OIAA: Chapter 89

The facts proved that Yang Xingwen wasn’t just talking. He turned around, took out his communicator and dialed a number. He spoke a few words and helped set a departure ship.

The police officer hesitated before finding a chance to intervene, “Mr. Yang…”

Yang Xingwen seemed to remember this person’s existence and patted him on the shoulder. “Rest assured, I will take full responsibility if asked by the higher ups.”

It came to this point and the officer completely didn’t know what to say.

Yi Wenshi smiled and broke the sudden silence. “Don’t worry, I’m not deliberately embarrassing you. I will take this person home first and wait for him to recover from his injuries. Then I promise to send him to your unit unharmed. Isn’t it just a suspicion that his ability violates the safety regulations? Don’t be in a hurry. At the time, I will personally deliver him to your door for an inspection. If he is confirmed as harmless then nothing will happen. I promise I won’t delay your business.”

Yang Xingwen nodded deeply in agreement. “Elder Yi’s words are correct!”

The officer, “……”

What could he do now that things had developed like this? People like them couldn’t offend someone of Yang Xingwen’s status. It was obviously impossible to take the person back. There was nothing to do and the group of officers could only go back empty-handed.

All the people present in the ward were used to the wind and waves. The moment these obtrusive people left, they started talking again like nothing happened. Meyan hadn’t asked much in the room. Then after the visit, he walked out the door and called out to Yang Xingwen in front of him. “Old Yang, who is that old gentleman just now?”

Yang Xingwen gazed back at Meyan and he smiled slightly. “Meyan, do you still have so much energy to care about things not related to you? It is better to focus on catching the inner spy. In fact, you have always been responsible for catching Arbiter. Not only did something big happen this time, but the previous emergency mission information was also leaked in advance. If you don’t solve it soon then you will be dragged down from this position. Everyone recognizes your prestige in the field but no matter how high your prestige, the government won’t allow such a series of accidents.”

Meyan listened to the blunt warning and wasn’t angry. He just gently smiled. “Thank you for reminding me. I have noted it down.”

Yang Xingwen gazed at this person whose mind couldn’t be seen and he turned away silently.

The discovery of the ability weapons by Yi Jiamu was undoubtedly an important breakthrough point regarding the Arbiter organization. However, he didn’t choose to tell Meyan about it. The main reason was the internal spy leaking secrets in the department. Before finding this spy lurking in the government, he couldn’t startle Arbiter and make them take precautions.

Yang Xingwen went downstairs. He watched Meyan get in the space car and his eyes were slightly shaken. Rather than leaving, he turned and walked in the other direction of the hospital. At the end of this white building was a ward guarded with multiple layers.

The man lying in the hospital bed was still unconscious. According to all the information available, this person known as Shen Ling was probably part of Arbiter. He was the only living person they had grasped after investigating for so long.


For matters regarding Yi Wenshi, Yang Xingwen never dared to be slow. He sent them off on a special ship arranged in the evening. Yi Jiaqin still had things to do. He only stayed for a while after Meyan left and then left quickly.

Yi Hang originally wanted to watch Gu Yesheng, the alpha who abducted his baby. However, Yi Wenshi suddenly wanted to eat a special product of this planet and he had to take his father to a nearby store. The moment everyone left, the ward finally calmed down.

Yi Jiamu’s mood was very good after knowing he would go home. He gently hummed a song and in the blink of an eye, all the things that needed to be taken away were packed. He carefully checked his storage space and looked up to see Gu Yesheng sitting on the bed, watching him. It wasn’t known what Gu Yesheng was thinking.

Yi Jiamu blinked slowly and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Gu Yesheng’s senses returned and he glanced away. “Nothing.”

Yi Jiamu, “?”

Such an attitude only felt more suspicious.

Yi Jiamu walked over and sat on the bed, staring at Gu Yesheng carefully. He finally couldn’t bear such a sight and Gu Yesheng suddenly reached out a hand to pull his boyfriend into his arms. The big hand rubbed gently against the fluffy hair and he whispered a warning, “Don’t seduce me in broad daylight.”

These words made Yi Jiamu think of the scene where they were interrupted by his elders and there was a smile in his eyes. “Gu Yesheng, are you nervous?”

Gu Yesheng actually liked to hear his little boyfriend call him by name and surname. However, doing it at this time suddenly broke his mind and he couldn’t help his arms tightening. Then he soon relaxed again and something floated in his eyes. “Why? Are you nervous?”

He was saying this but since their bodies were so close, Yi Jiamu could clearly feel the somewhat accelerated heartbeat. The corners of his mouth curved up a bit.

Yi Jiamu reached out to grab Gu Yesheng’s big hand and placed it in front of him. Then he reached out to cover it. Their fingers were interlocked and tightly imprisoned each other. Gu Yesheng was taken aback for a moment. He felt that the strength Yi Jiamu used to hold his hand had slightly increased.

“There is no need to be nervous.” Yi Jiamu lay down against Gu Yesheng’s chest in a natural manner and soothed him. “Grandpa is willing to take you home. That is enough to show that he has basically accepted you.”

Gu Yesheng couldn’t help thinking about the old man’s previous reaction and was confused. “Is that so?”

