SBIP: Chapter 1

Chi Jun lay on the cold ground, staring silently at the console outside the invisible barrier that was blocking him. If he was in his previous beast form then he could resolve this perfectly with a slight movement of his claws. Now…

He once had large and thick male lion claws. Now there was no need to mention the current small size of his two little lion’s paws. They were also bloody and almost cut off. Moreover, the most painful thing wasn’t his claws. It was his internal organs and bones that seemed to be expanded and crushed. The degree of injury was unbearable for the original owner of the body and he died before Chi Jun transmigrated.

Chi Jun killed the zombie emperor by exploding his own body. Perhaps it was due to rescuing the last humans and accumulating blessings but he transmigrated into the body of the newly deceased lion.

At tis time, the body still contained the deadly silence and despair from before the original owner died. Chi Jun took a long time to adapt before barely being able to raise his head. His amber eyes transferred from the outside console to a nearby healing agent.

The memories told him that this was a powerful healing agent. He had to consume it in order to live.

The healing agent was two or three steps away for an adult but these steps were like the distance between life and death. The little lion’s body was already soft and he could only pedal his hind legs and crawl forward on the ground inch by inch. The movements were small yet it was so painful that Chi Jun shook. He wanted to lie down on the ground and never move again. Suspicious traces of water emerged from the amber beast’s eyes…

Whenever he was injured in the past, there was always someone who would treat him before he felt the pain. Chi Jun might’ve been injured before but he only experienced a tiny itching as the wound healing quickly and someone’s vitality covering his skin. Therefore, he found it addictive every time he killed a zombie. It was because he had the solid backing of Gu Yanzheng that he had no scruples.

Gu Yanzheng…

Chi Jun lay on the ground and thought of this person. The first scene that appeared in his head when he grabbed the zombie king with his two paws and exploded himself was Gu Yanzheng’s horrified face and a pained roar.

Mother’s eggs, this felt more painful.

Chi Jun stretched out his tongue and licked the fur around his mouth, ears twitching twice. Chi Jun tried hard to think about some pleasant things, such as when he first saw Gu Yanzheng after the zombie outbreak.

It was summer. The tall ginkgo tree, which was the transformed Gu Yanzheng, shook numerous roots as he picked up vehicles and used sharp, knife-like ginkgo leaves to kill countless zombies. There was a sound of something falling to the ground as he ran towards the place where Chi Jun lived. The scene in which a mighty saviour came made him unusually… happy.

The lush ginkgo tree stood downstairs and looked towards his balcony. Once Chi Jun heard the ginkgo tree, that looked hundreds of years old, calling out his name with a familiar voice, he unconsciously responded. “Yanzhengzheng, you really are a green shade.”


The Gu Yanzheng tree shook a bit, reaching up to his balcony and flung green fan-shaped leaves while the roots stabbed a few zombies.

The little lion laughed when he remembered this scene and how Gu Yanzheng had clearly been angry at the time. The body that laughed felt a bit painful but with this laughter, Chi Jun finally managed to move in front of the healing agent.

The two little lion paws couldn’t open it. Chi Jun struggled to lower his head, opened it with his mouth and used sharp teeth to bite the healing agent. Then Chi Jun opened his two wounded lion paws and lay on the ground with his head cocked to lick it. The healing agent scratched his tongue but the effect was very quick.

The pain was so bad that Chi Jun almost fainted. The powerful healing agent stimulated the body’s potential but it came with the side effect of increasing the pain by several times. It was simply a world of difference from Gu Yanzheng’s healing ability of his wood system.

The little lion lay on the ground with his limbs spread out, shaking from the pain as he watched the lion’s paws healing at a speed visible to the naked eye. Fortunately, the effect of this healing agent was still okay.

The trauma recovered quickly but the internal injuries were really serious. After experiencing severe pain scratching at his heart and liver, the lion finally wriggled and used his paws to stand up. Once the side effects of the healing agent were completely gone, Chi Jun was full of energy. He shook his fur, stretched his waist, raised his head and opened his mouth to let out a powerful call. “Awu!”

The sound was very soft and tender, like a baby lion who hadn’t grown up. There was absolutely no comparison to the male lion state whenever Chi Jun transformed. Chi Jun raised a thick paw and rubbed at his face before looking at the console outside the invisible barrier.

His body didn’t hurt anymore and he could finally shift his attention to the situation he was currently in. There weren’t many memories left in his head but there was one very deep memory.

