SBIP: Chapter 14

Chen Shu stated the truth and Chi Jun was quite discouraged. If he told Chen Shu that the place he wanted to buy was actually owned by the major general, it was estimated that Chen Shu would directly tell him this was a delusion.

Chi Jun felt complicated as he eyed the millions of star coins in the card. As a black household with no identity, there was really no way to make more money in a short amount of time. If he couldn’t buy a house, he would probably have to find a way to move the tree.

He turned to look at the lush bonsai on his shoulder. He had a big palm and could hold the bonsai in one hand to take wherever he went. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the tree but just a split off part of the body.

The original tree in the major general’s backyard was clearly paralyzed and it was unlikely that the tree would pull out his roots himself and step out of the yard of the major general’s home like he did in the apocalypse.

Then how to dig out the tree quietly was a problem. He couldn’t hurt any of the ginkgo tree’s roots. However, the tree had a large canopy and the underground root system was broad.

He had a headache when he thought about the huge size of the project. Of course, it wasn’t impossible to move the tree. He didn’t know if the major general’s house had a gardener, not an artificial intelligence.

The bonsai fixed to his shoulder obviously didn’t know the direction of his lion’s thoughts. At this time, the major general was handing over the work to the diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who arrived. Once the handover was completed, he could turn back and hug his lion after a two day journey.

Seeing Chi Jun’s frustration, Chen Shu comforted him. “I knew a few properties where the land and price are very good. It might be smaller than the area you are looking for but it is still comfortable and spacious. You can buy it first and consider changing it for a larger place later when you earn more money. I happen to be free this afternoon. Shall I show them to you?”

Chi Jun shook his head. “Thank you Brother Chen, I don’t want to buy anything apart from that place.”

Chen Shu, “…”

According to the current progress of making money, another 10 or 20 years wouldn’t be enough to buy a 3,000 ping house near the imperial palace! Chi Jun put away the star currency card. “I will talk about buying a house later.”

Then he picked up the newly prepared alloy cards and asked, “Brother Chen, are there any cards better than this? These cards have poor endurance and some lines can’t be engraved.”

Chen Shu replied, “Yes, wait a minute.”

The blank alloy cards were classified into low, intermediate and advanced cards according to their quality. Low level cards were mass produced and card makers could make them in batches using the help of smart equipment.

The intermediate and advanced cards required more materials and the strength required for material fusion was stronger. The production process and power weren’t related to accuracy and smart equipment couldn’t provide assistance. They could only be manually produced by card makers. Therefore, the price was expensive and almost equal to the value of completed five star cards.

The intermediate and advanced blank alloy cards were mostly used in the production of combat cards. They were powerful and the price of combat cards was dozens of times that of ordinary beast cards.

When imprinting the beast patterns, the intermediate and advanced alloy cards had high requirements for the beast imprinter. Beast imprinters below five stars found it difficult to scratch the surface, let alone imprint an animal pattern on it.

Thus, Chen Shu was surprised. Chi Jun handed him so many beast cards but apart from the auxiliary body patterns, he didn’t see any other high level patterns. If Chi Jun could make combat cards…

Chen Shu only showed a moment of hesitation before bringing out all his intermediate alloy cards. In any case, these intermediate alloy cards were accumulating dust and it was good to send them to Chi Jun to increase personal feelings. Chen Shu pushed a well-made square box in front of Chi Jun. “I only have 20 here, take them all.”

Chi Jun nodded. “Once I make them, I’ll put them here for you to sell.”

Chen Shu laughed. “Okay, then I’ll wait for your good news.”

In fact, he didn’t have that much hope. If the combat cards were really good then they could only be sold in the form of an auction.

“Brother Chen, I’ll trouble you again.”

Chen Shu chuckled. “There is no need to be so polite.”

“Where can I learn advanced beast patterns?”


Chen Shu’s mouth twitched. Then this child didn’t systematically learn imprinting?

Chi Jun’s expression was very serious. “Do you know?”

Chen Shu sighed, went to the table to find a library loan card and handed it to Chi Jun. “The better high grade beast patterns are mostly confidential. Those that are made public can only be recorded on paper books and the library should have them.”

Chi Jun took the library loan card. “Thank you, Brother Chen.”

“It is just a matter of holding it in your hands but simply reading a book doesn’t make it easy to understand. I don’t want to say it is a waste of time but it is easy to cause frustration. You are better off finding a school to study.”

Chi Jun spoke indifferently, “It’s fine, I’ll try it first.”

Chen Shu sneered. “If you really become a six star beast imprinter who can make combat cards, I’ll follow you.”

Chi Jun nodded. “Just wait.”

Chen Shu sent him out of the store and then turned to entertain Lin Zimu. The time wasn’t long but Lin Zimu almost became stupid waiting. Once he saw Chen Shu entering, he immediately looked behind him and didn’t see the teenager following. He asked, “What about the person?”

