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SBIP: Chapter 21

It was just that Bonsai Gu couldn’t express his meaning in front of the people so he defaulted the right to Chi Jun. Thus, Chi Jun asked seriously, “Is the asteroid belt far away? I have materials to carry. Will it be very troublesome?”

Song Bohao heard this and immediately sat upright. “I have a starship and I have to leave in the next few days. I can take you along the way. What type of materials do you want to carry? As long as it doesn’t violate anything, I can help you bring them.

Chen Shu, “…”

He knew this bast*rd wasn’t being honest about how long he would stay in the capital.

Bonsai Gu, “…”

If this person was kind and responsible, why was he a mercenary in the asteroid belt? He should be recruited into the army and within a year, he would be trained into a first-class star soldier.

Chi Jun replied, “It isn’t a violation. It is green and a bit big.”

Song Bohao nodded. “That’s nothing. Give it to me.”

Chi Jun was bright-eyed as he reached for the tea bowl and the stoic bonsai inside. As a pure Earth person whose civilization and technology had gone backwards for decades because of the eruption of the apocalypse, he hadn’t seen starships and outer space. It was a good choice to go to the asteroid belt. He could also buy a small planet belonging to him and the big ginkgo and perhaps buy a starship later. At that time, he could carry the big ginkgo through space even if the big ginkgo hadn’t recovered.

It was pretty good to think about.

Song Bohao bowed his head and opened his quantum computer. “My starship is docked at the seventh terminal of the imperial capital. You can transport your green plants there and I will send the passcode to your quantum computer.”

Chi Jun, “……”

Song Bohao stopped preparing the passcode and looked up at Chi Jun. Chi Jun looked back innocently.

Song Bohao’s gaze shifted to his wrist. It was empty and didn’t hold the quantum computer that all imperial people had. Then his eyes turned to the other man’s neck and no pendant resembling a quantum computer was found. He suddenly understood why Chi Jun directly asked Chen Shu to prepare a star currency card for him.

What banned goods and what green plants? It was Chi Jun himself who was the violation!

Song Bohao coughed. “A black household?”

Chi Jun nodded. Bonsai Gu quietly drank the tea and his branch poked his lion’s fingers. A black household was good since his big lion couldn’t run. Of course, once he returned, his family’s lion wouldn’t be black.

Chen Shu also realized that this person didn’t keep forgetting to bring a quantum computer. Rather, he didn’t have one at all. Then this child was really an illegal immigrant from a wild star? No wonder why he hadn’t been to school.

Knowing this, Chen Shu no longer opposed Song Bohao’s suggestion to bring this person to the asteroid belt. After all, a black household was dangerous in the capital. It was better to go to the asteroid belt for a legal identity before returning.

Song Bohao smiled and patted Chi Jun’s shoulder. “It seems that this is our fate. I will help you solve the problem of the black household but you must temporarily join my Brilliant Splendor Mercenary Group.”

Click. Bonsai Gu’s roots punctured the tea bowl and water leaked out before his roots absorbed them all. He was going to recruit this Song Bohao right away!

Song Bohao continued, “Rest assured, the name of the Brilliant Splendor Mercenary Group won’t limit your actions. In the asteroid belt, there will be many conveniences. It will take around two days to set up and then I’ll send the code to you.”

Chi Jun nodded. “Okay, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Thus, things were happily decided. Chi Jun bid farewell to the two people, took his family’s bonsai, a new can of tea and new blank alloy cards before leaving. Not long after Chi Jun left, Song Bohao received a message from the military.

He opened it and unexpectedly found the sign of a golden fan blade. Song Bohao froze in place, excited for a moment as he grabbed Chen Shu’s arm.

Chen Shu frowned. “What’s wrong?”

Song Bohao rigidly shared the message with Chen Shu. Chen Shu saw that it was a recruitment order from the empire’s most famous Third Army. It was recruiting Song Bohao’s entire mercenary group. This recruitment order was a bit special and there was a countdown at the end.

-Do you agree to the recruitment?

-There is a time limit of two minutes.

If it was another army then Song Bohao would’ve probably refused directly. However, this was Major General Yan’s Third Army.

This Major General Yan was originally a warrior from a wild star. His physical and mental strength were SSS-level and it only took him five years to become the youngest major general of the empire with his various combat skills. He upgraded the strength of the Third Army to the most powerful army in the empire. His war damage and sacrifice rate were the lowest in the empire and he had the record of crossing galaxies with zero sacrifices.

Being recruited to the Third Army was something the entire mercenary group dreamed of.

Song Bohao gritted his teeth and… refused. It was always bad to lose the faith of people. Agreeing to the recruitment meant agreeing to incorporate one’s troops and the starship of Song Bohao’s mercenary group probably wouldn’t go to the asteroid belt any time soon. He had just made a promise to Chi Jun and he couldn’t go back on it.

Chen Shu held his shoulder. “It is a pity. If this recruitment order came two days later then perhaps Chi Jun could also become a member of the Third Army.”

Song Bohao rubbed his face. “It’s fine. There must be a chance later!”

Major General Yan looked at the response on his computer and raised his eyebrows. He suddenly appreciated the mercenary leader. Therefore, Major General Yan issued another recruitment order. There was no time limit this time.

Song Bohao who received the recruitment order again, “…”

The surprise came so fast that he didn’t know how to react for a moment. Chen Shu directly pushed at his shoulders. “Go after Chi Jun and ask if he would like to join Major General Yan’s Third Army.”

