OIAA: Chapter 92

Yi Hang felt sorry when he saw that his baby was in a hurry to pick someone up. As a result, he heard that Yi Jiamu’s heat period had come and his first reaction was to hurriedly look for inhibitors.

Originally, according to normal circumstances, Yi Jiamu’s heat period should come in a few more days. Then he met Gu Yesheng and the psychological effect meant it suddenly broke out. By the time Yi Hang brought the inhibitor, Yi Jiamu was leaning against Gu Yesheng in a confused manner.

Pheromones were already filling the surroundings. Such an alluring scent was undoubtedly a torment for Gu Yesheng. However, he didn’t dare mess around in front of Yi Hang. He tenaciously controlled himself, took the inhibitor and opened the packaging. In the end, Yi Hang was an alpha. He might not feel at ease but he had to leave the room.

The moment the inhibitor was injected, Yi Jiamu let out a soft sob and shrank back into Gu Yesheng’s arms. Gu Yesheng gently patted him on the shoulder in comfort. It could vaguely be seen that Gu Yesheng’s eyes were a bit red, showing his restraint. He sat there without saying a word, waiting for the inhibitor to work. He never expected that Yi Jiamu’s heat period symptoms would intensify instead of alleviating.

Gu Yesheng’s lips couldn’t help lowering. He probably guessed why this happened. It was probably due to the previous complete marking. Most of the inhibitors on the market were prepared for single omegas. Although some omegas still used them after being marked, others would have immunity to the inhibitors due to their own physical reasons. Judging from the current situation, Yi Jiamu obviously belonged to the latter.

Yi Hang was an alpha and had never experienced a heat period. He suddenly encountered such a situation and was anxious. He didn’t know what to do. Yi Wenshi had returned to his room to rest after finishing the training. Now there was so much noise that he was inevitably startled.

He went downstairs and couldn’t help looking at the startled Yi Hang. “The failure of the inhibitor is really troublesome for an omega with no partner. However, in this case, isn’t there a ready made soothing agent?”

Yi Hang was stunned for a moment before reacting. “Dad, do you mean…”

Yi Wenshi wondered, “Why? You won’t let Xiao Gu go? Do you want to bite him yourself?”

“……” Yi Hang was aggrieved and fell silent. Why did he feel that after only a week, this person called Gu Yesheng had completely coaxed the old man?

Yi Wenshi ignored Yi Hang’s awkward father mentality and turned to Gu Yesheng. “I’ll leave it to you.”

Gu Yesheng’s patience had already reached a critical point. The moment he received the approval of the elders, he couldn’t hold back anymore. He couldn’t even wait for the two of them to leave. He gently turned Yi Jiamu around in his arms and reached out to pinch the glands gently. He heard Yi Jiamu’s low hum and leaned over to bite down.

Once the alpha pheromones were released, the sour scent of the omega was completely enveloped in it. Gu Yesheng was restrained and didn’t do anything else but Yi Hang still felt unbalanced when it entered his vision.

In the end, he had to cover his eyes and walked out while feeling like he was having a heart attack. He knew that he would have to accept reality sooner or later but the old father still couldn’t accept it.

Ah, may time smooth over everything!


There was Gu Yesheng present to appease him and Yi Jiamu’s heat period passed smoothly. After the training, the two men were glued together day and night like Siamese twins.

The sun was soft on this day. Yi Jiamu leaned back lazily in Gu Yesheng’s arms and opened his mouth to bite the grapes that were brought to his mouth. He couldn’t remember how many times he asked, “So you are able to independently control the target of your ability release?”

“Yes, I no longer have to worry about accidental injuries.”

Yi Jiamu asked again, “Then the problem of the backlash has been solved?”

“It should be. Grandpa said there won’t be a problem as long as I can maintain a firm heart.” Gu Yesheng slightly smiled. “This type of thing can’t be achieved overnight but I will work hard. After going back, I must step up the training.”

Someone who had always been lazy actually wanted to step up the training. It was like the star rising in the west.

Yi Jiamu laughed and then corrected Gu Yesheng. “He is my grandfather.”

Gu Yesheng smiled pointedly. “Isn’t your grandfather my grandfather?”

Perhaps it was too tiring to see when the two people were together. Yi Hang stood at the door for a while and then gave a low cough. “Are your things packed? You have to catch the flight soon yet you are still here.”

Yi Jiamu hurriedly cried out, “We’re coming right away!”

Yi Wenshi had asked Wu Qingji to request a leave from school after taking them home but they were still students after all. They couldn’t always stay here. Now that the rest and recuperation were over, it was naturally time to return to school.

In addition, there was another thing that needed to be dealt with.

