SBIP: Chapter 26

Early the next morning, Chi Jun had subconsciously turned into a human and he opened his eyes. He saw his boyfriend’s strong chest up close and Chi Jun reached up to touch his own head… morning was the most exciting.

It was strange to touch the two lion ears on top of his head.

At the same time, Chi Jun found that behind him wasn’t Gu Yanzheng’s hand but a lush cluster of ginkgo branches. The power of two abilities entered his body through his back and wrapped tightly around his energy core.

Chi Jun, “…”

In this case, don’t touch about self-exploded. It would be laborious just to use his metal power. There was Gu Yanzheng. Just like during the apocalypse, he could be completely without any worries.

Thus, an unscrupulous humanoid lion pounced towards the person speaking with bright eyes, nibbling on the grass-scented thin lips. Major General Yan was bitten all over and his eyes turned red. He couldn’t pull back and could only hold his family’s lion, tying his two abilities tightly around a certain person’s energy core while keeping the kiss extremely gentle. At the same time, the roots under his feet helplessly headed to the bathroom and soaked in cold water.

10 minutes later, Chi Jun with two lion ears and his protected energy core slipped into the bathroom and washed with a handful of cold water. The morning’s excitement subsided and the ears completely disappeared. The strength of the wood and healing abilities wrapped around his energy core also slowly dissipated.

Chi Jun walked out in a refreshed manner and as he passed by Old Iron, he reached out to pat the round head. The dedicated Old Iron had worked hard all night and made the foundation of the new house.

Chi Jun ate breakfast and leaned against the bonsai tree to organize his beast cards. Gu Yanzheng picked up the flower pot on the ground and woke up the sleeping white seedling. Chi Jun glanced over. Since the father and son were deepening their feelings, he continued to focus on the beast cards.

He now had an identity and naturally wanted to apply for the patent that he couldn’t do previously. His family might be very rich but that didn’t mean he could miss out on the large patent fee.

Chi Jun searched the Star Network for information on the patent application materials. Then according to the requirements of the beast pattern patent application, he imprinted the body pattern and the enhanced body pattern one by one.

Patent application and producing beast cards weren’t the same. The most important thing about producing beast cards was to do it in one go. A patent application required him to split the energy ratio into every part of the pattern. Therefore, it might only be two beast patterns but each one required disassembling a hundred ordinary alloy cards.

Chi Jun threw all the beast cards into his backpack and waited for a time to go out and get an official identity as a beast imprinter.

After looking up and seeing that Gu Yanzheng was still holding the little lion seedling, he stood up and walked over. Gu Yanzheng’s quantum computer was open and various small windows were playing 3D videos and text. Every time the lion seedling saw one, he would stretch out wooden paws and click ‘ok’ or remove them. The little lion seedling poked quickly at first before his speed gradually slowed down. Sometimes, the ginkgo leaves on top of his head would shake and he would lay his paws down for a long time.

Meanwhile, Gu Yanzheng held the flower pot and waited patiently. He didn’t rush or urge the seedling. Chi Jun couldn’t figure out the reason for this parent-child activity and stood by to watch.

Then the contents of the 3D videos quickly made him wake up the memories of the clone in his head. Most of the clone’s memories were vague. During the first few years, he didn’t even have a complete self-awareness. He was always restricted by various intelligent machines and constantly injected with genetic drugs. Currently, the little lion seedling was selecting some of the drugs that the clone had been injected with!

Gu Yanzheng grabbed Chi Jun’s waist and whispered in his ear, “These are all the publicly registered genetic drugs in the empire. Let’s obtain these first and I will find a way for the others.”

There were hundreds of genetic drugs allowed by the empire. However, in order to make drugs suitable for the little prince, the imperial palace had injected more than a thousand types of drugs into the clone over the last 18 years. Many of them were illegal genetic drugs. If it wasn’t that the final reagent injected into the little prince’s body was less than one-tenth of those injected into the clone, Gu Yanzheng would’ve stared directly from the prince.

Chi Jun nodded. However, there was an unspoken oddity. He always felt there was something wrong. Chi Jun looked at the lion seedling carefully screening the genetic drugs. So… why was their son doing the screening?

Chi Jun slowly reached out and grabbed Gu Yanzheng’s clothes on his chest. “Yan Zhengzheng, where did this son come from?”

This could never be grown from a simple white fruit. Even if a normal white fruit became affected by Chi Jun changing into a lion and grew into a wooden lion, it was impossible for the fruit to know the genetic drugs of this era.

