SBIP: Chapter 27

Throw a table! This business couldn’t be done! Even if they were given a billion, didn’t they need to be alive to earn it?

Lin Zimu, who didn’t sleep last night and had dark circles from continuing to study the bought beast cards, was thinking about how to threaten the young man to hand over the beast patterns when he received a message from the organization. It simply and neatly stated: The money is returned to you. Find someone else to do this task.

Lin Zimu’s face was dark. “What’s going on?”

Immediately after the message was sent, there was a response. “Dear client, hello. The organization has cancelled the kidnapping for ransom outsourcing business. Now it mainly undertakes the business of Star Network errands, video capture, picking up children and sending the elderly home. Do you have any needs?”

Lin Zimu’s mouth twitched and one foot kicked over the table. This was no longer a question of money. It was that the organization didn’t want to take on the task.

Lin Zimu could think about what this meant even when he was filled with anger. This teenager was far from the simple boy he thought!

Lin Zimu stared at the monarch butterfly card in his hand, his face cloudy and uncertain. Then he restored his elegant and gentle appearance, opened his quantum computer and sent a message to Zhao Cheng of the Royal Beast Card Research Institute.

“Hello, Vice President Zhao. Recently I accidentally made a beast card and I want to show it to His Highness. I don’t know if you can make an arrangement?”

After the message, Lin Zimu attached a 3D demonstration of the monarch butterfly card. His attempt to seize the patent might be shattered but such a beast card with an enhanced body pattern should be enough to open the door to meet the little prince.

The person in charge of the Royal Beast Card Research Institute was none other than the only heir to the empire, the little prince Su Chimo. Lin Zimu saw the vice-president Zhao Cheng directly video calling him back and his mouth slightly curved.

Meanwhile, Gu Yanzheng got off the vehicle behind Chi Jun and reached for Chi Jun’s waist, the two people entering the beast store together. Outside the door, the organization members were just preparing to leave when they saw Major General Yan and his arm around the target. Their feet slipped and they almost slammed into the ground.

For a time, all the people couldn’t think before they realized that the timely withdrawal was a wise choice! Major General Yan could blow up their whole organization in minutes.

…Mother’s eggs, they would never do anything bad again!

At this time, Chen Shu’s beast card store was open but the door had the ‘pause on business’ sign hung. Inside, Song Bohao was holding Chen Shu’s waist as he pressed the person against the counter. In order to spend some time with his family before leaving, he sent away the beautiful shopping guide sisters and hung the sign at the door.

Then he suddenly heard the sound of footsteps. The impatient Song Bohao slightly raised his head, not withdrawing his mouth from Chen Shu’s mouth as he made a hand gesture at the person coming in through the door. The person around the boy he met yesterday had a strong sense of existence and Song Bohao immediately recognized him.

Song Bohao was suddenly dumbstruck. He actually saw the empire’s major general who was only occasionally seen on the Star Network’s political news, Major General Yan! Was he so appreciated that Major General Yan personally came to recruit him?

Song Bohao was excited until he suddenly realized what he was doing. He pressed his family member in the store in public and his intentions were obvious. Uh… it was said that the Third Army was really disciplined… He was just kissing his lover, couldn’t this be let go?

At this time, Chen Shu didn’t wait to see what made him freeze and pushed him away. Thus, his previous actions seemed like a strong man forcing the other person…

Thanks to this, Song Bohao decided to take advantage of this opportunity to do what he long wanted to do! Song Bohao released his hand from Chen Shu’s waist but his actions were too fast. His clothes slightly opened and he forgot to close the, exposing half of himself.

Chi Jun saw all this and blinked slightly. He directly smashed the label of slag on Song Bohao’s head. Then he saw Song Bohao actually pull out something from his open clothes and kneel down. “Ah Shu, let’s get a certificate.”

There was no military rule against personally kissing your wife, right?

Chi Jun, “……”

Major General Yan, “……”

Chen Shu was still dizzy and once he heard Song Bohao’s words, his pupils shrunk and he shifted his line of sight. Then he saw Chi Jun and the expressionless face of the very familiar stranger. Chen Shu’s mouth twitched and he kicked the half kneeling man. “Get up!”

