SBIP: Chapter 33

At night, the little lion and his big ginkgo embraced each other peacefully. Just… in order to avoid some type of impulsive event that will happen the next morning, Gu Yanzheng slept neatly in his clothes.

The little lion’s paws were attached to the clothes and the beast eyes were complicated. He always felt discontented at his desires not being satisfied.

Gu Yanzheng rubbed his hair. “Go to sleep.”

He thought that he slept so much during the day that he wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. Unexpectedly, Lion Chi turned over twice before falling asleep under the comfort of his ginkgo’s dual abilities.

Gu Yanzheng looked at the small undulating belly of the little lion. Not long afterwards, the soft furry belly became a white flat belly and the mermaid line faintly appeared. Gu Yanzheng took a deep breath and reached out to wrap the quilt around this person. Still, his mood wasn’t relaxed and his brow was locked.

The names of the genetic drugs obtained from the imperial palace were almost all illegal drugs. Old Iron couldn’t buy them and they could only be purchased through abnormal channels. It was too difficult to buy them in a short period of time. He probably needed to think of a way to keep the lion in a sunny mood.

At this time, the surface.

Old Iron was crouching in front of the little lion seedling with his lights flickering, trying to reveal his concern to the little lion seedling. Of course, his best option was to ask the lion master for help. However, after the major general returned, the major general was almost inseparable from the lion master and they always slept in the bedroom together.

Old Iron felt close to helplessness. The little lion didn’t understand but as he yawned to fall asleep, he stretched out his paws and touched Old Iron’s mechanical arm. It was his first step to overcoming his resistance to mechanical bodies.

Old Iron was deeply comforted. He decided to indulge once. In any case, there was nothing to be done before the formatting. He sat down in front of the little lion seedling and shut down….

Major General Yan’s house was peaceful but half a hill away, the imperial palace was still in chaos. The madness of the plants lasted until midnight. The members of the imperial royal family, the staff and the guards finally broke free of the plants once they stopped growing.

The guards took an inventory. Although people were frightened, no one was killed or injured. Some even got on a branch on top of the plant and from the top, they enjoyed the scene of the plants spreading through the entire imperial palace. The old gardener of the palace was still excited after being rescued.

The emperor listened to the guards’ reports and the muscles of his face twitched. Everyone was present except for those who went missing from the underground secret laboratory. There was an absurd idea in his mind. Perhaps the plants went crazy in order to act against the underground laboratory. However, what could make plants spread through the imperial palace in such a short period of time and also rejuvenate wooden objects that had been long dead. This was simply a fantasy!

It wasn’t only the emperor’s guards gathered in the imperial palace. There were many reporters who heard the news and some onlookers couldn’t be prevented by the guards. On the Star Network, news about the plants going crazy in the imperial palace had spread. Despite it being the middle of the night, countless reporters gathered at the imperial palace and there were numerous onlookers on the Star Network.

The most reliable ones were the people of the empire’s Animal and Plant Protection Association. In an action never seen before, once the plant madness stopped and everyone was rescued unscathed, they submitted a joint initiative to the Star Network, urging the emperor to show mercy to the plants that didn’t cause any casualties.

Initiative Title: Plants also have the Right to Grow Freely.

These plants had spread throughout the imperial palace in just a few hours. This was a miracle, a miracle of nature! In the words of a member of the Star Network, how wronged were the plants that they had to grow like this?

Of course, other speculations emerged. The imperial palace might’ve done a big event that made the plants grow like this.

For a time, the emperor didn’t end people to look for those missing from the laboratory. It was difficult, even if he wanted to order the cleansing of the imperial palace. The plants that grew in the imperial palace were very disciplined and not one leaf passed over the walls of the palace.

The emperor looked at the virtual documents submitted by the Animal and Plant Protection Association, the number of people signing in real time that kept increasing and almost coughed up blood. Then the building with a history of hundreds of years, the symbol of the imperial power, had to be given to these crazy plants?

The chancellor of the palace approached and spoke in a low voice, “Your Majesty, the imperial palace is vast and cleaning will require a huge cost. Even if a clean up is ordered, it might be difficult to restore the palace to its original appearance.

