OIAA: Chapter 99

The chip formatting process was finally decided to be carried out in an independent diagnosis and treatment building of the hospital’s inpatient department.

Yi Hang prepared all the nutrients and related reagents in advance. After repeatedly emphasizing the precautions with Yi Jiamu, he reminded Yi Jiamu to ‘do his best’ and finally closed the door with a worried heart.

The entire process was due to having countless bursts of pheromones and considering Gu Yesheng’s ability, a fully enclosed and cut-off room was the best choice.

Yi Jiamu and Gu Yesheng entered early in the morning. They seemed to be completely isolated from the outside world and there was no sound ever since. There were no windows in this closed consultation room. The stellar luster was completely cut over, leaving only the dim and somewhat psychedelic lights.

In order to complete the full formatting of the gene chip, Gu Yesheng first needed to completely remove the immune system of his body. The moment they entered the room, he had already completed the first step of injecting the activator. All the cells in his body became active under the effect of the medicine. They broke away from his control and the narcissus pheromones started to swim through his body uncontrollably.

Before he knew it, half an hour had passed since Gu Yesheng injected the activator. However, Yi Hang had repeatedly emphasized the need to ensure that the medicine effects were fully utilized and they still needed to wait during such an extremely painful moment.

A strange flush spread from Gu Yesheng’s face to his whole body. He started sweating and it made him feel like he was soaked in water. His entire body was wet. His breathing gradually increased and he frowned. His mind was clearly being uncontrollably dragged into the abyss.

Originally, there was a slight narcissus smell. Then as the pheromone system collapsed under the action of the medicine, they exploded out without warning. The sudden burst inevitably made Yi Jiamu a bit dizzy but he still maintained his sanity and didn’t dare lose track of the time.

It wasn’t until the first wave of medicinal effects was over that Yi Jiamu went to the bathroom with great difficulty to get a pot of cold water. He returned and carefully took off Gu Yesheng’s wet clothes to rub his body with a towel.

The effect of the medicine was obviously more violent than the susceptible period. It was as if all the lines of defenses were destroyed and Gu Yesheng was on the verge of collapse at any time. This slight contact was enough to make him instinctively tremble since his senses had been magnified by dozens of times. His consciousness was vague as he muttered, “Hot…”

Yi Jiamu had to make his movements lighter. “I will help you wipe your body first. Please endure it a bit.”

He touched the skin and felt like there was a layer of fire over Gu Yesheng’s body. This made Gu Yesheng’s breath exude a faint heat. The feeling of weakness made Gu Yesheng have no resistance to Yi Jiamu’s actions but the repeated turbulent desire in his body also challenged his sense of reason.

It wasn’t until the first wave of the medicine passed that the two men fell on the bed exhausted. However, there was little time to breathe. Yi Jiamu took the second reagent out of the medical box.

Yi Hang had prepared a total of five such reagents, all of which were extremely difficult and long. By the time the last medicine officially worked, Yi Jiamu’s pheromones were already out of control.

The otherwise empty room was filled with two strands of intersecting pheromones that spread to every corner. The heat of Gu Yesheng’s body had reached the highest point. Even if Yi Jiamu repeatedly used a physical cooling method, he could still feel the scorching heat that was like a stove.

Every time Gu Yesheng breathed, the lips that opened and closed were like a strong rose. The body that was too sensitive rubbed silently against the quilt and was already trembling.

The reason that Yi Jiamu had long been holding onto was on the verge of collapse. The instinctive response of his body made his emotions seem more fragile than ever. His bloodshot eyes were uncontrollably moist as he controlled himself to wipe off the sweat from Gu Yesheng for the last time. All the preparations were done. The moment the last second of the countdown ended, all his self-control and persistence completely disappeared.

No one knew exactly what time it was or whether it was day or night. All the patience broke down and the rebound rushed through them with no resistance. It was completely different from any previous processes. At this time, the effect of the medicine was exerted. All his five senses were mobilized and Gu Yesheng was like a volcano that exploded.

There was the complete absence of reason and he completely followed the desires of an alpha. Such a strong impulse seemed overbearing and unrestrained.

Yi Jiamu buried his head deeply into Gu Yesheng’s neck. He gave a low hum before taking a bite of this person’s shoulder. There was a faint bloody smell that came from the deep tooth marks. This added another type of obscure atmosphere to the surrounding pheromones.

In fact, Yi Hang hadn’t conducted experiments in this area. Before coming in, he only told Yi Jiamu to satisfy Gu Yesheng’s instincts as much as possible. As for other situations, it was impossible to predict in advance.

