OIAA: Chapter 93

Yi Jiamu didn’t stay at Sublime Star and directly asked Yang Xingwen to contact a special ship to allow him to go to Zorfa Star. It was the next day when he left the airport.

The sky was low and depressed. The rain curtain blurred the vision and it was indescribably gloomy. Yang Xingwen had personally come to pick him up at the exit. The first sentence after seeing Yi Jiamu was, “Shen Ling is crazy.”

After getting in touch on the communicator yesterday, Yi Jiamu speculated that what happened to Gu Yesheng with Shen Ling should be inseparable from this matter. There weren’t any clues so Yi Jiamu’s first reaction was to seek a breakthrough from Shen Ling. As a result, he received such news when he had just landed.

He hadn’t been able to fall asleep on the way to Zorfa Star so his light coloured eyes were bloodshot. However, Yi Jiamu was only stunned for a moment before his mouth pursed. “Mr Yang, I want to see him.”

Intuition told him that this was the only chance to find Gu Yesheng. He was unwilling to let it go.

Yang Xingwen also guessed that this was the result and nodded. “I will take you there.”

Since receiving the news from the hotel, he had been engaged in searching for Gu Yesheng. Strangely, such a living person seemed to have disappeared into thin air. You know, this was Zorfa, the main star of the second galaxy. It definitely wasn’t easy to erase a person’s information here without a trace. If it was done by Arbiter as speculated then the forces that had penetrated into the government were probably much larger than he thought.

Shen Ling had long been removed from the hospital and was detained in a remote and secret building. There was only a small window in the room and the star luster that leaked through it set off the dim light in the room, empty and pale.

The two people walked in and could vaguely see the figure curled up on the bed.

Shen Ling was wearing the restraint clothes used for high-risk patients. His hands were tightly wrapped around his body and the other two sections were tied tightly to the walls on both sides. Under such constraints, the areas of activity were completely restricted.

He stared blankly in front of him as if he hadn’t noticed the door opening at all. He was originally very thin but after a short time, he was so thin that he almost didn’t look human.

It wasn’t until Yi Jiamu walked to him that Shen Ling’s eyes flickered slightly and he made a strange smile. There was an uncontrollable touch of joy on this face. This type of joy was an emotion Yi Jiamu had never seen on this person before.

Before he could say anything, Shen Ling’s body suddenly burst forward and without warning, tears flowed down both cheeks. It turned into a despair that burned the world in an instant. The guards seemed accustomed to Shen Ling. Before he started going crazy, they rushed in and held him down, injecting tranquilizers in him neatly.

Yi Jiamu saw this scene and sent an inquiring look to Yang Xingwen.

Yang Xingwen met his eyes. “I have learned that all his emotional systems have completely collapsed. I have asked the people in the medical department about the specific reason. They said… he shows traces of genetic modification in his body. In terms of structure, it is like a special program that rewrote the sequence. Through this program, all emotional information received by the nervous system will be shielded, thereby cutting off the nervous system.”

He heard this and understood some things. Yi Jiamu’s body shook slightly. “That’s why he isn’t affected in the slightest when facing Gu Yesheng’s ability.”

“That is basically correct.” Yang Xingwen replied. “His current state is probably because of Gu Yesheng’s outbreak. Under the influence of emotional fluctuations that are too strong, the genetic system in his body was a bit overburdened. After the whole balance was broken, his emotional system collapsed completely.”

This type of operation of modifying genes violated the laws of nature. It was expected that there would be a backlash sooner or later. However, this Shen Ling was really crazy.

Yi Jiamu’s mouth pursed and his eyes sunk. He was about to turn around and leave when Shen Ling, who gradually calmed down under the action of the action, secretly laughed.

His hollow eyes stared at Yi Jiamu and the curve of his lips looked terrifying on such a thin face. “You… you… and you… give up. The master will soon get what he wants. Once he gets it… your world will… he, hehehe, hehehehe…”

What he wants…

The moment these words entered his ears, there was a slight shaking in Yi Jiamu’s mind. He suddenly turned around and rushed out of the room.

Yang Xingwen quickly gave the guards a look and followed. Yang Xingwen knew the scene just now was a bit too shocking for ordinary students. He was thinking of how to comfort this person when Yi Jiamu, walking in front, suddenly stopped.

