SBIP: Chapter 34

The empire wasn’t without the development of self-conscious robots. Almost every army’s main computer was self-aware. However, a main control computer had inherent advantages. From the moment of assembly, there were super good hardware conditions and an artificial intelligence.

It was just extremely rare for a robot housekeeper to develop a self-consciousness. Gu Yanzheng gave Old Iron the maximum authority he had as a major general, allowing Old Iron to absorb all types of data and grow into a  mature self-aware intelligence in the shortest time.

Old Iron after the upgrade had a human-shaped mechanical structure and the shape was more perfect and smooth. However, this wasn’t important. Mainly, Old Iron felt his data was more fluent and comfortable.

His data accidentally stretched out and touched the boundary of the Third Army’s master computer. There was no doubt that Old Iron was subjected to a stern warning from the master intelligence. This was the innate advantage of a master intelligence. Old Iron naturally wasn’t the opponent and consciously gathered his data. Even so, Old Iron didn’t envy the power of the master intelligence. It was because the tasks of the master intelligence were heavy and there was no self-space. Being free and unrestrained was the source of happiness as an intelligence!

Gu Yanzheng gave Old Iron instructions, under the premise of not violating the laws and regulations of the empire, to track down all the data from the 18 years of intensive human cloning. The data had to be found, no matter the size or if they weren’t words.

Old Iron happily gave his master’s command the highest priority. After saying goodbye to his two owners, he went back in a public suspension car. He now stood for the major general and lion master and didn’t want to disturb the world of the two people. He also hadn’t been formatted and upgraded. He naturally wanted to tell the little lion seedling who hadn’t gone outside today.

Hello, this wonderful world that made machines reluctant to leave.

Chi Jun sent away Old Iron’s tall and perfect figure before grabbing the hands of his big ginkgo. “Yan Zhengzheng, I always feel that after Old Iron’s upgrade, the suppressed power was suddenly opened.”

Gu Yanzheng laughed and held his hand. “Old Iron’s body is that of a robot housekeeper. There are strict imperial laws and regulations inside his body. It will be fine.”

Chi Jun was sharp. “Old Iron’s nature is pure good.”

Gu Yanzheng, “…” It was possible to say so.

The next day, as Chen Shu stated, the patents for the simplified body pattern and enhanced body patterns were authorized and made public.

The field of beast card patterns had always been a focus of attention, not to mention that for these two types of beast patterns, the empire’s eight armies had opened a special research project and public rewards.

Therefore, the moment these two patent licenses were made public, it caused a great response. Countless beast imprinters and the public stared at the 3D video presentation that came with the two patents.

The demonstration of the simplified pattern wasn’t intuitive enough but the demonstration of the enhanced body pattern was intuitive and amazing. Once a mechanical bumblebee card was activated, there were dozens of mechanical bumblebees in just three seconds. This effect was simply remarkable compared to the original where only single-digit beast copies could be created.

Not only that, in the final examples of the two patents, there was a simple description of the beast patterns to avoid the rights of the patent owner being infringed on. It showed only the lines and not the power distribution.

Once the interference patterns were removed, the pattern was simple enough to be compared to low-grade beast patterns. This made those who studied the beast imprinting field to be speechless.

For a time, the people on the Star Network were only talking about it.

“Is it really possible to activate such a simple beast pattern?”

“Are you questioning the empire’s patent review body? The demonstration was shown to you yet you doubt the authenticity. Don’t you have to wash out your eyes?”

“The pattern is simple but the distribution of power is by no means simple.”

“These were two patents that can double the ability of combat cards. The military is probably going crazy.”

“This is internal news. The military is going crazy and trying to contact the patent owner to obtain the right to use the patent.”

“Unfortunately, the patent only states the contact information of the patent application agent. My guess is that his quantum computer is exploding.”

“This person is called Chi Jun. I’ve never heard of the name before. What type of god is he?”

“The students of the best school in the empire said that regardless of students or teachers, there is no such person in the school.”

“The XX Beast Imprinting School also doesn’t have this person.”


“Um, I saw a five star beast imprinter in a beast card store. He imprinted a beast card on the spot and it seemed to be a version of this.”

“A five star beast imprinter? Hahaha, are you afraid that you aren’t funny? Study this beast pattern, can you tell me it is done by a five star beast imprinter?”

“I would believe it if you say it is a nine star imprinting master. A five star… ahahahaha!”

