SBIP: Chapter 25

Lin Zimu received news of the failure of the task he commissioned and his face turned green. The gentle and elegant face twisted and he pinched the monarch butterfly beast card in his hand. How was this possible?

“Dear client, the information you provided is seriously wrong. The target’s combat power isn’t low. If you still want to entrust this to us then the commission will be raised to 30 million star coins.”

Lin Zimu broke the imprinting pen in his hands as he gazed at the message he received. “Asking for 30 million to kidnap a mere kid from a wild star, you are really daring!”

“If you don’t want to continue to pay the commission then the task will be suspended and the prepaid deposit won’t be refunded. However, I want to tell you that the target isn’t a small person like you said.”

“You know his identity?”

“That’s not it. We haven’t found any information about the identity of the target. Since, based on the principle of friendly cooperation, I have something for you to look at.”

Then Lin Zimu received a 3D video. The person in it was naturally Chi Jun who Lin Zimu identified as coming from a wild star.

Lin Zimu instantly became sluggish. The person who took off the metal decorations on his face was handsome. He was clearly a young man with a slightly curved mouth as his black eyes calmly watched the opposite mechanical beast. He casually and freely dealt with the attacking mechanical beasts and cleaned up these fierce and brutal mechanical beasts with a few blows.

Lin Zimu’s throat moved. “30 million!”

“Yes, dear client. Happy cooperation!”


Meanwhile, Lion Chi was clinging to Gu Yanzheng’s wrist while studying the dozens of building models.

Old Iron came over. “Master, the quantum computer you wanted.”

Gu Yanzheng took the quantum computer, reached out with his wood ability to hold the lion’s paw and placed the quantum computer on him. The quantum computer started and the scan locked onto the disturbed genetic information.

The little lion flung out his paw. The quantum computer was light and didn’t interfere with his actions, so he didn’t care too much.

According to the pseudo-genes scanned by the quantum computer, Gu Yanzheng quickly created an identity for Chi Jun from the same wild star Gu Yanzheng came from. Once this was done, he saw the little lion was still worried about which house to choose and he rubbed the small head. “Go to sleep and choose tomorrow.”

The little lion stood up and pointed. “This one.”

Gu Yanzheng didn’t look at it and directly nodded. Thus, Old Iron quickly noted it and slipped away.

Just then, Old Iron’s intrinsic programs laid around the home detected strange electromagnetic fluctuations around the major general’s office. Old Iron’s lights darkened and 10 mechanical arms equipped with equipment stretched out. His body flew silently towards the miniature intelligent explores who wanted to enter the major general’s office. The three high-configuration intelligent explorers were silently destroyed by Old Iron in the blink of an eye, leaving no residue behind.

The little lion witnessed this and his mouth slightly dropped open.

…Old Iron seemed to have more functions than he thought. The big ginkgo scratched his chin and helped him close his mouth.

Lion Chi raised his paws and pulled it apart, looking thoughtfully at Old Iron.

…Then were the true combat cards also equipped with these weapons?

The returned Old Iron inexplicably shook and quickly recovered all his mechanical arms. He always felt that the second master was looking at him like a robot housekeeper repairman… who wanted to dismantle him.


Half an hour passed and Lin Zimu once again received a message.

“Dear client, I’m afraid your commission has changed again.”

Lin Zimu lay in bed and was covered with a completely dark face. “What happened this time?”

“The target disappeared in the vicinity of Major General Yan’s residence. It is speculated that he has an unknown relationship with the major general. If you want to continue the commission, the price will be raised to 50 million star coins. Do you still want to continue?”

Lin Zimu looked at the amount of money and his breath stuck in his throat. His initial commission was only five million star coins!

At that time, the other person said that the kidnapping of an unknown boy didn’t need such a high price. In order to ensure the smooth kidnapping, Lin Zimu deliberately raised the price to five million. Now it increased by 10 times? Kidnapping an unknown boy? This was the price of kidnapping a high-ranking child.

