SBIP: Chapter 12

Chi Jun took his bath towel and walked in the direction of the cloakroom. The gingko rushed into the cloakroom first.

Chi Jun hurried to chase. “Gu Yanzheng, don’t mess with things.”

The cloakroom was neatly packed and each set of uniform carefully managed, indicating that the general quite cherished these military uniforms. If they were messed up by the ginkgo branches…

He didn’t know if Gu Yanzheng wearing this style of military uniform was more handsome and attractive? The silver-coloured buttons that went to the top, the collar that fit tightly around the neck, the tight belt, the straight military pants, the shiny military boots and the military cap that revealed Gu Yanzheng’s deep eyes always filled with love…

Imagining this made Chi Jun feel hot and itchy, as if something was emerging from his head. At that same time, an uncontrollable force poured into his body and his skin was a bit hot. Fortunately, at this time, Chi Jun entered the cloakroom and saw the ginkgo branches picking up several sets of military uniforms and several officer hats. The situation instantly made the image in Chi Jun’s head disappear without a trace and the itch on top of his head also retreated.

…The major general probably wouldn’t kick them out when he came back, he would probably directly throw them out. Seeing that the big ginkgo was going to put a military uniform on Chi Jun, Chi Jun stepped on a thick ginkgo branch.

“Don’t move your feet and put them back. This isn’t the end of the world. Do you think that are things with no masters everywhere?”

The ginkgo branches wandered around the white ankles twice before silently putting the clothes back. These clothes were his size. The little lion had returned to the age of a teenager and his height and size were a bit different.

Therefore, Major General Yan rigorously swept over the body of his little lion and accurately calculated the size of each part of the lion. Then he sent a message to the logistics department through his quantum computer to order several sets of uniforms.

According to the military law of the Star Empire, this general military uniform couldn’t be casually worn by others but it didn’t matter. Once he returned, he could have his family’s lion wear it. The ginkgo branches put all the military uniforms and hats back in place. He pulled the casual clothes hanging there and then used the branches to pull the bath towel off Chi Jun’s waist.

Chi Jun clutched the bath towel. ‘This rogue!’

As for who finally put the clothes on…

Old Iron sent the message: Major General, you should watch and learn from it. When you return, you can’t lose to a tree!

Gu Yanzheng looked at the 3D video sent by his robot housekeeper. The ginkgo branches were tightly covering his lion along with the wood power, not allowing the lion to be seen by Old Iron. He handled the video in a satisfied manner and then saved the most realistic image to his quantum computer.

Chi Jun finished putting on his clothes and turned to see Old Iron with lights flashing at the door. He raised his hand and patted Old Iron’s round head before going downstairs. Old Iron happily watched the ginkgo branches retreat from the window and quickly caught up with Chi Jun. They came downstairs and saw many ginkgo branches coming in the window of the living room.

Old Iron, “…”

There were no holes. He gave this skill a perfect score. Major general, please learn something from it! Old Iron stared at Chi Jun and sat on the dining chair pulled out by the ginkgo branches.

Chi Jun was preparing to eat all types of roasted meats cooked by Old Iron when the ginkgo branches suddenly pulled the plate away. Chi Jun found it strange and couldn’t help asking, “Do you want to eat?”

If he chopped up the meat and buried it in a pit in the ground, would the big ginkgo be able to taste the meat?

The ginkgo branches didn’t care about the meat. Instead, they put the plate directly in a storage cabinet similar to a refrigerator and then gathered in front of the bench. Two or three types of kitchen utensils were picked out from various utensils. Several branches performed their respective duties and skillfully started to make… fruit savoury crepe?

10 minutes later, there was something gold with sesame seeds sprinkled on top. The insides were wrapped in eggs and the latest deep-fried breadstick. The fragrant savoury fruit crepe was sprinkled with chopped green onion and sent in front of Chi Jun.

Chi Jun looked down at the fruit crepe on his plate. It was made of real eggs! He looked up, saw Old Iron trying to clean up the ginkgo branches and licked his lips. Compared to Old Iron who only knew how to make roast meat, the fruit crepe was obviously much more delicious.

Old Iron, “…”

This chef had a perfect score. Major general, learn from this.

At this time, the small ginkgo seedling on the outside terrace woke up. It stretched out its three leaves and jumped out of the flower pot. Chi Jun had just finished the fruit crepe when he saw a large flower pot run all the way towards him.

The little ginkgo seedling was almost completely blocked behind the flower pot, revealing only the two ginkgo leaves holding onto the pot. Chi Jun watched the walking flower pot and suddenly thought that if he hadn’t changed the pot for the small seedling yesterday…

Old Iron saw the small seedling working hard to move the flower pot and extended his robot arms to seize the flower pot, trying to help.