Song Bohao pulled at his clothes and didn’t give up.

Chi Jun look at Song Bohao holding onto the other man’s clothes. This was clearly a strong and tall man but he had an extremely careful attitude. Then Chi Jun subconsciously thought of his serious ginkgo crying in front of him and asking for a certificate.

They might’ve been veteran partners for seven years and didn’t care about the form of things but… he suddenly wanted to see it!

Chi Jun turned to look at Gu Yanzheng. Gu Yanzheng stared at his lion’s bright eyes, touched the corner of his mouth, raised a hand to the lion’s head and kissed the corner of this person’s eyes. If he wasn’t worried about his lion popping out lion ears in public, he would probably kiss this person somewhere else.

Moreover, the matter of marriage proposal should naturally be done in a timely and convenient manner and there would be a happy blend of metal and wood afterwards. How could he follow the atmosphere of others? Besides, the lion’s side effects hadn’t been cured yet.

The two people had rolled in the sheets for an unknown number of times. Even if he didn’t say anything at this moment, Chi Jun naturally knew what this person meant. Chi Jun frowned… what side effects? They were really troublesome!

The two people, one young and handsome and the other cold, mature and strong, exchanged silent looks. This looked extremely affectionate in Chen Shu and Song Bohao’s eyes. The pink bubbles and the ignorant atmosphere was more tender than the kneeling proposal on this side.

A bit of envy flashed in Chen Shu’s eyes. Look at the other person’s gong. Although his face was cold, he had deeply affectionate eyes and a simple action allowed others to see his deep love for Chi Jun. Meanwhile, his partner was full of brain waste. Was he a farm animal?

If Chi Jun knew about Chen Shu’s envy, he would definitely jump up and retort. If it wasn’t for his side effects, his partner would be more of an animal than a farm animal. During the seven years of the apocalypse, they had thoroughly turned over every ground whenever there was time.

Chen Shu took a breath, raised his foot and kicked the kneeling Song Bohao. “Get up!”

There was no ring then this person could go dream about getting a certificate. Then Song Bohao pulled at a corner of his clothes and held out a ring that had been hidden for a long time before standing up.

Chen Shu, “…”

Could he take back the part about the ring? The two people’s marriage proposal was completed so Chi Jun opened his mouth. “Brother Chen, Brother Song, sorry to disturb you. I have something to say to you.”

Chen Shu nodded. “Come and talk inside.”

He directly shook off Song Bohao’s hand and led Chi Jun and the person with him to another room. Major General Yan was expressionless and silent. Apart from his family’s lion, he always had little to say to outsiders.

This scratched at Song Bohao’s heart. He wanted a double harvest of a family and career by proposing to Chen Shu but he couldn’t tell from Major General Yan’s expression if he had passed or not.

The four people headed to the store manager’s room that they were actually very familiar with. Chen Shu made tea. He opened a new can of tea and pushed it in front of Chi Jun and guest, subconsciously glancing at Chi Jun’s shoulders. The green plant wasn’t there.

Then he glanced at the person around Chi Jun and his chaotic head suddenly sobered up. This wasn’t…

Chen Shu was shocked and glanced at Song Bohao. Song Bohao sitting next to him nodded cautiously. Chen Shu’s hands shook. He might be a civilian but this was his first time facing the major general of the empire. He followed Song Bohao by straightening his back. The two people sat like trained recruits.

Chi Jun subconsciously believed that ordinary people must’ve never seen what the major general truly looked like. Even if they saw him, they probably wouldn’t associate him with a major general’s status.

It was just like before the apocalypse, you went to a store to eat and the person in plain clothes eating at the table looked like the president of the country. The first impression was that this was a similar looking person, not the president himself.

Therefore, Chi Jun didn’t care much about the two people’s attitude. He just thought they were somewhat uncomfortable because the kissing and marriage proposal scene was witnessed.

