OIAA: Chapter 88

Half an hour passed and the entire ward was still silent.

Gu Yesheng was lying back in a raised position on his hospital bed, not daring to move. He felt the glares coming from all directions. There was almost no expression on his face but he instinctively held the cactus tighter. His slightly hardened joints were faintly white and the tension in his heart was endless.

If possible, Gu Yesheng wanted to fall unconscious again. Unfortunately, reality was so cruel.

Yi Hang sat on the chair beside the bed and looked up to find that the ‘Cici’ he had given to his baby son had fallen into the hands of this unknown alpha. His eyes shook and his frown deepened.

Xu Yi stood nearby, pretending not to see Yi Jiamu’s gaze seeking help as he stared motionlessly at the floor.

In all honesty, he really hadn’t known that these two people would be doing such things in the hospital! Otherwise, after meeting the two elders of the Yi family downstairs, he would’ve tried his best to stop them instead of escorting them here.

Yi Jiamu had already sorted out his messy clothes. His gaze shifted to Yi Wenshi’s face and he spoke in a low voice due to his guilty conscience. “Grandpa, why are you here? Why didn’t you tell me in advance?”

“We meant to tell you but we couldn’t get through to your communicator at all!” Yi Wenshi’s temples had already turned white. Now that he was talking to his grandson, he showed a gentle smile on his face. “If it wasn’t for Xiao Yang getting back to me, I wouldn’t have known how to contact you. By the way, your brother should’ve already come but he had some things to do. I think he will come see you soon.”

Gu Yesheng listened to these words and slowly closed his eyes. Yes, in addition to these two, there was still Brother Qin…

The incident this time was quite big. Not only were there ordinary people involved, the league players had also suffered. The big movements couldn’t be suppressed and the planetary government didn’t dare conceal it without authorization. They simply contacted the families of the wounded in hopes that everyone could be better placated. Since this morning, family members had arrived at the hospital one after another and the entire building was full of unprecedented liveliness.

Yi Wenshi and Yi Hang were too far away and only arrived at this time. Yi Jiamu heard this and knew he had really worried his elders. He scratched his face in an embarrassed manner. “I’m sorry to make you go all this way.”

Yi Wenshi smiled and rubbed Yi Jiamu’s head. “It doesn’t matter as long as you are fine.”

Such a scene was harmonious no matter who looked at it. Gu Yesheng would’ve probably felt much better if it wasn’t for the sharp gaze cutting into his body like a knife.

Yi Wenshi and Yi Jiamu talked about the situation for a long time. Then Yi Wenshi finally remembered someone on the hospital bed and asked with a smile, “Mumu, who is this?”

Gu Yesheng’s back instinctively stiffened. “Hello Grandpa, I am…”

Yi Wenshi’s eyes lifted suddenly and his expression blocked Gu Yesheng’s words. Then he turned to Yi Jiamu and his tone became more amiable. “I might’ve taught you to be helpful since you were young but you must’ve been frightened. Sometimes you should think more about yourself. You can’t help everyone the moment irrelevant people say something, you know?”

The ‘irrelevant’ Gu Yesheng listened to this and couldn’t help getting a headache. It was obvious that the grandfather knew him. After Yi Jiaqin returned, he must’ve told the two elders in the family about their matter.

The even more obvious thing was that the Yi family elder’s impression of him couldn’t just be described with the word ‘poor.’ His impression was too negative. It was a tragic start.

Yi Jiamu naturally heard the meaning behind these words. He glanced at Gu Yesheng and explained in a low voice, “It wasn’t like that. It was me…”

“Mumu, come and let your father see you.” Yi Hang suddenly stood up from the chair, walked over to Yi Jiamu and looked him up and down. Then Yi Hang’s voice was full of distress. “I haven’t seen you in a long time. How come you have become so thin?”

Yi Jiamu looked at himself suspiciously. “?”

H-He was thin?

Yi Hang sighed. “The people outside really can’t take care of you. Why don’t you ask for a leave of absence from school? I will take you home and look after you.”

Yi Jiamu, “……”

He didn’t know if it was an illusion but it felt like there was a very meaningful emphasis on the words ‘people outside.’

Gu Yesheng just lay on the hospital bed without any sense of existence. He was like the air, unable to insert a word. The attitude of the Yi elders was clear at a glance. He couldn’t help looking at Xu Yi next to him for help but he only got the latter’s extremely sympathetic look. There were no words but he seemed to hear Xu Yi silently saying to him, ‘Brother, this time I really can’t help you…’

Gu Yesheng let out a sigh in his heart. In fact, he also knew that it was fortunate the other party didn’t kill him instantly after encountering such a scene. It was considered that they cared for Yi Jiamu and were very virtuous.

