SBIP: Chapter 18

Meanwhile, the imperial capital’s Lin residence. Lin Zimu watched the beast card collapse again and angrily hit the table. He spent so much money and bought so many beast cards. Still, he couldn’t figure out the simplified pattern.

Lin Zimu was confident of his talent but he couldn’t explain why the teenager from a wild star could make beast patterns that he couldn’t analyze clearly. There was also the monarch butterfly beast card. He carefully copied it but was still uncertain about the distribution of power in this beast card despite analyzing all the lines.

The glory was in sight yet he could never touch it. If time dragged out then the teenager might think of registering a patent. Then the benefits in front of him might slip away.

Lin Zimu’s eyes were red, jealous and anger as he gradually got a few crazy ideas. Tomorrow, he must have a way…


At this time, Old Iron didn’t understand why his master suddenly wanted a shovel but he still dutifully went to find one. 20 shovels was really a bit much and he couldn’t find it at home. Thus, Old Iron had to choose the Star Network’s instant delivery business. It took less than half an hour for more than a dozen shovels to be sent to the door.

Old Iron’s robotic arms held 20 shovels as he reported to Chi Jun, “Master, the shovel is ready.”

Chi Jun pulled at the bonsai branches and stood up. “Don’t be idle and come with me.”

Bonsai Gu, “…”

The two metres high ginkgo tree and Old Iron with the shovels followed Chi Jun to the ginkgo tree in the backyard. They arrived at the backyard and Old Iron turned on the lamp to illuminate the big ginkgo tree in the backyard.

Chi Jun carefully observed the surroundings and raised his hands in the direction of Old Iron. Then Old Iron found that there was an invisible force grabbed the shovels in his robotic arms! Old Iron was a responsible robot housekeeper and he was holding his master’s shoves. He naturally couldn’t let them fly out for no reason.

Old Iron strongly locked his arms and then in two seconds… his entire body along with the iron shovels flew uncontrollably towards Chi Jun. Seeing that Old Iron and 20 shovels were coming out, Bonsai Gu stretched out a thick branch and casually stopped them.

Chi Jun was thinking about how to start when he felt that his outstretched hand was still empty. He turned and saw Old Iron rolled up in countless branches and iron shovels at an angle, like Superman.

Chi Jun put down his arm and silently recovered his metal ability. Bonsai Gu also let go of his robot housekeeper. Old Iron and the shovels hit the ground.

‘Who am I? Where am I? What just happened?’

Chi Jun cleared his throat. “Old Iron, you can put down the shovel.”

Old Iron’s round head and the shovels were placed on the ground. Chi Jun removed his clothes and prepared to become a beast to improve the efficiency of his metal ability. Once he did, Bonsai Gu used his branches to block his body from being seen.

However, the situation was a bit different from Chi Jun’s imagination. The expected big lion didn’t appear and the clothes that covered the important positions weren’t broken at all. The little lion struggled to emerge from Chi Jun’s casual pants.

Chi Jun looked down at his little paws and sensed another impending emotional extreme. Since discovering the side effects of the beast ancestral genes, he had been very careful to control his low mood or he would go out of control and keep crying. The little lion took a few breaths to calm his emotions, quickly controlling his ability to divert attention.

Five shovels were stuffed into Bonsai Gu’s branches. Five were stuffed back into Old Iron’s arms. The remaining ten shovels were controlled by his power and circled around the big ginkgo, looking for points to dig.

Bonsai Gu took the five shovels while moving closer to his soft little lion and rubbing the furry ears on the little lion’s head. Meanwhile, Old Iron held five shovels and looked at the other 10 shovels floating around him in a complicated manner.

Should he reboot again? Or should he go back to the factory for repairs?

The little lion raised his paws and waved at the branches above his head. “Don’t mess around.”

He carefully studied the land around the big ginkgo and observed the roots of the big ginkgo. Then after a while, Lion Chi and the 10 shovels started working at a distance of 10 metres from the big tree.

