OIAA: Chapter 97

Gu Yesheng didn’t forget to complete the remaining operations. The layers of defense in the control room were lifted one by one, all the ability weapons were declared completely invalid and the barriers around the building were also completely removed.

The aircraft hovering in the air swiftly approached after receiving instructions. It landed on the rooftop and Yang Xingwen hurried down. He walked toward the small door of the stairwell and the others followed him, prepared to deal with any surprise attacks.

The moment he opened the iron door, Yang Xingwen’s steps suddenly stopped. The heavy rain around them became the only background sound of the battlefield. Under the leaking light, he could see two figures snuggled together at the corner.

Hearing the movements, Yi Jiamu’s mouth curved up slightly. “Mr Yang, you’re very slow.”

Yang Xingwen had been staring at Gu Yesheng who was silent next to Yi Jiamu. Gu Yesheng’s excessive appearance made Yang Xingwen’s heart tremble. Then he heard these words and didn’t know if he should laugh or scold this person. Finally, he couldn’t help complaining, “I rushed over as soon as the protective barrier was opened. What else do you want?”

Then he brought people forward without hesitation. The two people were supported and quickly broke through the rain curtain to the aircraft that headed straight to the military hospital.

Yi Jiamu leaned close to Gu Yesheng the entire way and didn’t dare to use any strength. He just had to open Gu Yesheng’s fist to see that there was almost no intact skin on the palm. It was all bloody. The thread tied to the ring was wrapped tightly around the index finger and stained with thick blood. It was shocking at first glance.

Since meeting Gu Yesheng to now, Yi Jiamu had never asked anything. In fact, he could probably guess what this person had been through without asking questions.

Gu Yesheng was betrayed by his most trusted person, imprisoned in a completely unfamiliar environment and was unable to communicate with the outside world. Yi Jiamu could imagine how desperate he would’ve felt.

Perhaps it was because his spirit was too tense for so long but Gu Yesheng fell asleep the moment he got on the aircraft. Yi Jiamu didn’t dare touch the bloody palms. He just gently pinched the fingertips and rubbed them.

During the lifting off process, he could clearly see the busy troops and ability masters underneath. It was only one glance before he withdrew his gaze indifferently. He was more concerned about Gu Yesheng’s mental state after days of resisting alone compared to what would happen after the Arbiter people fell into the hands of the allied government.


The comprehensive hospital of the second galaxy’s C military region.

Arbiter’s remnants were cleaned up and a large number of soldiers and ability masters started to be sent for treatment.

This was a comprehensive hospital that integrated ability masters of the medical department with the top technology of the allied government’s medical department. There was such a major event and it undoubtedly became the centralized treatment place for all the wounded.

The specialized care unit.

Gu Yesheng’s body was linked to all types of devices and rows of unintelligible numbers were beating on the dazzling array of instruments. His physical stamina had quickly recovered due to the nutritional supplements injected but the long-term mental tension over several days had left him in a state of extreme fatigue.

Compared with physical problems, mental injuries were more troublesome. Since leaving Arbiter’s building, Gu Yesheng had been sleeping for a whole day and night. No one knew exactly what Meyan had done to him. Now he was unconscious for so long and people were worried about any irreversible side effects.

Various fruits and flowers were placed on the table in the ward. The room was empty except for a figure lying on the bed gently holding Gu Yesheng’s hand. Looking at it from a distance, this scene had become more serene and beautiful after the end of the madness.

During this process, many people had visited Gu Yesheng. Yi Jiamu accepted their hearts and then blocked them without any mercy. Too many things had happened in the past few days. Gu Yesheng only needed absolute silence and he was the same. Yi Jiamu was exhausted to the extreme but he was particularly prone to waking up easily in the past two days due to his worry.

Yang Xingwen gently opened the door and saw such a harmonious scene. He was about to exit silently when he saw the young man on the bed open his apricot coloured eyes and look over. Their eyes met. Yang Xingwen slowly mouthed a few words silently before gesturing to the door.

Yi Jiamu looked down at the still sleeping Gu Yesheng. He carefully placed the ring on the little finger and then followed Yang Xingwen outside. This was a specially controlled area. There were almost no pedestrians around. Yang Xingwen didn’t go around in circles and didn’t conceal anything.

They had done a full sweep and every member of Arbiter in the building had surrendered. As for Meyan, he was found in a prison cell on the day of the clean-up operation. At the time, it had been inconvenient to talk about the specific situation. Yang Xingwen had arrived and found Meyan firmly locked in an instrument. Meyan had lost his mind.

Surprisingly, Gu Yesheng didn’t choose to kill him even at that time. It was just that according to the current examination results, Meyan’s mind was greatly traumatized. There was a high probability that he would fall into a coma and never wake up again.

