OIAA: Chapter 91

On Tower Star, the martial arts field itself was a unique existence. The heavy door shut and they were completely isolated from the outside world. No sounds could leak in.

Although Yi Jiamu had briefly mentioned it before, Gu Yesheng was inevitably a bit shocked when he saw the scene with his own eyes. It was obviously an indoor area but when looking up, he could see the endless sky. It was as if he was in a different space.

In the blink of an eye, Yi Wenshi had changed into his usual martial arts outfit. The old gentleman did a few warm-up movements. He saw that Gu Yesheng was staying still and reminded him. “Move slightly so that you don’t strain your muscles later.”

Gu Yesheng told Yi Jiamu that he would obey Grandfather Yi but in his heart, there was still hesitation. He wanted to say something but stopped.

Yi Wenshi glanced at him. “Child, don’t think too much. You can’t hurt me. The ability to magnify the dark side of the heart might indeed be enough to deter many people but in this case, you will become vulnerable once you meet an absolute power.”

“……” Gu Yesheng had never heard anyone say this since he mastered his ability. An alpha’s competitive spirit was aroused. “Let’s try it and find out.”

Yi Wenshi seemed very satisfied with this attitude. He moved his old arms and legs before smiling at Gu Yesheng and hooking his index finger. Gu Yesheng might want to prove himself in front of an elder but the other person was Yi Jiamu’s grandfather. He still had some scruples.

At first, he only tentatively used his ability while paying careful attention to the expression on Yi Wenshi’s face. He was prepared to stop when a slightly pained expression was made but the old man in front of him kept smiling from beginning to end. There wasn’t even a frown. “What? Is this it? If you are weak to this extent, you can’t be an alpha in our Yi family.”

Gu Yesheng’s lips pursed and his expression became solemn. Seeing that it had no effect, he stopped controlling his ability and seriously launched an offensive.

He had used this ability many times and it should be very effective. He hadn’t felt much when he was only cautiously testing. Now that he used it fully, the moment the ability touched Yi Wenshi, Gu Yesheng just felt an overwhelming black screen cover his mind for an instant.

Before he could react, his instinct to survive caused him to stop. Even so, the excessively extreme shadow caused a layer of sweat to form on his back. Then after regaining his calm, he could feel the uncontrollable trembling of his fingertips.

It was different from when he faced Shen Ling. At this moment, he seemed to see a bloody battlefield that was like hell. The scarlet colour was thick enough to swallow everything. Only those who truly experienced war would have such a mark on their hearts. It was more shocking than anything he felt before.

Gu Yesheng finally calmed down and looked at Yi Wenshi, who was still composed. The old man didn’t seem affected and Gu Yesheng couldn’t help feeling a bit curious.

Yi Wenshi knew what he wanted to ask. “I’m not immune to all abilities. If it really has to be categorized, my ability should belong to the elemental system. There is no doubt that I can fully feel your ability. It is just that you are too weak to suppress me.”

He was slightly smiling as he spoke. “Now you should understand. Once the opponent’s heart is strong enough, mental powers like this will only be ridiculously fragile.”

Gu Yesheng’s eyes slightly lowered. It wasn’t that this old man couldn’t feel it. It was that even after being attacked, he was still disdainful. There was a moment of silence before a faint light appeared in his eyes. “Senior, is there a way to improve?”

“Yes, but it will be hard.” Yi Wenshi looked up at him with a smile. “How about it? Do you want to learn it?”

Gu Yesheng didn’t hesitate at all. “Yes!”

He would always remember the anger of being suppressed by Shen Ling and the despair of watching Yi Jiamu disappear into the flames. From an early age, he learned that he could only have what he wanted once he was strong enough.

Yi Wenshi noticed the hidden fire in Gu Yesheng’s eyes and slightly smiled. “Yes, then you will have to work hard for these seven days. It is okay if you can’t hold on. On the day of Mumu’s wedding, I will remind him to light incense for you.”

Gu Yesheng, “……”

After that last sentence, he would crawl out of this door even if he was dying!


There was no movement since the two people entered the martial arts field. Yi Jiamu couldn’t help coming to the door every day. A week had passed. If there was no accident then today should be the day when Gu Yesheng came out.

From morning to noon, Yi Jiamu stared motionlessly at the closed door. He didn’t even eat lunch. Finally, there were some vague movements from the inside. Yi Jiamu’s hands were clasped together tightly. He saw a gap gradually open in the door and he hurriedly ran over.

The first to appear in his field of view was Yi Wenshi. The moment the door opened, he saw Yi Jiamu. Yi Wenshi pretended to be angry. “What’s the matter? You don’t even greet me when you see me?”

“Grandpa.” Yi Jiamu was immediately well-behaved but his gaze was looking behind his grandfather. “Gu Yesheng?”

Yi Wenshi saw this anxious expression and rubbed Yi Jiamu’s head angrily. Then he turned sideways and pointed to the north of the martial arts field. “He is there. Don’t worry, he isn’t dead.”