So what good attitude could he expect?

Looking up, he saw Yi Jiamu smiling softly at his father and grandfather. Such a beautiful sight fell into his vision but it was a thorn that pierced a hole in his heart. From the time they met, everything about Yi Jiamu seemed beautiful and positive. This living environment was completely different from Gu Yesheng.

Gu Yesheng knew better than anyone about his extremely awkward position in the family. For a short moment, he was inevitably shaken. Was it really suitable to bring Yi Jiamu into his world? Even if Yi Jiamu himself didn’t mind, were his elders willing to accept Gu Yesheng’s lonely background?

Gu Yesheng was feeling vaguely distracted when someone called out to him. He finally reacted and realized that Yi Wenshi was finally giving him a positive look. On the surface, his tone was kind. “This student, did your family contact you? When will they arrive?”

Gu Yesheng had prepared answers to countless questions but he hadn’t expected the other person to ask this. He opened his mouth and didn’t know how to answer. He knew very well that even if he died outside, the elders would just casually arrange for someone to handle the burial and then choose a new heir from the family members. Forget any concern that would cause them to travel all the way to see him.

Yi Wenshi looked thoughtful at Gu Yesheng’s silence and didn’t ask any more questions.

Just then, there was some movement in the corridor. Outside the door, Yang Xingwen hadn’t expected to run into this guy at the hospital and he couldn’t help raising his voice a bit higher. “What’s the matter with you Meyan? Such a big thing happened but you aren’t rushing to deal with it. What are you doing here?”

Meyan obviously wasn’t willing to care about this person. “Someone I know is injured so I naturally came to see him. However, you only know how to work all the time. Did you come to join in on the fun?”

Yang Xingwen sneered. “Do I need to report my actions to you?”

The two men walked beside each other like this and after stopping at the same door, they stared at each other suspiciously.

Yang Xingwen was considered to be particularly persistent in his generation and was eager to repay kindness. After knowing that Yi Wenshi had actually come to meet his precious grandson in person, Yang Xingwen naturally didn’t want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Yi Wenshi knew Yang Xingwen’s intention. He looked back and saw that this younger generation was going to instinctively salute and blocked the action with a look. Yang Xingwen’s reaction was extremely fast. He silently changed it to a respectful bowing gesture. “Old Yi, it has been a long time.”

Yi Wenshi smiled amiably at him and said nothing more.

Meyan saw everything and looked thoughtful. He was here to visit Gu Yesheng. Since Gu Yesheng’s childhood, he was accustomed to Gu Yesheng indifferently being alone. Therefore, he was surprised to see so many people inside the ward when he entered. He didn’t know Yi Wenshi. He might be curious about the relationship between the old man and Yang Xingwen but he just greeted this person politely without asking anything.

Yi Jiaqin walked in behind Meyan. He glanced around inside before walking over to Yi Jiamu and carefully asking about the specific situation.

Yi Jiamu was questioned for the third time in a row and his answers were almost fluent. Gu Yesheng hadn’t expected anyone to question him but he was surprised that Meyan would take time out of the busy schedule to see him. A faint emotion flickered in his eyes and he instinctively sat up straight. “Mr. Meyan.”

Meyan walked over to the bed, patted his shoulder gently and motioned for him to sit back.

Meyan carefully examined Gu Yesheng’s face and sighed with relief. Then he spoke in an apologetic tone. “It is my fault. I didn’t notice such a big thing and gave those people a chance. I was really frightened when I heard you were seriously injured and unconscious. Still, no matter what… it’s fine if you’re okay!”

Gu Yesheng’s voice was slightly shaken by such a sincere voice. “Sorry I let you worry.”

The moment people entered, three circles of communication instantly formed in the ward. They talked about their own topics but it alleviated a lot of the previous tension.

As the only ‘outsider’ present, Xu Yi couldn’t help wiping his sweat. If he hadn’t watched the entire scene from beginning to end, he wouldn’t have believed that Yang Xingwen and Meyan entered this small ward at the same time. Once rumors came out, it was unknown how much speculation there would be.

At this time, Xu Yi had a wonderful feeling as he listened to the greetings and concerns that passed through his ears. Speaking of which, why hadn’t he noticed before that all the friends around him were actually supported by such big existences?!

