SBIP: Chapter 15

Of course, Bonsai Gu didn’t put all his weight on his lion’s hands. The roots that fell to the ground were quietly sliding.

On the way home, Chi Jun took the free suspension vehicle while holding the large ginkgo. Despite the strange expressions of the passengers, his face didn’t change colour. He pretended he was just hugging a Christmas tree and could remain calm. He even felt some fun.

It wasn’t until Chi Jun got out of the car and the surrounding pedestrians decreased that the bonsai jumped from the arms of his lion. His roots went deep into the sol and started to slip through the ground.

Chi Jun looked at the traces left on the ground and decided they weren’t very conspicuous. He raised his hand like he was carrying the tree around the waist. The slender white arm consciously moved around his waist and Bonsai Gu moved his canopy. He raised a branch and grasped Chi Jun’s shoulder.

Chi Jun turned to glance at the branch on his shoulder. He thought about how it was Gu Yanzheng’s hand and looked up at the ginkgo tree, saying what he wanted to say in the restaurant. “In fact, you are very good like this now. Unfortunately, you don’t have a face.”

The faceless bonsai, “…”

One person and one tree walked quietly on the road. There was no one around but the leaves of the bonsai tree were raised in an alert manner. At the same time, Chi Jun stopped and turned to quickly look at the tree.

The person who was hiding behind them was shocked and he gently caressed a pure black beast card. Had he been discovered?

Chi Jun raised his feet and gently stepped on the root of the bonsai tree. “Don’t move, this is mine!”

He came to this world and hadn’t fought. He wanted to practice and also wanted to know how the people of this world fought.

Bonsai Gu immediately shook his canopy. How could he still get used to his lion? For the last seven years of the apocalypse, he indulged his lion who rushed everywhere to kill. This lion had no scruples and finally did something as unscrupulous and arrogant as blowing himself up.

Bonsai Gu felt pained and panicked when he thought of this! He couldn’t wait to firmly hug this man against his trunk with his leaves. Thus, before his lion could act, Bonsai Gu moved his leaves and attacked the person hidden in the darkness.

The green leaves were flung over and the man immediately activated his combat card. A giant black mechanical cat rushed out from the beast card and waved its paws to block the leaf blades. The dense blades instantly embedded into the body of the black mechanical cat, making continuous thudding sounds. Some of the blades even pierced through the mechanical cat and were embedded deep in the ground.

The man on the back of the mechanical beast and manipulating it felt his chin drop open. The mental power he infused into the mechanical cat could clearly feel the damage that the mechanical cat had suffered.

This was a mechanical beast imprinted on the hardest high-density alloy card and could resist an ion cannon. It was a mechanical beast that was invincible in the asteroid belt against the star thieves. Yet it couldn’t even endure such a simple attack?

Chi Jun saw the bonsai act and stepped forward, kicking the trunk of the bonsai. “Don’t steal it from me.”

Then he shook off the ginkgo branch holding his shoulder and he condensed his metal power in his hands as he rushed towards the big mechanical cat. Fighting revealed the true shape of humans!

Two seconds later, the two cats moved their paws at a frequency and speed that was almost invisible to the naked eye. Chi Jun had become a big lion the moment he came into contact with the mechanical cat.

Bonsai Gu stared at the lion waving his paws. The big lion didn’t violate the actions of a cat. When he swung his paws, he even smoothed his thick lion’s mane and his tail waved happily.

This was a completely different way of fighting compared to the apocalypse. During the apocalypse, Chi Jun could transform into a beast but it was mostly to improve the utilization of his metal ability. He mainly controlled various metals to penetrate or smash the zombie heads. This was really the first time he waved his paws like this.

Chi Jun was satisfied using such a combat method. Whenever his paws approached the mechanical beast, his metal ability could also explore the beast pattern. Of course, he discovered that the man in charge of the mechanical cat had no intention of killing them.

Bonsai Gu liked the lion’s paws and wanted to grab the big lion’s paws. However, he also had anger and perseverance in his heart. Such close fighting meant that his naughty lion would be in danger of injury at any time!

This lion was clearly relying on Gu Yanzheng being by his side, who could defeat the enemy at any time while also healing the lion. It was unscrupulous that Bonsai Gu wanted to tie this lion up for a good scolding! Unfortunately, Bonsai Gu could only wait angrily while ready to destroy the mechanical cat in seconds.

The man who controlled the mechanical cat had no intention of dealing with the unarmed Chi Jun. He even tried to avoid Chi Jun when he pounced but Chi Jun was too fast and directly confronted the mechanical cat’s paws.