Yi Jiamu looked in the direction and could see the figure lying on the stone bed in the distance. His heart jumped and he ran over. It could be seen that Gu Yesheng had truly suffered during this week.

His eyes were closed but a strong fatigue could still be felt. The clothes that he wore when he entered were in bad condition and it made him look both funny and bitter.

It should be known that after Yi Wenshi was determined to train someone, he was so resolute and aggressive that even the top officers in the army at the time might not be able to stand it, let alone Gu Yesheng.

Yi Jiamu watched the motionless appearance of the person in front of him, reached out a hand hesitantly and poked him cautiously in the face.

During the seven days, there was very little time for Gu Yesheng to rest. He inevitably fell asleep at this time. However, his heart remembered Yi Wenshi’s admonition and his body was still in a tense state. This touch reflexively made him sit up.

By the time he recovered, he found that he was firmly holding Yi Jiamu’s wrist. Yi Jiamu and Gu Yesheng were both stunned. A moment later, Gu Yesheng finally reacted and asked hesitantly, “It has already been a week?”

Yi Jiamu nodded. “Yes.”

Gu Yesheng was silent for a moment. During this week, he felt as if his entire body was undergoing the process of dismantling and reorganizing repeatedly. The process was painful and difficult but it felt like he was being reborn from the ashes again and again. He could clearly feel his improvement every day. He had been hesitating at an intersection and finally found the direction he should be heading in the future.

In fact, all these years, his ability had been a thorn in his heart. Everyone expressed fear toward his ability but only he knew that himself, the one with the ability, tried to avoid it countless times. Now, he finally made up his mind to pull out this thorn even if it completely made him bloody.

It was as Grandpa Yi said. Everything was vulnerable in the face of absolute power. He could become stronger!

Yi Jiamu noticed that Gu Yesheng seemed to still want to be trained. He thought about his worries these days and couldn’t help murmuring, “Senior, are you an M?”

Gu Yesheng heard this sentence. His eyes flickered over the small face in front of him and he reached out to pinch Yi Jiamu’s chin, instantly pulling Yi Jiamu to him. In an instant, their breaths hit each other’s skin.

Gu Yesheng’s eyes narrowed slightly and his words were low and pleasant to listen to. “Why are you still calling me Senior?”

Yi Jiamu’s body felt a bit hot from such provocation and he instinctively wanted to step back. “Then what should I call you?”

Gu Yesheng’s tired eyes finally showed a smile. He thought about it carefully and the curvature of his mouth became clearer. “Call me Brother.”

The reason why he misunderstood the relationship between Yi Jiamu and Yi Jiaqin was because this word was truly ambiguous.

Yi Jiamu hesitated for a bit before finally saying this word. “Brother…”

The soft word entered his ears and Gu Yesheng felt his heart moving. An impulse filled him and he completely pulled Yi Jiamu over, touching their lips together. It was one week. One person waited outside while one person stayed inside. They might not be in the same space but as long as there was some quiet time, they would always uncontrollably think about the other person.

It was originally only a short kiss but it gradually ignited the longing accumulated over seven days and became a prairie fire. Under Gu Yesheng’s strong desire to possess, Yi Jiamu was in a daze as he was suffocated by the kiss.

The waves of pheromones in his body made him want to respond. He had long been used to the smell of Gu Yesheng’s pheromones. He knew it deep in his bone marrow. Once aroused, he inevitably had the urge to ask for more.

The two of them were unknowingly rolling around on the stone bed when Gu Yesheng suddenly stopped. His eyes were full of strong desire and his breathing was inevitably a bit rough. However, he steadily looked down at Yi Jiamu, whose expression was dazed. Gu Yesheng’s muffled voice sounded a bit complicated. “Mumu, is your heat period coming?”

The pheromones belonging to an omega floated around lightly, gently flicking him like an invisible hand.

Yi Jiamu only regained a sense of sanity after hearing these words and he looked a bit confused. “It seems… it has indeed come.”

Gu Yesheng, “……”

Gu Yesheng didn’t dare touch the omega in heat in this home. He finally resisted the urges aroused in his body. Gu Yesheng was determined to calm down as he lightly patted Yi Jiamu’s head. “Why are you still running around in this special period? Go back quickly.”

Omegas in their heat period were always particularly sensitive, not to mention that Yi Jiamu had developed an instinctive dependence on Gu Yesheng’s pheromones. Just a simple touch on his head held a different attraction to him.

However, Yi Jiamu still needed to consider Yi Hang’s heart as an old father. He could only let out an aggrieved ‘oh’ and seriously button up his collar again. He lifted his gaze and happened to pass by Gu Yesheng’s gland.

Yi Jiamu licked his lips.

Um, he wanted it.

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1 year ago

“Yes, then you will have to work hard for these seven days. It is okay if you can’t hold on. On the day of Mumu’s wedding, I will remind him to light incense for you.”…🤣🤣damn Grandpa Yi is savage AF!