Xu Yi couldn’t help going on a mental journey while no one was paying attention to him. Then all of a sudden, a group of people appeared at the door. The visitors hadn’t expected this small ward to be so lively. Once they saw Yang Xingwen and Meyan, the original serious expression on their faces changed to surprise.

Yang Xingwen was the first to notice the police uniform on these people and he straightened. “What’s going on? Is something wrong?”

The head of the group stopped when he heard this. He exchanged looks with his colleagues and replied respectfully, “Mr. Yang, we are here to perform official business. You see…”

Yang Xingwen frowned. “What official business?”

The leader looked inside and his eyes fell on Gu Yesheng. His tone remained businesslike. “It is like this. We have learned about the situation at the time. According to the testimony of witnesses at the scene, we need to bring Mr. Gu Yesheng back to conduct a specific investigation.”

Yi Jiamu heard such a sentence and his heart jumped. “We are clearly victims. Why should we be investigated?”

Under Yang Xingwen’s gaze, the officer explained patiently, “This is the case. Our department is investigating but it isn’t related to the incident. The reason we are intervening in this matter is… someone reported that Mr. Gu Yesheng’s ability is a strong security threat. According to the ‘Damage Assessment and Management Regulations’, we must conduct an investigation. This is our responsibility to the masses.”

Yi Jiamu’s lips pressed together when he heard this.

He knew the situation at that time more clearly than anyone. Just looking at the large-scale outbreak that didn’t distinguish between people, Gu Yesheng’s ability was indeed extremely dangerous if he couldn’t control it.

However, if these people were allowed to take him away, once he was assessed as a danger by the government department, the rest of his life would be under constant monitoring. Basically, their entire life was ruined.

Meyan looked up and his voice was heavier. “You can’t just casually say that this ability is dangerous.”

The officer was watched by two bigshots at the same time and there was a layer of sweat on his back. “Mr. Meyan, since we came here, we naturally received orders from our superiors. Please don’t make us embarrassed.”

The atmosphere once again became heavy.

Yi Jiamu was about to argue again when he heard someone call out to him. “Mumu.”

He looked back and saw Gu Yesheng slowly shaking his head. Gu Yesheng removed the blanket and slowly got down from the bed. The moment he arrived in front of Yi Jiamu, he touched Yi Jiamu’s head gently. “Don’t be so nervous. I will go with this officer. It is okay.”

Listening to this understated tone, it was like he was really just going to drink tea together. Yi Jiamu wasn’t such a fool. What would be the result of the ability evaluation? He knew Gu Yesheng’s situation the best. If Gu Yesheng left with these people, he would suffer later.

Yi Jiamu didn’t wait for Gu Yesheng to pass by. He firmly grabbed the corner of Gu Yesheng’s clothes and refused to let go. Gu Yesheng paused slightly and his expression was a bit complicated. “Don’t make trouble.”

He was well aware that an order from the higher ups of the allied government wasn’t easy to withdraw. Nothing good would happen if Yi Jiamu argued for him here. However, the hand that grabbed him wouldn’t let go.

The situation was frozen again and the police officer at the door was also in a dilemma.

In normal times, they would’ve rushed into the room and dragged this person away. However, Yang Xingwen and Meyan were present and they seemed to have a relationship with Gu Yesheng. This made the officers unable to take action.

Just as the situation was dragging out, they heard someone chuckle.

Yi Wenshi, who hadn’t spoken the entire time, slowly stood up. His gaze flickered over his grandson’s vigilant face and then he smiled at Yang Xingwen. “Xiao Yang, it is like this. I’m actually very interested in this kid surnamed Gu. I originally wanted him to stay at my house for a few days but now the situation is like this…”

His voice trailed off and the officer who understood the meaning was completely stunned.

What was wrong with this old man? Letting Mr. Yang steal a person from the government… didn’t he realize the seriousness of the matter?

He didn’t think that after hearing such an excessive request, Yang Xingwen wouldn’t hesitate to nod and reply, “Since Elder Yi is saying this, I will arrange a light ship to send you back.”

The police officer, “???”

Seriously? Was this person crazy?

The author has something to say:

Grandpa: After taking him home, I can play as I like.

Proofreader: Grinding Love~

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Grandpa: getting a new sandbag 🥳 I can practice my martial arts with no restraints

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Literally started crying because ml cannot catch a break no family his lover’s family hates him the government’s gonna take him away and then what… he’s gonna live a life of probation at that point I’m like maybe I should end it and my love could find somebody else to be happy with because everything just seems bleak……