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SBIP: Chapter 20

Chi Jun spread out his hands. “Otherwise?”

He went out today without any metal decorations to obscure his facial features. In the morning, Chi Jun had looked at himself in the mirror and found that his appearance was completely his own. There was just a slight difference in age and he looked similar to the little prince, not exactly the same. Therefore, he exposed his face.

Song Bohao was busy looking at his beast card. The original flat high-density alloy card had subtle scratches on the surface. Obviously, the surface of his beast card had been completely removed. This was nothing since high-grade battle cards could still be repaired. The problem was that he could no longer use this reason to justify it to Chen Shu.

Outside the demonstration hall, Chen Shu’s lower lip slightly twitched. Song Bohao saw Chen Shu’s smile and his expression was complicated. “Ah Shu, did you deliberately do this?”

It was obvious that he didn’t recognize the person…

Chen Shu shrugged. “The person I asked you to protect yesterday was 1.7~1.8 metres, is tall and thin, carries a green plant and his forehead and cheeks are covered with metal. Although Chi Jun isn’t covered with metal today, his similarity is still very high. The fact that you didn’t recognize him can only be blamed on your face blindness.”

Chi Jun left the demonstration hall and went to see his green plant. The major general was speeding up his voyage while drinking tea.

Song Bohao looked at the green plant in the tea bowl on the table and his mouth twitched. Yesterday, this person’s appearance was really conspicuous. There was probably only one person in the entire capital carrying a plant that was two metres high. He quickly found this person the moment he got Chen Shu’s message. Then he followed the man for two minutes before being discovered.

However, today… apart from the plant being green, was there anything else in common? Wasn’t it normal for him to not recognize this person? Moreover, he thought the person who could take down his high-grade beast card would be an adult. Who would’ve thought it was an 18 year old boy?

Chen Shu patted him on the shoulder and smiled. “It is normal to lose to the same person. Don’t worry,  there will be compensation for your beast card.”

Song Bohao, “…”

Ah, it was good! Chen Shu cared about him and finally smiled with him! Chen Shu bypassed Song Bohao and walked to the opposite Chi Jun, speaking seriously, “Sorry, I found someone to protect you yesterday without your permission.”

Chi Jun waved his hand. “It doesn’t matter. I already guessed it.”

Yesterday’s fight contained no killing intent. Of course, today’s fight wasn’t sufficient but he was already attracted to something else. Chi Jun looked up at the man who was suddenly smiling like a spring breeze and asked, “Can I see your beast card?”

This was the first time he got a real sense of using his metal ability through the beast patterns to fight the beast cards. He was a bit curious. Song Bohao sat next to Chen Shu, one hand on Chen Shu’s shoulder while the other hand gave the beast card.

Chi Jun looked at the beast card. After two battles, his power had explored it and he had a rough understanding. This was a very delicate combat card. It might be a thin card but it had five layers of beast patterns on it. The beast patterns on each layer were very fine and there were many high-grade patterns and interference patterns.

For the current him, it was impossible to reproduce a similar beast card.

Chi Jun held this card. Unfortunately, the surface of the beast card was destroyed by him and two beast patterns on the first layer were removed. Chi Jun looked up at the opposite Song Bohao. “Can this card be repaired?’

Song Bohao nodded. “It can be repaired.”

It was a big expense but he had a lot of rewards from bounties and wasn’t lacking money.

Thus, Chi Jun asked, “Can I try?”

Song Bohao replied indifferently, “Just try it, as long as you don’t break it like you did before.”

Chi Jun pondered for a moment. From his backpack, he pulled out the box Chen Shu previously gave to him that contained 20 intermediate blank alloy cards. Then in Chen Shu’s line of sight, the 20 blank alloy cards were fused together by Chi Jun, They were continuously compressed and separated again, the separated parts falling to the table. The rest became smaller and smaller until it was a fingertip-sized grain that covered Song Bohao’s beast card. The metal particle the size of a fingertip slid over the beast card like running water. The scratches once made by Chi Jun were washed away like stains and the entire beast card was restored.

At the same time, Chi Jun’s metal power penetrated into the first layer of beast patterns. The overall beast patterns couldn’t be re-engraved but the ones with the surface destroyed by him could still be repaired. It was just that there was a lot of interference so it was a bit difficult to fix. After countless imprinting failures, the metal sliding over the surface of the beast card gradually became smaller. In the end, it was almost invisible to the naked eye and on the table, a lot of fine metal powder was scattered.

Song Bohao hadn’t been paying attention to the opposite boy’s behaviour at first as he stared at Chen Shu. Then he inadvertently saw Chi Jun’s repair that made his card become flat without any flaws and was amazed.

Next to him, Chen Shu held his hand and shook his head with a frown. Repairing a beast card was a very delicate thing that required a completely quiet environment. A small sound could cause the repairer to make a mistake.