“Don’t look at my grandfather’s appearance on the surface. From childhood to adulthood, he loves me the most. He has never been willing to refuse as long as it is something I want.” Yi Jiamu explained. “You don’t know but in fact, my family’s situation is a bit serious. Generally, outsiders aren’t allowed to visit our house. Therefore, if Grandpa is willing to take you back, it means he doesn’t regard you as an outsider.”

Gu Yesheng heard these words and let go of some of his worries.

Some nervousness was inevitable but he couldn’t help wanting to laugh. “The situation is special? How special is it? Are you afraid that people will steal the ability stones on your planet?”

Yi Jiamu seriously thought about it. “I’m not clear and Grandpa didn’t tell me. He will probably tell me after I pass the ability master certificate and the planet is transferred to me, right?”

Gu Yesheng choked up when he heard the words ‘planet is transferred.’ Speaking of which, he really thought this child was just a little cutie from a remote galaxy. How could he expect what happened after? It was even more shocking.

In ordinary circumstances, Gu Yesheng would probably continue teasing Yi Jiamu. Then he thought about how his first visit was empty-handed and felt a bit uncontrollable. He didn’t notice it but his palms were sweating.

Yi Jiamu noticed that Gu Yesheng was silent and looked back suspiciously. Before he could turn around, he was suddenly pulled by a force. Once he recovered, he was already pressed against the bed. The environment of the hospital was white and the star luster leaked in front outside, making the atmosphere feel dreamy.

Gu Yesheng looked down at Yi Jiamu from on top. His gaze passed over this face and his eyes shook. He couldn’t help leaning over to bite the soft lips. “Look, I will be taken home by you. You must be responsible for me.”

Yi Jiamu was a bit dizzy and asked in a daze, “How… to be responsible?”

Since the mark, the bond between the alpha and omega seemed to have grown stronger. At this time, Gu Yesheng saw Yi Jiamu’s expression and knew it was going to be bad. Sure enough, an impulse instantly surged in his body. He took a few deep breaths and reluctantly suppressed it.

He reached out and squeezed his little boyfriend’s soft waist. Gu Yesheng was satisfied to hear Yi Jiamu groan and let go. He sat up on the bed and said half-seriously and half-jokingly, “It doesn’t need to be too troublesome. As long as… I can walk out of your house alive.”

He didn’t doubt Yi Jiamu’s words. He just thought about it. What if he saw his own child being held by someone while their neck was bitten…

Gu Yesheng had this thought and felt a faint coldness on his neck.

There was an old saying: A capital crime can be exempt through death but the living can’t escape punishment.


In the late afternoon, the space car was waiting at the door.

Yi Jiamu helped Gu Yesheng down from the hospital. Then as they walked out the door, he abruptly remembered something. He took something out of his pocket and stuffed it into Gu Yesheng’s hands.

It was an apparently handmade ring but based on its size, it could only be worn on the little finger. It was very small but had an exquisite structure. He could see the delicate decorations with certain plant parts bonded together. It was simple and unique.

Gu Yesheng examined it carefully and always felt that the small structure was a bit familiar. “This is…”

Yi Jiamu showed Gu Yesheng the bald parts of the cactus after the thorns were stripped. “Yes, Cici paid too much for this ring.”

Gu Yesheng, “……”

Yi Jiamu seriously wrapped a rope around the ring and tied one end of the rope to the belt bucket around Gu Yesheng’s waist. He solemnly told Gu Yesheng, “In short, this ring will be given to you. You must remember to always take it with you, no matter what. Understood?”

He noticed Gu Yesheng’s confusion and explained, “Do you know why Cici is like my child? It is actually a gift from my father and is a great research achievement. I didn’t tell you this before but in fact, some of my genes are fused with Cici.”

A plant with human genes incorporated into it, this alone was incredible.

Gu Yesheng looked at the bald cactus and the previous scene emerged in his mind. He suddenly realized something. “So you let me carry it because…”

Yi Jiamu’s lips curved up slightly. “Yes, I have a passive ability so since Cici has my genes, it also possesses my ability to a certain extent.”

As he spoke, there was a gust of wind and a few fallen leaves drifted by quietly.

During this period of time, Yi Jiamu could feel that Gu Yesheng’s ability was out of control but he couldn’t stay by Gu Yesheng’s side 24 hours a day. He thought about it and finally came up with this method to make Gu Yesheng feel at ease.

Gu Yesheng naturally guessed Yi Jiamu’s painstaking efforts. Looking at the exquisitely crafted ring, his expression softened as he imagined his little boyfriend carefully making it.

“It turned out to be like this. I must always carry it with me.” He placed the ring in his pocket and once he raised his head again, the joy in his eyes couldn’t be hidden. “Speaking of which, I was really shocked just now. You suddenly gave me a ring. I thought…”

His voice lengthened a bit and brushed against Yi Jiamu’s ear like silk. “I thought you were going to propose to me.”

Yi Jiamu’s breath was blocked by such ambiguous words. His face became hot and he immediately reached out to Gu Yesheng’s chest to push this man away. “Don’t make trouble!”

The author has something to say:

Cici: I didn’t expect it  ~^_^~

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Poor Cici! They’re going to make this poor little cactus bald! 🙀