SBIP: Chapter 29

Gu Yanzheng watched the lion in the spring. The little lion swam around for a long time but his hair on his head wasn’t wet. His two ears were over the surface of the water. Underneath the water, four small paws were continuously moving up and down, the thick fur of the body swaying with the water ripples. The lion’s tail swung in the water and it was unknown if it was for balance or pure fun.

After another circle, Lion Chi came to the water’s edge, paws touching the smooth stones by the water as he looked up at Gu Yanzheng. Gu Yanzheng raised a hand and countless ginkgo branches plunged into the water and weaved a net that was placed under Lion Chi’s hind paws.

The little lion released his paws on the stone and fell back, landing on the ginkgo branches under the water. Most of his body was still buried in the water and only his neck was above the water. Thus, Lion Chi lay in the water, wandering around with the ginkgo branches.

The young lion seedling emerged from the smart backpack and green eyes stared curiously at the white misty water surface. He moved his roots and quietly climbed out of the backpack.

At this time, Gu Yanzheng finished changing clothes and came out from inside. His eyes catch the little lion seedling who wanted to ran and jump into the water where the big lion was located. Gu Yanzheng immediately raised a hand to pull him back.

The little lion didn’t have Gu Yanzheng’s ability. The temperature of the water meant he would be burned if he jumped in. The little lion was held in the hands of his stern tree father, green eyes staring unwillingly at the misty water.

In the distance, the little lion in the pool saw this and moved a paw. A huge, deep-water metal plate appeared at Gu Yanzheng’s feet. Calling it a plate was a bit civilized. In fact…

It was just a big and shiny wash basin.

Lion Chi looked at it silently…

This really wasn’t his aesthetic. He quietly raised his paws and changed the big wash basin into an European-style vintage carved bathtub.

Gu Yanzheng laughed. The little lion in the hot spring ferociously revealed his teeth. Gu Yanzheng added cold water to it and let the little lion seedling jump inside.

After setting up the gingko seedling, Gu Yanzheng entered the water and sat down, Lion Chi swimming in front of him. Gu Yanzheng reached out and touched the smooth fur of his family’s lion.

At this time, the residence of major general in the capital.

Gu Yanzheng had asked the robot housekeeper to order the genetic drugs. However, the sky was getting darker and the master and lion master hadn’t returned. The little lion seedling was also taken out and wasn’t at home.

Old Iron glanced at the two metres high ginkgo tree in the back yard. The major general had taken care of the big ginkgo tree after coming back yet. He didn’t know that this half-big tree had made a move against the lion master. Old Iron had a bit of hate for him. He was lonely staying at home. This was definitely the rhythm of the spare tire…

The good lion seedling should belong to this tree. Why wasn’t it tied to the tree? It was too excessive not to come home at night.

Old Iron’s processor had just flashed with a stream of data when the two metres tall ginkgo tree reached out to him. Old Iron extended dozens of robotic arms equipped with weapons.

‘…I might stand  with you and the lion master but I won’t be intimidated by you.’

Meanwhile, the major general who just touched his little lion and was ready to use his split-off body to study the genetic genes, “…”

Old Iron held up the weapons and his lights flashed red in warning. Major General Yan naturally didn’t act rashly. Old Iron’s weapons were assembled by himself and the power was equivalent to a top mechanical beast. It was a pity for the ginkgo leaves to be cut apart.

As a result, the two metres high ginkgo stood opposite Old Iron in front of the house with the skeleton just built. This lasted until the major general sent over a few orders. Old Iron silently put away the weapons and gave the genetic drugs to the ginkgo branch. He watched the ginkgo branches open the safe packaging and probe at the injection reagents.

Old Iron slipped away. Wasn’t it really good to send genetic drugs to a competitor? The major general master must think the competitor wasn’t strong enough. Unfortunately, these actions were useless. Genetic drugs only had an effect on the human body.

At this time, the hot spring on the Fog Star, Lion Chi had enough of soaking in the pool and lay on the white stone in front of Gu Yanzheng, a smart towel wrapped around him. His entire body was wrapped and only his head was left outside. The smart towel baked him and white heat emerged from the hairy ears.

Gu Yanzheng, whose eyes had been closed for a long time, frowned and stood up from the water. The water droplets glided down his strong chest, abs and…

Lion Chi whose head was smoking, “…”

No matter how many times he saw it, his big ginkgo’s figure was impeccable! In the apocalypse, this man had bullied him numerous times…

Without warning, Chi Jun became a human figure. He slid down from the white stone that wasn’t big enough and smashed into his family’s big ginkgo. At the same time, two ears suddenly popped out…


Half an hour later, Chi Jun stood looking into a mirror.

At his request, he didn’t wear the new bathrobes provided by the village. Instead, he put on the major general’s military uniform and boots. Unfortunately, the military cap couldn’t be worn since he still had his lion ears and the pressure hurt a bit. Of course, his energy core was tied tightly in an unprecedented manner.