Chi Jun opened his mouth. “Brother Chen, Brother Song, this is Gu Yanzheng…”

Chen Shu and Song Bohao nodded. They remembered the Major General’s name. The two people were remembering the name when they heard the second half of the sentence. “…The person I love.”

It was smooth and confident. There was a bang and the two people felt something exploding in their minds. The two men turned stiffly to the calm major general sitting there without any rebuttal. They had seen the major general’s intimate action of kissing Chi Jun’s eye but news that everyone in the interstellar world didn’t know was suddenly exposed to them. This was simply…

Song Bohao and Chen Shu, “………”

They were just ordinary people… slow down. Wasn’t it just yesterday that Chi Jun needed to go to the asteroid belt in order to escape his identity of a black household? Today, he reached the pinnacle of his life and became the major general’s boyfriend.

Wait, no. The almost universally known rumour was that Major General Yan was interested in the imperial prince, Su Chimo. Didn’t His Majesty intend to marry the little prince when he became an adult?

The little prince had just turned 18 but the major general was away so this hadn’t happened yet. Suddenly getting another boyfriend, what was going on? The flames of gossip were burning inside them but neither of them had the courage to ask.

Meanwhile, Chi Jun was telling Gu Yanzheng, “This is Brother Chen Shu and Brother Song Bohao. While you were away, they took good care of me.”

Gu Yanzheng nodded since he had seen them as the bonsai. Thus, he reached out to pick up the teapot and added tea to the two men’s cups. “Thank you for taking care of Chi Jun.”

The two immediately reached out to support the cups and were very polite. “Mr Gu is too polite.”

“Brother Song, didn’t you ask me if I wanted to join the Third Army? I came over to tell you that it’s fine and I won’t go.”

Song Bohao glanced at the major general sitting opposite him. Gu Yanzheng didn’t say anything and just silently drank his tea. Song Bohao immediately nodded. “Okay, you will be successful no matter what you think about.”

“In addition, I won’t go to the asteroid belt but I still want to buy a small planet.”

Song Bohao continued to nod. “Okay, I can help you arrange the necessary things. Just directly send me a message when you need it.”

After saying these two things, Chi Jun looked at Chen Shu. “Brother Chen, I intend to certify as a five star beast imprinted and also apply for a patent. After applying for the patent, I will give you the right to operate it. What do you think?”

A big pie suddenly fell down and Chen Shu was a bit embarrassed. This was a business worth more than a billion star coins and the operational space required was particularly large. The biggest partner was the military!

Chen Shu silently stared at Major General Yan.

…Major general pouring the fourth cup of tea, please give me some tips. Otherwise, I will be very embarrassed when signing a contract with you in the future!

“Brother Chen?”

Chen Shu’s voice was a bit dry as he nodded. “Okay, I’ll be sure to maximize your interests.”

In the end, Chen Shu didn’t see any hints from the major general so he agreed to Chi Jun’s proposal. Once the two people left together, Song Bohao grabbed the arm of his family member. “Ah Shu, Major General Yan didn’t mention the matter of recruitment. Is he dissatisfied with me? Will he cancel the recruitment order once he goes back?”

Chen Shu looked at the suspension car moving away. Inexplicably, he thought that the reason why Major General Yan came over didn’t have anything to do with the Third Army and the mercenary group’s recruitment. He was probably just accompanying Chi Jun.

The major general didn’t talk much from beginning to end but his eyes were full of indulgence and favour for Chi Jun! Between the gestures and the tacit understanding with Chi Jun, this was a relationship that couldn’t be cultivated in a day or two.

Therefore, the rumours about the major general and the little prince were false! He didn’t know how exactly these false rumours came about.

After leaving Chen Shu’s beast card store, Gu Yanzheng took Chi Jun to the empire’s Beast Imprinter Certification Centre. Opposite the Beast Imprinter Certification Centre was the empire’s Beast Card Research Institute.

As Gu Yanzheng’s suspension car parked at the certification centre, the imperial prince’s suspension vehicle was also at the parking lot of the Royal Beast Card Research Institute. Therefore, the little prince saw the major general’s car. For a moment, the little prince’s lips curved and he was faintly smiling.