Chen Shu told him, “He left.”

Lin Zimu’s mouth twitched. He waited two days and the person left?

“Sir, shall we begin?” Chen Shu raised his hand and gestured to Lin Zimu.

Lin Zimu could only suppress the idea of chasing after the teenager and sat down to watch the beast card demonstration.

The front few cards were nothing special but all contained the beast pattern that allowed them to divide their bodies. Lin Zimu was casually watching and counting the total when he saw the monarch butterfly card.

Hundreds of monarch butterflies spread through the VIP room in a short period of time. They moved and danced in a spectacular and beautiful manner.

It wasn’t only Lin Zimu, even Chen Shu was shocked. If the previous hedgehog only simplified the complexity of the patterns, this card improved the effect by several times.

Lin Zimu’s heart was simply ecstatic and he didn’t hesitate to pick this card. He didn’t spare the time to look at the rest of the beast cards and directly told Chen Shu, “Store manager, this time I will once again buy all the cards.”

He could never allow such beast cards to leak out! He would get the patent! Lin Zimu saw his brilliant future.

‘Silly young man, since you don’t realize the value of the beast pattern, you deserve to lose this opportunity.’

Lin Zimu spoke with excitement. “It isn’t only these beast cards. Store manager, I will buy all the five star beast cards in the future.”

“Sir, the price is very expensive.”

Lin Zimu nodded. “I know.”

Chen Shu smiled and received the deposit.

Lin Zimu left with the beast cards and Chen Shu sent the money to Chi Jun. Then after a moment of silence, he opened his quantum computer and sent a message to a person he hadn’t contacted for a long time. “Help me protect a person.”

The other person replied in seconds. “Okay.”


Chi Jun left the beast card store and wanted to buy a quantum computer to use. He had just walked to the mall when he received millions of star coins on his card. Chi Jun silently calculated it and the amount obviously exceeded the price of the beast cards he sent

This unscrupulous businessman, he liked it! Unfortunately, Chi Jun looked at all the quantum computer stores and found there was no quantum computer with unbound genes. This was like the system for identifying users in the apocalypse.  When using the quantum computer, it was necessary to automatically accept a genetic scan and upload the genetic information.

Chi Jun couldn’t be exposed so he had to give up and go to a restaurant. Chi Jun asked for a private room, sat down and ordered a few signature dishes. Then he took the bonsai down from his shoulder, rested him on the table and waited for this world’s dishes.

The location of the private room was sunny and the autumn sun just after midday fell onto Chi Jun’s hair, giving him a halo of light. This situation was seen in the eyes of the bonsai. Perhaps it was the thought of the lion’s fluffy hair just after a shower that caused a soft itching sensation in Major General Yan’s heart. He subconsciously moved his roots closer to Chi Jun.

It was just that at this time, the first dish was sent using the automatic food delivery and was stuck in the middle of the bonsai and Chi Jun. He wanted to blast this star squid.

Chi Jun hesitated. “Yan Zhengzheng, are you sure you want to eat this?”

Bonsai Gu, “…”

Seeing Bonsai Gu stand there in a motionless manner, Chi Jun took it as a default agreement.

Chi Jun pressed the automatic desktop packaging and in the blink of an eye, the first dish was loaded into a smart box and pushed to Chi Jun’s side.

Chi Jun reached out and touched the bonsai’s head. “Next time, tell me what you want to eat. I will bring it back. It might not be very good when buried in a pit in the ground but I will have Old Iron study how to make this dish into fertilizer.”

The serious Lion Chi was very cute. He looked down and his long lashes formed a dense circle of shadows in the sunlight. The bonsai couldn’t hold back and suddenly turned into a large bonsai more than two metres high, a tree hand extended towards Chi Jun.

Chi Jun’s eyes widened as he stared at the large tree. Apart from the large crown of ginkgo leaves, the wooden arms, chest and thighs were no different from Gu Yanzheng himself! This body, no one knew it better than him.

Chi Jun couldn’t hold back and rushed out of his chair. This long-lost hug was very familiar, he missed it very much. Chi Jun tightened his arms around the shoulders of the tree. Bonsai Gu held even tighter and wanted to melt this person into his trunk.

Just two minutes later, Chi Jun felt complicated as he hung onto the tree man…

This person had become so big, how could he bring him back? If a human-shaped ginkgo tree was seen on the road then wouldn’t he be captured for experimentation? No one knew more clearly than Chi Jun that the ginkgo tree could do many things but he couldn’t make himself smaller, regardless of whether it was the original body or a split-off body.

Eventually, the enlarged bonsai couldn’t be retracted but fortunately, the arms and thighs turned back into a tree trunk.

So after the meal, the restaurant staff looked on strangely as Chi Jun held a packing box in one hand and a two metres high ginkgo tree in the other hand while he walked out of the restaurant with no expression.

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