SBIP: Chapter 36

Gu Yanzheng held the crying little lion in one hand and the other hand held a water bottle that he fed to the lion. “The Fog Star’s special Cloud Tea, there is another name for it.”

Lion Chi reached out his paws to hug the bottle of melted snow water and drank it. The watery beast eyes stared at in a blurry manner.

Gu Yanzheng rubbed his ears. “Big Leaf Bitter Tea.”

Lion Chi, “………”

He finished the majority of the water and the bitter taste slowly faded, but a bitter taste was still left behind. Lion Chi felt the bitterness all over and shivered. How could there be such a bitter thing in the world? It was enough to make him doubt life! This was even through Gu Yanzheng’s mouth. If he directly drank the liquid that had a dozen tea leaves soaked in it…

Lion Chi swore that he would never buy any more tea in the future! Then the little lion guiltily raised his paws and pushed the water towards Gu Yanzheng.

…The tea was bitter to this degree yet Gu Yanzheng could drink it without changing colour. It wasn’t possible unless he had endured even more bitter things. Chi Jun’s heart was uncomfortable and the side-effects of the beast ancestral gene made him feel even more suffocated.

The little lion gazed at Gu Yanzheng’s throat moving as he drank water and then the lion arched his head up. Gu Yanzheng reached for the little lion’s back and comforted him. “In fact, the taste is okay. Next time, just put in one.”

The little lion bit this person’s collar. What damn thing? Half a bottle of honey might not necessarily be enough to suppress the bitter taste.

On Chen Shu’s side, he had the protection of the elites of the Third Army as he met with the heads of the remaining seven armies. Chen Shu made a grand appearance with the elite soldiers of the Third Army and told them frankly that the Third Army had signed a patent licensing contract. This meant the people of the other seven armies were very active and signed the contracts without any doubts.

Chen Shu relied on the characteristics of an unscrupulous businessman to give each army the illusion of getting the best price.

At the same time, the major armies solemnly promised to protect Chi Jun. Just like the Third Army, they also sent an elite squad to protect Chi Jun. After all, as the agent of Chi Jun’s two patents, Chi Jun received a certain amount of reputation and money while bearing certain risks.

In just one day, Chen Shu completed the patent license contract with the Eight Armies and this quickly spread across the empire.

The Star Network still hadn’t figured out Chi Jun’s identity and there was a heated discussion. Then the military news that shocked the entire empire spread.

Simplifying the body pattern and enhancing the body pattern. With the permission of the patent holder Chi Jun, the empire’s eight armies have obtained the patent right. In the next few years, the imperial army will put most of its energy into using these two patents to imprint new beast cards, replacing existing beast cards.

This matter was exciting news, no matter the angle.

“If all eight major armies of the empire have obtained the right to use the patent, doesn’t this mean the empire’s military force should be improved several times? God, my sweat is going to stand up just thinking about it.”

“Then in the next few years, the military’s beast imprinting division will be heated up and passionate!”

“The future empire might no longer be afraid of the invasion of the insect wave.”

“I suddenly don’t want to know who Chi Jun is. I just hope that the empire will keep this unknown god safe!”

“This is too much to worry about. If Chi Jun’s identity bursts out, he will definitely receive the empire’s strongest protection.”

“I always feel that the empire’s best imprinters might take more initiatives. I will gamble 100,000 cucumbers!”

“…100,000 watermelons and 100,000 seed packets!”


After this military news broadcast, the emperor praised the beast imprinter Chi Jun on the Star Network news channel. He stated that in recognition of Chi Jun’s contribution of upgrading the army’s power, the royal family would grand Chi Jun a Royal Medal of Honour.

In short, he was opening a blank check for Chi Jun.

Privately, the emperor was happy to see the strength of the army improve. However, this also meant that the Eight Armies couldn’t be fully controlled by the emperor and posed a greater threat to imperial power.

Therefore, the emperor was very angry. The two patents should’ve appeared from the Royal Beast Card Research Institute…

Similarly, the little prince Su Chimo was violent and his entire body distorted. His beauty that was praised by the imperial people couldn’t be seen at all. As the innocent heir to the empire, he originally attracted the attention of the imperial people and was the focus of the Star Network almost every day.

His image had always been that although his talent wasn’t outstanding, he bravely used a variety of genetic drugs and bore the negative effects. He was pure, good, strong and lucky. After all, he had injected so many genetic drugs and rose all the way from F-grade to A-grade physique and mental power without any devastating negative effects. The luck shown by this alone made the imperial people treat him as a sacred koi.

