SBIP: Chapter 24

This special waste thing couldn’t be done. Chi Jun gnawed at his big ginkgo’s neck for a long time, also biting the knot at the collar.

Gu Yanzheng raised his hand and pressed it against the little lion’s head. The little lion was suddenly smothered against Gu Yanzheng’s neck.

Just then, there was a burst of unclear sounds along with a slight vibration. It was like something was happening on the surface. Lion Chi raised his head from Gu Yanzheng’s neck and his ears stood up in an alert manner. The clear beast eyes stared at Gu Yanzheng. “I think we should go.”

He destroyed the mansion of a major general and it was estimated that this would be seen as an attack. They had to leave without being discovered or they would be wanted by the entire empire.

Gu Yanzheng stroked the little lion’s back. “There’s no hurry.”

His two abilities were still flowing through the little lion’s body, carefully examining it.

Lion Chi turned his ears and listened to the movements above. He slowly twirled his tail as he was deep in thought. He didn’t know how much power would be mobilized to the major general’s home. He had dealt with zombies but he knew little about super-technological weapons…

As Chi Jun was thinking, Gu Yanzheng slowly withdrew some of his power, leaving a large part around Chi Jun’s energy core in case a sudden situation occurred.

He checked every corner of the little lion’s body. Unfortunately, besides knowing that this was due to the ancestral beast genes, he couldn’t find any abnormalities. He probably needed to get all the genetic drugs that the lion had been injected with from the palace and then he could figure out the cause.

The little lion’s paws wrapped around Gu Yanzheng’s wrist. “Is it cured?”

Gu Yanzheng looked at the fluffy lion’s fur in front of him and was silent for a moment before suddenly letting out a breath. The fluffy soft fur fell with the wind and two amber eyes followed.

The little lion raised his paws and rubbed his face. “Itchy, don’t blow my fur.”

Gu Yanzheng rubbed the little head. “This might be an aftereffect caused by the genetic drugs. I need to get all the genetic drugs that have been injected into your body to analyze them.”

Lion Chi nodded and raised his small paws to Gu Yanzheng’s chin to comfort him. “Yan Zhengzheng, don’t worry too much. I won’t die. I will absolutely become rich and noble. No matter the illness, I will heal and be healthy!”

Gu Yanzheng laughed and bowed his head to kiss the little lion’s head. The little lion covered his head and used his four paws to hide. Could this person not kiss his ears? Who was the one forbidding sex? Gu Yanzheng also wasn’t afraid to kiss the mouth hair!

After the small meeting, Gu Yanzheng single-handedly held the lion’s soft belly and carried him out of the well-appointed bedroom. The movements on the surface had been reduced to close to nothing.

The moment before going outside, the little lion with his energy core wrapped in two abilities were staring at the exit with vigilant eyes. There was no movement which meant the troops outside were lying in ambush.

From the day the apocalypse occurred, Chi Jun wasn’t a person who would hide behind others. There was the big ginkgo and he didn’t have to worry about consequences at all. Violence swelled in his body.

Gu Yanzheng reached out to grab that lion fur that felt good after becoming taut and stepped outside. There was no ambush and no attacks. The sight in front of him caused Lion Chi to soften his paws and open his beast eyes.

Just over half an hour later, the ruins of this place had been cleared up and revealed a flat foundation. The metals that he had pulled out were thrown into the huge tree pit in the backyard while Old Iron was controlling the machine for silent cutting. The building materials that collapsed when the metal was pulled away were neatly placed on one side by several large machines and seemed reusable.

Chi Jun finally had a real understanding of Old Iron’s ability as a robot housekeeper. No wonder why the major general didn’t have any servants other than the robot housekeeper. This was a versatile robot model, Old Iron!

Gu Yanzheng pinched the lion’s paws and walked to the suspension trolley that had been brought back by Old Iron. By the way, dozens of architectural models were pulled out from his quantum computer and displayed in a 3D model in front of Lion Chi. His voice asked calmly, “What style of house do you want to live in?”