The emperor’s mouth twitched. He couldn’t help thinking of the dining table made of precious wood that had grown into a towering tree…

In the end, the emperor maintained a calm appearance on the surface as he ordered the guards around him, “Continue to pay attention to the palace. If any suspicious people appear, arrest them immediately.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“It is important to find out why these plants went crazy.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Meanwhile, the little prince Su Chimo had rushed back to the capital star. He hadn’t been able to rest his tired body and mind when he saw that the palace he had lived in for 18 years had disappeared without a trace, leaving only lush greenery within the palace walls.

Su Chimo let out a breath. Originally, he thought that once he inherited the throne, he would be praised by his father and honoured by the empire in the loftiest position of the imperial palace.

“Father, what is going on here?”

The emperor was expressionless. He also wanted to know what was going on. Su Chimo instantly changed his words. “Father, are you okay? Do you have any injuries?”

The emperor reached out to him. Su Chimo walked forward and stood in front of the emperor. The emperor patted him hard on his shoulder. “Don’t let your father down.”

Su Chimo was frightened. He felt that not only was his father aware of the new beast pattern matter, he even knew the research institute’s conclusion about the original power inheritance.

The emperor took one final look at the glorious and luxurious imperial palace and got into an imperial car. Along with the other royal family members, he temporarily moved to another small royal residence on the capital…

The next morning, Chi Jun was eating breakfast and could see the lush greenery of the imperial palace in the distance. The vast area felt like a forest, giving him the feeling of wanting to run.

“Do you like it?” Gu Yanzheng asked.

“The little lion seedling will probably like it.”

Gu Yanzheng nodded before he heard Chi Jun saying, “In fact, I prefer a prairie. I can spread out my legs and see how far I can run.”

Gu Yanzheng, “……”

Maybe he could buy a planet in the asteroid belt now. Chi Jun turned to Old Iron. It was strange since he had never seen Old Iron’s lights not flashing since the first time he came here. Chi Jun reached out and knocked. Old Iron’s round head made a dull sound but he was still motionless.

“Is Old Iron dead?”

Gu Yanzheng looked at Old Iron, who had automatically shutdown for the first time, and reached out to press the power button. Old Iron’s lights turned on and he quietly floated. He saw the expressionless Master Major General and didn’t dare to move. He couldn’t escape…

As a principled robot housekeeper, he couldn’t do anything to betray his master. Gu Yanzheng turned to get the suspension car. Old Iron moved close to Chi Jun. “Master, you help me…”

His pleading words hadn’t finished when Gu Yanzheng turned back. Old Iron immediately shut up and floated there, not daring to move. The two people got on the car and Old Iron also followed. The suspension car headed straight to the Armament Division of the Third Army. On the way, Old Iron tried to send a distress message to the lion master numerous times but…

Master Major General always held the lion master’s waist while the suspension car drove autonomously. Old Iron had no hope of asking for help.

After half an hour, they arrived at the Armament Division that had already received orders and had prepared everything. Old Iron entered and was caught by the robotic arm of an auxiliary robot. He was sent to the workbench in the blink of an eye and his various weapons removed.

Old Iron, “……”

Goodbye,  this world that made machines nostalgic.

Then the lion master could be heard saying, “Is it troublesome to upgrade the hardware? Will Old Iron’s data be affected?”

Old Iron, “……”

He seemed to have misunderstood something! His data was suddenly dying. Then there was Major General Yan’s strict voice. “First remove his weapons, export his data and change to a larger hard drive and faster processor. His weapons can also be upgraded.”

Old Iron rejoiced and felt that the lion master and Master Major General had a good love. For an instant, he even had the idea of a family of five!

…Forget it, the various emotional entanglements in the family were chaotic enough and he wouldn’t participate.

At noon, Old Iron hadn’t finished his upgrade.

Chi Jun received a message from Chen Shu and explained the process of the patent to him.

The patent application process was very smooth. The patent materials provided by Chi Jun were sufficient. Due to the special nature of the beast patterns, the patent examination was progressing rapidly and it was expected that the patent would be given tomorrow.

Chen Shu’s words made Chi Jun psychologically prepared. Once this happened, he was afraid that everyone in the Star Empire would want to know the identity of the patent owner, Chi Jun.

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