OIAA: Chapter 90

They boarded the return ship and everything they had to do on this planet could be regarded as over. There were no other passengers so the entire cabin was very empty. Yi Hang sat in the second row and looked out the window in an absent-minded manner. He was resisting the urge to look back.

After boarding the ship, Yi Jiamu had directly taken Gu Yesheng to sit in the back. The two of them talked together in low voices and looked very familiar. Such an excessively sweet picture entered the eyes of the old father and he couldn’t help feeling a bit bitter.

The two brothers’ other father had left early. Basically, as far as Yi Jiamu could remember, it was Yi Hang who was both a father and mother to him. Now the cabbage that Yi Hang personally raised was being taken away and it was naturally difficult to accept.

Earlier, he heard about Mumu from Yi Jiaqin and Yi Hang’s first reaction was to go to the school to break the alpha’s three legs. Then he thought about how it was a full mark and restrained his cruel thoughts.

Using today’s advanced technology, it wasn’t impossible to get rid of the traces in the genital cavity after an omega was completely marked but such operations were very harmful to the body. Yi Hang was naturally reluctant to let Yi Jiamu suffer such hardships.

To be honest, this young man called Gu Yesheng looked very upright and he could barely be considered top-notch in terms of abilities. It was just that in front of the Yi family’s genes, he inevitably appeared a bit fragile and weak. The scene of him hiding behind Yi Jiamu during the abilities league was still vivid in Yi Hang’s mind.

After this half a day of contact, Yi Hang could perceive that Yi Jiamu really liked this stinky kid called Gu Yesheng. He couldn’t bear to break them apart. He just thought that an alpha should look slightly like an alpha.

There was a moment of silence before Yi Hang stood up and walked to Yi Wenshi’s side. “Dad…”

He had just spoken the first word when Yi Wenshi, who was resting his mind with closed eyes, interrupted in a concise manner. “I will train him.”

Yi Hang was surprised for a moment. Then he thought of something and a satisfied smile appeared on his face. “That’s good.”

Sitting in the back, Gu Yesheng felt his back become cold for no reason and instinctively glanced at the two figures not far away.

Yi Jiamu asked strangely, “What’s the matter?”

Gu Yesheng was silent for a moment. “It’s nothing. Probably… the air conditioner is too low.”


Yang Xingwen helped arrange the fastest interstellar ship. Even so, it was already late at night when they arrived at Tower Star. Unlike many government-affiliated planets, Tower Star looked much smaller and more sophisticated.

After landing in the independent square, the group boarded a private space vehicle and drove a short distance to a residential area. The Yi family’s house looked simple and elegant. The surroundings were empty and quiet, like a residential villa in a resort.

Everyone had already eaten on the ship. Since it was late, they put everything aside for the moment and prepared to go back to their rooms to rest. Yi Jiamu pulled Gu Yesheng upstairs. “I’ll take you to the guest room.”

The moment his hand was held, Gu Yesheng felt the gazes on his back and instinctively straightened. “Okay.”

Tower Star usually had no guests but there were a few spare rooms on the second floor. Yi Jiamu considered that Gu Yesheng might be a bit unstable and chose the closest room. It was diagonally across from his room and they were only separated by a corridor.

Along the way, Gu Yesheng never said a word and acted like he had no opinion. Yi Jiamu watched him take out some clothes from the storage space and couldn’t help his mouth from twitching. “Why are you so well-behaved today? It isn’t like you.”

Gu Yesheng heard this ridicule and felt a bit amused. He glanced at Yi Jiamu and said, “Isn’t it for you?”

Yi Jiamu blinked. “For me?”

“Yes, for you.” Gu Yesheng stared at him. “Look, if I can make my future father-in-law have a better impression of me then won’t it save you a lot of time in the middle after we get married?”

Yi Jiamu choked up and his face became red. “Why are you talking about marriage?”

Gu Yesheng looked surprised. “We are already like this. Are you still not ready to be responsible for me?”

“…I didn’t say that.”

Gu Yesheng’s mouth curved meaningfully. “Then do you mean that you promise to marry me?”

Yi Jiamu’s face was red from his teasing and he pursed his mouth. In the end, he decided to ignore this shameless person and quickly changed the subject. “Hurry to see if anything is missing. If you have all the daily necessities then you can quickly go to bed.”

Gu Yesheng’s smile became wider. He still wanted to tease his boyfriend. Before the words ‘you are missing’ came out of his mouth, he saw the figure that suddenly appeared at the door and he fell silent.

It was unknown how much Yi Hang had heard of the conversation just now. He was just watching Gu Yesheng’s overly eye-catching face blankly and was full of the atmosphere of an elder. “Go to bed early and get up at 7:30 tomorrow morning. There will be something to do.”

Yi Jiamu wondered, “What is there to do tomorrow?”

After all, Gu Yesheng had just woken up today. In his opinion, Gu Yesheng should be having a good rest at home.

This type of over-protective behavior entered Yi Hang’s eyes and he almost had a heart attack. No wonder why there was the saying, ‘The water thrown out by a married child can’t be retrieved.’ Gu Yesheng hadn’t even passed through the door yet and he was already being protected like this. What about after they really got married?

