SBIP: Chapter 31

The Royal Beast Research Institute and the Beast Imprinter Certification Centre were only one road apart. This meant Zhao Cheng, vice-president of the institute, came to Lin Zimu straight away. He was followed by a tall, powerful and expressionless person with some killing intent in his actions.

Lin Zimu’s mind was blank. He was still cold from the major general’s expression and now this threat from the imperial family made his entire body fall into an ice cave.

The Beast Imprinter Certification Centre might be a public place but this was the Capital Star, the centre of the imperial family’s power. He was from a small family with a shallow background. Where could he escape to?

If he had a bit of luck in the past, he thought that the Beast Card Research Institute would break through the entire beast card in advance and obtain the patent. This would allow him to be sheltered by the prince. Now he regretted his greed. He had to face the anger of the deceived little prince or revenge for betraying the major general…

Lin Zimu’s legs softened and he almost fell.

Vice-president Zhao Cheng reached him and smiled gently. “Mr Lin, what’s wrong with you?”

Lin Zimu couldn’t say a word. Zhao Cheng spoke while holding onto his shoulder, “His Royal Highness will arrive tomorrow. Mr Lin will be invited to stay in the institute for today.”

Lin Zimu shivered. “Vice-president Zhao…”

Zhao Cheng patted his shoulder, tone quite kind. “Mr Xiao Lin, relax. You have very good luck. Everyone has been trying to determine the inheritance of the ancient human’s primitive power yet you accidentally imprinted it. It is likely you touched an inheritance and it is normal to have this reaction. An inheritance can’t be well understood.”

Vice-president Zhao’s remarks made Lin Zimu stunned. The so-called inheritance that had long been considered by historians to be a fantasy story?

…Then the institute hadn’t yet realized that someone else had imprinted the beast card? Lin Zimu didn’t know if this was a bad thing or a blessing.

Then he was taken to a luxuriously decorated room in the institute. The vice-president commanded a number of people to guard the door and take care of him. It was clear that Lin Zimu couldn’t carry out any autonomous actions before the prince returned.

Lin Zimu trembled as he thought about what he might encounter next. As he was feeling emotionally tense, he suddenly remembered the task he commissioned. If the major general knew about this matter, he would probably die without a burial spot!

Lin Zimu turned on his quantum computer and wanted to cancel the kidnapping mission. However, he found that his quantum computer couldn’t send any messages at all. Vice-president Zhao had brought him to this room, shielding the signals of his quantum computer.

At the same time, the little prince was feeling angry at Major General Yan’s behavior when he received the news from the institute. He became even more excited than when he first saw the activated monarch butterfly card.

The original power inheritance was illusory but the alien ancient script and the smooth and beautiful lines of the totem convinced the little prince. What’s more, Lin Zimu had accidentally imprinted a beast card with this ancient power and it burst out a strong beast pattern. What would the effect be once the inheritance was fully received?

Su Chimo’s talent for beast imprinting was only in the mid-to-high grades. He was limited by his weak physical and mental strength in his early years. However, Su Chimo didn’t care about strangers. No matter how Lin Zimu inexplicably obtained this inheritance, the inheritance would be used for Su Chimo!

He maintained a calm and elegant smile as he had the guard inform the exchange them that his spot was withdrawn. Then he eagerly returned to the capital.

Meanwhile, Chi Jun and his big ginkgo were going to a branch of the empire’s Intellectual Property to prepare for a patent application. Gu Yanzheng was recognized the moment he entered the building.

It was just that no one dared to come over apart from a guide robot. Such a powerful male god, no one dared to come close, even if he was wearing casual clothes. They only watched from a distance and whispered a few times.

They weren’t aware of the existence of the teenager around him at all. It was because Chi Jun was playing with the little lion seedling in his backpack a few steps behind Gu Yanzheng. At first glance, he looked…

He had the same casual clothes, a young face and was handsome and sunny. He was probably a small soldier. The distant onlookers directly gave this verdict.

