him and then take the initiative to check Chi Jun’s identity. Unexpectedly, he had just cocked his finger when he was rejected. If this was Major General Yan’s method of pursuing people then Major General Yan had completely aroused his anger.

After catching Chi Jun through Major General Yan, he would surely toss Major General Yan to death. Before that, he might need to take the initiative towards Major General Yan. With this type of thinking, the little prince turned on his quantum computer. He was very arrogant as he connected to Major General Yan’s computer for the first time.

A second later, the little prince twitched as he stared incredulously at his quantum computer. Major General Yan actually refused his call request? No one had ever refused his call request!

The little prince was angry but then he thought of his plan and the benefits that Chi Jun would bring him. He endured the anger in his heart and called the other person again. This time, there was no rejection. It was because the other party had blocked his call request!

The little prince looked at the display on the quantum computer.

‘Major General Yan, is this how you chase people? Insult the pride of the target and let the target personally succumb to your pursuit. Very well, this target will compromise!’

The little prince gritted his teeth, eyes filled with resentment. This was a humiliation he had never experienced but he had to endure it until he reached his goal! After he obtained what he wanted, he would make this person pay the price!

The little prince, who hadn’t eaten breakfast yet, changed into beautiful and exquisite clothes and took his guard team to Major General Yan’s house from the royal palace.

At this time, the residence of the major general. Chi Jun and his family’s big ginkgo finished eating breakfast. They took the sleeping little lion seedling and the bonsai, saying goodbye to Old Iron before setting off in their suspension car.

They had to hide their identities in order to buy the banned genetic drugs in the asteroid belt. Therefore, they planned to drive the suspension car to a planet on the way to the asteroid belt and then replaced their identities as necessary.

Gu Yanzheng’s suspension car was the major general-grade and custom-made version. The Armament Division of the Third Army had directly assembled it. Short-term interstellar travel wasn’t a problem for it.

Old Iron sent off the harmonious family of four. Since his task wasn’t completed, he had to stay behind…

Turning to glance at the two metres high ginkgo tree in the backyard, Old Iron suddenly felt the injury of spring and the sadness of autumn.


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