OIAA: Chapter 9

It was late at night when Wu Qingji came back from Galaxy 6. He didn’t delay and went immediately to the staff quarters. He found Yu Sheng who had a cold air around him.

The light in Yu Sheng’s room was bright and he was smoking a mint cigarette while looking at the student roster. Then he looked up, saw the dusty Wu Qingji and couldn’t help ridiculing him. “Oh, this time you came back really fast.”

“My child has been reported? How can I not rush back?!” Wu Qingji pulled off his coat and hung it on the hanger beside him. Then he took out a file bag and threw it over. “All the information you want is here. Take it! Hurry up and resolve this matter. I don’t want there to be any messy influences later.”

Yu Sheng opened the file and smiled. “Who is your child? Why don’t I know that you have a relative with the surname Yi?”

“I watched him grow up. How is he not my child?” Wu Qingji was a bit angry when he saw this person wasn’t in a rush at all. “Yu Cun, you must give me a snack this time. I’m not playing with you, understood?”

Yu Sheng had come to the Sublime Star Abilities College after graduating at the age of 22. Eight years had passed and he was now 30 years old. The only thing that hadn’t changed in those years was his short height. However, since he was so serious and fierce in his daily life, most people only dared to call him ‘Yu Cun in private.’ Only Wu Qingji, who was his senior, dared to call him this name directly to his face. (Cun= unit of length/ inch/thumb/ little)

Yu Sheng had rarely seen Wu Qingji like this. He took out the information and took a look, his eyes falling on the column he was most interested in. Then the cigarette in his mouth shook slightly. “Does he really have the Ability Deficit Disorder?”

He had seen the case information in the file but it felt completely different seeing the detailed medical report.

In normal circumstances, a person who awakened their ability would generate a corresponding energy storage system. This body system was called the ‘source space.’ It was the basis for further training and improvement of personal ability. Every time a person’s strength improved, this system would gradually improve.

Those with passive abilities couldn’t train it. Since the source space in their body was difficult to improve, the space often remained in the incomplete state from when it was first created. Apart from special existences, the integrity of the source space was often used to evaluate the maturity of an abilities user. Therefore, it became one of the important indicators for many organizations to judge the strength of an ability user.

In addition to ordinary theoretical students, there were students in the School of Theory with a passive ability. This was why there were such big questions when a complete source space detection map was exposed. This complete source space was top-notch even when placed against the other colleges majoring in abilities.

However, it was clear that everyone was thinking from a normal perspective. They forgot an extremely special existence. Still, they couldn’t be blamed. Cases of the ‘Ability Deficient Disorder were too rare.

The so-called Ability Deficit Disorder referred to being unable to awaken an ability even after generating a complete source space in the body. The patient might have a complete source space early on but for all their lives, they could only live as an ordinary person or a passive ability person who couldn’t fully use their ability.

This condition had long been known but up to now, no more than 10 people had been diagnosed with it in the entire interstellar history.

“Since there are complete cases that can prove the Ability Deficient Disorder, it will save time from needing to go to the hospital for a complete check up. Tomorrow, I will go to the school website and publish a statement. Then things should be fine.”

In a case where the truth was so obvious, Yu Sheng was happy to give Wu Qingji some face. He spoke without hesitation and then turned to the next page in Yi Jiamu’s file. Then his gaze swept over something and suddenly stopped. “…Wait! What is this?”

Unlike the student files in the school network, the information provided by Wu Qingji was more complete. However, Yi Jiamu’s ability information wasn’t blank on this copy. A clear line of words was written

Yu Sheng repeatedly looked at it to make sure he didn’t see incorrectly. He couldn’t help putting out his cigarette and the hold handing the file trembled slightly. “This ability, it…”

“Don’t think too much. It is exactly what you are thinking.” Wu Qingji was accustomed to Yu Sheng’s arrogant and domineering appearance and had rarely seen this expression. He couldn’t help smiling, “Isn’t it an ability that goes against the world?”

Yu Sheng had been in this field for many years and it was the first time he had seen such a terrible ability. He felt like he needed to calm down. After pouring a cup of water and taking a few sips, he opened Yi Jiamu’s school file on the terminal and pointed to the words ‘theoretical student’. He gritted his teeth and asked, “You are the one who entered his student file. Why didn’t you fill in the ability  column?”

“Naturally, it is because his identity as a theoretical student can avoid a lot of trouble.” Wu Qingji spoke like it was obvious and it even seemed reasonable. “Mumu’s ability belongs to the passive type. It is originally within the enrollment range of the School of Theory. It isn’t too late to fill it in after comfortably passing through this semester. In any case, aren’t there people who awaken their ability in sophomore year?”

Yu Sheng couldn’t help staring at him. “The school’s information must be perfect. You shouldn’t have concealed it. Doing this is causing trouble for our teaching work!”

“How can this be trouble?” Wu Qingji obviously didn’t think so. “I just used the privileges of an honorary professor.”