Previously, Yi Wenshi had made a promise to the ability management department. In order not to embarrass Yang Wenxing, who had come forward as a guarantor, Gu Yesheng needed to go to Zorfa Star before returning to school. He might look down on the person who made the report but since the government had been alarmed, the assessment of the risk of the ability had to be completed.

This evaluation process mainly tested the person’s ability to control their ability. Thanks to the special guidance these days, Yi Jiamu wasn’t too worried about the result. However, perhaps due to the heat period that just passed, Yi Jiamu couldn’t control himself and was a bit clingy. He always thought about going with Gu Yesheng on this trip.

Just as he was about to board the ship, Gu Yesheng saw Yi Jiamu’s faintly resentful expression and couldn’t help laughing. He gently rubbed Yi Jiamu’s head. “Okay, the tickets for the light ship are already booked. You should go back to school obediently. I will return to school in two days at the latest. Then I will take you to drink milk tea.”

Yi Jiamu hesitated but still compromised in the face of milk tea. “Okay, I’ll wait for you.”

Gu Yesheng waved to him and turned to walk toward the inspection entrance. A few moments later, Yi Jiamu received a message from Gu Yesheng stating he had successfully boarded the ship. He took one last look before holding his backpack and walking to another boarding gate.


The journey was long so Yi Jiamu only arrived at Sublime Star two days later. He left the airport and turned on his communicator to find several messages, all from Gu Yesheng. Looking at the time, Gu Yesheng should’ve arrived at Zorfa Star as early as a day ago.

[Night God: Mumu, you should still be on the light ship now. I just arrived at the ability management department.]

[Night God: The evaluation is over and the process was very smooth. There shouldn’t be any big problems.]

[Night God: I just ordered a flight ticket on the Star Network and will leave tomorrow morning.]


Yi Jiamu saw Gu Yesheng’s constant messages and couldn’t help smiling a bit. He sent a message to his father and grandfather to say he was safe and continued to scroll down. Finally, his gaze fell on the message at the bottom.

[Night God: I have something to do here. I’ll talk to you when I get back to the hotel.]

The message time was a day ago. However, there were no other messages after that. Yi Jiamu stared at the message for a while. Then he called Gu Yesheng’s communicator number but only received a persistent busy tone.

He looked down at the time. If Gu Yesheng was on the flight yesterday morning and it was slightly delayed, it was indeed possible that he was still on the light ship at this time.

Yi Jiamu didn’t think much about it and went back to the dormitory with Cici. The previous event was too big and Sang Bei had heard about what happened on Zorfa Star. He had always been anxious.

At this time, he looked forward to Yi Jiamu’s return and pulled him over for an examination. “Mumu, how could you encounter such a terrible thing? You also asked for leave for so long without a reason. Are you okay? You aren’t hurt anywhere?”

Yi Jiamu had long been used to Sang Bei’s energy and he had to comfort his pure omega roommate. It was only once his hands were free that he started unpacking his luggage. He might be putting away his things but in fact, his gaze was always on the communicator. Unfortunately, the dim screen never lit up with any messages from someone.

Yi Jiamu waited absent-mindedly until the evening. So long had passed without being able to contact Gu Yesheng and his bad feeling inevitably intensified.

Sang Bei came back from dinner and saw Yi Jiamu still sitting on the bed in the same posture. He was opening his mouth to say something when he saw Yi Jiamu’s communicator vibrating. Yi Jiamu’s eyes slightly brightened. Then he saw the source of the call and his expression became serious. “Hello Mr Yang.”

Yang Xingwen’s voice was heard from the other end and the background sound was a bit noisy. “Mumu, there is something. Listen first and don’t worry.”

Yi Jiamu’s heart thumped and his voice was inevitably a bit tight. “…Say it.”

Yang Xingwen seemed to be considering his words. There was a short silence before he stated as calmly as possible. “It is like this. The hotel contacted me and said that Gu Yesheng hadn’t checked out. I couldn’t get in touch with him so I investigated a bit. I found that he didn’t get on his flight in time. Therefore, I sent people to check everyone and also looked at the nearby cameras. Judging from the videos, the last time he appeared was in the afternoon the day before yesterday. I wasn’t able to see him after that. Judging by the current situation, if my guess is correct…”

Yang Xingwen spoke up to here and then slowly took a breath. “Gu Yesheng seems to be missing.”

The words entered Yi Jiamu’s ears but they seemed far away. The hand holding the communicator shook and he didn’t hear the words Yang Xingwen said after that. At this moment, Yi Jiamu’s mind was only repeating one sentence.

Gu Yesheng was missing.

Proofreader: Purichan

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