Meanwhile, Chi Jun found that he had been followed since leaving Chen Shu’s beast card store. Bonsai Gu glanced at them but these mercenaries weren’t very strong.

At this time, he already made arrangements in order to go back early. He would soon leave the army’s central starship and flew a small warship alone. This would allow him to return to the capital at several times the speed of the central starship.

These people weren’t far behind Chi Jun when he entered a store to buy a variety of tea, when he went to the vending machine to buy a few large barrels of mineral water, when he entered the restaurant to order hundreds of various foods as takeaway…

Fighting in the city wasn’t good. As a black household without an identity, Chi Jun understood the consequences. As a result, Chi Jun pretended he didn’t see these people as he pushed the suspension trolley provided by the restaurant and carried the supplies he purchased onto a free public suspension vehicle.

The people following saw their target buying so many things, especially the boxes with obvious food signs, and felt confused. They were going to kidnap a takeaway person? Weren’t these services done by smart robots? In any case, these people felt they didn’t need to worry when dealing with such an ordinary young man and they wouldn’t even need their combat cards. This order worth five million was simply too easy.

As Chi Jun descended from the suspension card and walked down the secluded road to the major general’s home, people holding guns and electromagnetic capture nets approached silently behind him.

Chi Jun grabbed his bonsai and stuffed him into the bag. “You go accompany your son!”

He wasn’t afraid of Bonsai Gu becoming injured. He was afraid of Bonsai Gu stealing his targets.

Meanwhile, the major general who divided most of his consciousness was driving a small warship and carrying out several space jumps. During the time when he wasn’t careful, he was stuffed into a bag by his lion and faced his son’s emerald green eyes.

Major General Yan, “…”

He would be another half an hour at most. Bonsai Gu quickly turned around in the backpack and took his son who just woken up to poke their heads out of the backpack. Since his lion wanted to raise his son in a lawless manner, it was natural to carry out the proper teaching.

Chi Jun was currently avoiding the metal nets with flashing lights and flew towards a person holding a gun. The man turned in the air, activated his beast card and rode on the back of a giant mechanical mantis that threw a sharp arm towards Chi Jun.

Chi Jun flashed away and his metal ability quickly penetrated inside the mechanical mantis and giving him a clear picture of the patterns. Chi Jun avoided the mechanical beast’s attacks while not hesitating to remove the beast patterns. After a few more moments, the mechanical mantis was broken up and the beast card collapsed to the ground. The person controlling the mechanical mantis hit the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood. His mental strength was badly damaged.

Chi Jun looked at the broken beast card on the ground with pity. It couldn’t be compared with Song Bohao’s combat card but it was still a five star combat card. Fortunately, there were still five more people.

The people hiding in the dark felt their mouths twitch. Who didn’t check their beast card properly before going out? The target hadn’t been caught when their beast card broke first. Wasn’t this a farce? No one thought from beginning to end that the young man did this with his bare hands.

Therefore, a second person stood up and a giant mechanical scorpion rushed towards Chi Jun. Countless finger-length alloy thorns rushed towards Chi Jun. The speed was very fast and it was more flexible than the previous mechanical mantis.

Everyone waited for the mechanical scorpion to burst open, turning into countless steel needles that turned the target into a sieve. Then a surprising scene appeared. The sharp alloy needles suddenly disappeared before they hit the target.

How was it possible? Did this person’s beast card also need to be repaired? As they were thinking this, Chi Jun controlled the alloy thorns with the other metals around him to form a huge hammer that smashed towards the mechanical scorpion. In two seconds, a dozen hammers smashed down.

Bonsai Gu, “…”

This scene was familiar. At the beginning of the apocalypse, the level of Chi Jun’s metal ability was still low and he smashed the zombies like this. Next to him, the wooden lion with big green eyes moved his paws as he learned the rhythm of the hammers. A few ginkgo leaves on his head with shaking at a high frequency.

Meanwhile, the violent and high-frequency impact made the person on the mechanical scorpion unable to withstand it. He removed his mental power from the beast card and fell from the air, the damaged beast card falling into his hands.

The other four people in the darkness were silent for a moment before activating their beast cards and rushing forward. A few minutes later, four more people were lying unconscious on the ground while Chi Jun was holding four more combat cards that weren’t too bad.

The newly arrived Song Bohao’s mouth twitched when he saw this scene. Should he thank Chi Jun for not using the hammer to hit his mechanical cat? Song Bohao walked over and glanced at the people on the ground. “Would you like me to find out who they are?”

Chi Jun restarted the suspension trolley. “No, they won’t come out if you find out who they are.”

“…Okay.” Song Bohao paused before continuing, “I came over to ask if you would like to join Major General Yan’s Third Army.”

A soldier…

Unfortunately, he wasn’t alone. He had the big ginkgo and cheap son to feed. Thus, Chi Jun shook his head. “I won’t go.”

Seeing Chi Jun’s refusal, Song Bohao smiled. “Don’t worry and think about it slowly. You probably don’t know much about the Third Army. Wait until the asteroid belt and then make a decision.”

Chi Jun nodded. Song Bohao patted his shoulder and hurried back. He wanted to use this time to accompany his family’s Chen Shu.

Chi Jun pushed the suspension trolley and slowly moved to the major general’s home. He saw the major general’s home from a distance and his mouth curved. Once he had his own little planet, he would build a bigger and better house. Then he would plant the big ginkgo in the backyard.

Big ginkgo…

Chi Jun looked at the empty backyard of the major general’s home and blinked, wondering if he had seen incorrectly.


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Is Chen Shu x Song Bohao official couple? or just SBH’s one-sided crush?