SBIP: Chapter 13

The beast pattern was engraved on the blank alloy card. It was a very meticulous process. If the tip of the pen was smooth on the alloy card, the metal power was integrated into the alloy card based on the size and angle of the brush stroke or each tremor would affect the final effect of the beast card.

Chi Jun held the imprinting pen and smoothly sketched on the card surface like flowing water. The fine lines gradually showed, complex and beautiful, in one go. There weren’t any pauses and it was as beautiful as a painting.

There were dozens of blank alloy cards, each with a repetitive pattern. Repetitive work was boring but Chi Jun had never lacked patience.

In the apocalypse, he was able to raise his metal ability to level nine not just because he killed zombies and absorbed their nucleus. The most important thing was that he repeated the exercises every day.

There was always a metal ball with fine metal wire around him. The internal twisting path was more tangled up than the most complex maze. He controlled the needle-like metal particle anything and anywhere in this hollow metal ball. If interested, he could unfold the metal ball that had almost tens of thousands of knots in a minute, weaving it into a beautiful painting.

Chi Jun might be somewhat unfamiliar with the use of this world’s metal power. Now the metal ability had to be drawn on the beast card in a certain beast pattern, slightly limiting his power. Still, as the number of patterned beast cards increased, he became more familiar with the operation.

Imprinting the beast cards became faster and faster and he completed dozens of beast cards in just half a morning.

Of course, the low level beast cards were mostly for civilians and most of the beast patterns were public. There was no need for confidential interference patterns which meant it wasn’t too complicated.

Chi Jun organized the beast cards and activated them one by one. The alloy card instantly melted into a flying monarch butterfly. The metal monarch butterfly was delicate and gave off a cold and faint glow. Every flap of the wings created another monarch butterfly of the same size. Not long afterwards, the living room was filled with monarch butterflies.

The effect was increased… this was the body pattern that could increase the number of small mechanical beasts by several times. It was beautiful and eye-catching. If lights were used then a stage effect could be created.

However, Chi Jun wasn’t satisfied. You couldn’t expect a person who killed in the apocalypse to pay attention to beauty. The monarch butterflies had no attack power at all. If he encountered an opponent then he couldn’t turn the opponent’s attention away by being beautiful.

The attack effect wasn’t as good as the previous hedgehog. The hedgehogs had two skills, shooting spikes and bursting. The monarch butterfly’s beast card had the high-grade beast pattern that increased the number of bodies and this texture occupied the entire alloy card, not allowing other patterns to be engraved.

In order to incorporate more attack patterns, Chi Jun wasted several cards and ultimately failed. He had to either simplify the pattern or change to a more resilient alloy card.

Chi Jun rubbed the tip of his nose and put away the monarch butterfly card. Then he packed up all the beast cards, took the star coins card and turned to the two trees on his shoulders. “Do you want to stay at home to photosynthesis and raise the feelings of a father and son or go out with me?”

Ginkgo Gu’s roots directly grasped Chi Jun’s shoulder, making his answer obvious. Chi Jun turned to look at the sprout. The small ginkgo seedling immediately used his leaves to cling to the branches of his tree father.

Thus, the family of three happily prepared to go out. It was the sight of Chi Jun leaving with two trees.

Old Iron, “…”

Were they really going to run away? Should he stop it or… go together? The data inside the robot housekeeper jumped for a while before he flew to catch up.

Chi Jun looked at the robot housekeeper flying to his side and reached out to pat the round head, speaking sincerely. “Once the major general comes back, I’ll buy you and take you out.”

Old Iron, “…”

This must not be known to the major general! Old Iron’s lights flashed as he watched the family of three leave. His spare processor, hard drive and skin must be taken away! This couldn’t be called betrayal. After all, the second master was also his master, not to mention that the second master mentioned buying him.

Major General Yan, who was fixed on the human’s shoulder, always felt that his robot housekeeper seemed a bit different. However, his focus was on his own lion and he didn’t consider the rest.


In the beast card store, Lin Zimu had been waiting another morning and was already impatient. After returning yesterday, he tried to re-create the simplified beast pattern but collapsed without the precise power distribution. Hundreds of alloy cards failed.

It was okay to waste the alloy cards but the longer the time dragged out, the more he was worried that the teenager would react and apply for a patent for the beast pattern.

Seeing such a big opportunity in front of his eyes, he didn’t want to miss it.

Therefore, once Chi Jun arrived with a bonsai on his shoulders, Lin Zimu walked gracefully to the young man and made a uniquely gentle smile that was like the spring rain. He greeted the teenager with slight familiarity. “What a coincidence, we meet again.”

Bonsai Gu slowly turned. ‘…Again?’

In the end, this was a patron who would buy his beast card. Chi Jun responded with a polite smile before continuing to walk in.

Lin Zimu walked next to him and spoke casually. “This time, I booked 20 five star cards from the store. This store has never sold so many five star beast cards before.  I think it is your handwriting. You are so young yet you have such talent. It is amazing.”

Chi Jun nodded and accepted the praise.

At this point, the store manager had seen the two people. One was the seller and one was the buyer. He was the middleman and it was naturally impossible to do business together. Thus, the store manager politely told Lin Zimu, “Sir, please go to the VIP room and wait.”

Lin Zimu’s mouth twitched. He waited all morning. The store manager had invited him to the VIP several times and he refused. Now that he saw the person, how could he go?

The store manager added, “Sir, are you going to pick a five star beast card from the public demonstration area?”

Lin Zimu naturally didn’t want that. He turned to look at Chi Jun and smiled, “Then can I know if this friend is selling a few five star beast cards this time?’

Chi Jun was playing with the bonsai on his shoulder. At this time, he heard Lin Zimu’s words and he looked up as his fingers fiddled with the ginkgo leaves. His light brown eyes shone brilliantly. “You guess?”

Lin Zimu, “…”

The store manager smiled since it was a trade secret.

Bonsai Gu, ‘Baby, I’m comfortable. Continue.’

In the end, Lin Zimu went to the VIP room. Since he would be asked to choose, he would naturally know how many five star beast cards there were and if he could obtain all of them. After Lin Zimu left, the store manager went directly to the store manager’s office on the second floor with Chi Jun.

Chi Jun put the bonsai on his shoulder and took out all the beast cards, placing them on the table. “Sorry store manager, I was delayed yesterday and there wasn’t time to deliver the cards.”

The store manager replied, “Master is too polite.”

“My name is Chi Jun. Please don’t call me Master.”

The store manager smiled. “In that case, you can call me Brother Chen. I am Chen, Chen Shu.”

Chen Shu counted the quantity, removed the 10% commission for the beast cards and transferred it to the star currency card held by Chi Jun. Chi Jun looked at the amount in his star currency card and wondered if he could talk to the major general about his present home.

Chen Shu looked at his face and asked, “Is there something wrong?”

Chi Jun tapped on the star currency card. “I want to buy a house in the imperial capital and I don’t know if this is enough money.”

Chen Shu asked, “Is there a place you have taken a fancy to?”

Chi Jun nodded.

Chen Shu spoke again. “The price of the imperial capital is high but your amount of money isn’t too small. It depends on the location and size. Have you asked a real estate agent about the price?”

Chi Jun thought about it, “To the west of the imperial palace, more than 3,000 ping (1 ping =  3.306 m2) and there is no real estate agent…”

He might buy it from the major general. Chen Shu was silent after this reply. He was already squirming from the first half of the sentence and almost stopped breathing. After coughing for a long time, he slowly said, “I don’t want to shock you but the money you have now might be insufficient.”

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