The invisible barrier trapping him was the highest level defense mechanism of the imperial prison. As soon as he moved close, it would release a powerful energy attack. This was the cause of half the lion’s previous injuries.

The place he was currently located was a restricted area of the imperial palace. It was a restricted area for the imprisonment of the empire’s little prince. There were no surveillance systems or human guards here. There were only countless mechanical beasts.

Chi Jun turned his head and looked around. This place was very wide and empty, with walls surrounding it on all sides. The little lion didn’t see any mechanical beasts or the little prince who was locked up. Chi Jun guessed that the little prince was probably locked up somewhere else.

After making sure there was really no one around, Chi Jun tried to mobilize his power. He originally had a beast transformation ability of the metal system and his beast shape was a male lion. He transmigrated but the species hadn’t changed?

Fortunately, this little lion had some metal power. It was just very scattered in the bones. Chi Jun used some effort and finally gathered this power together, compressing it into a small energy core in a jelly state. Unfortunately, he might feel the power of the metal system but he couldn’t change back to human form.

Chi Jun didn’t feel depressed. He had died once and it was already really lucky that he was alive.

The place where the little prince was detained, why did Chi Jun feel it was a prison? A prison naturally should be broken out of. He needed to get out.

Chi Jun’s gaze turned to the console again and he slightly raised his paws. The metal console in his line of sight flashed with a glimmer of electric light that gradually shattered and disintegrated. The barrier trapping him also lost its effect.

Chi Jun licked his paws and the pads of the paws fell gently against the ground without making any sound. The moment his lion paws moved outside the original barrier, the original flat, high-density alloy floor surged like a wave. It instantly assembled into several huge mechanical beasts that roared fiercely towards him. There was the feeling that if he walked out of the barrier,  they would immediately pounce and tear him apart.


Chi Jun silently retracted the lion paws that had fallen outside.

…He probably guessed how the little lion had been previously injured.

The moment he retracted his paws, the mechanical beasts melted like water and re-integrated with the alloy floor. The entire space immediately became empty, as if nothing had ever appeared. This was interesting.

Chi Jun grinned. His round lion’s ears moved and then he raised his paws, touching it outside again.

Paws, mechanical beasts appeared. Take back the paws, mechanical beasts disappeared. Paws fell, mechanical beasts reappeared. Take back the paws, mechanical beasts disappeared again.


This repeated more than a dozen times before Chi Jun took back his paws. He crouched down, lowered his head and stared intently at the ground.

He penetrated it with his metal ability and discovered that the high-density alloy on the ground was engraved with countless independent and complex patterns that contained strength. Every time his paws touched the ground, the lines would jump up and mobilize the high-density alloy to form the mechanical beasts.

As for the attack power of the mechanical beasts, he didn’t attempt to test it. One strike would probably completely break the little lion’s body. If he wanted to go out then he had to remove the invisible lines on the ground.

The little lion crouched there as he condensed his power into a knife and explore. He drastically removed some lines by slashing at them and destroying them. The group of mechanical beasts lost their utility.

The lion’s paws touched outside the barrier again and there was no reaction from the flat ground. Chi Jun suddenly felt that this prison was a bit simple. He checked it a few times before coming up and circling the wide area. The four sides were made of high-density alloy walls and there were no traces of an entrance or exit.

Chi Jun stood in front of a wall in one direction and pressed his paws against it. He silently pressed a hole in the wall. Chi Jun raised his eyes in an alert manner while his ability moved in a circle. Once he confirmed there were no sounds or presences, he drilled out of the small hole and then blocked it up.

The place where the little prince was held was very complicated. Chi Jun didn’t know how many holes he created and how many mechanical beasts were resolved before he finally saw the outside world.

Chi Jun lay on the ground and stretched his front paws to relax. He felt a bit of regret that he didn’t find the imprisoned little prince along the way.

…The prince would’ve been a good thigh.

Chi Jun looked back at the building where he was held, shook his small body, hid himself in the grass and ran in the direction of the wall. He turned the corner of this remote building and saw a golden tree outside the wall. The distance was a bit far away but the tree was golden and dazzling.

Chi Jun’s paws fell softly on the ground. He lay there and struggled to look over, beast eyes flashing gold. That outline, the colour and the temperament, this tree was too familiar! In any case, he had to identify this tree.

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