The little lion looked down at Gu Yanzheng’s wrist. He had touched it several times with his paws but never suspected the object. Chi Jun had visited the mall previously. This style wasn’t available on the market but it was definitely a quantum computer.

Wait… he couldn’t respond!

“Chi Jun?”

Gu Yanzheng pinched the soft fur of the frozen lion’s belly. The little lion raised his head and stared with beast eyes before suddenly yelling, “Ah… no, wait, don’t talk!”

Gu Yanzheng listened to his little lion’s scream and laughed. He sat on a seat made of ginkgo branches and pulled out the hundreds of dishes brought back by the lion in the suspension trolley.

Chi Jun stared down at the dozens of 3D house models, turned to look at Old Iron busy working with several robotic arms and then turned back to the person wearing the major general’s uniform in a cool and noble manner.

Mother’s eggs, it fit too well…

This tailor-made major general’s uniform was simply tailored for Gu Yanzheng!

The little lion raised his paws to bury his face and pulled at his lion ears. It was possible that Gu Yanzheng was pretending to be the major general to joke with him but thinking about it, the possibility was too small.

The major general’s residence had been occupied by him and he damaged it several times, yet Old Iron didn’t attack him or call the police. This time, the entire house collapsed and there were no movements. Old Iron was conscientiously cleaning up the mess and he acted after hearing Gu Yanzheng’s order. In addition… during the time when he racked his brains and sincerely asked the major general for a job, the other person repeatedly refused and finally asked him to be the major general’s wife.

There were such obvious loopholes yet he only realized now. Had his ability rusted his brain?

Lion Chi snorted while buried in his paws. ‘Mrs Major General my ass!’

He had been struggling so hard to make money and planned to go to the asteroid belt to buy a small planet for the lion and tree to live on! Gu Yanzheng’s lips silently curved and he reached out to pull away the lion paws. “You won’t eat onion ribs?”

“I won’t eat!” He was angry.

“Three chickens? Salted chicken? Glutinous rice chicken?”

“I won’t eat!” He was frustrated.

“Cumin roast lamb chops?”

“…Eat!” He was hungry.

The little lion lowered his paws and a piece of lamb was delivered to his mouth. Once the delicious meat was swallowed, Chi Jun used his paws to climb from Gu Yanzheng’s arm up to his shoulders, bending over. His body and head were close to Gu Yanzheng’s face.

Gu Yanzheng handed over a chopstick that was holding a small piece of ribs.

The little lion opened his mouth and asked, “Yan Zhengzheng, how long have you been here?”

It was impossible to become a major general in a day or two. Gu Yanzheng reached out and tapped his forehead twice. “Not long.”

As long as the rest of his life was with this lion, it wasn’t long. The little lion moved his body and his two paws hugged Gu Yanzheng’s neck. His head rubbed against the back of Gu Yanzheng’s head as he spoke vaguely, “You also eat.”

In the distance, Old Iron saw the soft lion hanging onto the master’s neck while the major general sat on the ginkgo branches. The strongest one was the major general. The day before yesterday, the plan for the family of three to leave was probably an illness. Then presumably, he wasn’t bought. This meant that he could be restored to factory settings at any time.

…His lights suddenly dimmed.

More than a hundred dishes, one person and one lion couldn’t possibly eat them all. As people who came from the apocalypse, there couldn’t be any waste. Therefore, the little lion suggested the ‘fertilizer.’

Gu Yanzheng’s mouth twitched and he immediately waved to the dimly lit robot in the distance. Old Iron immediately dropped the programs that his robotic arms were performing and rushed over. “What is Master’s command?”

It was the same mechanical voice as before but why did it seem to be flattering the owner?

Gu Yanzheng was thoughtful.

Old Iron’s data trembled.

The little lion found it strange. “What’s wrong?”

Gu Yanzheng pinched his paws and no longer looked at Old Iron. He only told Old Iron to clean up. Old Iron turned around and got an oversized storage cabinet to store everything. The food preservation technology of this era was much more advanced and there would be no nutritional loss for a decade.

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