SBIP: Chapter 11

In the end, the thick ginkgo branches were still stiff. He stretched out very delicate ginkgo branches to carefully surround the little lion and touched the little lion’s chest like longing for rain.

Chi Jun used his paws to hold the ginkgo branches that came over and borrowed them to climb up. He squatted his hind legs and rode the ginkgo branches like a horse. The ginkgo branches left the room like a tide, leaving the place a mess.

Old Iron looked at the sofa and ruined terrace. For a time, he was confused over whether the big ginkgo in the backyard was tangled up with the little lion or if the little lion was tangled up with the big ginkgo tree.

However, this wasn’t within the jurisdiction of his program. In his program settings, there were clear instructions not to attack the lion or the ginkgo tree in the backyard. So all he could do was…

“Major General, the second master is going to run away!”

Old Iron sent a 3D video of the little lion riding the ginkgo branches to the major general. Unfortunately, the major general didn’t have the time to look at his quantum computer. Old Iron’s lights flashed as he flew away from the broken terrace, determined to leave evidence of what was happening outside.

Meanwhile, the dense branches of the ginkgo tree in the backyard wrapped around the little lion tightly, surrounding him with the wood ability.  Old Iron had the vision function yet it was difficult for him to see what was going on inside.

He might not be able to see inside but the branches outside the big ginkgo tree were clearly seen. All the branches of the tree were waving in the wind and the small ginkgo leaves that had just grown were making sounds, seeming very vibrant.

The tree was obviously very excited! There was absolutely something going on inside! Committing evil! An old saying inexplicably appeared inside Old Iron’s simple program.

‘Major General, if you don’t come back then it is really bad!’

In fact, nothing was happening inside the big ginkgo tree’s branches. Gu Yanzheng hadn’t lost his heart and became a maniac enough to use his tree body to attack the little lion. At most, he surrounded the lion in the shape of a bird’s nest. The screaming lion was covered with soft, thick hair.

The little lion raised his front paws to rub and when he was tickled, he let out a few screams. Once the big ginkgo calmed down, he sent the lion to the treetop and removed the top of the bird’s nest.

The little lion lay in the nest and slightly poked out his head to look up at the sky. Only then did he discover that this planet actually had two moons. One was hanging on the horizon, as fine as a willow, while the other was over his head and was a bright silver. The moonlight poured down and scattered over the golden fur of the little lion to create a soft halo.

A ginkgo branch wrapped around and tightly grasped the little lion’s shoulder. Speaking of which, in the last seven years, they had been running around and killing zombies or collecting supplies. They never sat quietly like this to enjoy the moonlight… their free time was used for more intense things.

Gu Yanzheng picked up his lion, gaze on the side of the little lion that was shrouded in the moonlight. This lion was cute compared to the one in the apocalypse world who yelled and charged to break through enemy lines.

Chi Jun yawned and leaned slightly towards a ginkgo branch, raising his paws to rub his eyes. He was a little sleepy and found it hard to keep his eyes open. In fact, apart from feeling that two moons was a bit novel, he really didn’t see how the moon looked good.

Still, the big ginkgo seemed to like it very much so he firmly cooperated. His chaotic head couldn’t help thinking that plants probably had a sense of belonging with shining celestial bodies. After all, their livelihood depended on them.

The little lion closed his eyes in a confused manner and couldn’t help smiling. Maybe next time he could tell the little ginkgo seedling that the two moons in the sky were his two aunts… Gu Yanzheng held the sleeping little lion, rubbing his head calmly as the more delicate branches surrounded him. The familiar taste of the ginkgo trees shrouded him and Chi Jun seemed to return to the end of the world.

At that time, they ran all the way to Base A with no cars. The one hundred year old tall ginkgo tree walked fast and easily. It took out the ginkgo leaf blades to kill zombies while various material reserves were hung from the branches. During the day, Chi Jun became a big lion and used his metal ability to help the ginkgo kill along the way, collecting all types of materials and zombie nucleus.

At night, Gu Yanzheng didn’t need to sleep. Like the ginkgo tree branches just now, he would give Chi Jun a comfortable bird’s nest to protect him from the wind and rain, allowing him to sleep safely and stably without any fear.

Chi Jun suddenly relaxed his mind. He directly raised his paws to hug a large bundle of ginkgo branches, rolling around and into the nest as he closed his eyes. The metal or gold nest wasn’t as good as his family’s bird nest.