In this way, Gu Yesheng became the most knowledgeable person about what happened inside the Arbiter building.

The senior leaders of the allied government hoped to know some things after Gu Yesheng woke up but Yang Xingwen’s intuition told him that he shouldn’t let these children be involved again. He contacted Yi Wenshi and Old Yi came forward directly to reject this request.

Yi Jiamu was silent for a moment.”Thank you.”

Yang Xingwen looked at him and wanted to say something when a noise was heard from the ward. Yi Jiamu’s heart jumped. His originally indifferent eyes lit up and he instantly turned around to rush inside.

Gu Yesheng had just awakened and was a bit confused. The unfamiliar surroundings instinctively made him alert. He was about to pull out the equipment connected to his body when he raised his head and saw Yi Jiamu rushing in. His body that suddenly paused looked a bit funny.

Yang Xingwen also entered. He saw the twisted equipment lines at a glance and was immediately hurt by the thought of how expensive these instruments were. “Oh, be careful…”

He hadn’t finished speaking when Yi Jiamu had already rushed over and threw himself into Gu Yesheng’s arms. The equipment cords were pulled and fell to the ground along with the medical equipment attached to them, making a mess.

“……” Yang Xingwen covered his face with despair. It seemed the compensation for these instruments would come from his private account.

Gu Yesheng heard the chaotic noises in his ears and seemed to have finally recovered. During the time when he was unconscious, he could vaguely feel this person always accompanying him. This allowed him to sleep at ease.

Now he saw the face that had appeared countless times in his dreams. His fingertips shook slightly and he reached out a hand to raise Yi Jiamu’s chin and kissed him deeply. The long-term dehydration had made his lips dry but such a kiss was too soft. It was as if he was silently venting.

Yang Xingwen glanced at the equipment that couldn’t be recovered and consciously retracted his gaze. He no longer looked at the two people close together on the bed. He went out with a blank face and closed the door.


The treatment that followed went well. Everything seemed back to normal apart from occasional nightmares at night. Even so, Yi Jiamu always felt uneasy. He made a special trip to find Yi Hang and asked him to conduct a detailed examination of Gu Yesheng down to the genetic level.

The two of them stayed in the hospital to wait for the result of the examination. Unexpectedly, someone from the Gu family appeared. Due to Gu Xiucheng and his previous understanding, Yi Jiamu’s impression of Gu Yesheng’s family was really bad. He politely greeted these people before sitting silently beside Gu Yesheng. He never hid the vigilance in his gaze.

This time, the person who came was Gu Ji. The old man with white hair at his temples leaned on a cane and walked slowly forward. However, his eyes were still sharp and the eagle-like demeanor of his youth could vaguely be seen.

Gu Yesheng hadn’t seen his grandfather in a long time. Perhaps it was due to the Meyan incident but Gu Yesheng’s original restraint was gone and his demeanor was relaxed.

This look surprised Gu Ji. He asked casually about the situation, saw Gu Yesheng’s still somewhat thin face and the sharpness in his eyes quietly disappeared. Finally, he let out a low sigh. “You are Ah Fei and Manman’s son. As the only heir to the family, you should pay attention to your body.”

Gu Yesheng’s eyes flashed with astonishment. His body shook slightly and his eyes lowered. “Yes…”

Gu Ji didn’t stay in the ward for too long. In this awkward atmosphere, almost no one spoke. Gu Ji sat for a while and then quickly left.

The housekeeper Li Bo, who came with him, couldn’t hold back. After leaving, Li Bo quietly came back and said a few words. “The old man has a knot in his heart. Since that accident, he has never been able to ride a ship anymore. Then he heard about such a big incident and couldn’t calm down. He made a special trip to come and see you… in fact, it isn’t easy for him.”

Li Bo let out a low sigh once he finished talking. Then he heard Gu Ji’s impatient voice calling for him in the distance and immediately responded by hurrying out. Gu Yesheng stared blankly at the door that had shut again. The expression in his eyes kept changing and he didn’t talk for a long time.

Yi Jiamu didn’t bother him. Yi Jiamu just turned around and took an apple from the table. He washed it at the sink and sat beside the trash can to seriously cut it. Gu Yesheng’s mind finally returned and he fell silent as he saw the thin ‘block’ of an apple in front of him.

Yi Jiamu blinked. “What’s wrong? Don’t you want to eat it?”

“……” Gu Yesheng reached out and took a bite. “You should leave this type of rough work to me in the future.”

How could Yi Jiamu not hear the meaning of these words? He curled his lips contemptuously. He was about to say something when the communicator next to him vibrated twice.

Gu Yesheng looked up. “What’s going on?”

Yi Jiamu glanced at the contents of the message. “My father said that the results of the medical report have come out.”

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