The heart of a future father-in-law was sour and his expression toward someone became harsher. “I’m just passing on your grandfather’s message. You will know the specifics tomorrow.”


Yi Hang had spoken and it was indeed getting later. The two of them went back to their rooms to sleep. According to the normal situation, Yi Jiamu should stay in bed for a while in the morning. Then he remembered that his grandfather was looking for Gu Yesheng and got out of bed early.

He went downstairs to the living room and realized the others were already there. Yi Wenshi was pacing back and forth around Gu Yesheng, studying something unknown on Gu Yesheng’s body. Gu Yesheng was standing motionless in place. God Ye, who was rampant in Sublime Star, was silent at this moment. He was an extremely docile white rabbit.

Yi Jiamu stood in the corner and watched for a while. He was amused by his own thoughts and let out a low laugh. It was just that this little sound caused all eyes to shift to him. Yi Jiamu saw he couldn’t hide. He cleared his throat and walked down.

Yi Wenshi saw Yi Jiamu and a kind smile appeared on his face. “Mumu, why are you awake so early today? Breakfast is in the kitchen. Are you hungry? Go and eat.”

Yi Jiamu responded positively but couldn’t help glancing at Gu Yesheng. He asked, “Grandpa, calling us so early… is something wrong?”

Yi Wenshi heard Yi Jiamu’s careful thoughts from this implicit questioning and smiled. “Didn’t I say it before? I am very interested in this child, Gu Yesheng’s ability. It is rare for someone to come to our house for a few days. We should take this opportunity to learn from each other.”

Gu Yesheng had been surrounded by the two elders for a long time and obviously hadn’t expected this to be the result. “Learn… ing?”

Yi Wenshi’s mouth curved in a meaningful manner. “I have lived a long life and I have a bit of interest in various abilities. Why? You can’t agree to this old man’s small request?”

Originally, he would’ve agreed to everything in order to please Yi Jiamu’s family. However, he thought about the effect of his ability and couldn’t answer. He had to turn to Yi Jiamu for help. If Grandfather Yi was injured due to his ability then his relationship with Mumu would probably have no hope in this life.

Yi Jiamu received the signal and after secretly casting Gu Yesheng an understanding look, he hugged Yi Wenshi’s arm. “Grandpa, there is no need to hurry about this matter, right? You see, he has been unconscious for so long and just woke up. If you really want to train, he will faint again after taking one of your punches. Then he won’t be able to make you happy.”

Then he tentatively suggested, “Or should I just support him?”

Gu Yesheng, “……” Wasn’t there something wrong with the main point of these words?

Unfortunately, Yi Wenshi had clearly made a decision. He patted Yi Jiamu in a soothing manner on the shoulder. “Don’t worry, believe in Grandpa. Now is the best time for the training.”

Yi Jiamu knew his grandfather’s personality was always consistent with his words. However, he had to let Gu Yesheng be and felt a bit uneasy. He could only look at Yi Wenshi as if asking for mercy. He didn’t know what to say.

Yi Hang watched the entire process from the side and even his breathing was slightly sour. At this time, he coughed and gave a reminder. “Dad, it’s getting late. Didn’t you say it has to be closed training for a week? If you want that to happen, you need to go quickly!”

Yi Wenshi nodded. “Yes, let’s go.”

Yi Jiamu, “…Closed training?”

He had been trained by Yi Wenshi since he was a child. He naturally knew what it meant to close off the martial arts field. He felt a bit sad and happy.

The good news was that his grandfather didn’t just want to look at Gu Yesheng’s ability. The training was closed, making it clear his grandfather would go and give instructions in person. Too many things had happened recently and Gu Yesheng’s situation was out of control. It was naturally a good thing if his grandfather could help adjust it.

Still… it was inevitable to be worried.

The outbreak of the previous attack caused Gu Yesheng to consume too much stamina. Now he fell into the hands of Yi Jiamu’s grandfather before he fully recovered and it was unknown if he could survive it.

Yi Jiamu’s mood was very complicated all the way to the door of the martial arts field. Once it came time for separation, he couldn’t help holding onto Gu Yesheng. He stared at this person for a long time before speaking with a tragic face. “Promise me that you will be sure to come back alive!”

Gu Yesheng, “………”

Thanks to Yi Jiamu’s blessing, he felt like he was heading to an execution ground.

The author has something to say:

Night Narcissus: Ultimate evolution ▼-▼

TL: Yes, it is training to evolve Gu Yesheng’s ability, not an angry beating. :blobrofl:

Proofreader: Grinding Love~

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1 year ago

Grandpa will probably provide both – training and a good beating. 😂
Since he’s a smart man, he probably realised those people have some interest in GYS so him training would be the best. Tbh, him going overboard can also happen if his body isn’t in the right condition. Plus, he always has to be kept safe by Mumu. That’s not a good thing if they’re attacked by more people again. At least he should be able to keep himself safe, not giving the others a chance to get to him.

8 months ago

Yes I kinda love this improvement he’ll finally get some martial arts and he wouldn’t be completely weak when fighting against someone weak 1 to 1 but he should still be weaker than MC because I love that dynamic LOL