He just received news from his father that the Third Army had perfected the first communications with the beastmen empire and the initial work of establishing diplomatic relations was completed. Then Major General Yan couldn’t wait to hand it over to a diplomat of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and led part of the Third Army’s fleet back to the capital.

The little prince was well aware of the meaning of this. Although this person didn’t approach him directly, the major general had quietly obtained his whereabouts.

Major General Yan might be a wild star soldier who kept being promoted to the rank of major general with his remarkable military skills but in his bones, the little prince still thought that Major General Yan was rough and not very noble. These achievements were only due to his SSS physical and mental strength.

It wasn’t enough. Major General Yan still needed to do more before the prince would promise to be with him. A hard-won affection was easy to cherish so such strictness would surely give him the power. The little prince’s eyes flashed as he proudly raised his chin and walked like straight bamboo into the Royal Beast Card Research Institute.

Meanwhile, Chi Jun and Gu Yanzheng didn’t even see the little prince. They were following a guide robot to a VIP room under the authority of the major general. After entering the VIP room. Chi Jun submitted his identity information and began to look at the specific method to obtain a beast imprinter certification.

The certification for one star to four stars belonged to the beginner beast imprinter certification and the authentication method was simple.

The test centre would provide all the one star to four star patterns in the empire so far. The beast imprinters who applied for a certification only needed to select 10 types and then imprint them on the beast cards within a specified time to get the star qualification.

The beginner beast imprinter certification process didn’t require personnel supervision Only the beginner test robot was responsible for determining and confirming the process. Therefore, there was no limit to the number of times the certification process could be attempted. It didn’t matter if they didn’t pass at once. As long as a person had enough mental strength, they could continue testing hundreds of times.

Of course, the longer they stayed inside, the higher the fee that was charged. The empire’s beast certification couldn’t skip levels. This meant Chi Jun had to start from the most basic certification and the process might be a bit long.

Gu Yanzheng rubbed his hair. “Go, I am waiting here.”

“I don’t know how long I’ll be. You don’t have to wait for me and go buy these things.”

As Gu Yanzheng drove the suspension car, Chi Jun had made a long shopping list while browsing the Star Network. Gu Yanzheng nodded and watched Chi Jun enter the testing hall. Then he sat down and directly sent the shopping list to a famous guard who was with him in the capital, asking him to buy these things and send them to his house.

Chi Jun entered the testing hall and there were directions from the guide robot. Chi Jun went to the test area with a one-star mark and opened the beast pattern library.

Under normal circumstances, a beast imprinter wouldn’t waste time looking at these low-level beast patterns. They would directly select 10 familiar beast patterns and imprint them. Even if the test didn’t pass, practicing the 10 beast patterns could improve their success rate.

However, once Chi Jun opened the one-star beast pattern library, he immediately forgot about the test. He might’ve seen numerous low-level beast cards in the store but their patterns were similar and they had basically been screened for popular beast patterns according to market demand.

The test centre provided all the low-level beast patterns in the Star Empire for hundreds of years. Thus, Chi Jun simply sat down and looked at them one by one.

For these initial beast patterns, Chi Jun only needed to look at them with his two eyes to study there. Chi Jun quickly figured out the law and turned them over in an average of almost two seconds.

The test robot next to him didn’t move and there was no urgency. According to the procedure, the test robot would only remind the person to prepare to enter the test after the test person had voluntarily closed the beast pattern library.

Once Chi Jun finally looked at all the one-star beast patterns and turned it off, the test robot sent 10 blank alloy cards over to remind Chi Jun to select 10 beast patterns for testing.

By this time, an hour had passed. Chi Jun casually selected 10 beast patterns, took the alloy card and imprinting pen and completed the beast patterns in minutes. The test robot activated the beast card and it was qualified.

The test robot spoke in a calm voice with no fluctuations. “Mr Chi Jun, congratulations on passing the certification of a one star beast imprinter. Please pay the test fee.

According to the time consumed, Chi Jun needed to pay 100,000 star coins.