Song Bohao immediately swallowed back his shock and even carefully controlled his breathing as he cautiously watched the boy opposite him. He never forgot to hold onto Chen Shu’s hand tightly.,

In the end, Chi Jun let out a long breath and stroked the finished beast card. In order to repair the missing parts of the surface beast patterns, he re-engraved it hundreds of times before finally analyzing the beast patterns and interference patterns.

Chi Jun raised his hand and returned the beast card to Song Bohao. Song Bohao gulped and stared at the teenager opposite him with disbelief. The beast card in his hand was restored to its original appearance and there were no signs of damage.

As a mercenary leader who constantly made waves in the asteroid belt, the beast cards he used before had been damaged. He asked a beast card repairer to fix it but he had never seen a repairer who could complete the beast card in such a short amount of time, as well as analyze the pattern of damage.

Song Bohao didn’t say anything. He took the star currency card that Chi Jun put on the table and transferred two million star coins. The former beast card repairers took at least 10 days to repair it and also attached many conditions.

He had to get such a virtuous master!

Chen Shu was even more shocked than Song Bohao. After all, Song Bohao didn’t know that Chi Jun hadn’t systematically studied beast pattern imprinting. He just created a simplified beast pattern by observing the beast cards in the store.

Concealing the shock in his heart, Chen Shu turned to Song Bohao. “Two million isn’t enough. There is the money for the 20 blank intermediate alloy cards.”

Song Bohao clapped and transferred another sum of money to Chi Jun.

Chi Jun who looked down at the currency card with millions of star coins, “…”

This beast card seemed to have been damaged by him. The 20 blank alloy cards were also given to him by Chen Shu.

Chen Shu chuckled. “Don’t worry, he has money.”

Song Bohao cheerfully nodded. “Yes, I have money.”

The bonsai quietly drinking tea, ‘Lion baby, believe me, I have more money than them.’

Chi Jun, “……”

He was suddenly stimulated. The thing he lacked most was money.

“Chi Jun, a beast card repairer’s earnings are good. Do you want to consider entering this area?”

“Master is short of money?”

“Chi Jun wants to buy a house near the imperial palace.”

“The price is a bit high but it is okay to buy a small apartment.”

“3,000 pings.”

“…” The master’s goal was so expensive. Even he couldn’t afford such an expensive house.

Chi Jun rubbed his nose and coughed. “I’ve changed my mind.”

The two men sitting opposite him looked up.

Chi Jun asked, “Does the capital have any wild mountains? I want to buy a mountain now.”

This span was a bit big…

Chen Shu paused for a moment before saying, “If you want a mountain in the capital, the emperor has clear rules for it depending on what you want to use it for.”

Chi Jun looked at the bonsai on the table. “Planting trees.”

Chen Shu, “…”

He was probably wrong and Chi Jun wasn’t referring to the green plant on the table. How could a green plant that fit into a tea bowl need a mountain?

To the side, Song Bohao asked, “Master wants to buy a manor to plant green plants?”

Chi Jun nodded. “It should be big and have fewer people around.”

He couldn’t let his big ginkgo be seen running around. It was a pity that the major general’s home had several advantages.

“Then just go to the asteroid belt. Millions of star coins can be used to buy a small planet. Once you install a climate regulation system, you can plant anything you want. It doesn’t have the strict regulations of the capital. In addition, the money in the asteroid belt is particularly good. Master’s beast card repair skills mean you can make millions in minutes and then use the money to change to a big planet.”

Chen Shu’s expression was dark. This person who made waves in the asteroid belt actually wanted to get the child Chi Jun involved?

Chen Shu spoke to himself, “In addition, do you know what the best thing is?”

Chi Jun was curious. “What is it?”

Song Bohao smiled. “The asteroid belt has many star thieves and their bounties are particularly high. You can fight several times a day.”

Chen Shu couldn’t bear it and threw away the hand Song Bohao was holding. “Song Bohao, that’s enough!”

Song Bohao touched his nose and no longer spoke.

“Chi Jun, don’t listen to him. You are fine in the capital and there is no need to go to the asteroid belt. I can help you find the right price for the mountain… manor.”

Chi Jun looked down at this tea-drinking bonsai. In fact, he thought Song Bohao’s idea was good and sounded like it had a lot of freedom. He just didn’t know what his big ginkgo thought…

Meanwhile, Bonsai Gu’s canopy was slightly turned towards Song Bohao. Very good, he would remember this person who dared to encourage his lion to go to the asteroid belt to fight star thieves!


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1 year ago

SB is really gonna find himself at the mercy of protective hubby…. tbh it is understandable and sad as to the reason why the ML wants CJ as far away from any danger whatsoever