OIAA: Chapter 94

Shu Zhenguo was completely choked up. For a time, his face turned red and white and it looked particularly wonderful.

Still, there were many people present after all. He couldn’t back down and his tone became heavier. “Yang Xingwen, why did you bring this boy? Does he have a safety rating? This is such an important meeting yet you brought anyone in. I think you are losing your understanding of the rules!”

Before Yang Xingwen could answer, Yi Jiamu laughed quietly. “Uncle, you know that this is an important meeting? You didn’t understand this at all and directly rejected the application. If you didn’t know then I’m afraid I really thought that you were playing around with us children?”

The others present noticed that the topic of the meeting was gradually deviating. Someone wanted to stop it but at this moment, a reminder light faintly flashed. Suddenly, there was another image on the wall of the densely packed meeting. Once the appearance of the visitor was clearly seen, a trace of awe and astonishment flashed across the faces of everyone present. In the blink of an eye, they stood up respectfully.

However, Shu Zhenguo was really furious because of Yi Jiamu and didn’t notice the movements at the scene. He sneered. “Don’t talk about these things. Yang Xingwen, you have five minutes to take this obstruction out. I’m afraid he isn’t qualified for an S-grade confidential meeting.”

Yi Jiamu was neither humble nor arrogant. “It turned out that the high-level leaders of the allied government were taught to bully people in this way.”

Seeing that he couldn’t rely on these authority figures, it wasn’t necessary to stay here anymore. He didn’t even look at Yang Xingwen as he stood up to leave. Just then, a voice called out to him. “Where are you going? Come back and sit down.”

The kind voice made Yi Jiamu’s steps pause. He looked back and found the familiar figure on the densely packed wall of people. A trace of astonishment flashed in his eyes. “Grandpa?”

Yang Xingwen respectfully saluted. “Old Yi.”

After learning about Gu Yesheng’s disappearance from Yi Jiamu, Yi Wenshi had directly approached Yang Xingwen to find out the specific situation.

The reason why Yang Xingwen was so confident when applying for this meeting was precisely because he knew Yi Wenshi would intervene in this matter. It might have been a long time since he got involved in the allied government but this old gentleman’s influence was long-lasting. Apart from anything else, 80% of the people present were from his faction.

Yi Wenshi waved to Yi Jiamu to have him sit down. Then something sharp flashed in his eyes and his words suddenly changed. “He isn’t qualified then what about me?”

This was obviously directed at Shu Zhenguo. Shu Zhenguo didn’t know Yi Wenshi but he had to know the dazzling five star medal on the screen. In all of the stars, there was only one person who received such honor. The ‘grandpa’ that Yi Jiamu called out just now was enough to make his heart tremble violently and he couldn’t help sweating. “Qualified, you are naturally qualified.”

Yi Wenshi seemed very satisfied with this attitude and finally showed a smile that could be called kind. “This old man hasn’t inquired about political matters in a long time. I don’t understand and don’t want to understand. However, I have a small personal opinion about the disappeared child and the Arbiter organization. Do you mind wasting time listening to this old man say a few more words?”

Everyone had to agree. “Don’t mind, we don’t mind.”

Yi Wenshi was present to preside over the overall situation and the second half of the meeting went smoothly. Finally, Yang Xingwen came forward to make the final summary and no one had any comments. Documents that originally required layers of approval were directly finalized in the meeting. On this seemingly ordinary day, the first level of security that hadn’t been activated for nearly 100 years was officially activated.

Yi Jiamu was in a daze when he walked out of the conference room. It took him a long time before he finally remembered to ask Yang Xingwen, “Mr Yang, why does my grandfather have the qualifications to participate in the meeting?”

Moreover, everyone was very respectful to his grandfather, including that Shu Zhenguo.

Yang Xingwen had already guessed that Yi Jiamu probably didn’t know the identity of the old man. He patted Yi Jiamu lightly on the shoulder and his voice stretched out. “Your grandfather is… a great person. You should go back and ask him yourself about the specifics.”

Yi Jiamu saw that it was inconvenient for Yang Xingwen to speak. He thought about it and didn’t continue asking.

Yang Xingwen looked completely relieved after successfully raising the first level security. He left the conference room floor with Yi Jiamu and walked straight to the stairwell for the 13th passageway. He was prepared to go straight to Working Area X which had the relevant department in charge of Arbiter.

Yi Jiamu was anxious to get news of Gu Yesheng and followed the whole way. He saw Yang Xingwen holding the communicator and dialing a number repeatedly. This caused him to ask doubtfully, “Mr Yang, did something happen again?”

Yang Xingwen called the number without stopping and his eyes were filled with impatience. “I really don’t know what’s going on with Meyan. He is clearly in charge of tracking Arbiter but I am always wiping his ass. I don’t know where he went at such an important moment! I can’t even call his number!”

