SBIP: Chapter 19

Early the next morning, Chi Jun woke up in the little lion state. He twisted in a circle in the quilt and arched out from the other side of the bed. He rubbed his eyes with his paws and raised his head.

A ginkgo branch reached over and pulled the quilt to cover him. The little lion arched in the quilt and drilled out again with a yawn. “There are many things to do today. I need to get up early.”

Bonsai Gu picked up the quilt with the little lion inside it and brought the lion to the bathroom. Chi Jun opened his eyes and saw the sleepy little lion in the mirror. At first glance, it was like a fluffy toy. Chi Jun grinned and showed a fierce posture in the mirror. Then the little lion in the mirror showed its teeth to him…

It wasn’t fierce at all. Lion Chi turned his head like nothing happened. He raised his paws and grabbed the clothes delivered by the bonsai, wrapping them twice around his body. His front paws pressed against his clothes and fixed them. Then in the blink of an eye…someone held the clothes and jumped down.

Chi Jun washed up and dressed while the big ginkgo in the living room had already cooked breakfast. The soft, white meat dumplings were steamed and were accompanied by a bowl of vegetable porridge and a stack of small dishes.

Chi Jun quickly ate breakfast and brought out the beast cards that he imprinted yesterday. He was preparing to go to Chen Shu but just as he was carrying his ‘Christmas tree’ to go out of the house, he saw another miniature bonsai emerge from the table.

Lion Chi grinded his teeth. Okay, the big ginkgo’s cut off branch had regenerated. He could imagine that there was one more wound on Gu Yanzheng. He indignantly raised his ankle and kicked the trunk of the bonsai angrily. The action was fierce but the strength was very light.

Bonsai Gu stretched out his branches and rubbed his hair. Chi Jun grabbed the branch. “Once you recover, let’s calculate it again!”

He picked up the ginkgo bonsai on the table and placed the bonsai on his shoulder again. Passing by the wooden lion sleeping in the sun outside, Chi Jun grabbed him and placed the seedling in his bag. Old Iron’s lights flashed as he sent the people to the gate, once again sending the happy family of three out the door.

Chi Jun got up early today so the beast card store had just opened and Chen Shu wasn’t present. Chi Jun waited in the store until half an hour later when Chen Shu entered the store with another person. Chen Shu’s face was a bit white while the person next to him was like a spring breeze… especially infuriating.

Chen Shu smiled at Chi Jun. “You are so early today.”

Chi Jun nodded and his gaze swept to the person next to Chen Shu. Wasn’t this the person who ran away like a cat with his butt burnt yesterday?

At first, Song Bohao didn’t recognize the person or think that the boy in front of him was the one he fought with yesterday. Yesterday, the person’s face was covered with metal. Moreover, that level of force couldn’t belong to a young boy. It was only when the young man’s gaze swept over him that his heart felt a bit wary.

As a mercenary leader who made waves in the asteroid belt, Song Bohao’s quality of heart was of good quality apart from yesterday. Therefore, he thought that the strange feeling at this time was probably the aftermath of yesterday’s battle.

Chen Shu smiled and took Chi Jun to the store manager’s room again. Song Bohao looked at the smile on the pale face and a bad taste filled his heart. Chen Shu hadn’t smiled at him since the meeting so Song Bohao’s eyes towards Chi Jun were quite murderous.

His keen perception that had developed over seven years in the apocalypse meant Chi Jun clearly felt the gaze on him. Chi Jun suddenly felt excited. Yesterday, this person’s gaze hadn’t been as murderous, nor did he try his best. Thus, he didn’t fight very well. Perhaps there would be another fight soon.

They entered the room and Chen Shu pointed to the sofa. He told Chi Jun, “You should sit first.”

Then he made tea. Tea and water weren’t anything different for Chi Jun. They were all for quenching thirst. However, his big gingko was a tea drinker. During the apocalypse, tea was a scarce resource so Gu Yanzheng could only make tea on his own. As for Gu Yanzheng’s skills, Chi Jun had no concept of it. Sometimes he followed Gu Yanzheng to drink and it was sometimes bitter and sometimes acidic.

However, Chen Shu made a cup of tea and Chi Jun could clearly smell it. He thought this should be good tea. The moment Song Bohao saw the tea, he looked at Chi Jun were more unpleasant eyes. This tea was from a natural tea garden of a resource star. It was expensive and Chen Shu didn’t easily give it to people. Even Song Bohao hadn’t drunk it before.

Chen Shu poured the brewed tea into a white porcelain tea bowl and pushed it slightly in front of Chi Jun. “This is this year’s new tea. See how it tastes.”

Chi Jun looked down at the light yellow and green tea in the tea bowl and suddenly asked, “Brother Chen, can you give me this tea bowl?”

Song Bohao, “…”

What did this boy mean by the tea bowl?