Of course, this wasn’t a large number for Chi Jun who earned millions in a day. However, he had gone out without his star currency card and his quantum computer was new so there wasn’t any money in his name.

Chi Jun was preparing to send a message to Gu Yanzheng when the test robot stated, “The fee has been paid. Mr Chi Jun, this is your badge. Please put it away.”

Chi Jun, “……”

The big ginkgo didn’t listen to him.

Then Chi Jun was given a badge. The badge had a portrait of the forefather of the imperial beast cards and there was a silver star with a cloud pattern around it. At the same time, Chi Jun’s identity information gained the symbol of a one-star beast imprinter.

Chi Jun opened the quantum computer and sent a video call to Gu Yanzheng. Gu Yanzheng had moved to the sunny area of the VIP room and was basking in the sun with his son’s flower pot on one hand. The two trees were at ease, not showing any anxiety about waiting.

The little lion cub in the flower pot also raised his paws to greet Chi Jun. Gu Yanzheng’s low voice passed over. “Have you encountered a problem?”

Chi Jun shook his head. “No, I just suddenly want to see you.”

Gu Yanzheng slightly clenched his jaw and lowered his eyes to cover up the madness in them. In fact, it wasn’t only Chi Jun who was sick. He was also sick. It was a side effect caused by witnessed his family’s lion self-exploding.

His feelings hadn’t been clear when he was still a few galaxies away. It was because even if he wasn’t by Chi Jun’s side, his companion body or split off ginkgo tree was always around Chi Jun. Now his big lion had been away from his sight for an hour and it felt like his heart was burning. His mind was repeating the scene of Chi Jun blowing himself up.

If it wasn’t for the calming effect of his wood ability, he probably would’ve gone straight in. He wanted to tie up his lion with a branch, tie him to death and let Chi Jun integrate into his body, growing forever on his tree so that Chi Jun could never leave him.

He was sick, he was abnormal, he couldn’t be cured. What would happen if his family’s lion knew Gu Yanzheng wanted to imprison him?

Then Chi Jun told him, “There is one more thing. Wait for me to go out and tell you.”

Gu Yanzheng nodded. He saw the opposite person about to turn off the video and immediately stopped him. “Wait to come out before closing it.”

Chi Jun nodded and bowed his head, giving his quantum computer a 3D image of a kiss. Gu Yanzheng’s heart was suddenly flooded with emotions.

His living lover, his baby…

One minute later, Chi Jun appeared at the door of the VIP room and walked to Gu Yanzheng’s side in a few steps. He sat down beside Gu Yanzheng and whispered, “Yan Zhengzheng, give your small bonsai body to me. I will probably take a long time so go and buy food for your son first. Then eat directly here. Um, can you eat in here?”

Gu Yanzheng turned to look at him.

Chi Jun let out a deep breath and raised a hand to poke his heart. “In fact, this place is very painful and it is uncomfortable without you here. I have to get used to it.”

Then Chi Jun reached out for the smart backpack. He remembered that when he went out, he stuffed Bonsai Gu into his backpack with his son. Before he could take out the bonsai, he was suddenly grabbed by his big ginkgo and someone’s lips covered his in a hot kiss.

At the same time, his energy core was tied up by Gu Yanzheng’s dual abilities. It was over… his ears were coming out!

This was Chi Jun’s first reaction. Then he was completely immersed in his big ginkgo’s eager kiss. It was an extremely restrained but intense kiss. Gu Yanzheng’s tongue went deep into his mouth, gently licking the gums and even the soft depths.

Chi Jun’s body hadn’t reacted yet but his head was beginning to itch. There was no way, he was equally eager for his big ginkgo.

Fortunately, Gu Yanzheng might be greedy but he was very measured. He withdrew the tip of his tongue in a timely manner and placed a sports cap on Chi Jun’s head. The dazed Chi Jun reached for the hat covering the lion ears and asked vaguely, “Where did it come from?”

Gu Yanzheng’s crazy thoughts had long seen retreated. “I bought it when you fell asleep last night.”