Then he looked at Yu Sheng with a smile. “In addition, I advise you not to take this matter seriously this time. I will only tell you once and don’t blame me for not reminding you. It was my teacher who entrusted me to make this student file.”

Yu Sheng originally wanted to speak words of righteous indignation only to stop. “Your teacher? You mean…

Wu Qingji’s face was inscrutable. “Didn’t you meet Mumu today? Didn’t you notice his last name?”

Yu Sheng didn’t speak for a long time. Then he opened his mouth. “His last name is Yi.”


Early the next morning, Yi Jiamu received the inspection report of his physical examination.

At the same time, Sublime Star’s website announced the Academic Affairs Office’s final decision on this matter. [The school’s inspection has verified that Yi Jiamu does indeed have a complete source vein space, but it also verified that he is a rare patient with the Ability Deficit Disorder. Therefore, it is hereby announced that the student hasn’t violated the admission criteria of the School of Theory.”

The school’s comprehensive medical examination was also published in detail and the diagnosis report of the galaxy-level specialist hospital was attached. This was extremely authoritative.

On the medical examination form, they could see a near perfect virtual modeling of the source vein space inside Yi Jiamu. It was beautiful and enviable.

The School of Combat that had been shouting loudly became completely mute. In contrast, the School of Theory was enjoying a festive atmosphere. These people had vowed that there was something fishy and now their faces were swollen!

However, the students of other schools on campus obviously had a different focus.

Inside the School of Medicine:

“F*k, the Ability Deficit Disorder? I thought this was just written in the medical books to trick people!”

“I really want to try my ability. Perhaps I can help him awaken his ability?”

“What perfect research material. I want to know this student’s communication number. How can I contact him?”

“I’ve suddenly found a new direction for my graduation report.”

Inside the School of Elements and the School of the Mind:

“Didn’t I say that your concerns were skewed? Has anyone found that the modeling of this source vein space is too beautiful?”

“Yes, I also took out my physical examination report for comparison. This source is actually a theoretical one? I can’t accept it!”

“I want to have such a complete source vein space. Then I won’t be at the bottom for every semester!”

“Come on, don’t talk about you. Casually look around the college and see if you can find one that is more complete than this?”

Yi Jiamu just heard the result. He didn’t pay any attention to the school website and didn’t know that he had become an object of discussion throughout the school.

He and Sang Bei went to the cafeteria to have a comfortable meal. Then he sent a message to the alpha who lost the game to remind him that the balance of the meal card was insufficient before walking to the classroom.

Yi Jiamu had a spot where he was accustomed to sitting. Usually, few people would grab it. Unexpectedly, today someone was lying down and blocking the way.

He walked over and patted this person on the shoulder to discuss the position. The moment the man looked up, he saw it was Gu Yesheng who seemed to have slept from his morning class until now.

Gu Yesheng’s drowsiness made his teardrop mole at the corner of his eye made him reveal a more attractive lazy charm. This type of look was fascinating but it also revealed a deep danger. Then Gu Yesheng saw the face in front of him and the dark threat dissipated a bit. “Little friend, are you looking for me?”

Yi Jiamu pointed to his spot. “I have class. Can I get to that seat?”

“Oh, sorry.” Gu Yesheng obviously hadn’t slept enough. His entire body was lying lazily in the chair. Once he heard the words, he slowly moved to the side. “You sit down. I’m going to sleep some more.”

Yi Jiamu wanted to say something but he saw this person’s eyes closing to go to sleep. He decided to remain silent and sat down next to him. This close, he could feel the smooth breathing with faint ups and downs.

Yi Jiamu glanced at the man’s back and took out a textbook from his backpack. As he turned around, he happened to meet Sang Bei’s eyes and was slightly startled. “What is it?”

Sang Bei didn’t speak. His eyes just fell on Gu Yesheng’s body and shone as brightly as the twinkling stars. “This person, do you know him?”


Sang Bei looked expectant as he spoke in a tone that only the two of them could hear. “Is he the Gu Yesheng that I know?”

The doubts in Yi Jiamu’s eyes became even stronger. “He should be?”

“Ahhhhhhhh!” Sang Bei screamed silently and danced with excitement for a moment. Then he took out his terminal and mysteriously went to a page on his communicator. “Mumu, do you know that I’m supporting the CP of him and the leader of our school’s Abilities Association recently!”

Yi Jiamu’s eyes fell on the communicator and he saw two tall figures standing side by side in the photo on the centre of the page. Gu Yesheng’s evil face appeared in his eyes. Next to him was an unknown alpha who was cold and serious.

There was a sentence below this: As long as we all support the Shen Ze CP, we will be good sisters for life!

This was followed by the eye-catching section title: Shen Ze CP fan area (reversible and can’t be torn apart).

Yi Jiamu, “……”

Why did it feel like he had accidentally found the door to a new world?

The author has something to say:

Night Narcissus: ?? Close the door and retract your feet.

Mumu: I have already crossed through ~ 🙂

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5 months ago

i always find this toxic when people ship t real people together and they can’t be with anybody else like what? I understand characters and all that but people are prone to their own decisions without putting people putting in their own input