SBIP: Chapter 28

In the mirror, a young lion wore a fluffy brown lion hat.

Lion Chi, “…”

Gu Yanzheng reached out and touched the top of the head. The little lion in the lion hat was so cute that he kept touching.

The little lion grinned at the mirror, revealing sharp little teeth. Then he got rid of the smooth metal mirror, turned flexibly in Gu Yanzheng’s big hand, raised a paw and pressed it on Gu Yanzheng’s thigh. The lion tail behind him shook like a devil and he blinked amber beast eyes at Gu Yanzheng. “Awu~”

The young lion’s voice was clear and tender, combined with the plush body…

The major general with a hidden fur enthusiasm froze, controlling himself not to grab the fur.

The little lion’s eyes flashed and he drilled out from under Gu Yanzheng’s big hand, jumping onto his big ginkgo’s thigh. Then he raised his paws to his mouth, stroking the fur around it. After doing this twice, he looked up at the cold-faced Gu Yanzheng and called out again, “Meow?”

Gu Yanzheng was hit hard and both hands froze for a while.

The little lion who learned to call out as a cat fell down on Gu Yanzheng’s legs. He lay on his back with his soft belly showing and rolled around while laughing. “Yan Zhengzheng, do you see me as a big orange cat instead of a lion?”

Gu Yanzheng instantly thawed and reached out to touch the little lion’s soft belly.

The little lion shook and laughed. It took him a while to calm down. Then he crouched with his two front paws stretched up, looking up at Gu Yanzheng. He had been laughing so badly that his eyes were still a bit watery.

Gu Yanzheng reached out to pick up him, pressed him against Gu Yanzheng’s shoulder and patted him on the back. The little lion leaned against Gu Yanzheng’s neck, the lion hat with the fluffy mane rubbing against it He shook his head from side to side before sweeping it away. He liked this hat.

At the Royal Beast Card Research Institute, the little prince Su Chimo had seen the monarch butterfly card brought by Lin Zimu. He maintained his inherent dignity on the surface but his heart was very surprised.

He knew better than Lin Zimu the meaning of this simplified enhanced body pattern. Money and glory were secondary. The royal family had enough glory and authority to not care about adding more weight.

The point was that once this beast card was mastered, the combat power of a single soldier would increase by several times. In other words, monopolizing this beast pattern would allow the royal family to form a new army in minutes, easily crushing the current eight armies.

Su Chimo smiled and directly ordered the entire research institute to abandon all other research and to study the simplified and enhanced body patterns. At the same time, Lin Zimu was appointed as the highest level researcher and all resources of the institute could be used at any time.

Lin Zimu was ecstatic and became even more determined about his previous plan. While buying beast cards from that store, he would grab the unidentified kid and find out the secret of the simplified and enhanced version.

After spending most of the day in the Royal Beast Card Research Institute, Su Chimo came out. He subconsciously glanced at the parking lot of the opposite Beast Imprinter Certification Centre. However, there wasn’t a suspension card with a golden ginkgo leaf in the parking lot.

Su Chimo blinked. The guards around him observed his expression and immediately told the others to check the news of the major general.

Half an hour later, the royal guard received the news and concealed his surprise when he saw the contents. He walked to the little prince who just got off the suspension car and said, “Your Highness, the major general’s purpose of going to the Beast Imprinter Certification Centre was to bring a person to do the primary beast imprinter certification.”

Su Chimo touched the lower corner of his mouth with disdain. How could a person with the rank of major general personally bring someone to do the primary certification? Su Chimo took it for granted that this was a cover-up made by Major General Yan to follow him. He drove his private car yet attempted such a useless cover-up, he didn’t really want to conceal it.

The guard continued, “Your Highness, the person who came out did a four hour test. He started from a one star certificate and finally obtained a four star beast imprinter certificate. Major General Yan paid for the certification fee and we retrieved the identity information from the certification centre. The name of the person is…”

Su Chimo’s face maintained a light expression but his heart was disdainful. He directly said, “I don’t need to know his name. You can go back.”

Major General Yan’s method of delaying time was really ridiculous. However, the little prince immersed in fantasy hadn’t thought of something. If Major General Yan took such great lengths to follow the prince, why did he arrive earlier and why leave an hour earlier?

Su Chimo sat in the suspension car. Since the person had done this much…

He connected a video to the emperor. “Father, this time, the Capital Star’s First Academy is going to Huazhang Academy for an exchange. I want the Third Army to send a few people as escorts.”

The emperor naturally agreed to such a simple request. Thus, an imperial order was passed to Gu Yanzheng’s quantum computer as he carried the lion in the suspension car. Gu Yanzheng only took a look before transferring the emperor’s order to his deputy.