There was a faint guess but Chi Jun didn’t dare to think too deeply because he was afraid of disappointment. The clone was so pitiful that Chi Jun didn’t want to admit the wrong person!

Thus, he was staring hard at Gu Yanzheng. This time, nothing could fool him!

Gu Yanzheng rubbed the other person’s head and explained, “Li Ming gave me his level eight mental power zombie nucleus. After half a year of research, I managed to borrow the mental power contained in the nucleus. He isn’t a simple ginkgo seedling. He is the clone that was drawn from your consciousness and almost dissipated.”

Chi Jun turned to look at the well-behaved little lion seedling. Then this was actually the son he wanted to spoil…

Chi Jun suddenly reached out to hold the little lion seedling. What screening genetic drugs? He would give his son a hug first! The little lion threw aside his tree father’s request and used is small wooden paws to hold his lion father’s finger.

This little seedling lacked love! It would be fine in the future. He had two fathers! Chi Jun rubbed the lion seedling hard. Then after a while, he turned to Gu Yanzheng. “Let your son lie in the sun. I will do this.”

“Are you sure?”

“I have his memories.”

“Okay.” Gu Yanzheng placed the flower pot on the ground. Chi Jun tugged at the ginkgo leaf tail of the little lion cub and then sat down cross-legged with Gu Yanzheng.

He looked through hundreds of genetic drugs and could eventually only determine 100 types. After all, the effectiveness of genetic drugs with high safety factors was far less effective than banned genetic drugs. Therefore, the imperial palace didn’t fully use them.

Gu Yanzheng put away the videos, made the sorted genetic drugs into a list and had Old Iron go to order them. Chi Jun looked down at the little lion seedling at his feet. In the sun, his son was stretching out and showing his small belly. Chi Jun’s hand poked it and felt the hard wood material that was completely different from his own fur. The lion seedling hugged his poked belly and raised his small head to look innocently at his lion father.

Gu Yanzheng watched then and then next to him, the two metres high ginkgo sub-body extended a branch and grabbed a bottle of mineral water from the suspension trolley. He opened it and covered the little lion’s head with half a bottle.

Chi Jun was about to jump up. He wanted to say, ‘Gu Yanzheng, this is too much! Father Yan wasn’t this strict on you.’ Then he saw the lion seedling happily open green eyes, the ginkgo leaves on his head swinging as he sucked all the water in one breath. He had been in the sun for a long time and needed water. Drinking this whole bottle was too refreshing.

Chi Jun, “……”

Sure enough, human thinking couldn’t be used for a plant.

Chi Jun suddenly had a thought and waved to a piece of Old Iron. He formed a large, open watering can and poured the large bottle of mineral water that he bought yesterday into it. After filling it up, the can floated up and stopped above the two metres high tree. Then there was a miniature version of artificial rainfall about the tree.

Gu Yanzheng, “……”

Old Iron saw this situation and couldn’t help holding his arms. The response of the ginkgo yesterday was too slow but its strength shouldn’t be underestimated. However, it allowed the second master to water it with great care.

Once the large amount of water ran out, Chi Jun touched Gu Yanzheng’s shoulder and asked with an expectant expression, “How do you feel?”

Gu Yanzheng reached for him and stood up. “Very good. Next time I’m a tree, you can try again.”

Chi Jun glanced at the big pit in the backyard. If it was the large ginkgo tree then… the watering can seemed a bit small. He could probably only win by volume. Forget it, he would think about it later.

Chi Jun grabbed Gu Yanzheng’s arm. “Rain can slow us down. Let’s go and make some pocket money for our son.”

The two people changed their clothes, grabbed the little lion seedling and went out. This time they didn’t ride a public suspension vehicle but a suspension car with the exclusive gold ginkgo leaf of the major general. Under Chi Jun’s direction, it went directly to Chen Shu’s beast card store.

As the suspension car docked at the door of the beast card, the first one to see Chi Jun wasn’t Chen Shu but the members of an organization involved in outsourcing business such as kidnapping for ransom.

In order to earn the 50 million star coins commission, the organization had also shed a lot of blood. A single commission was equivalent to 10 orders! This was simply good business.

Therefore, there were more than a dozen members in the vicinity and a lot of mobile personnel elsewhere. They were just waiting to determine the whereabouts of this person before rushing over to tie him up.

However, the over a dozen people were stunned silly. Shouldn’t such a good deliveryman take a public suspension vehicle? What was this private car belonging to the empire’s major general?

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