It was a bit far from the big ginkgo but Lion Chi was still very cautious. He only grabbed a bit of soil every time but the frequency was very high. In the blink of an eye, ten small pits were dug in the ground.

The little lion carefully controlled the shovels and told the robot housekeeper, “Be careful when you dig the soil. Don’t hurt the roots.”

Old Iron obeyed the instructions and silently extended five mechanical arms, each one holding a shovel. He moved more than 10 metres away and quietly excavated. Lion Chi looked up at the bonsai touching his hair. He didn’t have time to care about this person as he rubbed his face and stepped on the roots.

“Don’t waste time and dig quickly. The major general’s position is so high that it is impossible for him to not find a wife. It is estimated that he is ugly and vicious. Once the time comes to face him, things won’t turn out well.”

Bonsai Gu didn’t move and waned to rub the little lion. He held five shovels and reached out his other branches to the little lion’s soft belly. The little lion was carried from the ground to the canopy. The little lion waved his paws and pulled at the bonsai crown. “Let me down. If you don’t dig yourself out then wait to wear a green hat!”

Bonsai Gu thought, ‘…I will wear a green hat for myself.’

The little lion struggled for a long time but the branches kept holding him tight and even made his fur blow up. The tired little lion put down his limbs, opened his mouth and bit a branch, grinding his teeth. The bonsai’s branches caressed the little lion’s head in a soothing manner. The branches caught the lion’s front paws, held the lion high and also threw him up slightly.

The little lion was stunned. What had he just experienced? Was this the legendary high hug? His family’s tree was old and refined. Apart from changing to fancy places, he never understood the warmth of this aspect.

Chi Jun was feeling shocked by Gu Yanzheng’s strange move when the ground suddenly vibrated in a strong manner. The little lion squinted as he pulled the ginkgo branches over his head and stared at the big ginkgo in the yard. He saw the big ginkgo stretching out his branches, shaking the huge canopy and pulling out heavy roots from the ground.

In order to prevent the fine roots from falling, the heavy roots slowly twisted together to form two huge main roots. Then the big ginkgo shook the huge canopy, carried the two main roots and took two steps forward, stopping in front of Chi Jun.

As the ground shook, Old Iron holding five shovels fell on the ground. So… was there something wrong with his data or was there a problem with this world?

For Chi Jun, this was a super familiar and super powerful scene. The little lion looked up at the big ginkgo walking. Then he suddenly opened his mouth and whined, jumping onto the branches of the big ginkgo and climbing out.

Chi Jun’s claws caught the trunk of the big ginkgo and excitedly rubbed his head against the tree. “Tomorrow we will buy a house and leave!”

It was really good that his family’s old tree was becoming more and more conscious! He didn’t even need to meet the unknown major general.

Far away, Gu Yanzheng heard this sentence and turned to the deputy by his side. “The voyage map.”

The deputy immediately passed the 3D voyage map to Gu Yanzheng. Gu Yanzheng stared at the voyage map and touched his mouth. The time should just be enough.

The little lion felt like he heard eaten a heart-calming pill and his mood was much more settled. He jumped off the big ginkgo and moved to the branches of Bonsai Gu. He yawned and said, “Let’s go to bed.”

Before going to bed, the little lion pulled out his star coins card and handed it to Old Iron. He was trapped in the bird’s nest made of the bonsai’s branches as he said, “Tell the major general that all the money I have will be used or the rent and clothes. I just want the tree in the backyard.”

Old Iron looked at the millions of star coins on the card and wanted to say…

‘What about me? Aren’t you going to buy me out?’

The little lion was quickly sent to his room by Bonsai Gu. Then he remembered something and reached out of the bird’s nest to Old Iron. Old Iron moved over.

The little lion’s paws patted his round head. “Tell the major general that I bought you as well.”

The sudden surprise caused Old Iron to excitedly burst out with fireworks-like lights. Then he slipped away and sent a message to the major general.

Bonsai Gu, ‘…Did I abuse my robot housekeeper?’

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Old Iron is officially my fav character 😌