SBIP: Chapter 35

Gu Yanzheng reached out and took the video board with the contract on it from Chen Shu.

Chi Jun cocked his head and his eyes followed. He was still somewhat interested in how much money he could earn.

The official words of the proposed authorized use contract were enough to make Chi Jun dizzy and he directly looked at the cost of the patent license. The license fees for these two patents, after removing the various taxes levied by the empire, was probably enough for Chi Jun to buy the major general’s mansion that he previously wanted.

Chi Jun retracted his gaze and place the bonsai in the super large teacup. Unlike Chi Jun, Major General Yan was carefully looking at the contract. As he was examining it, he suddenly felt a bitter taste in his mouth.

He turned to see Chi Jun staring at his small ginkgo, causing Gu Yanzheng to reach out and rub the fluffy head. This big teacup was specifically ordered by Chi Jun. Inside was the tea that Chi Jun bought yesterday. The 3D advertisement showed that this tea was crystal-clear, fresh and beautiful. However, this tea had a name called Bitter Tea…

The bitter taste was a direct attack on the soul. Even Gu Yanzheng, who was used to drinking all types of bitter tea during the apocalypse, couldn’t help his eyebrows shaking. Nevertheless, Gu Yanzheng didn’t prevent the small ginkgo from being transferred there.

Chen Shu, who was seriously staring at Major General Yan’s expression to see his opinion on the contract, saw the opposite major general have a cold expression, tight jaw and tense brow.

Chen Shu, “……”

The most upsetting thing had happened. Major General Yan was definitely suspicious of his price! Even if Major General Yan was sentimental, the current asking price definitely wasn’t low. Still, the military had invested more than this over the years in both areas! In addition, as the first troop to use the patent, how could this money be decreased?

Chen Shu looked at Chi Jun. The boy was ignoring the contract and playing with the tea-loving green plant in the big tea cup. Then Chi Jun was satisfied with this price?

In that case, Chen Shu secretly rolled up his sleeves. He would live up to the trust that Chi Jun gave him! He had poor physical strength and no sense of his existence in his original family but the business world was his strong suit. Next, he was ready for business negotiation with the major general that had nothing to do with personal interest.

Chen Shu was just about to open his mouth when he heard the major general state, “The patent royalties, double them.”

Next to him, Chi Jun held the large teacup and protested, “No, this is already a lot of money.”

Gu Yanzheng glanced at the teacup and then raised his hand to rub the other person’s head. “It is just like hoarding goods in short supply.”

Um, the tea inside would soon be consumed by his split-off body.

Short supply…

This made it easier for him to understand. Chi Jun was reminded of how there were less toilet paper during the apocalypse and instantly replied, “That’s good, I’ll listen to you.”

The unscrupulous businessman Chen Shu couldn’t help thinking a bit more. “Major General Yan, do you want to monopolize the use of these two patents? Or do you want to extend the exclusive use period?”

Gu Yanzheng didn’t raise his head as he continued to stare at the video board. “No.”

Currently, the eight armies were in a state of harmonious balance. Every army guarded the peace of the stars in their respective jurisdictions. Although the Third Army had gone from weak to strong, this was only through virtue of his own strength and his healing ability used in the dark.

If the Third Army doubled their power, the balance of the eight armies would be gone. So why bother? It was enough for him to conquer his family’s lion. He didn’t want to conquer the sea of stars?

Gu Yanzheng then started adjusting the contract contents on the video board. Chen Shu was patient.

Meanwhile, Chi Jun saw that half the tea in the teacup was gone and thought there might not be enough to drink. He reached out and slightly moved the small ginkgo inside, adding more water to the big teacup.

After the addition, Chi Jun hit his head. He realized he was slow and forgot to make tea for Chen Shu who came all the way here. Therefore, Chi Jun had the major general’s guards come with a tea set, took out the tea can and added a dozen rolls of tea leaves.

Chen Shu after seeing this scene, “…!!!”

No wonder why Chi Jun hadn’t drunk Chen Shu’s tea. He originally liked this taste.

At the same time, Gu Yanzheng was concentrating on the contract and hadn’t noticed anything. Two minutes later, Chi Jun poured two cups of tea and gave them to Chen Shu and Gu Yanzheng. Chen Shu looked at the yellow-green tea and his mouth twitched. He took a sip out of politeness and gritted his teeth to endure the bitter taste in his heart, spleen, stomach and lungs.

By this time, Gu Yanzheng had completed the contract adjustment and returned it. He emerged from his concentration and was given a small teacup by his big lion, the yellow-green tea inside revealed.

Gu Yanzheng took a sip.

…The direct taste was 10 times stronger than the taste he got from the small ginkgo! Gu Yanzheng calmly bit down on his back teeth. This big lion had thrown a few big leaves of Bitter Tea into the teapot. Still… it was fortunate that his family’s lion didn’t like tea.