As the Star Network was boiling over, the little prince Su Chimo was carrying out experiments and knew nothing about it. He used all types of methods and experiments since yesterday but he couldn’t make Lin Zimu enter the inheritance state.

Su Chimo’s patience was running out and the pure image that he presented to the outside world had long been broken. His eyes were red as he stared at Lin Zimu being injected with a powerful healing agent.

Lin Zimu tried to explain for the 100th time. “This… beast card… wasn’t imprinted by me.”

Su Chimo sneered. “Yes, it was done by the ancient power passed onto you, not by you. Continue!”

Then another strong mental triggering device was started. Lin Zimu, who just had a strong healing agent injected into him, started shaking. The lines connected to his head showed complicated lines on the machine to the side.

Lin Zimu used the last bit of his strength and endured the powerful impact of the mental pulse to say, “Chi Jun, that person is called… Chi Jun!”

Lin Zimu’s words were somewhat vague but Su Chimo clearly heard the same syllable as the inheritance from Lin Zimu’s mouth and excitement burst in his heart. Was the inheritance about to appear?

He stared at Lin Zimu and ordered the experimenter next to him, “Increase the pulse!”

Lin Zimu who was bleeding and had more than a headache, “…….”

Was it him who had a brain problem or was it the little prince? Was there any medicine for regret in the world? Could time be reversed? Why was he so greedy and tried to grab other people’s things? This was his reward.

After another round of mental impulses, Lin Zimu passed out completely.

At this time, Vice-president Zhao looked at his vibrating quantum computer and suddenly paled. He stared at the news on his quantum computer with shock and for a time, he found it hard to accept as he stared at the unconscious Lin Zimu.

Su Chimo frowned in a disgruntled manner. How could this man faint at this critical juncture? He should hold on and not die?

At this time, Vice-president Zhao came over uneasily. “Your Highness, please look at the quantum computer first.”

Su Chimo shifted his gaze, eyes full of impatience. “What’s the matter?”

Vice-president Zhao was going to cry. This type of mistake had occurred and he would probably be blamed for it.

Still, what could be done? The imperial family, concluding the emperor, had decided that the so-called inheritance existed! Then on that day, they suddenly resolved an interference pattern and found the ancient character ‘Jun’. The people of the institute, regardless of their age, almost subconsciously determined that this was an inheritance. It was an illusion that the imperial family had given them!

However, at this point, he couldn’t say anything. He could only gulp and tell the little prince, “Your Highness, the patent office has recently authorized two patents to the public. You should look at it.”

Su Chimo made a strange expression and continued to stare at Lin Zimu. “What patent can compare to the enhanced body pattern?”

Vice-president Zhao wanted to cry. “Your Highness… just take a look.”

Su Chimo impatiently opened his quantum computer and didn’t need to search. The hottest news on the Star Network was about the simplified and enhanced body patterns. Su Chimo blinked and his mouth uncontrollably twitched. “Impossible, this is patent fraud. Are those people in the patent office trash?”

“…Your Highness, please look at the patent inventor.”

Su Chimo finally saw the name that was pronounced in the same way as the ancient character. “Chi Jun.”

Then from start to finish, it was a mistake and his happiness was in vain? Su Chimo’s eyes changed and the huge drop in emotions almost made him breathless. After a while, he stared angrily at Lin Zimu who had just woken up. “You dared to lie to me!”

Lin Zimu’s breathing was hard and his chaotic consciousness made him repeat the words he had stated 100 times. “This beast card… wasn’t imprinted by me. I didn’t imprint it. Chi Jun… that man is called Chi Jun.”

Su Chimo’s face was white as he shook. “C-Check who this person is!”

How could this person called Chi Jun publish such patents? How could this person create the trump card of the military and make it public?

Meanwhile, Chen Shu faced the awkward scene that he expected. He didn’t dare open his quantum computer. Today was the first day the patent was authorized and all types of voice messages and video calls were blowing up his quantum computer. There were many requests for cooperation as well as threats and intimidation.

The beast card store was closed by him and he was sent to the Third Army in a suspension car, along with Song Bohao. Under the gaze of the direction of the Third Army’s Armament Division, he was escorted to Major General Yan’s office. Then he was once again sitting face to face with the major general and Chi Jun.

He asked, “Major General Yan, do you want to sign a patent license contract?”

At this time, patent owner Chi Jun was holding hands with the major general who needed to sign a licensing contract at a high price. Therefore, it was all inside the family. If they could close the door and solve it, why do this type of thing?

As an unscrupulous businessman, it would be very hard to know the price!

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