Gu Yanzheng looked at the little lion like he was a treasure and carefully carried him to the bedroom. There was no other way. His ginkgo leaves were just growing and were all small buds. It was okay to shelter from the wind and rain but it was difficult to maintain the temperature and it was currently late autumn in the capital.

Countless branches moved through the window he had broken last time. He transported the little lion to the bathroom attached to the bedroom and the branches automatically became a small basket, holding the lion as the shower was turned on and warm and soft warm sprinkled down.

Chi Jun opened confused eyes and saw the bathroom full of ginkgo branches. He simply opened his limbs and spread out in the small basket, letting the branches toss him from side to side. He let the big gingko wait upon him.

The spread out little lion became completely wet…

Gu Yanzheng laughed and stretched out the branches to rub a bit of the fur. The lion with a wet face was much smaller and gave off a pitiful feeling. After washing and drying, the little lion’s fur was blown and became fluffy and soft. The feeling was great. The ginkgo branches rubbed for a while before the little lion moved his legs to resist. Then he sent the little lion to the bed with some regret.

Before falling asleep, the little lion in bed turned over, pressed against one or two ginkgo branches and glared with half open eyes. “Yes, you might be a tree in the major general’s backyard but you are an outsider. Be careful that the major general doesn’t cut you down as firewood when you come back.

Gu Yanzheng, “…”

Then the little lion didn’t know his identity yet? This slow guy, didn’t he doubt why he could come and go from the major general’s house? In addition, the most powerful defensive weapon in the house was the ginkgo tree in the backyard. Even if his consciousness wasn’t left in the ginkgo tree, the ginkgo tree wouldn’t attack his lion.

The little lion hugged two comfortable pillows and his consciousness gradually faded away. He continued in a vague voice, “But rest assured… I will buy you and the house…”

Suddenly, Major General Yan didn’t want to explain to the little lion. In any case, he would be able to go back in two days. He wondered how the little lion would try to buy the house from the ‘major general.’ In addition, how would the little lion react once they met?

In this way, the major general who intended to surprise his little lion hugged the little lion with the branches while opening his quantum computer to issue an order. He urged the diplomats sent by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to speed up the journey. They must reach the beastmen empire within two days. Then while dealing with the people of the beastmen empire, he stared at the little lion sleeping in his house.

A night passed. Major General felt that he hadn’t stared at his little lion for a long time before the sky became bright. Chi Jun used his paws to tightly hug the ginkgo branches and opened his mouth to say hello. “Awu.”

Uh… he had just woken up and hadn’t found his words. He tried again. “Good morning!”

At this time, the ginkgo branches suddenly moved. They pounced on the little lion and rubbed his fur again. This made Chi Jun wake up completely. He used his front paws to pull away the branches on his face and rubbed his eyes. Don’t make trouble.”

Gu Yanzheng smiled, rubbed the head and pulled the paws away from the eyes. Then he transported the little lion directly to the bathroom. Chi Jun yawned and wanted to go to the toilet but the ginkgo branches were everywhere. He was patient for two minutes before raising his paws to point outside the bathroom. “Old Tree, can you go out first?”

The big ginkgo was unmoved. During last night’s bath, he looked carefully and that place was the same in the young body. He already knew it. Chi Jun’s face became hot and he waved his paws while gritting his teeth. “F*k, can’t you leave me some privacy? Believe it or not, I’ll become a big lion and show you!”

This threat poked at Gu Yanzheng’s worries. He had explored the little lion’s body countless times with his ability but couldn’t resolve the side effects of the genetic drugs. He had to go back as soon as possible.

Gu Yanzheng touched the little lion’s ears with his branches before leaving the bathroom under the amber beast eyes. It took only two minutes before the bathroom door opened and a handsome young man with a towel around his waist emerged.

The teenager stepped on the ground with bare feet and grabbed his soft and fluffy hair with some annoyance. He seemed to always be borrowing the major general’s clothes. He thought about buying water and wine. Why didn’t he think about buying clothes for himself?

As for the major general in another galaxy, he looked at his little lion’s slender legs and white feet and unconsciously clenched his jaw, throat moving. Perhaps it was because he had separated the consciousness of the clone and gave the little lion some healing ability. The face that was originally similar to Chi Jun had completely changed into the face of Chi Jun when he was 18.

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