The clothes might be a bit big but he had to say that the military uniform of the interstellar era was really perfect, not to mention the clothes of a major general. Chi Jun felt that the person in the mirror was handsome and gave off the atmosphere of being 1.8 metres tall! Of course, he had to ignore the ears on top of his head!

Standing next to him was the cold-faced Gu Yanzheng. he stared at Chi Jun’s slightly open collar and didn’t dare to move. No one knew better than him what type of impact the young man in front of him had when wearing a uniform.

This wasn’t the first time he had seen Chi Jun in a uniform. During the apocalypse, it was unknown where the big lion formed such a persistent obsession. and he had to wear a uniform. If it wasn’t for the fact that the training suit gave camouflage, he had to be wearing a military uniform or formal clothing.

Once they arrived at Base A, they got a uniform but the size was big…

Chi Jun had been standing in front of the metal mirror and complaining that the clothes weren’t suitable. Then he was hit by Gu Yanzheng who just came back. In a minute, he took care of the clothes that Chi Jun had just put on. The next day, the lion gave him the clothes without hesitation.

However, this time he couldn’t do anything. His lion’s impulse this time was unprecedentedly large and the lion ears were completely exposed.

All the genetic drugs bought back at home had been analyzed with his wood ability. The drugs were even mixed together but none of them could stimulate the ancestral beast gene. Therefore, it was impossible to find out the causes of the side-effects.

For now, he could only tie the lion’s energy core with his dual-system ability and wait for the lion ears to fade away on their own.


Chi Jun and his big ginkgo stared on the Fog Star for four days. Therefore, when the little prince Su Chimo arrived at his destination aboard the academy starship, he didn’t see the expected person.

At first, Su Chimo was still calm. In his view, a man who could be promoted to major general, in addition to physical and mental strength, there might be other abilities like camouflage and hiding. This would allow him to avoid the little prince’s guards.

That’s why Su Chimo was certain that this man would definitely show up during the two-week academy exchange. The calm Su Chimo waited three days but not even the major general’s shadow was seen.

Su Chimo was calm on the surface but his heart was a bit unhappy. There was still a lot of time left but the major general was too inactive.

Once again, his guards were busy contacting the guards who remained on the capital to investigate the major general’s whereabouts. However, no traces had been found of Major General Yan since leaving the Beast Imprinter’s Certification Centre. They didn’t know the exact situation but it was certain that Major General Yan wasn’t on the Capital Star.

Su Chimo saw this report and calmed down, his face showing a smile certain of victory. This was probably a test to see who was more patient and he could never be the one to lose.

Then on the morning of the fourth day, a guard carefully told him, “Your Highness, there is news of Major General Yan.”

Su Chimo smiled inwardly. “That’s just right. Spread the news that I am going to Fushan Suspended Mountain to play today at noon.”

The guard was very worried and kept speaking cautiously, “Your Highness, Major General Yan didn’t come here.”

Su Chimo froze and turned to look at the guard. “What did you say?”

The guard half knelt down, the blood drained from his face. “Your Highness, the news from the capital is that Major General Yan is currently in the imperial library.”

Su Chimo reached for the guard’s collar. “Is this true?”

The guard nodded and even brought out his quantum computer, transferring a video from the capital. The video was from the monitoring of the imperial library and showed the major general holding something with one hand while striding into the beast patterns book area.

Su Chimo’s calm surface broke as he shook the guard. This was impossible! It must be a trick that Major General Yan was using!

As for the reason why the major general carried the little lion into the library…

Lion Chi silently raised his paws and asked Gu Yanzheng to turn over the page of a book for him. Could he say that because he couldn’t build a snowman well, his mentality collapsed and he lost control, turning into a little lion?

On the last day of their star on the Fog Star, they went outside to make a snowman.

Gu Yanzheng made a sculpture-level big lion, the little lion made a miniature version of the palace while he could only make a fat drum that the shape of a big snowman could barely be seen from…

Then the damn side-effects of the beast ancestral gene were too much! He was only depressed for a while. Just…

Lion Chi held the lion hat and complained from within Gu Yanzheng’s arm. The more resentful and depressed he became, the more he couldn’t change back into a human form.

In the end, the lion pulled at Gu Yanzheng’s sleeve and decided to do something to distract himself. Therefore, Gu Yanzheng took his family’s lion to the imperial library, choosing a pile of books about high-grade beast patterns.

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1 year ago

Su Chimo is probably already in love but he’s too arrogant to admit it. Too bad GY will never look his way~

2 months ago

They are looking for what stimulated the beast gene, but I feel a good place to look would be, you know, the recently found and allied beast empire who could, you know, change between animal and human forms.

Also that Prince is so delulu its almost impressive