Then Major General Yan appeared and took away most of Su Chimo’s sense of existence. Then later, Su Chimo discovered that Major General Yan liked him. Such a follower would be a great boost to him. However, Chi Jun…

Su Chimo simply hated his person. He contacted Chi Jun’s agent, Chen Shu several times but was rejected. In only one day, the two patents had become so publicly known that he didn’t even have the chance to buy out the two patents. The news that the eight armies had obtained the patent rights also broke out.

This had been an opportunity to restrain the eight armies in one fell swoop and push the imperial power to the highest level of superiority. He didn’t even have a chance to make the plan before it was destroyed.

Su Chimo was going crazy. It was even harder to search for news about Chi Jun. The patent office showed unprecedented caution. Even if Su Chimo used his identity as the royal heir, the patent office didn’t show any gaps. Chi Jun’s personal information was completely hidden.

The only one who knew Chi Jun’s identity was Lin Zimu. However, after many powerful mental impulses, Lin Zimu’s head was greatly hurt. During several interrogations, Lin Zimu only repeated one sentence in a dull manner. “The beast card wasn’t imprinted by me. That person is called Chi Jun.”

In the entire empire that consisted of nearly a hundred billion people, there were more than 10 million people called Chi Jun! This meant the only breakthrough method was the patent agent Chen Shu. It was Chen Shu who was currently protected by the elite soldiers of the eight armies.

These elite soldiers were different from Su Chimo’s guards. They had been on the battlefield and their care and dedication to protecting Chen Shu were better than his guards by dozens of times! Based on the strength of his men, he had nowhere to start!

Su Chimo thought of all this and felt like he was going to vomit blood.

Why did he work so hard only to lose it? Why could someone else easily get such big benefits?

Su Chimo’s eyes flashed as he took back the person checking on Chi Jun’s identity. His only chance was probably Major General Yan…


Since this military news gathered the highest attention of the imperial people, Chi Jun’s aura temporarily overshadowed the battle god Major General Yan. That’s why the reaction was different when someone claimed they met the major general in a dessert store today.

The plainclothes Major General Yan was holding a special pet with a small lion hat on its head. The breed seemed to be a very special cat. Not only that, the major general held the cat in one hand while seriously staring at a variety of desserts. Then he bought a large number of desserts in one breath and ordered them to be packed! Although the person didn’t see the major general’s other half, the major general’s behavior was simply pampering the other person!

However, this news was non-existence thanks to Chi Jun’s aura.

The other half of the major general, who claimed to not have been seen, took advantage of being in the major general’s arms to whisper words that only the two of them could hear. “Mango rice, coconut juice, red bean cake, coconut milk purple rice, they all look very sweet…”

Gu Yanzheng silently nodded and scratched the lion’s soft belly while touching the smart ordering system. In fact, the major general and his lion had a common problem. It was that after the apocalypse, they had a quantitative obsession with things.

For example, Chi Jun bought hundreds of dishes in one go. Then today… Gu Yanzheng bought 10 pieces of various types of desserts! There was no way, the materials had been too scarce in the apocalypse. Food was especially a problem. Apart from the fruits and vegetables that Gu Yanzheng grew, the other types of food could be called simple. Subconsciously, they had an obsessive-compulsive disorder regarding food.

Then Gu Yanzheng held the big lion who was disguised as a cat in one hand. He held a tech-tech packing box that was said to maintain the quality and taste for three years in his other hand as he left the dessert store.

The moment he entered the suspension car, the little lion pulled them his lion hat and sprang out. He sat on his seat and reached out his paws towards the delicate packing box. Having no hands didn’t affect Lion Chi’s movements. A metal spoon was placed inside and Lion Chi easily opened the box, revealing the desserts inside.

Then Chi Jun selected the first dessert. The name was very long and it was called mango snow black glutinous rice sweet. Just based on the name, Chi Jun felt that this little bowl was designated as very sweet, double sweet.

The little lion spooned up one of the black rice balls and steadily raised it to his big ginkgo’s mouth.

Gu Yanzheng, “……”

In his mouth, the coconut juice mixed with the steamed black rice and the mango soaked in coconut milk combined together, creating a delicious, cool and sweet taste. Major General Yan had to admit it. After drinking the tea made of dozens of bitter leaves, this cool and sweet black glutinous rice ball was very delicious.

In a place that everyone didn’t know, the empire’s battle god Major General Yan and the empire’s number one beast imprinter Chi Jun, used one spoon to feed each other dessert. It wasn’t until they took care of more than a dozen desserts that Gu Yanzheng rubbed the wet mouth of the little lion and carried Lion Chi out of the suspension car.

Outside, the dedicated Old Iron had built the house. Meanwhile, the little lion seedling was holding his flower pot at the highest point and welcoming the wind. After seeing one person and one lion, the little lion cub decisively abandoned the flower pot and slid down the eaves.

…The lion father and tree father hadn’t been home for one night and he was almost annoyed to death by the lump of iron!

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