SBIP: Chapter 32

Big Lion Chi was dreaming.

In the dream, there was anxiety and anger from being besieged by zombies. He and his family’s big ginkgo had passed by a small base on the way to Base A. It was near a grain storage in a country town and they encountered a zombie siege.

Their strength wasn’t high enough. His metal ability was better than the initial state but his animal transformation wasn’t stable enough. Even so, there was Gu Yanzheng’s dual-system abilities so he wasn’t afraid to rush in.

He was just killing in a fierce manner when he saw a speed-transformed zombie rush to Gu Yanzheng, mouth crazily gnawing on his ginkgo tree’s trunk At that moment, he was too angry…

He ferociously transformed into a big lion and his metal ability increased a level. He waved his big claws and crazily pulled all types of metals to turn that zombie into a slag. Of course, he didn’t hurt his big ginkgo. Then the big lion turned his head and continued to kill.

In fact…

Gu Yanzheng was helplessly holding onto the big lion’s paws that his big lion kept waving in his sleep while removing the metal ability around the paws. At the same time, his branches were stably holding his big lion’s body. Otherwise, this disobedient sleep meant his lion was likely to fall to the ground. Under the lush ginkgo leaves, the large lion moved his claws and grinded his teeth together, making fierce sounds.

Gu Yanzheng held the lion’s paws and continue to rub the fur while quickly getting on the suspension car. He set the destination and had the suspension car automatically drive them home.

The busy Old Iron finally saw the people who hadn’t been home for a few days. However, he saw that Master Major General was alone while holding a large green plant. His data fluctuated quickly for a while and all types of thoughts surged.

Then where did the lion master, who had been missing for four days, go? Did the major general find himself more compatible with the big ginkgo?

…Oh, these distressing and complex human emotions!

Gu Yanzheng took the lion wrapped in layers of ginkgo branches from the suspension car. Lion Chi opened his eyes in a dazed manner within the lush branches, still feeling the anger from his dream.

Gu Yanzheng immediately patted the big lion’s fur and coaxed him to continue to sleep. This dual ability not only calmed the lion’s mood but also tied the lion’s energy core. He would save the dreaming lion from destroying the home that had half of it repaired.

The big lion was sent all the way to the bedroom underground. Gu Yanzheng leaned on the bed and continued to pat the lion’s fur while placing part of his consciousness in the body of the small bonsai.

Therefore, the small bonsai inside the backpack emerged from the backpack that was opened by the ginkgo branches, followed by a small lion seedling. The lion seedling had just climbed out when he found his small tree father flying fast and heading straight for the courtyard wall…

The little lion seedling couldn’t catch up to this speed! The little lion seedling closed his wooden mouth and entered the backpack again in a dejected manner to move his flower pot. He hadn’t yet moved his flower put when he was picked up by the bonsai that suddenly returned. He was pulled into the lush branches and instantly turned into a smaller lion seedling as he sat on his tree father’s branches.

Little lion seedling: o_o?!

Then Bonsai Gu took the little lion seedling over the wall. Old Iron gazed up at the two metres tall ginkgo tree in the backyard and was filled with a family ethics drama filled with love and hatred about the major general, the mission lion, the ginkgo tree in the ground that kept going out and the son of the lion whose father was unknown.

Old Iron’s database surged and he came to the conclusion…

In fact, there was a door to leave and he wouldn’t tell on them.

At this time, Gu Yanzheng’s consciousness in the bonsai went over the courtyard walls and headed straight in the direction of the imperial palace. His baby lion transformed in his dreams because of emotional fluctuations. Even if his dual abilities could appease the lion and not let him hurt himself or anyone else, who knew what changes there would be in the long run? Therefore, he needed the experiment records from the imperial palace over the last 18 years. The most important thing was the record of all the genetic drugs that were injected.

Before approaching the imperial palace, the roots of the bonsai penetrated into the soil and his powerful wood ability entered the ground and poured into the imperial palace. In the blink of an eye, all the plants in the imperial palace started to grow wild and spread all over the imperial palace. No matter the position, if there was a bit of a gap then the plants would enter there and explode. In addition, the structures made of wood had their vitality returned and they grew branches.

The emperor, who was drinking afternoon tea, almost went crazy because of this situation! A berry he was eating suddenly sprouted and he nearly failed to remove it from his mouth. The tea he was drinking burst out of his fine china and grew into a huge tea tree on the table. Not to mention his exquisitely crafted floors made of various expensive woods, the sofa armrests, the table corners…

He, the noblest emperor of the empire, was eventually crushed into a corner by the plants and had to use a powerful beast card inherited from his ancestors to prevent himself from being poked to death by the fast-growing plants.

The imperial guards activated the mechanical beasts to clean up the plants that almost buried people. However, these plants, even if they were cut off or blasted, the fallen branches would take root and continue to grow new plants.

As a result, the entire imperial palace was a mess as it became submerged in a large sea of green in minutes. At the same time, all the hidden places in the palace were invaded by plants. This included the original place where Chi Jun subconsciously thought the little prince was detained but was actually the detention centre of the little prince’s clone bodies.