Yi Jiamu’s eyes flashed. “Is there a busy signal?”

The two people passed through several system protection doors in succession and were walking quickly toward the inner area. Yang Xingwen couldn’t help stopping when he heard this question and he hesitated. “It seems there wasn’t any…”

The two people exchanged looks.

In normal circumstances, if the communicator was in a no signal area or was in the shutdown stage, the person calling would receive a busy tone prompt. The absence of one meant that the device had been completely destroyed.

Yi Jiamu frowned slightly. He was about to say something when he heard the security door opening. He looked up and saw Yi Jiaqin walking out from inside. “Brother!”

Yang Xingwen remembered the matter of Meyan’s safety and quickly greeted Yi Jiaqin before inquiring, “Where is your teacher? Where is Meyan? We must find him as soon as possible!”

Yi Jiaqin was briefly silent after he heard this. Then he looked up at Yang Xingwen. “Mr Yang, I think we probably don’t need to look for him.”

Yang Xingwen was slightly taken aback. “What do you mean?”

“You’ll know after reading this.” Yi Jiaqin handed the documents in his hands over. “This is the information analysis I gathered after three months of going deep into the system.”

Yang Xingwen took it doubtfully. He glanced at it casually and his actions stopped.

Yi Jiaqin’s expression was complicated. “It is a bit late but I have lived up to my responsibility. I finally found the traitor.”

Yang Xingwen had a bad feeling. “What do you mean by late?”

Yi Jiaqin stared at him deeply. “All the data on Arbiter in the system has been burned.”

Yang Xingwen’s hand trembled slightly and the documents he was holding almost scattered on the ground. Yi Jiamu quickly reached out to take it. Then he saw the content on the first page and his eyes dimmed instantly. His fingers tightened. “How could it be him…”


Gu Yesheng didn’t know his current location.

He still remembered that before he was knocked unconscious, he was waiting in the reception room. Just as he was defenseless, his surroundings became dark. A fierce current surged all over his body in an instant and he couldn’t see anything.

He finally found a trace of consciousness and could vaguely feel that he was taken to a room. There were many people around but he didn’t know what they were doing.

The entire space was a bleak, shocking white. In this state of confusion, a group of people surrounded him and injected unknown medicine into him. The effect of the medicine was a bit hard and the weakness of his body seemed to be restraining his nerves.

Fortunately, these people didn’t notice the ring he held firmly in his palm. He relied on this vague tingling sensation and felt that he could pull himself back from the illusion at any time. The feeling of being pulled back and forth between the illusion and reality was obviously uncomfortable but Gu Yesheng wasn’t in a hurry to get rid of these people’s restraints.

Sometimes, waiting was more painful than fighting back. He didn’t know the true purpose of these people but it wasn’t difficult to infer from their conversation that it was probably related to his ability.

Two consecutive days passed. They didn’t seem to get the result they wanted so the group of people poured into the room and took Gu Yesheng to another place. In the empty room, there was a piece of shabby and mottled equipment in the centre.

Gu Yesheng remained in a chaotic state and was lifted into position. After turning on the power, chains stretched out and clasped around his limbs and neck. At the same time, a strange and familiar feeling suddenly poured into his body.

Gu Yesheng groaned in a low voice and clenched his fists hard. The tingling pain from his palm calmed his torn mind slightly. However, it was only a short moment. He couldn’t control it and started to gasp. It was only after his shaking chest started to calm down that the expression in his eyes sank to the extreme.

This feeling was too familiar to him. The instrument had clearly conveyed Shen Ling’s ability to him. This meant the people who brought him here should be Arbiter?

Immediately after that, something flashed through his mind and Gu Yesheng’s fingers started trembling. Many fragments emerged one after another and gradually joined together to form the true image.

It was wrong. To be able to grasp his ability so familiarly and to be able to understand his whereabouts and reduce his vigilance to a minimum, there was only…

All the blood in his body froze at the thought and brought an unprecedented chill.

Just then, the heavy door suddenly opened. There was the creak of the door and then the once kind and gentle voice entered his ears. “Ah Sheng, I didn’t expect you to be much tougher than I thought.”

These words entered his ears and caused complete despair.

Gu Yesheng’s body shook uncontrollably and he looked up to see Meyan’s figure walking out of the darkness little by little. The expression on Meyan’s face was helpless and pitying. “However, isn’t it better to cooperate?”

Proofreader: Purichan/Grinding Love~ 

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I hope Mumu gives this guy a good trashing.

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ugg someone guessed this and I did not believe them at all I was even having a secret CP with the YW guy but damn ML is just being battered to pieces no to dust…… can’t give him a break at all can they battered gong with the strong shou to piece him together I like battered gongs but damn