He just thought this when he saw Chi Jun pour himself a cup and raise it to his mouth. Gu Yanzheng quickly pressed down the teacup and handed over a bottle of water. “Drink this.”

Chi Jun was puzzled but he put down the teacup and took the bottle of natural iceberg meltwater that was said to come from a livable planet.

Chen Shu who was still trembling from the bitterness, “…”

‘Song Bohao, if you have even half of the major general’s considerate then we would’ve already got a certificate!’

Chen Shu sighed deep in his heart and looked down at the contract. This contract amended the fees and duration for the exclusive patent license of the Third Army. The fee doubled and the exclusive patent right was directly removed. An additional condition had been added: the authorized user must not limit the personal freedom of the patent inventor Chi Jun for any reason.

These three things made the eyes of the unscrupulous businessman Chen Shu brighten as he glanced at Major General Yan. Then Major General Yan was letting him license these two patents to the other armies?

Gu Yanzheng nodded.

Chen Shu wondered, “Can I keep the licensing fee of the Third Army confidential?”

Gu Yanzheng nodded again. Chen Shu immediately determined the patent usage fee for the other armies. Based on the cost of the Third Army, it would be plus 50%! From the perspective of Chi, this wasn’t just a question of becoming the richest person in the empire. In this case, the eight armies benefited equally and no party would be dissatisfied with Chi Jun. He would even be given preferential treatment and respect from the armies.

At the same time, it meant that according to the contract, neither party could privately attack Chi Jun and they would indirectly protect Chi Jun. You know, the military always had an unspoken rule. Sometimes in order to protect the national defense patents, the military would force the protection of the patent owners and limit their freedom in disguise.

This might cause the armies of the empire to bleed money but it was inevitable that all the armies would be eager to increase their combat power by several times. Who cared about the money spent on military expenses? Since it was improving the military strength of the entire empire, it was appropriate for Chi Jun to obtain these monetary benefits.

Chen Shu was satisfied and signed the contract with Major General Yan

Before leaving, Chen Shu spoke to the two people. “Major General Yan, can I say a few words alone to Chi Jun?”

Gu Yanzheng instantly frowned. He wanted to refuse because he couldn’t bear for Chi Jun to leave his sight for a minute, even if he was nearby.

Gu Yanzheng was sick.

Chi Jun turned his head. Originally, the two of them were sitting very close so Chi Jun’s mouth was intimately close to Gu Yanzheng’s ear. “I will be at the door.”

Gu Yanzheng nodded instantly. They walked to the door before Chen Shu looked seriously at Chi Jun. “Although the major general might be much older than you…”


They were actually childhood sweethearts.

“The position of the major general is higher than yours and the number of star coins isn’t comparable but the major general worked hard to rise from the status of an ordinary soldier…”

Chi Jun agreed, “I know.”

The big ginkgo’s previous years hadn’t been easy.

“I can see that the major general is really sincere to you…”

Chi Jun smiled. “Of course.”

The seven year itch passed without it even appearing.

“Therefore, Chi Jun, cherish the person in front of you and don’t miss him…”

Chi Jun nodded. “I won’t.”

He had died for his big ginkgo and after his death, his big ginkgo had chased him all the way here.

“I won’t talk about the patent matters. Major General Yan is very considerate towards you and obtained the best interests for you. The thing I want to say to you is go back and taste your tea. This can explain more intuitively the feelings of the major general towards you.”

Chi Jun wondered, “What happened to the tea?”

Chen Shu just patted Chi Jun on the shoulder and turned away without saying anything more.

The reason why he spoke so many words was because after this, he was afraid only the strong major general could ensure the safety of the young man. The young man was now a treasure trove of imperial power!

Chi Jun came back and looked thoughtfully at the teapot. What was Chen Shu’s meaning for emphasizing the tea?

“It’s over?”

Chi Jun nodded and sat in front of Gu Yanzheng. He reached out to pick up the teacup again.

“Drink the water first.”

Gu Yanzheng stopped him, stuffed the water bottle into his hands and took the teacup, drinking all the tea inside in one go.

Chi Jun, “……”

He bet a hundred tails that there was definitely a problem with this tea! Therefore, Chi Jun turned to Gu Yanzheng, reached for his big ginkgo and raised his head for a kiss.

The tea had been brewed from more than a dozen big leaves of the Bitter Tea. It might’ve been swallowed by Gu Yanzheng but the super bitter taste left in the mouth was still enough to make a person go crazy!

Gu Yanzheng tasted the familiar taste and sweetness that was different from the Bitter Tea and responded immediately, hastily pushing the person away.

The man in his arms stared at him in a stunned manner. Gu Yanzheng hurriedly grabbed the bottle of snow-melted water. Before he could feed it to his big lion, the person in his arms suddenly turned into a little lion. The little lion’s face was crumpled and the amber eyes were full of tears.

The little lion was shaking all over as he reached out his paws to wipe his tears. “I can die of bitterness!”

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Lmao. Love that Shu warned him about the tea