Lin Zimu tried to calmly reply. “In the video you sent me, he was riding a free public suspension vehicle and using a suspension trolley for intelligent robot deliveries.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Lin Zimu spoke with disdain. “How can such a person have anything to do with the major general? At most, he is making a delivery to the major general!”

“50 million.”

Lin Zimu took a deep breath. “Okay, I want to have the person before tomorrow night.”



At night before going to bed, Chi Jun became human. He had finished his shower and was wrapped in a soft bathrobe with fluffy hair. He yawned and lay on the bed, rolling around while holding the pillow. Then he heard a voice behind him.

Chi Jun holding the pillow suddenly sat up and turned to look at Gu Yanzheng. “What did you just say?”

Gu Yanzheng’s eyes shifted from someone’s bare calves to the person’s face that was slightly red after a bath. Then it drifted to the red lips and the inadvertently exposed tongue. He could imagine how soft and sweet it would be to cover it up. If it wasn’t for the illness, he would’ve used all his strength to bring this person into his arms.

However, he had to continue using his wood ability to ask his body, suppressing his vigorous desires and strive to remain indifferent. Gu Yanzheng was sullen and struggled to look away. He stared at someone’s messy hair after the bath and spoke, “I said to sleep separately. Before you are well, doing anything that might cause the ancestral beast…”

He hadn’t finished when he saw the man in bow suddenly bow his head, revealing unusually well-behaved hair. Chi Jun bowed his head and thought hard. In the apocalypse, they were used to fighting materials to collect materials so he was straightforward whenever alone with Gu Yanzheng. They were both men and what couldn’t they look at.

Therefore, he was trying to force himself to think about something uncomfortable. For example, Gu Yanzheng’s dual abilities had improved in the last five years and when he almost couldn’t wake up…

Then the person on the bed quickly turned into a little lion. He pulled his ears and raised his head. Across the big white pillow, Lion Chi extended his hairy paws towards Gu Yanzheng, amber eyes staring intensely as he spoke a low word. “Hold.”

The person standing by the bed had his attachment to hair disappear without a trace. A hand subconsciously reached out and picked up his lion, pressing the lion against his shoulder. Chi Jun got what he wanted and his mood disappeared. He grabbed Gu Yanzheng’s neck, hugging tightly and closing his eyes with gusto.

Gu Yanzheng who listened to his family’s lion instantly let out small snores, “……”

It was obvious that someone was pretending to sleep. There were countless ways for Gu Yanzheng to remove the lion’s paws. Still, thinking of the little lion holding out his paws towards him, Gu Yanzheng let out a silent laugh and pulled the little lion’s tail before lying down on the bed with the lion.

The little lion arched with satisfaction, released his paws and curled up in front of Gu Yanzheng, closing his eyes. Then his confused mind remembered something, “Yan Zhengzheng, your son is still in the bag…”

Fortunately, it was a seedling and could live if it had soil and water. Otherwise, he would be hungry.

At this time, the surface. The little lion seedling was lonely in the lion father’s backpack. His small wooden paws moved back and forth several times. However, he couldn’t open this smart backpack from the inside!

Old Iron stood in front of the backpack and his data struggled as he watched the backpack that bulged from time to time. Master Major General hadn’t given any orders and the small ginkgo tree didn’t move. Then should he let it out? The beautiful fantasy of a family of three had been shattered but the rhythm of a family of four was underway.

After two seconds of struggling, Old Iron reached out a robotic arm. The little lion seedling, who had drilled his head out of the backpack, opened his green eyes as he stared at the robotic arm approaching.

This wasn’t his tree father or lion father…

The consciousness of the lion clone was absolutely resistance to any intelligent machine. He didn’t want to go out! Thus, under Old Iron’s flashing gaze, the little lion seedling retracted back into the smart backpack. Then he fell asleep on the soil of the flower pot.

For the first time, Old Iron’s data felt a wonderful emotion. Then he saw the two metres tall ginkgo tree extend a branch and pull out the little lion seedling from the backpack, placing him in the moonlight.

The lights of Old Iron’s round head flashed. You… why didn’t you do it earlier?

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2 years ago

waiting for old iron and ginkgo son to cultivate good feelings 🤝