Chen Shu smiled. “Do you like this tea set? It might be a new tea set but it has been used and it isn’t the best. If you like it, I’ll pack you a better set later.”

Song Bohao snorted like there was no way.

Chi Jun shook his head. “No, just this tea bowl.”

Chen Shu didn’t quite understand but nodded. “Okay.”

Then Chen Shu saw Chi Jun raise his hand and take the green bonsai from his shoulder, placing the roots into the tea bowl.

Chen Shu, “…”

Wasn’t this an ornament? Bonsai Gu naturally wasn’t afraid of the head. In any case, he had no relationship with the root system of the big ginkgo and he quickly absorbed the yellow-green tea.

At this time, the major general had entered the Star Empire’s galaxy route and tasted tea. Over the years, he had been searching for a person everywhere and running to the battlefield. He really didn’t have time to drink tea. His family’s lion had always remembered his preferences. And.. sure enough, tea should still be bought from tea merchants.

Seeing that the tea in the white porcelain tea bowl was quickly absorbed, Chi Jun subconsciously laughed. He knew this tea was good and his big ginkgo would like it.

Chi Jun looked up at Chen Shu. Chen Shu subconsciously raised his hand and handed the teapot over.

Song Bohao looked at this person’s tacit understanding with Chen Shu, “…”

He really wanted to clean up this person.

Chi Jun carried the teapot and kept adding tea to his family’s bonsai. The bonsai, whose mouth was stuffed full, calmed down and slowly absorbed the tea. Chi Jun looked at the tea slowly being absorbed, put down his teapot and turned to take care of his matter first.

He took out the beast cards and handed them over to Chen Shu. “Brother Chen, please give me another anonymous star currency card. I didn’t bring mine.”


Chen Shu retracted his gaze from the green plant and nodded. He counted the number of beast cards and gave Chi Jun another anonymous star card. Chen Shu was placing the star coins inside when Chi Jun glanced at the bonsai drinking tea and said, “Brother Chen, my brother likes your tea. Can you sell it to me?”

Chen Shu chuckled. “If you like it then I can give it to you. You don’t need to buy it.”

Song Bohao looked down. “Kid, you are too much!”

Chen Shu frowned. “Song Bohao…”

Song Bohao glanced at Chen Shu. “Good tea isn’t used to drink and is actually used to water flowers.  He is no better than a potted plant. Do you need to take him seriously?”

Chi Jun looked at the grumpy man and his eyes brightened. “Do you want to fight?”

The tea-drinking bonsai, “…”

Well… it was okay. This man’s fighting power was average. In any case, his family’s lion had no other hobbies and appropriate fighting was okay.

Song Bohao heard this and pulled up his sleeves, ready to start.

“You aren’t using your beast cards? Then forget it.” Chi Jun wasn’t interested in a fight with bare hands.

Song Bohao’s mouth twitched. He didn’t know how this brat was but he must teach him a lesson! Thus, Song Bohao pulled out the beast card that almost had a layer removed by Chi Jun.

Chen Shu quickly grabbed Song Bohao’s arm. “Song Bohao, you calm down!”

He might feel some disbelief at Chi Jun’s fighting power but the truth was the truth.

“Open the beast card demonstration hall.  Rest assured, I will clean him up and won’t ruin him.”

The beast card demonstration hall had defense mechanisms and usual fighting wouldn’t spill outside. Chen Shu had a headache as he glanced at the eager Chi Jun. Chi Jun smiled and winked at him. “Brother Chen, rest assured that I won’t hurt him.”

Song Bohao laughed twice. Chen Shu finally released his hand and glanced at Song Bohao. “Song Bohao, if your beast card has a problem then the matter of compensation won’t be on me.”

Song Bohao nodded. “Okay.”

Thus, after adding some tea to his family’s bonsai, Chi Jun went to the VIP demonstration hall next to the store manager’s room. In the demonstration hall, a mechanical cat emerged from Song Bohao’s beast card and Song Bohao rode on it.

Chi Jun had no beast card and directly rushed forward with raised hands. Song Bohao felt that this scene was a bit familiar. However, he didn’t have time to think about it when the sound of a metal impact was heard.

Bonsai Gu was quietly drinking tea. During the time when no one was looking, he grabbed the teapot and refilled it himself.

Chen Shu was currently staring at the demonstration hall with amazement. Chi Jun’s hands and Song Bohao’s mechanical cat was colliding with each other, causing countless harsh sounds to fill the demonstration room.

Song Bohao suddenly felt a familiar force invading his mechanical cat and moving from head to tail. He covered his mechanical cat with his mental strength but was hit hard. After a few more collisions, Song Bohao knew… he was wrong…

He jerked away from the other rushing figure, recalled his beast card and looked at the opposite boy with shock. “Yesterday was you?!”

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