He panicked because he was certain that this person would die under the mechanical claws. Then he was shocked to find that the mechanical cat didn’t harm the person, despite its claws being sharp enough to tear the outer armour of a zerg. The mechanical claws made of high-density alloy touched the person and there was even the sound of a metal impact!

Then in the blink of an eye, the person who rushed over was gone and there was a huge brown and yellow lion with beautiful fur in the spot. The man was relieved. This person originally had a combat card but the mechanical beast was different from conventional mechanical beasts.

Knowing that this man wouldn’t die easily, there was a scene where a mechanical beast and a lion exchanged paws. After a while, the man on the back of the mechanical cat was paralyzed. It was because he found that every time his mechanical cat touched the lion’s paws, the lines on the surface of his mechanical cat showed signs of being erased. If he continued to fight, his mechanical beast would be abolished and his mental strength integrated into the beast card would be damaged. He still had some moves but he couldn’t let his mechanical beast release a gravity gun or high-energy ion cannon in the capital. He didn’t want to kill this person.

Therefore, this person looked deeply at Chi Jun, activated the power of the mechanical cat and ran away without looking back.

Lion Chi’s eyes thought it was a pity as his eyes burned while watching the mechanical cat. In another minute, he would be able to strip the surface of the mechanical beast and see the more complex patterns inside. For example, the acceleration pattern on the mechanical beast’s butt was… quite interesting.


The person who ran away stroked his beast card that had a layer almost scraped off and licked his lips before connecting to his quantum computer. Chen Shu in his beast card store was surprised when he saw the call from Song Bohao.

After a moment, he reacted and connected to Song Bohao’s call. The moment the familiar face appeared in front of him, Chen Shu subconsciously asked, “What’s the matter?”

Song Bohao raised his hand and touched Chen Shu’s 3D image. “Nothing, I just wanted to tell you that the thing I promised you before, I can’t do it.”

Chen Shu smiled. “Is that right? Do you have another reward mission to do? How much money do you need? I can pay.”

Song Bohao’s throat was blocked for a moment and he tried to speak calmly. “Don’t misunderstand. I can’t protect a person who is stronger than I am.”

Chen Shu was stunned. “…What did you say?”

This man was a well-known mercenary leader. It was unknown how crazily he played in the asteroid belt and the number of star thieves he handled was unknown. How could the kid Chi Jun be stronger than him? Looking at Chen Shu’s shocked face, Song Bohao held a card between his fingers and showed the scratches on it. “Look, he almost broke my beast card.”

Chen Shu carefully looked at the beast card in Song Bohao’s hand and found that it was obviously damaged. For a time, he didn’t know what to do. Song Bohao knocked on the beast card. “How are you going to compensate me?

A high-level combat card was worth more than 10 million star coins. The price wouldn’t be cheap even if it could be prepared. In addition, advanced combat cards were sometimes impossible to obtain.

Song Bohao saw the person across from him stay silent for a long time before finally saying, “Come over, we should meet to talk.”


Meanwhile, Lion Chi was comfortable after the good fight and discovered his clothes were so damaged they couldn’t be worn anymore. Looking at the clothes that had burst apart because of his transformation, he thought blankly that he seemed to have forgotten to buy clothes.

Lion Chi had a bit of a guilty conscience. He didn’t know how many clothes he had left to wear at the major general’s house. Lion Chi licked his lion’s mane and raised thick paws to his family’s bonsai, crouching in front of the roots of the tree.

“Yan Zhengzheng, make some clothing for me. I don’t want to wear metal. The hardness is difficult to accept.”

Bonsai Gu moved his branches. He could no longer repeat the same mistakes and let the lion get used to acting so unscrupulously. He had to give punishment! He must let the naughty lion know that starting from today, he couldn’t transform into his beast form to fight and this type of thing must be avoided.

Thus, Bonsai Gu shook and ginkgo leaves soon fell in a whirlwind, wrapping around Lion Chi. They gradually elongated and tangled together to weave clothes, also wrapping around the lion’s hind legs and tail.

Once Bonsai Gu was done, he felt this cover wasn’t enough and controlled the ginkgo leaves to wrap around Lion Chi’s upper part. The clothes made of ginkgo leaves were soft and comfortable, much better than the metal clothes Lion Chi previously made. It was just that Lion Chi looked down at the fan-shaped blades on his body… a green vest and green trousers.

After his family’s ginkgo became stuck in this form, his head was rigid and his sense of aesthetics was reduced. Chi Jun really didn’t want to wear this!

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