He also bought a lot of other things but only brought two of them with him when they went out. Chi Jun looked up at the cap and subconsciously added, “In fact, I prefer the military cap.”

Gu Yanzheng nodded. “Okay.”

“It is your major general’s military cap and you will probably be bothered if I wear it.” Chi Jun raised his chin. “Go home and wear it!”

Gu Yanzheng laughed. “Okay.”

Talking about this caused the ears on Chi Jun’s head to disappear and he placed the backpack containing the bonsai on his shoulder. As he walked out, he said, “I want to eat barbecue rice. The taste is light.”

Gu Yanzheng and placed most of his consciousness in the ginkgo bonsai, grasping at his lion’s shoulder with a root. Therefore, Chi Jun and the green plant smoothly passed through the security check and entered the two star beast imprinter area with the guide robot.

Like the previous time, Chi Jun spent a lot of time looking at the two star beast patterns. The number of two star beast patterns might be small but they were more complicated than the one star ones, making Chi Jun take another hour.

From beginning to end, the small bonsai quietly sat on Chi Jun’s shoulder and greedily stared at his family’s serious lion. By the time Chi Jun got the four star beast imprinter certification, more than five hours had passed.

Chi Jun was extremely hungry and his head was full with all types of patterns. He didn’t want to continue with the five star certification. In addition, the guide robot couldn’t do the five star beast imprinter certification. He had to wait for the system to randomly arrange a six star or higher beast imprinter to oversee the test.

Therefore, Chi Jun took the final badge with four silver stars and went out of the test hall towards the VIP room. He finished eating and drinking and leaned on Gu Yanzheng’s shoulder. A hand played with the leaves of the small bonsai and he yawned with satisfaction.

Gu Yanzheng held his wrist and inserted some strength to relieve his fatigue before asking, “Go home?”

Chi Jun shook his head and raised his spirits. He reached out to place the small bonsai and lion seedling into the backpack. “Don’t go back. There is still something left to do.”

The two men walked out of the certification centre and stood in front of the major general’s private car. Chi Jun handed the smart backpack to Gu Yanzheng before sitting first. Gu Yanzheng took the backpack and looked at his lion sitting directly in the driver’s seat. His lion seemed to have some obsession with the driver’s position…

Chi Jun leaned out and cocked his head at Gu Yanzheng. “Get on.”

He always felt that this action was very chic, especially when the car was very cool. Out of concern for the safety of others, Gu Yanzheng turned on the autopilot and headed to the public practice yard.

Chi Jun, “……”

Well, this wasn’t the apocalypse where he could practice driving and only hit a zombie. Chi Jun stared at the autopilot and watched the basic driving skills of the suspension vehicle. Then on the air runway with various suspended signs, Chi Jun hit the car 18 times in a row…

The traffic rules weren’t complicated. Rather, there were many birds in the stellar sky so the most basic skill of manually driving a suspension vehicle was to avoid flying birds. This was the suspension car simulation practice yard and the birds were all virtual ghosts, yet Chi Jun controlling the wheel couldn’t escape them.

After the 19th collision, Chi Jun used his metal ability to control the entire suspension car and easily and flexibly avoided all the birds, passing the test. Thus, the license to drive manually was passed to his quantum computer.

However, Chi Jun wasn’t happy. He could control a piece of iron to take him and the big ginkgo flying in the sky. He could turn iron into a gorgeous banana fan or a beautiful purple-gold gourd, which was more handsome than a flying sword.

What did it mean that he struggled to control a suspension car?

Chi Jun turned to look at Gu Yanzheng. Gu Yanzheng reached out to touch his head. This just made Chi Jun even more frustrated. He could master so many metals, why couldn’t he drive this?

The feeling of resentment came up and Chi Jun couldn’t control it. There was one less person in the driver’s seat. The little lion held his paws and shrank into his clothes. Before he could organize his emotions, he was picked up by his big ginkgo and something plush was placed on his head.

The little lion turned his head and felt that the hair of the toy was a bit like his big male’s mane but unfortunately, he couldn’t see it. Therefore, he lifted his paws and made a mirror in front of himself…

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