No emotion could be heard in his voice. “Mr Yang, if my guess is correct, the people of Arbiter should be targeting Gu Yesheng’s ability.”

The previous things that happened had always confused him. Then he saw Shen Ling’s expression just now and there was a thread that finally connected all the fragmented details together.

Oppress, accumulate, struggle, resist.

It was only when Gu Yesheng’s ability was suppressed to a critical point that it would be further stimulated and explode— the ultimate power of fear.

Yang Xingwen’s pupils shrank when he heard these words. He certainly knew that if Arbiter used this ability to make a weapon, the consequences would be…

Then this wasn’t a simple case of a missing college student.

The feeling of fear quickly and uncontrollably filled his body. Yang Xingwen barely hesitated before taking out his communicator and called a number. “Hey, this is Yang Xingwen. Activate the first level security immediately. Yes, right now!”


Just half a day later, in the highest conference hall of the Zorfa Star’s government, hundreds of faces appeared on the virtual screen in mid-air. There were so many people and it was extremely shocking. All of these people had played a pivotal role in the interstellar world. If a photo of this scene was revealed, it would be enough to cause an uproar in society.

Yang Xingwen sat in the middle of the conference room. It was the first time he faced so many government leaders and a thin layer of sweat formed on his forehead.

He explained the ins and outs of the matter in as much detail as possible before glancing to the side. He was originally worried that an ordinary student would be panicked by this big scene. Then he saw that Yi Jiamu was still indifferent and there was no emotion in his expression.

Yang Xingwen who secretly wiped his hands and was sweating, “……” They were not comparable.

Tang Liang was the Security Minister of the allied government and he took the lead in speaking. “So you mean that due to the disappearance of a student, we need our security department to initiate the highest response?”

Yang Xingwen’s mind hurriedly returned and he corrected it. “It isn’t just the security department. I hope that all departments can cooperate with this special situation.”

“What special situation?” Shu Zhenguo of the Academy of Science and Technology laughed. “You heard a child’s speculation about ability weapons and panicked like this. Isn’t it too much to make a fuss? Responsibility for the Arbiter incident still hasn’t been investigated. Now you are taking the initiative to activate the first level of security. Yang Xingwen, if you feel that you aren’t up to your current position then you can arrange for someone else to take over.”

Yang Xingwen frowned. “Mr Shu, I know that some things might seem a bit sloppy but these ability weapons are real. The consequences will be disastrous if Arbiter is successful!”

Shu Zhenguo obviously hadn’t expected Yang Xingwen to be so stubborn. He choked up for a moment before laughing angrily. “However, everything is based on your one-sided speculation. You should be very clear about how much impact a first level security will have on hundreds of areas across the planet. If it turns out to just be a farce, who will bear the consequences of such a big risk and wasting so many resources?!”

Yang Xingwen couldn’t talk for a moment. The first level of security really had a huge impact. Even if he wanted to say ‘I will bear all the responsibility’, he didn’t have the qualification to say this sentence. He really couldn’t afford this responsibility.

Shu Zhenguo saw that Yang Xingwen was silent and sneered. The room was silent and for a long time, no one said anything. Just then, a clear voice was heard. “Then if the final result proves that it isn’t a farce and all the stars are in chaos, who will bear the consequences?”

Since the beginning of the meeting, Yi Jiamu sat beside Yang Xingwen silently. He had a harmless and well-behaved face. Some people had looked at him but they basically regarded him as a decoration placed beside Yang Xingwen and weren’t too concerned. Now such a clean and beautiful ‘decoration’ suddenly opened his mouth. The light apricot coloured eyes looked over the images of the big figures and finally fell on Shu Zhenguo.

Yi Jiamu calmly asked again. “The uncle who spoke just now, can you bear it?”

Now that the same question fell on him, Shu Zhenguo suddenly couldn’t speak. Everyone present naturally knew the serious threat of Arbiter. If a momentary decision-making error led to an irreversible mistake…

Yi Jiamu suddenly smiled. His lips curved in a cold manner and he slightly emphasized his tone. “Can you afford it?”

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