SBIP: Chapter 10

After his ability recovered, Chi Jun found the blank alloy cards given by the store manager. However, he was still in the lion state and it was unsure when he would change back. He was now occupying the body of the clone. He also knew that this flammable and explosion lion easily got depression thanks to a side effect of the beast ancestral gene. Still, knowing was useless. He had no idea how to handle it.

Chi Jun could only stare with beast eyes at the blank alloy cards and think of other ways. He couldn’t be expected to hold the pen with two fleshy paws. Even if he could hold it, he couldn’t sketch out the fine engravings on the beast card that were comparable to micro-carvings.

Chi Jun suddenly envied his family’s big ginkgo. The old tree could be hard and soft, thick and thin, with high strength, toughness and flexibility. The lion’s face under the fur suddenly became hot. He was mainly referring to the ginkgo branches. Of course, the size of the big ginkgo was the same. Or… in fact… it might be more interesting.

The little lion snorted and his paws patted his head. What did he want to do with these perverted things? Could he expect the big ginkgo, who was paralyzed outside, to give him some comfort? This was still the old tree who passed on his essence to other female plants.

Chi Jun pulled back his perverted thoughts that were drifting away. He was going to earn money to raise a disabled tree and a cheap son. He previously promised to sell the store manager 10 beast cards every day. It was only the first day but the promise was already broken.

This wasn’t very good but he could explain it to the store manager tomorrow. Chi Jun wasn’t in a hurry. There was a saying that rare commodities were worth hoarding. If stocks ran out one day then there must be someone more anxious than him.

For example, Lin Zimu who had been waiting for most of the day in the store. Lin Zimu spent so much money and bought all the beast cards made by the boy. However, it wasn’t enough for him to study the animal pattern. He needed more cards or to obtain some secrets from the teenager’s mouth.

Lin Zimu was like his name. His handsome face was gentle and he had an elegant temperament like water. If he smiled then he made people feel a spring breeze. He had a new haircut and even wore his high-end clothing, drawing the eyes of countless people when he entered the store. He believed that his extraordinary temperament was sure to attract the attention of the young man who only knew how to pay in cash and had no knowledge.

He had been waiting since the beast card store opened in the morning and it was now afternoon but the teenager hadn’t yet appeared. He asked the store manager several times but the store manager made an expression that he didn’t know. This created thousands of scratches on Lin Zimu’s heart and he found it hard to maintain his temperament.

The day was about to end and the store was about to close but Lin Zimu still didn’t see the boy. He even wondered if the young boy had discovered the value of his beast patterns. Compared to Lin Zimu’s anxiety, the store manager was relaxed.

He really believed in the words of the five star beast imprinter who seemed to be an adult and he also determined that this boy was really capable. This buyer had bought a dozen beast cards to study yet the pattern hadn’t been cracked. Thus, he didn’t think it mattered even if the teenager didn’t come to deliver cards today.

The store manager calculated how to be tied to this promising five star beast imprinter in the future. The time was getting late and the store was going to close. The store manager went up to Lin Zimu. “Sir, we have to close our doors.”

Lin Zimu suppressed his anger but he spoke proudly on the surface, “Can I book the five star beast imprinter’s beast cards first?’

The store manager nodded. Of course. Every beast card is 50,000 star coins and because it is a five star beast card, you need to pay half as a deposit. How many do you want to book?“

“I will book 20 first.”

If he could, he would buy all of the man’s beast cards. Lin Zimu became even more shocked after he studied the beast patterns. This was a simplified version of the beast patterns. It ha been studied by many senior beast imprinters but no one had ever simplified it to this extent. The value of this body pattern might far exceed his previous expectations.

As he waited all day, he checked the empire’s beast patterns patent category and the imperial military’s beast pattern rewards list. The estimated value of this beast pattern might be as high as one billion star coins. Not to mention the added prestige and reputation that would follow.

What’s more, perhaps all the other advanced beast patterns could be simplified with this method. It would be a fortune and he would be famous in history.

Lin Zimu’s blood boiled the moment he thought of this. Unfortunately, he broke so many beast cards and never figured out the distribution of energy in the lines. He needed more beast cards.

The store manager nodded and smiled. “That’s fine. Sir, please pay a deposit of 500,000 star coins.”

Lin Zimu felt some pain. Fortunately, he applied for money from his father yesterday or he probably couldn’t even afford the deposit. Lin Zimu left and the store manager didn’t hesitate to transfer the deposit directly to the star card of the beast imprinter whose name was unknown.

He knew that sometimes taking risks would allow him to gain more benefits. If the beast imprinter disappeared then he would lose at most 500,000 star coins. However, if he got the trust of the animal imprinter then the future benefits would be huge. Not to mention, this customer further confirmed the teenager’s ability.

Then the little lion who had just eaten dinner saw the star card under his paws flashing. An extra 500,000 star coins had been added to his account. Chi Jun’s paws touched the star card. He thought the store manager would be angry since he didn’t go to sell beast cards today. He didn’t expect the store manager to actually give him money.

Chi Jun couldn’t help sighing. This person could really do business. The store manager was interesting. Although he misread Chi Jun’s skills, he soon responded and verbally cooperated with Chi Jun. This time, 500,000 star coins wasn’t a small number but it allowed him to see the sincerity of the store manager. Since the olive branch had been sent, Chi Jun would readily accept it.

After all, he was now a young lion and he needed a partner. Chi Jun suddenly felt he was lucky. He had met a discerning profiteer. If only it would go so smoothly when he talked to the major general about cooperation…

The little lion lay on his beck, fleshy paws covering his slightly rounded stomach and slowly kneading. After experiencing a shortage of resources in the apocalypse, the happiest thing was to wear warm clothes…forget it, he didn’t have to wear anything with his fur… there was nothing better than eating meat.

Old Iron really learned. Since he guided Old Iron on how to cook beef in the oven, Old Iron had already roasted chicken, lamb, pork and other unknown meat. The little lion had a satisfied body and rolled around twice as well as crying out.

Next to him, Old Iron stared at the little lion’s stomach with bewilderment. For things that he didn’t understand, Old Iron had formed a habit. He recorded and sent it to the major general!

The robot housekeeper’s 3D video had just been sent when Gu Yanzheng finally recovered. Before he even had time to see his robot housekeeper’s message, he had divided a large part of his consciousness into his companion tree.

The large ginkgo tree in the backyard stretched out and turned towards the living room terrace. He saw the little lion rolling around on his stomach and the major general’s first reaction was… the lion was hurt? He was so pained that he was curling up? Instantly, countless branches smashed through the window of the living room and rushed to the little lion. At the same time, a large wave of healing powers mixed with wood vitality passed over.

The little lion holding his belly and rolling around was shrouded in the fog of healing power and stopped to look at the ginkgo branches around him. Chi Jun realized that this big ginkgo had misunderstood. He suddenly didn’t want to pursue the matter of his family’s big ginkgo having a seedling son.

The little lion’s amber eyes filled with a bit of water and his small nose became sour. He really hadn’t wanted to die in front of Gu Yanzheng’s eyes…

He thought about what would happen if their positions were changed and know how horrible and painful it was…

He raised two paws from his stomach, exposing a soft and slightly bulging belly. Then he reached out the thick ginkgo branches outside the fog and spoke in a low and quivering voice, “Hold.”

The major general a few galaxies away stood stiffly and almost lost control of his companion body.

Seeing that the ginkgo branches outside the fog trembled but didn’t come closer, the little lion pulled out his small tail under his tail, waved it and once again opened his two front paws. “Hug.”

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Wahhhh, how precious 🥺🥺🥺

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Hurry up and give the little lion a hug you old tree!