Escorting royal family members for an academic exchange between academies was too small for the Third Army that participated in many star wars. It wasn’t necessary for him to arrange it personally.

Two minutes later, the deputy sent the list over. Gu Yanzheng stamped his official authority on it and sent it back to the deputy. The deputy then transferred the document to the little prince’s bodyguard and it was done. The little prince smiled as he received a reply in a short period of time and opened the file.

However, the document clearly stated that the escort was Colonel Li Mingsheng. The major general’s name couldn’t be seen anywhere. The smile on the little prince’s face froze as he stared at the gold ginkgo leaf sign on the document. “Major General Yan? He isn’t taking part in the escort mission.

The guard spoke carefully, “Your Highness, on the way back from the beastmen empire, Major General Yan applied for a vacation with the Ministry of Military Affairs.”

Then he was secretly following? The little emperor smiled a bit.

Meanwhile, Gu Yanzheng, who didn’t have any travel plans apart from leaving the house with his little lion, turned to the lion playing with his quantum computer and asked, “What are you looking at?”

He saw that the lion had been looking at a picture several times.

Lion Chi raised his paws and sent the 3D image from his quantum computer in front of Gu Yanzheng. “An advertisement.”

Gu Yanzheng, “……”

In the seven years of the apocalypse, there wasn’t a phone signal let alone watching a TV. It wasn’t surprising that Chi Jun would be engrossed after seeing a variety of eye-catching 3D ads.

Gu Yanzheng seriously considered if he should open a holographic simulation game for his little lion to play with.

Then the little lion moved close to his ears and declared, “Hot springs.”

The little lion’s paws zoomed in and out of the 3D image. “In the Fog Star, there are many hot spring villas. Is it far away?”

In the apocalypse, they previously passed by a famous hot spring place. Chi Jun turned into a big lion, quickly cleared the zombies around him and rushed all the way through the water vapour. Of course, Gu Yanzheng’s head was also filled with the many things that could be done in the hot spring.

He indulged his lion and followed. Then he saw his lion looking like a lion that hadn’t caught its prey. He was sulking at the edge of the water, a big stone under his paws.

It was because the hot spring water had been polluted…

Then he had felt resentful about this thing all the way to the present? This was why he looked at an advertisement over and over? Gu Yanzheng laughed and changed the direction of the suspension car. “It isn’t far.”

Compared with the voyage of several galaxies, this was only a matter of minutes. Lion Chi crouched on Gu Yanzheng’s shoulders and saw Gu Yanzheng driving the vehicle into the sky and directly out of the atmosphere.

Lion Chi turned his head silently and saw the Capital Star getting further and further away…

At the same time, he saw two thrusters emerge from the suspension car’s back and exhale light. Just as it was accused of being useless, it flew directly into space and past several planets. Chi Jun had no thrusters, only the banana fan and purple-gold gourd without any protective measures… how could it be compared?

Lion Chi suddenly wanted to re-test his driver’s license…

There was no need to use his metal ability to cheat.

At this time, Gu Yanzheng reached out and covered his body. Countless branches emerged from Gu Yanzheng’s hand and surrounded Chi Jun’s body with the vitality of the dual-system ability.

Then the surrounding bright stars flowed rapidly as the suspension car entered a state of rapid transit. The little lion subconsciously closed his eyes and when he blinked, he was on the Fog Star of the advertisement.

The suspension car landed smoothly. Gu Yanzheng removed all the branches and carried the lion out of the suspension car.

It was winter in the best hot spring area in the advertisement and white snow fell from the sky. Gu Yanzheng’s physique was first-class and he wasn’t cold. However, Lion Chi was a tropical beast. Once he got off the car, the little lion’s paws covered his mouth as he sneezed several times in a row, letting out white mist. They had come casually and wasn’t prepared, so the furry lion hat was turned in to a warm object. The little lion sneezed and raised his paws to tighten the hat.

Gu Yanzheng bowed his head and kissed the little lion’s head. Then the strict Major General Yan of the Third Army opened his coat without any regard for his image and stuffed the little lion inside.

Lion Chi wearing the lion hat sat in Gu Yanzheng’s clothes and stared at the building in the distance with steamy eyes.

Gu Yanzheng booked one of the hot spring villas, drove out all the service personnel and robots and went to the hot springs area with his lion. The little lion saw the intelligent temperature sign, pulled off his hat and sprang out of Gu Yanzheng’s clothes. He jumped into the water and swam in a circle before raising his wet paws to his ginkgo. “Yan Zhengzheng, come~”

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