However, the small ginkgo seedling didn’t think so. He saw someone trying to steal his flower pot and immediately became angry. The leaves held the flower pot while the roots that twisted into legs kicked at Old Iron.

Old Iron, ‘…How did this serious hostility come about?’

Chi Jun raised his eyebrows and looked at the ginkgo branches around him. The son and other person would come to blows, how would the big ginkgo react? Then Chi Jun saw the big ginkgo sticking out a branch that was holding a knife.

Chi Jun, “….??!!”

Was this to cut off Old Iron’s robotic arm? Being indiscriminate, Gu Yanzheng was a bad parent!

Chi Jun was very fond of Old Iron and couldn’t watch the big ginkgo attack him. He was about to call out to stop when the ginkgo branch holding the knife was covered with wood ability and then a newly budded ginkgo branch was cut off with speed and accuracy.

Chi Jun stood up and reached for the cut off branch. The branch moved in his hand and sprouted at a very fast rate. Countless fan-shaped leaves and fine roots emerged. In the blink of an eye, it became a miniature version of the big ginkgo tree outside.

This perfect copy of the ginkgo tree was much better than the small ginkgo seedling that only had three leaves and Old Iron.

However, Chi Jun wasn’t happy! In the apocalypse, he had seen Gu Yanzheng do such a thing.

At that time, their abilities were strong enough and there was a traitor in the team they cooperated with. A space system person guided them to a zombie group, intending to steal their energy nucleus after they were torn apart by zombies.

Chi Jun suffered from many injuries but was covered by Gu Yanzheng’s ability. He didn’t feel pain but still bled, leading more zombies to attack him and more wounds to appear. Then Gu Yanzheng became angry. He mobilized the ginkgo leaf blades and cut down countless branches and leaves, forming many people-sized ginkgo trees that slaughtered their way out of the zombies.

Once they escaped, Gu Yanzheng fell down. Chi Jun embraced the person who wasn’t a tree anymore and saw the wounds that belatedly appeared on Gu Yanzheng’s body. It took a long time for him to recover slowly. Split regeneration wasn’t the same as planting a seedling. This was painful to death! Thus, looking at the lush, palm-sized version of the ginkgo tree, even if the wound wasn’t big, Chi Jun still wanted to beat up this person!

However, Gu Yanzheng’s idea was simple. He wouldn’t be able to leave until two days later and then it would take him a few days to return, during which time the lion needed protection. Compared to the huge one hundred year old ginkgo tree in the backyard, the small size was more convenient.

Chi Jun gritted his teeth for a long time. He didn’t know how to punish the person who was maintaining the tree state. In the end, he could only scream silently at the palm-sized ginkgo tree before placing it in the pocket of his jacket.

Then without caring about the two flower pots, he went to the living room, sat cross-legged on the sofa and looked down at the blank alloy cards.

The big ginkgo had withdrawn all the branches in the room to concentrate on the reduced version of his body. He split some branches and twisted them to make two arms and the roots were twisted into two legs as he used the ginkgo leaves to climb along the jacket onto Chi Jun’s shoulder. He sat there watching intently.

Chi Jun turned to look at him and scoffed.

At this time, Old Iron finally realized that the ginkgo seedling didn’t want his help and withdrew the robotic arm. The consequence of the sudden letting go meant the ginkgo seedling fell to the ground with the flower pot in its arms before it stood up.

The depressed little ginkgo seedling kicked Old Iron and ran into the living room with the flower pot. Once he found it was impossible to climb onto the sofa with the flower pot, he decided to hide the pot under the sofa and climbed up.

He climbed onto the sofa and wanted to climb onto the lion’s shoulder, just like his father. As he struggled to grab Chi Jun’s clothes to climb up, the tree father sitting above lowered his head and extended a tree hand, pulling him up easily. Then he flicked lightly and threw the little ginkgo on top of him.

The little ginkgo became smaller and turned into a sprout, sitting on top of the big ginkgo tree. The very lush ginkgo tree and weak sprout sat firmly on Chi Jun’s shoulder, watching Chi Jun play with the pen and alloy card.

Chi Jun thought, ‘Is this really your son?’

Gu Yanzheng thought, ‘Since the lion said he wants to spoil his son, I will reluctantly spoil him.’

Old Iron, who was left in the dining room, slipped in here and saw it. A family of three! A harmonious and happy family of three!

…Major general, you better not come back first.

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1 year ago

Old Iron seems to have jumped ships being a wingman from the general to the tree