Currently, Gu Yesheng was completely immersed in the control of the medicine. Yi Jiamu didn’t know how to make this integration process smoother so he just unconditionally cooperated. Over and over again, he was completely dragged in this swamp.

Awake and asleep, no one knew how many days passed.

Yi Jiamu couldn’t remember how many times they integrated with each other or how many times they woke up again after collapsing from exhaustion.

The bite marks on his glands were inevitably a bit shocking. On the other hand, he had no time to look at all the scratches on Gu Yesheng’s body. He could only occasionally find a trace of sanity during their repeated indulgence to use the test papers to verify their current integration progress.

This type of progress seemed excessively slow. The long-term process that blurred reality pulled the two people to the verge of complete collapse. It was as initially feared. Such a completely degenerate formatting method was unprecedented suffering for anyone.


Yi Hang constantly paced outside the clinic. His worries over the past few days made his demeanor a bit more tired.

Due to the Meyan incident, Yi Jiaqin had to stay to help with the overall situation. He finished dealing with these matters and rushed over after learning the news. He didn’t have a good impression of Gu Yesheng but the betrayal of his most respected teacher made Yi Jiaqin feel a bit of pity.

Then he heard Yi Hang say that the two of them had been inside for three days and three nights and hadn’t come out. Yi Jiaqin’s expression inevitably didn’t look good. He suggested, “Should we go in and take a look?”

Yi Hang’s lips were tight. “Wait, wait…”

As he spoke, he looked down at the time on his communicator. He knew exactly when the final limit was. It was half an hour. If they didn’t come out in half an hour then he would have to enter to forcibly terminate the formatting process.

The other personnel stood in the distance, listening to the conversation between them without saying a word. Time passed minute by minute. Seeing that the remaining time was about to run out, Yi Hang took a deep breath and was about to step forward. Then there was a faint sound from inside the closed room and a gap appeared in the door.

All the medical staff were stunned for a moment. A strong smell of pheromones blasted out and they instinctively stepped back to avoid it. Even so, there were still many people who blushed and a faint lust filled their eyes. It was so sultry in just a moment. They could imagine the situation inside the room.

The Yi family’s father and son let go of their worries. Yi Jiaqin had a blood relationship so he wasn’t so strongly influenced. He saw the figure at the door shaking after opening the door a crack and immediately rushed over. He pushed open the door and firmly held Yi Jiamu in his arms.

The rich pheromones were completely released and rushed out of the room, causing the others to back away several meters again. Yi Jiaqin bore the brunt. After being hit, he felt that his mind was blank for a moment. He calmed himself down while cursing inwardly. He firmly supported Yi Jiamu to stand up and then looked into the treatment room only to see the shocking scene inside.

The slender figure lying on the hospital bed could be seen from a distance. He was like a narcissus in full bloom and at this time, there was a breathtaking tranquility.

Yi Jiaqin let out a sigh of relief. He was only surprised for a moment before taking a blanket from the side to cover Yi Jiamu’s body. He helped Yi Jiamu from the treatment room and didn’t forget to close the door again.

All of Yi Hang’s attention was on Yi Jiamu’s body. After observation, he found that Yi Jiamu’s breathing was steady and was relieved. Then he noticed Yi Jiaqin frequently opening and closing the door and was a bit confused. “What are you doing?”

Yi Jiaqin glanced at the medical staff on standby in the distance and he slightly frowned. “I will take Mumu back to my room to rest. Gu Yesheng is still inside. Dad, go in first and check the situation.”

Yi Hang heard the emphasis in the words and reacted by rolling up his sleeves. “Don’t worry, leave the rest to me.”

Yi Jiaqin nodded and could leave in a relieved manner. Yi Hang stopped several medical staff who were ready to come and help. He walked into the room alone, took a look and closed the door.

Gu Yesheng’s body was visibly covered with old and new wounds. In the environment of excessive confusion and desire, it wasn’t difficult to guess who had left them. The tragic situation for three days and three nights was conceivable.

Yi Hang finally organized the person in a decent manner and called for a few people to help transport Gu Yesheng to an independent ward of the laboratory. He walked hurriedly while sighing in his heart.

In any case, it was determined that this was the alpha who would marry into their Yi family. The old father was really heartbroken in order to ensure enough decency.

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1 year ago

Oh. I thought he was pulling his sleeves up to go and give his son-in-law a good beating. 😂 My bad, dad Yi. I apologies for thinking you’re so low. 😂