The application for a beast pattern imprint was a very complicated and troublesome thing. Chi Jun originally thought it would be possible to split the beast patterns and successfully imprint them to the beast cards. However, in addition to this, there were still cumbersome paper files and virtual files.

The lion grew grumpy and his energy core became a bit active. Gu Yanzheng saw this and raised his hand to this lion’s back. He gently pinched this person’s neck and sent in his two abilities to the energy core. If there were any changes in the energy core then he would tie it directly.

Gu Yanzheng looked at the building of the empire’s Intellectual Property Beast Pattern Patent Review Collaboration Branch.

…It would probably take his lion two minutes to tear it apart. Therefore, Gu Yanzheng rubbed Chi Jun’s head and said, “Contact Chen Shu and have him act as a full agent.”

Chi Jun turned his head in a stunned manner. “Is this possible?”

Gu Yanzheng nodded.

“In addition, he is an unscrupulous businessman and would be better at this than me.”

Chi Jun directly dropped all the documents and opened his quantum computer to contact Chen Shu. His head was about to be broken by all the official documents. It wasn’t easy for him to earn some pocket money for the little lion seedling!

Once Chen Shu heard that Chi Jun was a five star beast imprinter and was currently applying for a patent, he directly kicked away the octopus Song Bohao and closed the store, immediately coming over. In these circumstances, he saw the strict major general doing something inconsistent with his image. The hands that achieved countless war exploits was doing a very life-like thing.

The major general was rubbing Chi Jun’s neck and hair. Chi Jun was leaning against Major General Yan’s shoulder, closing his eyes and sleeping. The late autumn sunshine came from behind him and fell softly on him. This situation was lazy and leisurely and he was like a big cat sleeping in the sun.

Chen Shu, “……”

This gave Chen Shu a momentary illusion. In fact, the pet that Major General Yan was holding this morning in the beast pattern library was Chi Jun?

Then Chen Shu’s mouth twitched. He shook his head and got rid of his unrealistic imagination. It was estimated that the pet held by Major General Yan was something that Chi Jun had raised, just as he raised the green plant.

A green plant for tea and pets for reading books. Chi Jun, this teenager always had some habits that made people smile.

However, the gossipy people of the empire could rest assured. The Major General Yan of the empire would never become the little prince’s.

Chi Jun was sleeping and Gu Yanzheng naturally wouldn’t wake up him. He raised a hand to indicate the documents on the table. On top was the power of attorney and the split beast cards that had been imprinted by Chi Jun. Regarding the matter of the patents for the simplified and enhanced body pattern, the full authority to operate it was handed over to Chen Shu.

Chen Shu felt a bit unreal. This patent was worth millions yet it was given to him so easily? This person wasn’t afraid that Chen Shu would act for his own benefits? Uh…he didn’t have the courage or the thoughts. It was just that this trust made him feel quite moved.

Then the major general picked up the sleeping Chi Jun, nodded to him and left straight away. Chen Shu hurriedly waved back and watched the two men leave. Just, why did he feel that Chi Jun held by Major General Yan suddenly grew a bit bigger?

It was probably his illusion again. Chen Shu turned to concentrate on the patent applications. The application for the beast pattern patents was very troublesome but Chen Shu’s efficiency was very fast. It was estimated that it wouldn’t take long for the patent to be accepted.

At this time, Gu Yanzheng held the Chi Jun who suddenly transformed into a big lion. Gu Yanzheng helplessly spread out countless branches and wrapped around the 200 kilograms big lion. His wood ability could block the perspective of any electromagnetic devices. This way, no one would be able to find out what was inside.

Under such circumstances, the people who came out of the patent branch saw…

The major general holding a very huge green plant! The green plant was a ginkgo tree with fan-shaped leaves that fit the major general’s logo well. The more lifelike thing was…

The green plant was creatively cut into the shape of a big cat falling asleep. There was even a tail!

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