SBIP: Chapter 22

How could a big hundred year old ginkgo tree disappear? Was Gu Yanzheng back? Was he in danger so he ran away?

Chi Jun dropped the suspension trolley and quickly ran in the direction of the major general’s home with countless thoughts in his head. He still wasn’t clear about it when he saw a suspension car in the major general’s backyard.

Then the major general was back in advance! This thought exploded in Chi Jun’s head and all his ideas came together. This major general dared to move against his big ginkgo!

His impatient mood poured into his head and Chi Jun’s head emptied. He didn’t care about anything. The residual effects of the ancestral beast gene were directly smashed by him as he became a big lion and burst through the wall of the major general’s home.

After witnessing the big pit in the backyard, Lion Chi’s claws clutched the soil on the ground and his anxious emotions were hard to control. His metal ability instantly went out of control and all the metals in the major general’s home were removed. The house that had been invaded twice by Lion Chi’s power couldn’t endure it and was already crumbling.

Just then, a man wearing the major general’s uniform quickly emerged from the collapsing house and hugged the angry big lion. Lion Chi was going to control his metal ability to resist when the familiar atmosphere enveloped him, the wood and healing abilities spreading all over his body. Then the grumpy lion saw a familiar face under the military hat.

Handsome cold eyebrows, a straight nose, thin lips and a cold temperament that was completely opposite of the wood ability.

The big male lion put his paws on the other person’s shoulders and opened his mouth, a bloody mouth that could swallow the head of the person holding him. A hard voice emerged from his throat, “Yan Zhengzheng?”

“It’s me.” Gu Yanzheng reached out to pat his family’s lion in an appeasing manner.

Chi Jun’s mood disappeared without a trace. The big lion bent down, his head resting on Gu Yanzheng’s shoulders and the thick paws clinging to Gu Yanzheng’s back. The 200 kilograms weight of the big lion was pressed again Gu Yanzheng’s body.

Perhaps it was his death and resurrection or the loss of his family’s big ginkgo but all of this became a raging thought.

Kiss! Bite hard and kiss!

Of course, he couldn’t do this as a lion or he would bite the other person to death. Therefore, Lion Chi tried to restore his human form. This was his boyfriend and there was nothing they hadn’t done in the last seven years. There was nothing to be shy about. There were no scruples about it being broad daylight.

However, in two seconds, the big lion suddenly shrank…

Gu Yanzheng’s arms were suddenly empty and he reflexively reached out. A soft-haired lion landed in his arms and pressed against the neat major general’s uniform. The little lion lay on the major general’s uniform in a stunned manner.

He couldn’t change back to a person.

…How was this possible? It was their reunion and they couldn’t even kiss?

At the same time, the major general’s house fell to the ground. There was no metal structure to support it and it had to collapse. Combined with the big pit in the backyard, the entire major general’s house was a mess and it was terrible.

A thought jumped into the dazed Lion Chi’s head…

It was over. He couldn’t repair the house and couldn’t afford to buy it. Then the worries and anxieties of this period suddenly surged and the little lion couldn’t control his emotions. The aftereffects of the beast ancestral gene broke out.

Chi Jun soon had red eyes as he clung to the major general’s clothes and cried while roaring, “Yan Zhengzheng, do you know? Self-destruction is painful and it hurt me.”

Nonsense! Blowing up to grey ash, how could it not hurt?

However, Gu Yanzheng couldn’t say a word. If he thought back to that situation then it would be painful to breathe. He gritted his teeth, his mouth full of blood as he barely controlled his hands from shaking. Little by little, he wiped his lion’s tears.

“Yan Zhengzheng, why is it so hard to make money? I made 20 million and it isn’t enough.”

Gu Yanzheng could answer this question but he took away the little lion’s small paws that were insistently wiping his ears and patiently patted the fur. “Yes, you made 20 million in a few days but it isn’t enough.” The speed of making money was worthy of his family’s lion.

“Yan Zhengzheng, the house collapsed like this and we can’t afford it.”

“Okay, we won’t pay for it.” It would be demolished and rebuilt.

“Yan Zhengzheng, the major general’s clothes that you are wearing look really good. This damn forbidden thing, I want to peel off your clothes. Before we flee, we can steal two more sets.”

“Okay, you have the final say.” He could order more in other sizes so that both of them looked powerful in the uniform.

“Yan Zhengzheng, I wasn’t so temperamental before.”

“I know.” This lion baby didn’t cry so much before.

“Yan Zhengzheng, I’m sick.”

“I will heal you.”

“Yan Zhengzheng, I just bought you a meal and it is one hundred servings of food. Do you want to eat them or do you want to turn them into fertilizer for the big ginkgo?”’

“…I will eat.” If it was turned into fertilizer then both of them would probably die from the smell.

The little lion’s paws held Gu Yanzheng’s chest and he raised his head to look at the person close at hand. It was still the Gu Yanzheng who was extremely gentle with him and followed him. Chi Jun’s mood was much better but there was still one thing that made his heart uncomfortable.

The little lion lowered his head and his paws touched the engraved buttons on the military uniform. He whispered, “Gu Yanzheng, your son…”

“What about my son?” Gu Yanzheng looked down at the little lion’s round head and his lips curved.

Sharp barbs emerged from the little lion’s paws, slamming into the metal buttons at Gu Yanzheng’s words.

Gu Yanzheng grabbed the paws and gently pinched them. “In the third year of the apocalypse, we passed by a Chinese pharmacy and there was a packet of dried ginkgo fruit on the table. When I jumped through the space-time fissure, there was one left.”

The little loin retracted his barbs and amber eyes looked up at Gu Yanzheng. It turned out to be a son that was picked up…

“Space-time fissure?”

Gu Yanzheng kept pinching the soft lion paws. “Your explosion blew up the time and space and I noticed your consciousness was fluctuating here.”

…So he jumped into the space-time fissure. This was probably dangerous and it was no wonder why Gu Yanzheng was stuck as a tree. The little lion jumped up, paws grabbed Gu Yanzheng’s shoulder and his head drilling under Gu Yanzheng’s chin, pushing his head up.

Gu Yanzheng hugged his little lion and rubbed his chin against this head. He had been separated from his lion for so long and watched this naughty lion blow himself up. He now wanted to rub this person’s flesh.

At this point, Old Iron escaped from the collapsed house and looked at the major general holding the lion. In fact, the major general and the master were also very good. However, Old Iron felt complicated. Did the empire allow a family of four?

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they finally met! ( ´ ▽ ` )

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Old Iron tho sjssjsjsjsj dont worry trees can become humans too~