Bonsai Gu followed the crazy plants into the imperial palace and all the way to this building. Due to the disappearance of the last clone, this restricted area had been cleared. Bonsai Gu walked through it and his plants reached every corner. There was nothing to discover except for the numerous remnants of the beast patterns on the metal walls.

However, this wasn’t the only restricted area. In another location of the imperial palace, there was a hidden space. Bonsai Gu followed the roots of the plants rolling over the ground and headed underground.

The alarm caused by the invasion of the plants was still ongoing and almost all the staff were trapped by the plants. Gu Yanzheng looked around and saw it was another laboratory. Numerous unformed cultures were immersed in culture solutions. The little prince had used genetic enhancements too many times and his genes couldn’t achieve cell differentiation anymore, no matter the method. Therefore, there were no new clones.

Then the little lion seedling was pulled out from the branches by his tree father. The little lion seedling stared at the experimenters trapped by the plants and finally raised a wooden paw to point to a middle-aged man.

The crazy plants immediately stretched out their branches, grabbed the middle-aged man and pulled him to the front. The man struggled in horror because a cold voice entered his ears. “The 18 years of records for Su Chimo’s cloning experiments, hand them over!”

“What… what? No one is doing cloning experiments!”

Up to now, the new batch of clones showed no possibilities. Even if his laboratory was made public, there was no evidence. He could tell the outside world that he was growing the little prince’s body tissue to ensure the health of the royal heir.

Gu Yanzheng snorted and directly poked the man’s leg bone with a branch. The middle-aged man was in pain and struggled madly. At this time, a sharp vine reached his neck, causing him to instantly pale.

“The experimental records.” Gu Yanzheng demanded again in a cold voice.

The middle-aged man immediately stopped all struggles and trembled. “I… there are no complete records of the experiments here. The experiments on the little prince’s clones are all in stages and the experimenters are staggered. I only have the records for my stage in my quantum computer.”

“Open it!”

The green vine touched the quantum computer. The middle-aged man’s hand shook as he opened it, quietly activating the encrypted alarm while pulling out the experimental records. The experimental records contained fragmented stage records. Unfortunately, these people were very cautious and only recorded all types of beast experiments with various new genetic drugs. There was no such thing as the clone and human experiments. Although it couldn’t be used as evidence, all types of new genetic drugs were recorded.

Gu Yanzheng wrote down all the information and directly removed the green vine. Then he asked the little lion seedling something. The little lion seedling moved his paws and responded silently:

‘Tree father, the other experimenters I remember were killed by me.’

Gu Yanzheng, “……”

It was a bit troublesome but there was nothing wrong with this! Once Bonsai Gu left the laboratory, the entire laboratory was occupied with green vines. All the experimental instruments, the experimental materials and the experimenters were completely destroyed.

The middle-aged man still couldn’t understand when he died. It was clear that his alarm had been sent out. Why didn’t anyone come from beginning to end? The emperor was buried by plants and unable to care for himself. He couldn’t do anything even if he saw the alarm.

Near dinner time, the big lion woke up. He was a bit tired from his dream and stretched out his hands…paws? The big lion opened his eyes and saw his lion paws patting the chest of his big ginkgo. In addition, his head was hugged and patted by someone’s hand.

Lion Chi, ‘…Wasn’t I waiting?’

When did he transform?

“Let’s go and eat. I made your favourite spicy chicken wings today.” Gu Yanzheng told him.

Lion Chi reached out his paws, pushed away Gu Yanzheng’s arm and leaned against Gu Yanzheng’s shoulder, beast eyes staring at him carefully. “Yan Zhengzheng are you worried?”

He uncontrollably transformed…

Before Gu Yanzheng could speak, the big lion suddenly shrank and his paws held on tightly to Gu Yanzheng’s shoulders, so that the little soft lion slammed his hind legs into Gu Yanzheng’sneck.

Gu Yanzheng, “……”

The little lion held up his paws, clear eyes staring at his big ginkgo.

…He was just worried that his big ginkgo would be worried. Gu Yanzheng slowly let out a breath and hugged his baby. He carried the little lion while talking about his adventure in the imperial palace with the little lion seedling.

“If people in this time and space like to encrypt everything on their quantum computers…”

Chi Jun was thinking.

“No matter who has been doing the experiments for 18 years, there will always be information stored somewhere.”


Chi Jun and his big ginkgo’s eyes stared at Old Iron building the house.

Lion Chi stated, “Old Iron is very smart.”


It was just that Old Iron was a robot housekeeper and his initial hardware was a bit weak. He needed a full upgrade. Old Iron was wondering how the lion master came out.

Then the two people’s eyes locked on him. Old Iron turned his round head, heart suddenly panicking. Lion Chi reached out his paws and called for Old Iron to come over.

Old Iron moved over. “Master, what is your command?”

Gu Yanzheng held the little lion and spoke in a calm voice, “Tomorrow, go with me to the Armament Department.”

Old Iron’s lights flickered like he was hit hard. It was over, the factory reset was free.

Master Major General, was he going to directly tear off Old Iron’s weapons and format him?

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